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Well, I'll have to tell you, I was SERIOUSLY disappointed this Megacon. I had a wonderful time, spent LOTS of money, and met some really cool people. As you can see, that includes hanging out with the cast from LEXX, which was incredibly cool. Meeting Tony Isabella and Jim Salicrup, and getting many a sexy Cain sketch was tops too. What made.... well still MAKES me angry is the cancellation of Bernie Wrightson and Nick Cardy. That was the main reason I went! Oh well, we'll see about it next year, right? Oh yeah, and I think the anime folk need to start their own convention. I have nothing against anime, in fact I like it. HOWEVER, comic book fans almost seemed like a minority!


Me and Tony Isabella
Me and Captain N, the Gamemaster


Me and Xev
Me and Stan


Me and First Lady Bunny
Xev, Lykka, Stan First Lady Bunny and me


Me and 7-90


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