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What started as a challenge for genius prodigy Riri Williams ended up becoming a secret project to create her own suit of armor. After reverse-engineering technology from the outdated Iron Man Armor Model 41, Riri started creating her own prototype of the Iron Man Armor, using mainly stolen material from campus. When security caught notice of her suspicious activities, Riri was prompted to don the suit of armor and fly away.

After flying around the country trying to get the hang of her suit's flying capabilities, Riri intercepted a couple of inmates escaping from the New Mexico State Penitentiary. She managed to stop the speeding truck they were using as a escape vehicle, but at the cost of her armor's integrity.

Using a improved version of her armor with an A.I. and advanced weaponry, Riri assisted Iron Man fight the forces of Captain Marvel during the second superhuman civil war. Riri continued to use the armor when she decided to carry on Iron Man's legacy after he fell into a coma. Riri would subsequently replace the crude suit with a much advanced version built with the help of an A.I. modeled after Tony Stark. Before ditching the suit, Riri used it for training against an army of Iron Man suits remote controlled by the A.I. Stark.

Ironheart's suit was compromised early on when she and Rescue were ambushed by a technopath villain, the Techno Golem, and her Biohack Ninja. The Techno Golem stripped Riri and Pepper of their suits and assimilated into her own. After tricking the villain into assimilating an Iron Man Armor which contained a distruptive virus, the Techno Golem's suit broke apart, and the individual components of Riri's armor reconsituted around herself.

Riri continued using this armor during her subsequent adventures, and she even became a member of the Champions. During an adventure in outer space to help Nova take down the rogue Chitauri warlord Warbringer, Ironheart recklessly attempted to take on Thanos, the ruler of the Chitauri. The alien despot effortlessly disintegrated Riri's armor and only spared her life since the Champions had unwittingly fought on his behalf by confronting the Warbringer. Since that was the only copy of the suit she had ever built, Riri was greatly shaken its lost, but managed to get back on her feet and build an improved new model.

Current Version:
Ironheart (Armor 3.0)

Former Versions:
Ironheart (Armor 1.0)
Ironheart (Armor 2.0)