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Scott Summers

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Rm30
P) Ex20

Health: 80 Karma: 60
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Optic Blast: up to Mn Force at 3 areas. Each area beyond that is decreased by 1 rank
-Break Fall: to slow fall w/ Ty damage to target
-Attack multiple targets w/ successful agility FEAT. Up to 8 targets. If reflectors are avalible, damage decreased to Am
-Wide Angle Beam: In to 2 areas
-Transform energy into Optic Blast: a Red Psyche FEAT. must be made or he takes normal damage
Partial Immunity: Cyclops is immune to Havok's powers

Ruby Quartz Visor: Am material, Can't control blasts when he opens his eyes if damaged or taken off
X-Men Uniform: Rm material, the Uniforms are constructed out of unstable molecule fabric. It provides him with the following:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Insulated: Gd protection vs. Heat and Cold
-Comlink: 250 mile range and a GPS tracking device built into it
-Detection Scrambler: Am protection vs. Electronic Mutant Detection
Jet Pack: Rm Flight

Talents: Leadership, Pilot, Spatial Geometry, Martial Arts A,B, Multi-Lingual (English, Russian, Japanese)

Contacts: X-Men, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Cyclops' First Costume

Cyclops' Second Costume

Cyclops as Erik the Red

Cyclops' X-Terminators Uniform

Cyclops' X-Factor Costume

Cyclops' Second X-Factor Costume

Cyclops' Third X-Factor Costume

Cyclops' Third X-Men Costume

Cyclops' Fourth Costume

Cyclops' Fifth Costume

Cyclops without his Visor

Cyclops' Sixth Costume

Cyclops' Seventh Costume