For legal reasons I must point ouy that this site has nothing to do with Dave Sim, I am not he, he is someone else, in fact I heve never even met him. My friend has though, and Dave slept with his ex girlfriend, (allegedly), he's not bitter though. It was like that time my ex slept with Gary Coleman. She said it was like having a lady because of his midget sized winky being like ladies area, and I beleived, oh, why did I believe her. gary Coleman is all man, little he may be, put he knows haow to use it. DAMN YOU COLEMAN, DAMN YOU TO MIDGET HELL!!!!!.

Anyhoo, yes. This has nothing to do with Dave Sim, the views expressed here are not his, he doesn't know tihs site exists. Unless you told him, did you tell him you bastard, telling Dave Sim, now he's gona be knocking down my stinky doorwith his boozy pals all saying stuff like, 'make a web site will you, it's shit, you need to go to web site school and learn how to do it, even though we don't have a website, not one you can watch anyway cuz it's porn about mexicans'. And I'll say, 'Go away dave you shrivelled old fool, you're a monkey, and his uncle!!'. And Dave will cry and his friends will take him back to the club for more margherita's and sailors.