One way that spammers get lots of email addresses to send spam to, is by sending little internet spiders out to follow links through infinite numbers of web sites, looking for email links. If you have your email address on your web site, you are no doubt receiving huge amounts of spam email offering aluminum siding, hot babes, new loans on your house, and cameras that can take pictures of people without them knowing it.

The purpose of this page is to oblige them. The following links are all completely made up email addresses for them to harvest.

You should make just such a page for your website, or you can link to this one.

Also see for even more.

Welcome email spiders. Help yourselves. And choke.

If you need more, just be patient, the chef is frying up some greasy lard cakes as we speak.

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Buffet006 Buffet007 Buffet008 Buffet009 Buffet010
Buffet011 Buffet012 Buffet013 Buffet014 Buffet015
Buffet016 Buffet017 Buffet018 Buffet019 Buffet020
Buffet021 Buffet022 Buffet023 Buffet024 Buffet025
Buffet026 Buffet027 Buffet028 Buffet029 Buffet030
Buffet031 Buffet032 Buffet033 Buffet034 Buffet035
Buffet036 Buffet037 Buffet038 Buffet039 Buffet040
Buffet041 Buffet042 Buffet043 Buffet044 Buffet045
Buffet046 Buffet047 Buffet048 Buffet049 Buffet050
Buffet051 Buffet052 Buffet053 Buffet054 Buffet055
Buffet056 Buffet057 Buffet058 Buffet059 Buffet056
more to come