Hi my names Critter and I'll be your unoffical tour guide of this grand city of MC-1. Oh, why Critter, becuase I know all the ins and outs of this place. I'll show the Hall of Justice, the Big Smelly, the best places for synthi-synthi-caf, and some of the best vid slug rental places. Hey you, yea you!! The one with the 2000AD Megazine rolled up in your back pocket. Keep it out of site, if a Judge sees it, life in an Iso-cube. Why the warning, some ones been transmitting whats been going on here into the 21st century. Oh, yea and its considered treason to possess that publication.

Some of the interesting citizens you'll meet here are Durham Red, she has a taste for people, heh, heh. Then the Judges you probably hear of are Dredd, Hershey, and Anderson. They're the greatest Judges that this city has ever had. By grud, hopefully you won't meet Dredd on a less than friendly basis, hes one bad mama jama. Then theres the Dark Judges, brr, I don't even want to think about them. I'd say avoid Tharg, but he probably knows more about you, well, than you do.

Just follow your Tour Guide, have fun and be careful. Oh yea theres a small list of some of the laws, make sure you follow them, and remember, Tharg is watching.

(09/14/2134) Though I've mentioned Tharg the Mighty, I've never shown him in all Glorious Green Majesty, I present to you



Hall of Judges

Mega City History

Mega City Laws

Mega City Slang

Rogue Trooper

Strontium Dogs

Artists and Models

EMAIL CRITTER : megacitytours@atlanticbb.net

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