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Shatterstar Gallery

Here's a picture gallery full of Shatterstar-related pictures. Click on the image you wish to view fullsize. More will be added occasionally.
*Please feel free to download the pictures and add it to your personal collection. But PLEASE, if you do wish to use these scans for your own webpage, contact me at and tell me that you wish to use them for your page. I've spent much time scanning and editing these pictures, and I'd appreciate it if you at least tell me first that you want to use them for your own homepage.

NEW! As of 8/28/98!
Shatterstar #16A charging Shatterstar.

(From X-Force #76; 68.5KB)
Shatterstar #17Another charging Shatterstar in air.

(From X-Force #76; 32.3KB)
Shatterstar #18Shatterstar / Benjamin Russell.

(From X-Force #76; 47.1KB)
Shatterstar #1A great picture of Shatterstar by the man himself, Jim Lee.

(From 1992 X-Men Series I; 25.8KB)
Shatterstar #2A fairly cartoony picture of Shatterstar, but nevertheless still great.

(From 1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men; 20.3KB)
Shatterstar #3A beautiful picture of Shatterstar, utilizing Fleer Flair's cool colors.

(From 1994 Fleer Flair; 18.4KB)
Shatterstar #4A really awesome picture of Shatterstar in his first costume; he seems to leap right out at you.

(From 1992 Marvel Masterpieces; 24.0KB)
Shatterstar #5A beautifully-done picture brought to you by Lou Harrison...definately worth a look.

(From 1993 Marvel Masterpieces; 21.1KB)
Shatterstar #6Another picture by Jim Lee; this one is part of a 9-card picture featuring some of the best X-Men in action in the Danger room.

(From 1992 X-Men Series I; 33.1KB)
Shatterstar #7
A beautiful picture of Shatterstar bursting onto the scene.

(From 1994 Marvel Masterpieces; 24.8KB)
Shatterstar #8A pretty good picture of Shatterstar and Boomer together.

(From 1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men; 25.5KB)
Shatterstar #9
A picture of Shatterstar in action.

(From 1992 Marvel Universe Series III; 25.3KB)
Shatterstar #10Shatterstar and Feral (when she was still with the team) in action.

(From X-Force #32; 63.8KB)
Shatterstar #11
Shatterstar kicking some major butt against S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

(From X-Force #20, 42.4KB)
Shatterstar #12Shatterstar in action during the revolution on Mojoworld.

(From X-Force #60; 45.9KB)
Shatterstar #13
'Star with a sword... enough said.

(From Wolverine #54, 43.3KB)
Shatterstar #14Closeup shot of Shatterstar.

(From 1996 Fleer X-Men; 58.2KB)

Thanks to Seth Bokelman for letting me use his scan!
Shatterstar #15
Shatterstar, sword drawn, with teammates Siryn and Meltdown.

(From X-Force #64, 63.4KB)

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