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The Troll's Atari 2600 Hacks Page

Welcome to the Atari Troll's Hacks Page! Here I have added links and pics to hacks that I have created. LATEST NEWS: I now have my first hack multicart with a toggle switch. I call the game "Enhanced Pitfall +". It was formerly titled "Indiana Pitfall". One version will have unlimited lives and timer, the second game has lives and timer. Both feature brand new graphics taken from a collage of Pitfall Hacks. Basically, Enhanced Pitfall + incorporates graphics from the following Pitfall hacks: "Steroid Pitfall", "Helloween", "Jungle Jane", a few inspired from "Pitfall 2" and so on . The game isn't available for reproduction. The only known cartridge is the one in my collection. I have placed screen shots and hacked rom for download on this site. I will post pics of the cart soon. The label was inspired by Atarius Maximus of AA (where some of the neat artwork on this page came from). Come back from time to time, you may see something new. Hack titles on this page sor far: BORGWARS, CUSTER'S VIAGRA, ENHANCED PITFALL+. NEWS ALERT: I have compiled more Atari Hacking tools for your gaming needs. Please check out the middle navigational bar for sites. Added 2 new links: Atari Service and Gamerz Universe. Explore this page and you will find them. Restored links to all the hack downloads, pics & screenshots. More to come ALWAYS!

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           The following Troll keys are available:

      Press the letter 'h' for: Borgwar Asteroids Pic
      Press the letter 'f' for: Borgwar Asteroids Box Pic
      Press the letter 'n' for: Custer's Viagra Pic
      Press the letter 's' for: Custer's Viagra Bin

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