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Welcome to Buddy Max ,America's singing Flea Market Cowboy and his All Star Bands Music ordering page


Available in Record or Tape
The Great Nashville Star Buddy Max Is A Flea Market Cowboy Side one 1.The Great Nashville Star 2.Give Me The Key To Your Heart 3.I love You My Dear 4.The Story Of Barney Clark 5.Flea Market Cowboy 6.Winding Trail
Side Two 1.Honkey Tonk[Wally Jones 2.Three Pretty Girls 3.Take Me Lord[Wayne Larson]4.Riding For Pleasure 5.Maple Sugar Time[Lloyd Stevens] 6.Since Your Gone[Don Miller]

  • Available only in C.D.
    Gold Record Award Winning * Buddy Max * America's Singing Flea Market Cowboy 1.Lonesome George 2.With a Smile on your Face 3.Grape Fruit 4.Wit this Ring 5.When the Whipperwill Calls[Maxine Griffis] 6.American Dream 7.Take me back to the West Virginia Hills[Wally Jones] 8.Dr. Mumback 9.Kisses on Paper 10.When Jesus came back to our Home 11.Curve in Lecanto[Chuck Puckett] 12.I Ain't what I used To Be 13.Glory Lord 14.Cream of the Crop 15.Gypsy Girl{Freeland Sneden] 16.Springtime in Alabama 17.Charity 18.I Blow my Bubble Gum 19.Feel the Power[Lenora Grey] 20.Cheese Eating Flea Market Cowboy[Buddy Max & John Pastuch] 21.Jessie's Prayer[Wayne Lairson]
  • Available only in Tape
    Tribute to Challengers Crew of Seven & Appolo Moon Capsule's Crew of 3 side one 1.The Challenger 2.Devils Dust Storm 3.7-11 Rescue Mission 4.Where the Two Rivers Meet 5.Johnny the Recycling Boy 6.Oh Little Christmas Tree 7.You can be a He or She 8.When I met an Angle in Heaven 9.Easter Bunny 10.Buddy Max
    side two 1.Old Flea Market Dealer 2.Little Mazunick 3.I was just a little Tear Drop to Late 4.Black Laced Garder 5.Uncle Mistletoe 6.Leo's Rhapsody in the Major Key of G 7.A Beautiful City 8.Easter Day
. Picture
  • Available in C.D.s or Tape
    Buddy Max Orange Blossom Special
    Side one 1.Orange Blossom Special 2.She's My Florida Lovely Lady 3.Alabama Chain Gang 4.If Freda's Still Single 5.Oh,Buddy I Need You 6.My Thought And My Love Side Two 7.If It's Country Music,It's Me 8.That Old Fishing Hole 9.They Tore That Little Office Building Down 10.Depression Of The Thirties 11.Label On Her Dress 12.Lady From Chicago
  • Availible only in Tape
    Cowboy Junction Stars,Buddy Max the Flea Market Cowboy of Lecanto Florida side one 1.John F. Kennedy 2.A Girl named Mary 3.Archangle 4.As we walk and we talk to the Lord 5.Fly Away Homing Pigeon 6.Poor White Trash 7.My Christmas Prayer side two 1.Steven Hole Run Stomp[Lloyd Stevens] 2.Thank You Lord [Wally Jones] 3.The Gift [Ruth Hanson] 4.Second Wedding Night [Charlie Floyd] 5.Back in Time with me [Ellie Jenkins] 6.Carrots and Taters [Leo Vargason] 7. Hang my Guitar on the Wall [Buddy Max]
  • Mail $15.00 To Cowboy Junction Flea Market
    3949 W. Highway 44 & Junction 490
    Lecanto Florida 34461
    For Any Record,Tape,or C.D. Shipping & Handling Charge Is Included In The Price of $15.00[out of the U.S. orders please make that $20.00 for any Record,Tape or C.D.]Write your choice of Record,Tape, or C.D.,the title of the album,and the address you would like your selection sent to,and the correct amount then wait two to four weeks depending on where you live.
    Or stop on over At Cowboy Junction Opry on any Saturday![except July & August due to touring]
    Visit Cowboy Junction Flea Market Tuesdays and Fridays! [Cowboy Junction Opry] [Buddy Max History]