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Be My Guest, Check Into the...





Who in the world is this Nurse Melody? Nurse Melody here and there, commenting on everything! Well there is the OBVIOUS answer, that I am Nurse Melody, caregiver and storyteller here at the House of Lunacy, but that doesn't tell you much, does it? The House of Lunacy? Is this a horror, or <ahem> "mystery" title I missed? NO!! You see, it's not that you missed it! You've forgotten about it!

I had some problems with his ridiculously annoying Lord Morpheus, and my banishment from the Dreaming, and the fact that you don't remember me OR the House of Lunacy is my punishment.

You see, Dream had some problems with the way I was running the place, the House of Lunacy that is. It seems he thought all of the insane people I was keeping from reeking havoc in the Waking World, were in fact just ordinary, 'innocent' dreamers! Well they most CERTAINLY were not! I was keeping them there, asleep in HIS realm where they couldn't hurt anyone out there!! I would think he'd appreciate it, but when he came back from his ridiculously LONG excursion, he was MAD, mad, mad at me!

This is when he decided to bar me from his realm and erase any memory of me! I believe this is a common practice of his. Thank goodness I'm not a dream-thing, or he would have just wiped me out of existence I'm sure!

So, for the past, who knows how many years, I've been residing in the City of Forgotten Horror Hosts. The retired Crypt Keeper is the Mayor of the City, and every other day a storyteller showdown is held in the town square. Which only made me depressed, because it reminds me of the old days.

The only other person one might remember who lives there, is Judge Gallows, who made it out, only to get himself sent right back, by Cain and Abel, of all people! Good! I always hated Gallows, and now I don't have to live in that insane city, so it's FINE with me! I didn't have much to do there, since there's no demand, (not NEED, but 'demand') for mental health care there.

It wasn't SO TERRIBLE, but it's kept me away from some of my old friends, and I missed them, ESPECIALLY Cain! I miss him ever, ever, ever so much! I remember how he'd always show everyone up with his tales, and OH! And when, and when he'd KILL his brother! Oh it was FABULOUS! Well, we had some times! Sometimes, he would even come over to my asylum and play doctor! SEE, just LOOK at HIM! GOD! BEAUTIFUL MAN!

But now, since I've escaped the city, and I'm living here in the Waking World, and there's a new Dream named Daniel, perhaps I can gain access back to the Dreaming! That's my hope anyway. For now I'm just going to start practicing at storytelling again. It's been awhile, I sort of distanced it from myself when living in the City of Forgotten Horror Hosts.

My specialty, of course is tales of insanity, lunacy, madness, etc. etc. etc. etc. If you consider yourself a good writer, and you have stories like this, I'd be happy to host them for you. SO SEND THEM!


Dr. Cain, Beautiful Man



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