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The Strontians were a proud race of warriors that lived on the planet of Strontia, that was located in some part of space that was rule by the avian beings known as the Shi'ar. The Strontians possessed exceptional cognitive abilities that allowed them to achieve what ever they believed, this power made them invulnerable to most attacks, however, their abilities were not as effective against sorcery, which was forbidden by their own decree. However one of their elders revealed that Kallark confidence was such that he could withstand magic and it was necessary to allow certain adepts to study it so that they are prepared for it use by an enemy. While performing a trail for the right to be added to elite roster of the Shi'ar an Elder revealed to Tennet that if they were to doubt or question themselves, their power would fade.

By royal decree the Shi'ar's new Imperial Guard was to be a company of elites, each race in the Empire could only send its finest warrior, and this was the highest honor that could be bestowed on any warrior. After the warrior was selected into the Guard his natural abilities, already prodigious, were exalted to gladiator level. Allowing them to serve in the cold vacuum of space and their power would be unmatched throughout the universe. Very few survived this process, even fewer possessed the strength of character to be trusted with its gifts. The Strontian had ten warriors to surpass the first part of the trial, although their elders were unable to make a decision, claiming that there was only person in the entire Empire that could, Majestor T'Korr.

While aboard the Shi’ar Imperial flagship “Sharra’s Talon,” T’Korr was concerned about the recruits being so young, but his adviser Chancellor Vitana explained that only the young could survive the “Gladiator Process,” and that an ordinary Strontian could decimate an army single handily. Learning of their strength T’Korr became puzzled of why his father would accept Strontians into the Shi’ar Empire, knowing that a race of such power might threaten the throne. Vitana informed that the Strontians were loyal to his father due the Shi’ar providing them the cure to the “Wraith Plauge” that ravaged their planet and in return they swore their unending loyalty to the Shi’ar throne. Strontians valued nothing above honor and duty. Their fealty was without question. Not willing to take Vitana for his word T’Korr ordered the cadets to slay a race that was a threat to the throne, they were to return home and kill the Elders of their race. T’Korr took the life of a Strontian female, which refused to be obedient to his order. Kallark pushed his feelings aside and follows the orders that were given, which brought him into conflict with his friend Harrald, although could not stop the determined warrior Strontian from completing his mission. Harrald later learned from a dying Elder that they had already agreed to a bargain that would keep the Shi’ar form using a Starcracker that would sent their Sun to Nova state, which would have destroyed the planet. Kallark knew this and he was the only one of the cadets capable of carrying out this mission.

Known Members: