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Albert Uderzo     René Goscinny


Albert Uderzo, was born in 1927 in Italy, but soon moved to France. Uderzo's friend, René Goscinny, wrote the manuscript of the Asterix stories. Goscinny was born in 1926 in Paris, but grew up in Buenos Aires. He died in November 1977. Goscinny is also known as one of the authors of Lucky Luke. When Goscinny died, Uderzo took over both the drawing and the writing.

31 albums were made. The first 24 albums were made by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo and the last 7 by Albert Uderzo. The origional language is French. The album number refers to album numbers in the French album sequence. The English back cover lists more than these titles, such as game books and film editions.