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The Atari Troll's Website

Welcome to the Atari Troll's 2600 Page! Here I have added links and pics to unique carts, solution maps, hacking tools, etc. I have hacks (on page 2). I have created a third page dedicated to the world travels of the 01 Combat cartridge titled "Combat Cannonball Run". Please check out the hacks section of this website (you must search the site for the combat page). There are links to other Atari 2600 Hacks and links on how to put a hack or unique homebrew on a cartridge. NEWS ALERT: I have compiled more Atari Hacking tools for your gaming needs. Please check out my Hacks page using the middle navigational bar for new tools. Added 2 new links: Atari Service and Gamerz Universe. Explore this page and you will find them Enjoy!

---Check out my HACKS on page 2 Atari Troll

Troll's Atari 2600 Hacks page
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Atari Game Chambers

Pic of Crystal Yars Revenge cart
Pic of Atari Troll's custom X-Man cart

Gamerz Universe & Forum

Try Atari you want and need

or X-Man on Atari Age forum
Combat Cannonball Run