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The Thunderbolts

In a ploy to rule the world Baron Zemo formed a group of criminals posing as heroes. In time the majority of group began to enjoy their role as heroes and turned against their leader before he could exercise his plot. Still working outside the law they struggle for redemption as the Thunderbolts.

Current Team:
The Thunderbolts (Mayor Luke Cage's Team)

Team Variations:
The Original Thunderbolts
The New Thunderbolts
The Thunderbolt Army
Post-Civil War Thunderbolts
Black-Ops Thunderbolts
The Thunderbolts (Post-Siege)
The Thunderbolts (Red Hulk's Team)
The Thunderbolts (Winter Soldier's Team)
The Thunderbolts (Baron Zemo and Kingpin's Team)
The Thunderbolts (Mayor Wilson Fisk's Team)