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Hello. Welcome to my place. If you are looking for the fantasy gallery it is gone. Due to bandwidth. Everything that was here I trasloaded a piece at a time. Others could not do the same so it is gone.

Please, As you read this site understand I am against no one. I claim all that claim Jesus a brother, sister etc. I do not have to agree with you. You do not have to agree with me either. Yet we must love one another as part of the body of Christ. I am praying for people to truly love one another in spite of differences. As God loves us all. Grace to you. The peace of Christ be with you as you are here. Have a blessed day in the Lord!

Except this one all the poetry on this site was written by Linda Looney. If you wish to use any use my name. Thank you.

Here is a poem sent by a dear friend. Thank you and blessings Alex!

I Am Rich

Looks Are Deceiving

You look at me as poor, because I have no money left for frills.

But I am rich! My Father

owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

You think I'm unimportant,

for I have no earthly claim to fame.

But GOD, the maker of the universe,

knows me, and calls my name!

He gives me strength and comfort,

and He feeds my soul with living bread.

He gently binds my wounds,

even counts the hairs upon my head.

Although I'm just a sinner,

and could never pay Salvation's price,

God's Precious Lamb died in my place,

and thus became my sacrifice.

Yes, I am rich! And I am loved, far more than earthly tongue can tell! For I belong to Christ, my blessed LORD Who conquered death and Hell.

And so I anxiously await the day when I shall see His face. And falling down in worship, I will thank Him for His love and grace.

And there will be no tears or sorrow in that home on Heaven's shore, where I will live with JESUS, and will praise Him ever more.

I Give{missing children}

This teardrop is for abused children everywhere



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