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Scott Summers is the firstborn son of Major Chris Summers. After his parents were seemingly murdered by the Shi'ar Emperor D'ken, Scott and his brother Alex became orphans, which facilitated his capture by the nefarious Mister Sinister. Sinister had predicted Scott's mutant powers to emerge and wished to control him to his own ends. However, after his mutant powers of firing optic blasts manifested, Scott fled from Sinister's orphanage and was rescued by Professor Xavier, a fellow mutant who ran a school aimed at helping mutants to control their abilities. As Cyclops, Scott Summers became the first member of the X-Men, a task force with the goal of ensuring peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.

As the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops guided other mutants in countless missions and adventures and even became the headmaster of Xavier's School. When mutantkind was on the brink of extinction, Cyclops gradually transformed the X-Men into a more extremist faction to ensure the survival of mutants, even going to war against the Avengers during the coming of the Phoenix to Earth, an event that costed the life of his former mentor Charles Xavier. As a revolutionary leader, Cyclops became an iconic figure for all of mutankind, amalgamating aspects of Xavier's dream and Magneto's ideals.

After Xavier returned, a mutant-exclusive nation was established on the living island of Krakoa, which completely reshaped mutant society. Cyclops was assigned the nation's defense as the Captain Commander of Krakoa, the de facto leader of the X-Men. Alongside his wife, Jean Grey, Cyclops decided to reform the X-Men as a Krakoan super-hero team fighting to protect mutantkind.

Current Version:
Cyclops (Krakoa)

Former Versions:
Cyclops (First Appearance)
Cyclops (Experienced)
Cyclops (Phoenix)
Cyclops (Dark Phoenix)
Cyclops (Marvel NOW!)
Captain Krakoa