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Free Patterns

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Hello. I am currently working on this page. I hope you will come back to check it out and see what I have added. These patterns that are marked with a * mean that they are my own designs. I hope to be having a big page with lots of patterns for you all. If anyone wants me to add a pattern send me an email. I will be adding links to patterns on other peoples sites, my favorite sites I have been lucky enough to surf onto. If you click on someones link please check out their site too. If I have your link on here and you are offended please email me and I will take it off right away. Thank you all. Enjoy!!!!

Page Last Updated on September 24, 2002


*Filet Heart Coaster*
Heart Coaster
Heart Coaster
CD Coaster
CD Coasters/Covers
November Coaster
Shell Filigree Coaster
English Rose Coaster
Cozy Coasters


Spiked Hot Pad
Strawberry Hotpad
Panties Potholder
Southwestern Duo Potholders
Sedge Stitch Potholder
Rapised Rose Potholder
CD Hotpad with Ruffles
CD Hotpad with Shells


Turkey Fridgie
Shamrock Fridgie
Easter Bunny Fridgie
Sweet Angel Fridgie
Christmas Tree Fridgie
Friendly Frog Fridgie
Whootie Hoo Owl Fridgie
Curly Q Clown Fridgie

Christmas Ornament Patterns

Filet Shell Ornament
Five Ornaments to Crochet
Ice Skates Christmas Ornament
Wreath Ornament
Christmas Wreath Ornament
Victorian Rose Wreath Ornament
Stocking Ornaments
Star in Star Ornament
Snowflake Ornament
Quick & Easy Christmas Stocking
Polka Dot Christmas Stocking
N Hook Christmas Ball Covers
Mini Stocking Ornament
Snowflake for Katie
Iridescent Christmas Star
Glass Ball Ornament #2
Glass Ball Ornament #1

Filet Patterns

*Filet Heart Toilet Tank Runner*
Filet Heart Doily

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