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Other great X-Force related links to check out.
For X-men related links, go to Wolverine's R.E.A.L.M. for them.
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Camp Verde Camp Verde: Created by "Gothic Vertigo". A very nice New Mutants / X-Force webpage with some pretty thorough bios on the current/past X-Force members, enemies, and New Mutant members.

Siryn Cerebro Files: Siryn: Created by "Theresa Rourke-Cassidy". Need some information about our favorite irish X-Force member with the sonic vocal cords? Then you'll need to check this site out!

Fire in the Hole Fire in the Hole: Created by "Desert Nomad". A nice X-Force website with a quiz section, quotes, casting call, fan artwork, and scans of X-Force!

Sauron Resistance is Futile: Created by "U.X.". Nice page with information about one of the X-Men and X-Force's toughest supervillians: Sauron!

DominoDomino's Things Fall into Place, Siryn's X-Force Clan Page, Rictor's Seismic Home Page: Created by Karen Galarneault. Note that there are three separate links here. Need more in-depth information on your favorite X-Force heroine Domino, Siryn, or X-Force hero Rictor? Well, click on their respective links here, and be well-informed from this webpage!

The New Warriors and X-Force Messageboard: Created by "The Hornet". A chat messageboard for X-Force and New Warriors fans.

Siryn Siryn's Page: Created by "Red Monster". A lot of info about the leader of the X-Force. Be patient though: this webpage will take a long time to load on a 28.8 modem.

Stryfe Stryfe: The Chaos Bringer: Created by "Stryfe". Truely a ground-breaking of a kind! Plenty of stuff about Stryfe, as well as some awesome links. Truly a good page for such an underrated villian who, you must admit, caused one of the most chaotic events in the history of the X-Men!

X-ForceThe Unofficial X-Force Homepage: By Dale Earnest. A great X-Force page. Contains info on all the current and past members of the X-Force squad. If you are a fan of the X-Force series, this is a "can't miss"!

X-Force and New Mutants Stories!: By Natalie Martinez. Contains a catalogue of various X-Force and New Mutants fan fictions found on the internet.

X-Treme The X-Treme Fan Page: Created by "Adam-X". A truely unique page that is dedicated to one of the most intriguing and mysterious character around in the X-Universe. Hard-to-find graphics of this character, as well as brief synopsis of his possible origins as well as his friends and foes.

Zen Guru The Zen Guru FullForce X-Force Page: Created by Keith Davidsen and David Downie. The only true X-Force webpage out there which is still being updated on a consistant basis, and the website just keeps getting better and better! Biographies, history files, ... just the stuff that'll get you knowledgeable about X-Force in general!

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