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I'D DARE! Why if I could move in, believe me, I WOULD! I'm Nurse Melody, host and caregiver at the House of Lunacy; a "special" home for "special" people. But this isn't about ME, it's about the guy who started it all; who tells the most tantalizing tales of murder and mayhem; who kills his brother almost on a daily basis; whose sardonic wit leaves his peers in the dust, and is a sharp dresser to boot! That's right fear fans, I'm talking about the first-born.... Cain, The Caretaker of the House of Mystery!


Be My Guest,
Check Into the...

Disclaimer: This is a nonprofit, fan-based website. All titles and characters discussed are property of their respective owners; excluding Nurse Melody and the House of Lunacy who are property of  NO ONE other than themselves! Pictures may be nabbed, but I'd appreciate being informed (mostly just because I'd like to talk to you if you really want to have a Cain picture that bad.) - Nurse Melody