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The Legacy of Captain America

Many other people have taken on the Captain America identity. Following the apparent death of Rogers at the end of the war, The Spirit of '76, the Patriot, and others took on the name and tradition. The U.S. government sponsored the U.S. Agent, and on occasion, Clint Barton wore the costume when Rogers retired or appeared to die.

After Tony Stark showed him the letter from Steve Rogers, in which Rogers' wishes regarding the future of the Captain America identity are made clear, Bucky agreed to take up the mantle, on the condition that he be answerable to no higher authority. Stark arranged a battery of medical and psychological tests to assure that Bucky's Winter Soldier programming had left no lasting effects.

Current Version:
Steve Rogers

Former Versions:
Isaiah Bradley
The Spirit of '76
Patriot I
Grand Director
Clint Barton
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Sam Wilson