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" P R I C E L E S S "

Everyone has no doubt seen the commercials on that old
fashioned thing called 'television' ...

or has been sent 'priceless' jokes, vid clips or pictures via email.
The Lair has had some great moments too .. when the mouse almost gets
broke rushing for the 'camera' to save the picture forever!!
(and maybe someday blackmail won't be illegal?)

I thought it would be fun to do a page and share these times with everyone.
I'll try to keep this page updated with the lastest so check back often!!

Be advised that some of the below humor might be 'adult' in content and may contain the dreaded "F" word ...

If you have any captures you'd like to share .. please email them using the handy link below ..

Here's a sample of the fun we have ...
Every Picture Tells a Story.......
and here's the story behind this captured moment ....
I was in the Lair, minding my own beeswax and away from the keyboard when those two infamous frogs from the UK ... ^^Ugh and Angell ...
showed up and with very little warning .. they ambushed me !!
The ambushed was obviously planned in advance the ambush was sudden and brutal !! the ambush is over and they escape !!
This is the final result of their ambushpoor BO !!
(click wabbit to download the avb)

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