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The X-Men

Mutants. Homo superior. They now occupy the highest rung on the evolutionary ladder. And their predecessors are not taking the ascendance lightly. Persecuted. Hated. Tortured. Mocked. Feared. By virtue of their genetic make-up alone, mutants - born every day in greater and greater numbers - suffer from humans' discrimination and prejudice. Force to live among Homo sapiens who fear that mutants will steal their jobs and take their human partners, their anger at their fate is understandable.

Angry at themselves, and angry at their powers they were born with, mutants needed a leader - a man with a vision - to help them overcome their despair and see the blessing they have been given instead of the curse they thought it to be. They found that leader in Professor X. Sensing the growing movement of anti-mutant sentiment, Professor X opened up his Westchester mansion and created living and learning spaces where special mutants could be trained to use their unique gifts for the betterment of all species - before it was too late.

Professor X foresaw a future consumed by genetic war, where man and mutant would battle in a bleak wasteland once known as Earth. He knows that maintaining peace now will prevent endless warfare between man and mutant. He knows that only a handful of mutants can help stave off this devastating future.

He calls them the X-Men.

They call themselves the future's only hope.

Other the years, the X-Men have had many canges within their rosters. Members have also split and created splinter groups to protect mutantkind. When the X-Men have been disbanned or indisposed, a substitute team have taken their place.

Current Roster:
X-Men (Krakoa)
The Nation of Krakoa

Former Rosters:
The Original X-Men
All-New X-Men
X-Men (Pre-Siege Perilous)
X-Men (Outback)
X-Men (Pre-X-Tinction Agenda)
X-Men (Blue and Gold Teams)
X-Men (Post-Operation: Zero Tolerance)
X-Men (Post-Twelve)
New X-Men
X-Treme X-Men
X-Men (ReLoad)
X-Men (Post-Messiah Complex)
Dark X-Men
The X-Men (Wolverine's Team)
The X-Men (Cyclops' Team)
The All-New X-Men
The Extraordinary X-Men (Storm's Team)
The All-New X-Men (The Time Lost Team)
The Uncanny X-Men (Magneto's Team)
X-Men: Gold (Shadowcat's Team)
X-Men: Blue (The Time Lost Team)
X-Men: Red (Jean Grey's Team)
X-Men (Cyclops' Rebuild Team)

Substitute Teams:
Xavier's Secret Team
New Mutants
Muir Island X-Men
X-Men (Phalanx Covenant)
Astonishing X-Men
X-Men (Eve of Destruction)
X-Men (Planet X Street Team)

Splinter Groups:
The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
New Mutants
X-Factor I
Excalibur I
X-Factor II
X-Force I (Cable's First Team)
Generation X
Young X-Men
The X-Club
X-Factor Investigations
X-Force (Cyclops' Strike Team)
Uncanny X-Force (Wolverine's Strike Team)
Cable and X-Force

Sentinel Squad O*N*E
The 198