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Mega City Glossary of Slang

A & A : Aiding and Abetting
Adifax : Expensive and addictive serum prepared from corpses of Stookies, which stops the aging process in humans.
Aeorball : Once fashionable cross between basketball and kung-fu, played in the air using personal jetpacks.
Airbus : Commercially run hover bus, running a prescribed route between Blocks.
AGC (Anti-Gravity Chute) : Clear plasti-glass tubes used for fast travel between the floors of the tall City Blocks.
Aggro Dome : Mega City recreation centers, where citizens could work off violent tensions against robots and machines.
Anarchopolis : Mythical commune of free-thinkers and exiles from Mega-City One, said to exist beneath the Undercity.
Andean Conglom : South American counterpart of Mega City One.
Apocalypse War : Attempted invasion of Mega City One in 2104 by East Meg, which devastated most if the population and the city.
ARV : Armed Robbery with Violence.
Atomic War : World wide nuckear war, started in 2070 by President Booth, which destroyed much of the USA, USSR, and Europe.
Auto-key : Hand held electronic lock opener.

Bambo : Term of abuse; a stupid person; a variant is Bimbo.
Bananarak : Apes' favorite drinks.
Barney : Name given to the government's central computer, located in City Hall.
Batting : High rise sport, similar to 20th century hang gliding, involving strap on plasteen wings.
Belliwheel : Small wheel, used by Flabbies to keep thier bellies off the ground.
Big Dunkin' Donut : An alien constructed Dyson Sphere on the outside edge of the solar system, its existance is not common knowledge.
Big Joke Run down area of Mega-City One known for producing more criminals and punks than any other area.
Big Mo : A Mo-pads' giant mobile service station.
Big Sleep : Extreme tactic used by the Judges to pacify unruly sectors by tranquilising them with nerve agents.
Big Smelly : Slang term for the Ohio River, now buried underground and inhabbited by mutants and other outcasts.
Birdie : Hand held electronic lie detector used by Judges.
Bisoon : Hybrid cattle animal, a cross between a buffalo and a heifer, reared in Cursed Earth factory ranches. Produces Pro-slab.
Black Atlantic : Slang term for the Atlantic Ocean, now so heavily polluted it keeps catching fire.
Bleeper : Tiny electronic radio transmitter, used by Judges to follow Perps.
Blitz : Contract murder of a particularly violent nature; performed by a Blitzer
Block : Giant high rise buildings, which make up most of Mega City One. Citizens who live in them are often called Blockers.
Block War : Blockers are often fiercely loyal to their particular Block, which occasionally leads to all out war.
Body Sharking : The illegal trade in the bodies of living humans, often goes hand in hand with Organ Legging
BoingR : Aerosal sprayed substance that forms a rubbery bubble around the user; used for games in the Palais-de-Boing
Briefer : Machine which sums up all crimes of the last 24 hours in a few minutes for Judges at their daily briefings.
Brit-Cit : English counterpart of Mega City One.
Button Jock : Slang for disc jockey or dj.
By Grud! : Legal expletive used by Judges to reduce adrenalin in times of crisis.

Carilot : Holdall; fashionable with Juves.
Central Control : Government department which controls the movement of all Mega City's traffic, and in particular the millions of Mo-Pads.
Chump-Dumping : Nefarious crime, whereby 'cheap' flights to other planets result in the passengers being thrown out into space.
Citi-Def (CD) : The City Defence Force, a volunterary militia orgnaized on a Block basis, to train in civil defence.
Citz-head : Derogatory name applied to citizens by jaded Judges. Sometimes applied to Judges who either sympathize with or think like citizens.
Civos : Judge slang for citizens; civilians.
Cling-Net : Large, self constricting net, usually used by by Judges to apprehend Perps.
Comp-Ident : Recognition of a Perp by fast access to computer records; computer identification.
Con-Apt : Connecting Apartments are small, low, and usually better quality housing units.
Condo : See Space Condominium
Confront : Another term for Rumble.
Credit : Unit of currency in Mega City One.
Crockshop : Home of OACs.
Cursed Earth : Vast radioactive wasetland, stretching over most of central North America, inhabbited by outcasts, mutants, slavers, and monsters.

Decontam : Type of Med Squad who specialise in anti-radiation treatment, or decontamination.
Dodgem : Rubber Ricochet bullet.
Dok!, Drokk! : See By Grud!.
Dult : Youth slang for a 'grown up'.
Dunk : A pick pocket, who thus practices Dunking
Dust Zone : Industrial Sector of Mega City One, where all the Blocks are devoted to industry.

East-Meg : Eastern European/Asian counterpart of Mega City One; inhabbitants known as Sovs
Eeziglide : Sloping moving pavement; also see Slidewalk
Electro-Cordon : Electrically generated force field, used by Judges in apprehending Perps
Emergency : Judge's term; means, quite simply, 'Judge in trouble! Come quickly!'
Exo-Men : Judge's name for criminals who use exo skeletons to aid them in bank raids, ect.

F.A.F : The Fat Abolition Front, a neo political party of anti-flab activists.
59c : The section of Mega City Law which allows a Judge access to a citizen's home to search for crime; the basis behind Section 59d, which details with the Crime Swoop, an organized and very systematic search of an entire Block by a team of Judges.
Flab(bie) : Term for one of Mega City One's obese food fanatics, who hold illegal eating contests, and protest for more food rations.
Flab-Fan : Slim follower of illegal eating contests by Flabbies.
Flabbon : One of a number of products, produced by Otto Stump's Ugly Clinic, designed to help the (rich) user attain a very fashionable ugliness.
Futsie : Victims of 'Future Shock Syndrome'; the strain of living in Mega City One often turns them into pyschopathic homicidal maniacs.

Garbage Grinder : Units, found everywhere in Mega City One, for the recycling of all rubbish; also known as Garbage Chutes.
Glasseen : Modern glass substitute.
Graveyard Shift : Judges' term for period of duty, usually in the early hours of the morning.
Groat : Unit of inter-planetary currency; also known as shugs.
Grubb's Disease : A radiation spawned fungal disease that completely covers its victims' bodies, turning them into living mushrooms. Named after its most famous victim, ex-Mayor Jim Grubb.
Gunge : A range of revolting but highly nutritiuos foodstuffs popularised by Otto Stump. They included Mould Jam, Slime Sause, Snake Rings, and Got Pot; but are now marketed under more pleasant brand names.

Hab : Slang for a small apartment or living unit.
Heister : An armed robber.
Holding Post : Post to which a Judge can temporarily cuff a Perp, if he has other urgent business to deal with, to be picked up by a Pat Wagon.
Holding Tanks : Specially fortified part of a Sector House designed to hold Perps until they can transferred to an Iso-Cube tp serve their sentence.
Holocaust Squad : Specially trained Judges, used to sort out the most desparate of situations (often suicidally).
Holovision : Three dimensional television, the main entertainment medium in Mega City One, also called Tri-D.
Hotdog Run : Cadet Judges' practical test, a patrol into the Cursed Earth, undertaken in their 12th year.
Hotshot : Slang for a Lawgivers' Heatseeker shell.
Hover Pod : Another name for a civilian hover car.
H-Wagon : Justice Department hover vehicle, usually carrying personnel or heavy weapons


I-Block : Fortified safe house where perps who are informing on their friends can be protected from reprisals.
Indo-Cit : Indian counterpart of Mega City One.
Inter-Block Zoom : Another name for Sky Rail.
Iso-Cube : Standard for of imprisonment; a Block full of small, empty, plasteen cubes.


Jimping : Impersonating a Judge; a serious criminal offence.
J.O.P. : Juve Opportunities Program; a training scheme for young unemployed citizens.
Judges' Code : Message sysytem, similar to Morse Code, used by the Judges'.
Judicial Indictment 4 : Section of The Law pertaining to a Judges' illegal obtaining of a confession by torture.
Jugger : Huge hover truck.
Justice Central : Another name for Justice Department Headquarters; it is usually taken to mean the whole group of buildings, including the Academy of Law, Armory, and the Hall of Justice itself.


Klegg : Large, carnivorous, lizrd like alien mercenaries, last hired by mad Judge Cal to put down the human population.
Kneepad : Item of high fashion, worn especially by Juves.
Kook Cube : See Psycho Cube.


Las-saw : High powered lasered based industrial metal cutter.
Lawgiver : The Judges' automatic, multi-shell pistol.
Lawmaster : The Judges' computer controlled, heavily armed and armored bike.
Leaper : A person trying to commit suicide by jumping from a high building or roadway.
Long Walk : An old or weak Judge has the option of retiring or taking the Long Walk, to deliver Justice to the Cursed Earth or Undercity.


MAC : Justice Department central computer; the Judges' version of Barney, it keeps the who;e city under surveillance and directs Judges' to crimes, as they occur. Name is acronym for Macro Analsis Computer.
Maze : Controversial housing development, designed by F. Lloyd Mazny,in which many residents starved to death, unable to find their way out.
Meat Wagon : A Justice Department ambulance.
Median Strip : The safety zone down the center of a Megaway, fitted with barriers that can stop a wayward vehicle.
Med-Squad : A specialteam of Med(ical) Judges; usually in the company of a Meat Wagon.
Mega-City Boot : Slang tern for Riot Foam.
Megathon : Annual cross-city marathon.
Meg-way : Major Mega-City motorway; also called a Mega-Way.
Micro-vid Radiophone : A small hand-held two-way radio, and Tri-D receiver.
Mo-Pad : One of the 18 million mobile homes, which constantly circle the Mega-City's road network. They are in turn serviced by Mo-Banks, Mo-Libs, and the like.
Mugglie : A term of abuse, used only by the most vulgar Punks.
Munce : Revolting plant-derived synthetic paste, which can be refined to make many different edible products. Mega-Cit One's most common food stuff, and (in its foul raw state) the only known antidote to Rad-fleas.
Munska : Highly alcoholic spirit, distilled from Munce.
Mutie : Slang for mutant/
Mutieland : Area of the Cursed Earth, inhabited by gangs of mutants.


Nark : Judges' term for informer.
Norm : Muties' term for an untainted, normal human.


O.A.C. : Old Age Citizen; an old person.
Oilade : Refreshing oil-based drink for robots.
Old City : Area originally known as New York City; most of it has now been concreted over, creating the Undercity.
Organ-legging : Illicit trade in spare body parts, which is the basis for a number of criminal rackets.
Overzoom : Another name for a flyover; the opposite of an Underzoom.


Palais-de-Boing : A large Block-sized building, the only place BoingR may be legally used.
Pat Wagon : Justice Department Patrol Wagon, used to pick up arrested Perps from Hokding Posts, and transport them to a Holding Tank, or straight to an Iso-Cube.
Pedway : A pedestrian-only pathway; most modern pedways are motorised- see Slidewalk and Eeziglide.
Pencil-Neck : Flabbies' term for a 'thin' person.
Perp : Judges' term for a criminal; contraction of perpetrator.
Perp Running : The illegal transportation of wanted criminals to a safe place of planet. Its occasionally tied in with Chump Dumping.
Pin-boing : Spectacular life-sized version of 20th Century pinball, played in the Palais-de-Boing using BoingR
Pinky : Talking Apes' term for humans.
Pipeway : Service roads which links Blocks to Mega-ways, via large plas-crete tubes. Also see Zipstrips.
Plas-crete : The most widely used buiding material in Mega-City One; as the name says, its a combination of plastic and concrete.
Polypropylop : A new wonder plastic, distilled from the Mega-City's waste, and used to make all sorts of products.
Pongo : Judges' term for a confidence trickster, its has come to mean any minor criminal.
Power Tower : In effect a controlled volcano, the Power Tower uses red hot lava from deep beneath the earth's crust to provide most of Mega-City One's power supply.
Prankster : Judges' term for a criminal practical joker or follower of an illegal craze (such as pelting Judges with custard pies).
Promenade : Another name for the artificial parks built into most large City Blocks.
Pro-slab : Protien slab; a meat compound derived from Bisoon.
Psycho-cube : A cell used to hold psychologically disturbed criminals; also known a a Kook Cube.
Psyker : Judges' slang for for user of Psionis powers; the use of their powers is known as Psyking.
Psi-division : Division of the Justice Department which uses Judges with Psionic powers - Psi-Judges - to help fight against criminal Psykers.
Punk : Lawless, hooligan Juve.


Rad-Flea : Extremely tough, radiation-mutated flea which occassionally infests the Mega-City; they are only repelled by the smell of raw Munce.
Radlands : Old name for the Cursed Earth.
Radorak : Essential item of clothing for life outside in post-war Mega-City One: a protective anti-radiation caoe.
Rad-pit : Dangerous radiative swamp pits left in Mega-City One after the Apocalypse War.
Rad Storm : Radiation storm, formed when strong winds start blowing contaminated material out of a Rad-pit, over the rest of the city; also called a Rad Wind, they are highly dangerous to post-war citizens.
Rad-Trak ; Huge armored bulldozer-type vehicles, used in reclamation or ruined areas, particularly Rad-pits; a contraction of Radiation Tractor.
Ratfink : Derigatory term for a Punk.
Reclam : City Reclamation Project; various community schemes used to help rebuild the Mega City.
Resyk : Huge recycling palnt that breaks down all of Mega-City One's rubbish (including corpses!) into reusable components.
Riot Foam : Anti-riot weapon which hardens when in contact with air; when sprayed over a crowd it will render them immobile, until they can be cut out by the Judges.
Roadster : Very flash, and equally expensive, sports version of the standard saloon car.
Robo-doc : Automated, robot-controlled portable medical unit, usually operated by a Med Squad.
Rockcrete : Very strong building material, similar to plas-crete.
Roob Cube : See Psycho-cube.
Rumble : Large fight between two rival gangs, usually Punks or Blockers.


S&S : Stop and Search.
Scratchmo : One of Otto Sump's range of 'uglification' products (which also includesFlabbon), this noxious substance brings the face up in trandy red boils.
Scawler : Illegal graffiti artist (usually a Juve or Punk). Hence Scawling; also Scrawl War, which is a contest between two graffiti artists to see who can put thier name in the most prominent spot.
Sector House : Divisional Justice HQs, one per Sector of the Mega City, which have thier own cells (Holding Tanks), forensics and medical units, and reserves of weapons and equipment. Also known as a Section House.
Securo-pod : Another name for for a Mo-bank.
Segregation Block : A separate Block to house Flabbies, and stop them from trying to get extra rations by criminal means.
Shoplex : A block completely turned over to a vast shopping center; derived from 'shopping complex'.
Shuggy : Twenty-second Century version of pool, played on a 'hilly' table, often with huge side bets; usually played in special Shuggy Halls.
SJS : The Special Judicial Squad judge the Judges, seeking out corruption and lax Law-keeping; they are responsible only to the Chief Judge herself.
Skankerie : Very fashionable night-club or disclotheque.
Sked-way : Minor roadway; smaller than a Meg-way, but larger than a Overzoom.
Shy-Heist : Strange form of crime, in which a Mo-Bank is bodily lifted off the roadway by a flying crane, flown to a remote spot, and then dropped from a great height to crack open the vault.
Sleep Machine : Device which give a Judge a full nights sleep in only 10minutes.
Slipzoom : a side of road or a sliproad; another name for Under-zoom.
Slowster : An illegally slow driver.
Slug Rock : Nasty type of modern music played by hyper-fashionable 'Uglies' (devotees to Otto Sump).
Slummy : Citizens left Blockless after the Apocalypse War; many live in slums and shanty towns btohs inside and outside the Mega-City.
Smokatorium :A large Block-sized building, which is the only place in Mega-City One where tobacco smoking is legal.
Snuffler : Machine used by the Justice Department Tek Squads to forensically analyse the scene of a crime.
Sov : Eurasian inhabitant of East-Meg (equivalent of 20th Century USSR).
Space Condominium : Also know as Condos, these are vast space stations, like whole city sectors floating in earth orbit, used to house some of Mega=City One's overspill population.
Speedway : Another term for a Meg-Way.
Spont : Spontaneous confessor to other people's crimes; can be a great hindrance to a Judge's investigations.
Spug : a young Punk.
Spuggy : Descriptive term of abuse, similar in application to Ratfink.
Spug Off! : An illegal expletive.
Starscraper : Early term for a City Block; also known, ay one time, as Stratoscrapers.
Statue of Judgement : Huge statue of a Judge, erected by public subscription in honor of the Judges; stands dwarfing over the old Statue of Liberty, in Sector 44.
Stiff : A corpse.
Stomm! : See By Grud!
Stookie : Small, cuddly, and totally inoffensive alien, whose only prblem is having a gland that produces Adifax, which makes them much sought after by Stookie Glanders.
Stookie Glander : Criminal who murders Stookies to remove thier Adifax gland.
Street Creepers : Fashionable type of footwear.
Street Pirate : Member of a gang of moder-day highwaymen who prey on drivers, and Mo-pads in particular. Some board vehicles as they travel; others known as Wreckers, stop them with road blocks or heavy weapons and then raid them.
Street Scanner : Device used by Tek Squads to identify illegal radio and Tri-D broadcasts, air-pollution, and the like.
Strut : Juves' term for taking a stroll.
Stumm Gas : Crowd control weapon, similar to tear gas, used specifically by Judges.
Sus-an : A form of suspended animation' the ill and the dying are cryogenically frozen until they can be cured. There are many commercially Sus-an centers, the most famous being The Forever Towers Home for the Semi-Dead. See also The Vaults.
Synthi-caf : Refreshing drink similar to to the banned coffee, it now itself been made illegal, due to its addictive qualities, and has been replaced by various forms of Synthi-synthi-caf.
Synthi-flakes : Mega-City One's most popular, breakfast foods, made by the Sunshine Synthifoods.


Tad : High powered nucke missile; Total Annihilation Device.
Tap : To mug someone; also means, a mugging.
Tap Dancers : A team of muggers, usually made up of two or three Taps.
Tek Squad : A team of specialist Judges, who deal with all things technical, from repairing vehicles to advanced forensic analysis.
Throughway : A high-speed inter-sector roadway.
Tri-D : Another name for Holovision. There were, at the last count, 312 Tri-D stations in Mega-City One.
Trog : Inhabitant of the Undercity, strabgely deformed and retarted from living underground for so long; derived from 'troglodyte'.
Tweenblock Plaza : Large paved area between two city Blocks, where the citizens can meet, sit, and relax, and watch all the Juves and Punks strut of thier latest Kneepads.
299er : A crazy, or a Futsie, derived from section of The Law relating to such matters.
2T(Fru)T : Rare viral disease which afflicted Mega-City Two for awhile, turning its victims into rabid flesh-eaters.


Umpty Candy : A hyper-addictive, extra-sweet candy discovered by a sweetmaker called Uncle Ump. There is no cure for its addiction, and so it has been declared illegal. Umpty Bagging is the illegal manufacture and sale of Umpty Candy.

Undercity : When it came to redeveloping the Old City, it was decided that the best way was to simply concrete the whole area over and start again, creating the Undercity, which is now inhabited by renegades, mutants, deformed Troggies, and much worse.
Underzoom : An underpass, usually beneath a major Mega-Way, the opposite of Overzoom.


The Vaults : Area underneath each Section House where severely injured criminals are kept in Sus-an until they can be cured, and made to serve thier rightful sentence.
Vidder : S Tri-D watcher.
Vid-phone : The prime method of communication in Mega-City One; with it you can both and hear the voice and see a picture of the person you are talking to (though the latter can be turned off).
Vid-slug : Small, miniaturised video cassette; most books and newspapers come like this, as do films, old Tri-D recordings, and so on. There is a burgeoning trade in prohibited slugs, run by various underworld racketeers.
Voke-box : Another name for a computer-controlled voice synthesiser.


Wall-hopper : A mutant or another outcast who tries to break back into the Mega-City, especially through breaches in the wall caused in the Apocalypse War.
Watching Bay : A Judges-only Wayby where they can sit on their Lawmasters, on the look-out for any trouble.
Wayby : A lay-by, usually a place where citizens can leave a Block Buggy when not in use.
Weather Congress : Council which decide daily what Mega-City One's weather will be; the information is then relayed to a number of aerial weather stations hovering over the city.
White Stuff : Romantic slang for sugar, which is banned for health reasons.
Wrecker : See Street Pirate.


YP : Judges' slang for Young Perp.
Zipper : Hover version of the Lawmaster bike, used extensively on Luna-1 moonbase.
Zipstrip : Access road running between a Block and Sked-way or Mega-way, open to the air. Enclosed zipstrips are called Pipeways.