Hi, I'm Dave Sim, I need Sex!!!

Hey Kids, I'm superstar cartoonist and all round good guy Dave Sim, you may recognise me from lurking in the bushes, and walking slowly behind you.

That's not why I'm here though, no, me and this homosexualist color scheme have just one thing in mind - ME. To that effect I put out this urgent plea; send me your titties.

Let me explain - this is no ordinary mad pervert just asking for young nubile flesh, (though it would be nice), no this for the good of the world. You see, for a little while I convinced myself I didn't need sex, didn't want it, and am, infact probably gay. To counter act this I would like you, or your girlfriend, or your mother, to send me, Dave Sim creator of Cerebus, naked pictures of yourself.

I promise you, no harm will come to these pictures, they may get sticky, but when doesn't that happen, eh?

Please send them now, send them to me, quickly, stop me from becoming a bitter twisted, lack of sex, self deluded man.

Contact me, Dave Sim, with nudey photo at:

AARDVARK-VANAHEIM PO Box 1674 Station C, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4R2, Canada

Or call me to arrange a date, hey the feel is better than the look after all;

Phone: 519-576-7820 or 519-576-0610 Fax: 519-576-0955

Please mark all correspondence with: Daves Member Mail