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Tupac is back
TUPAC's back, on double cd. This newest collection titled "Until The End Of Time" includes music recorded the year before Pac's death. The album will be released on March 27th. Check it out...

A wha dis fada
EMINEM's marriage is over as his wife Kim Mathers filed for divorce in Michigan. Kim is seeking a restraining order to freeze the couple's mortgage, life insurance and other assets until a divorce agreement can be worked out...

All alone
It's official, Puffy and Jennifer Lopez are through. Apparently Puffy is taking the breakup hard, while J-Lo has moved on and started dating one of her backup dancers Cris Judd. It has been said that Puff has lost thirty pounds since the beginning of the year due to his ongoing trial and the loss of his main squeeze...

CONGRATS! Word on the street is that Erykah Badu is going to have baby number two.

Is the big daddy getting 2 timed?
Nas & Trina a couple?! Could it be? It has been said that the two are a hot item. Does Trick Daddy know about this?


West Virginia - Bob Denver, best known for his role as Gilligan on Gilligan's Island, was arrested June 4 for marijuana possession.  The former star has pleaded no contest and will do 6 months probation.


A New York golf caddy filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against actor Michael Douglas, alleging that the film star injured him in the testicles with a golf shot.  As a result, James Parker's testicles ruptured from the impact of the golf ball and one testicle had to be removed.  Douglas aknowledged being a member of the players that had used the caddy, but denied being the person who struck the ball.  He allegedly hit the golf ball before Parker had reached a safe distance on the green, and did not yell "Fore" when he hit the ball.


He prepared dinner for the royal family of Holland last week, but world-renowned chef Dennis Van Golberdinge is homeless today - and dining on fast food.  Unable to return to his posh New York apartment since the Times Square scaffolding collapse, the 33-year-old Dutch master chef has become a regular at McDonald's.  "I never eat their food but, under the circumstances, I really don't have much choice," Van Golberdinge told The Post over a Big Mac and fries.   "Besides, their burgers and french fries are pretty good.  Just because I'm a world famous chef doesn't mean I can't eat McDonald's."


Paris cemetery officials have decided the grave of rock legend Jim Morrison has become too much trouble to keep up.  So his remains are no longer welcome there.  As soon as the 30-year lease on his grave at the celebrated Pére Lachaise cemetery expires on July 6, 2001, Morrison's body will be disinterred and moved.  His grave has become famous for the trinkets that visiting fans heap upon it, and cemetery officials have apparently had enough.


Hawthorne, Calif. - Gary Coleman the former child-star of TV's "Different Strokes," was booked last week for investigation of assault and battery for allegedly punching a female autograph seeker.  The 4-foot-7 Coleman, who now works as a security guard at Fox Hills Mall, was shopping for a bullet proof vest, when he allegedly flew into a rage, punched Tracy Field in the eye and beat her when she collapsed on the floor, police said.
If convicted of battery and verbal assault, Coleman could be sentenced to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine and could lose his security guard license, Lt. James McInerny said.


British singer George Michael was arrested this week in the public men's room of a Beverly Hills park. The charge: misdemeanor lewd conduct. A police spokesman declined to "go into details of the lewd act," but did say the singer was alone when a plainclothes officer entered the restroom. He was booked and released on $500 bail. Michael is well known for his top 40 hit, "I Want Your Sex."

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