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The Thunderbolts

Even as mayor, Luke Cage didn't have the power to reinstate vigilantism, so the Thunderbolts and the support units remained the official security forces of the city. To make the best of the situation, Cage hired a PR specialist named Helen Astrantia and had her create a new line-up that would redeem the Thunderbolts' name.
For this purpose, they got Hawkeye back as team leader, America Chavez as the powerhouse, Víctor Álvarez (Power Man) as "the brick", Gutsen Glory as the man of mystery, and Persuasion as the local psychic. Their first mission was to detain the old Thunderbolts after they escaped custody and, despite a lot of collateral damage, the team performed admirably, even acquiring a new member, Monica Rambeau, who had in fact turned down the offer of being the new team leader just before Hawkeye was contacted.

Power Man
America Chavez
Gutsen Glory
Eergo the Unbreakable

Supporting Cast:
Mayor Luke Cage
Helen Astrantia
Harris Hutchley

The Taskmaster
The Abomination

Villainous Groups:
The Super-Apes