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Hawkeye the Marksman

Orphaned by an automobile accident, Clint Barton and his older brother Barney were placed in a state orphanage. As teenagers, the brothers ran away with a traveling circus, where Barton trained with the star attraction the mysterious rogue known as the Swordsman. Recognizing Barton's aptitude for archery the Swordsman had his pupil train all day everyday until he became the new star attraction. Barton's relationship with the Swordsman would end badly after he discovered his mentor was stealing from their employer and the Swordsman attempted to silence Barton through violence. The two would encounter each another years later on opposite sides of the law. Witnessing Iron Man rescue patrons of the carnival from a Ferris Wheel accident, Barton decided that he too had the skills to be a hero. Designing an array of trick arrow and donning a costume to disguise his identity, Barton embarked on a career of crime-fighting as Hawkeye.

Current Identity:

Former Identities:
Goliath II
Captain America III
Ronin II