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Gif Links

I love Gif links - here is my collection. Some have been sent by friends, some I have collected surfing. I would like to say Thank you to all the talented and creative folks who spent their time creating, finding and then publishing these gifs for us to share. Please visit them and sign their guestbook, pretty please

Gif Links

Angel Links
Angel907's Animations
Angie's Sunflowers
Animal Links
Animations for You-Names, Magic, Holidays
Animated Names
Animation Factory - Angelfire (40 categories)
The Attic(Pat's Flat)
Aurora's Glassworks
BannrzRus Bars & Lines
Bela Cabelo (horses, Native American)
Boogie Jack
Brads Backgrounds
Bubble Gifs
Buckeye Rose
Bunny Graphics
Jeff&Tracy Butterflies
Butterfly & Bird Links
Cap N'Fila
Casino Gifs
Castles in the Sky
Catladie's Gifs
Cherry Drops
Christian Clipart
Cinnabar Ani Gifs
Clip Art Connection
4 Free Clipart
Confederate Gifs - Possum Holler
Confederate Gifs - Dixienet
Confederate Gifs - Savage/Goodner
Coplove Graphics
Couchpapa Gif & Midi
Country Gifs
Cyberkittin Gifs
Daves Quickie Mart
Dawn's Graphics
Deb's Graphic - South Park
Diego Chicks Dolls
Dimestores Ani Gifs
DreamLand Gifs
Earths & Globes Emeralds Graphics - Angels, Butterfly, Candle, People, Roses, Misc.
Eye gifs
Fae Links
Fairy Dolls
Faeworld- Fairies & Things with wings
Fayes Images
Fl_Nita's - misc.
Flower Bars
Food Gifs
Forest Graphics
Free Gifs and Animations
Gail's Gifs
Garden of Eve Flowers
Garden of Gifs
The Gazebo- Misc 3D
Gifs miscellaneous
Gifs to Go (misc)
Gifs of the Realm (Fantasy, Misc)
Gingers Gifs (Animals, Beanie Babies, People, Misc)
GoMommy Gifs (Pokemon, Lupus)
GrabBag of Graphix
Grandstand Graphics
Granny J's Gifs(Angels,Birds,Flowers,Victorian,Kitchen)
Granny O's Gifs(Angels,Animals, WebTV,Money)
Graphics Galore
Graphics by Sharon
Hearts Desire
Heather & Warrens Gifs (Fantasy,Romance,Animals)
Hetty_27 Gifs
Holiday ClipArt
Holidays - Cindy's Gifs
Icon Archive
Janets Vertical Bars
Jerry's Space Gifs
Jills Cyberdelic(Fantasy,Anne Geddes,Animals)
Just Hearts
Karis Graphics (Christian)
Kenyagirl's Frames
Kev's Gifs Galore
Kid's Gifs
Koffee's Gifs(Angels,Animals,People)
Lady Archer Fantasy Gallery
llladybug's ladybugs
LadyHawk's Home (Angels,Fantasy,Indian)
Lalababy's Gifs
Leesa's Gifs (Angel,Holiday,Rugrat,Misc)
LolliLand Gifs

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Please let me know of any broken links you find.