This Black and White photo of Gore as a ‘young child’ was intentionally “spot textured” (a special tinted graphic effect) and used in one of his autobiography books. Why? Nimrod-Osiris “images” in Egypt were intentionally “spot textured” black and white on the tomb walls and on Papyrus papers. Arlington Cemetery Grid map (right) portrays Gore as Osiris, the child reborn as “the black one”.

(See also the “Serpent’s Eye”, and the two cut-off Osiris phallics. Compare this to page one of Gore) We could write more about Osiris, but his history is in most libraries. Each Mason is thus in the image of their Osiris, and the world’s deified Crowned Double Eagle God Son is literally Osiris-Iesus.

Even as a child, elite Masons would have already known who Gore was going to grow up to be (thus imitating Yahshua Messiah as a child, as even the “wise men” knew who was the Son of Yahovah). The elite Masons have planned in great detail for the coming of age of their Messiah to rule the world. They have watched him “grow up”, and be trained in the skills to govern Satan’s worldly kingdom. He is now ready to do what they already know he is going to do, and must do throughout the entire world (to fulfill Yah’s prophecy). All of this truth is far removed from what Christians are being taught.

THE MYSTERY REVEALED OF WHERE ALBERT A. GORE JR. ACTUALLY CAME FROM. Billions of ‘tax’ dollars in DNA government research and private DNA laboratories were invested for Satan’s workers to secretly create: “The beast that was, and is not, and yet is” (Rev. 17:8-11) Very little about what people assume is Gore’s past, is reality. Gore’s life is a “fabrication” and full of thousands of Satan’s signs of his favored son today. Even where Gore’s residence is in Tennessee has signs: the names of roads, places and things, and even the Scriptural name “Shiloh” of his pet “black dog”. Mason’s know all of this, and we will not waste time at this late stage listing these many signs.

1947-48: John’s Revelation was fulfilled through the elite’s top-secret DNA, CPR, genetic, hybrid, cloning, and D.C. experimental laboratories to bring Satan’s immaculate deception without a father. All of this had to be done to fulfill this verse: “The beast that was (Alexis) and is not, even he is the eighth (Gore), and is of the seven, (Alexis and the other six before him), and goes into perdition.” (Rev. 17:11) After the election, “Chris Matthews” (which name means the Christ, the gift from Yah) of MSNBC choked up on National TV, and would you believe that he actually declared Gore the “Immaculate Conception” to multi-millions of viewers? Do you understand what that was all about? This was not a slip of the tongue. This was not by coincidence. This bold announcement is real.

1947-48: The final stage was done in Washington, D.C. There was a lab actually called “Dumbarton Lab”. (Masonic code meaning, Imitation Son 2000). This is difficult to explain, even to the Yahshua Messiah believers. Those of you reading this should know that for every answer given to a “complex” question, it usually brings up ten or more questions, and it could continue to multiply into the absurd. We are not going to answer all of the potential questions this part of Gore’s DNA revelation opens up.

Why? It is too late for debates. Masonic dark sentences on TV now indicate a “purge” in 2001! Are we to debate, debate, and debate, and continue to butt heads with the deceived, when they (workers of Gore) are ready to suddenly round up and cast us; their enemies into the furnace? Gore is playing out the “King Nebochadnazir” vision that the prophet Daniel had of these days!

Update: Clinton announced “Opening the Book of Life” and decoding DNA on June 25, 2000. What does this have to do with prophecy? Yah said: “Life is in the blood (DNA)”. Satan’s workers are not stupid. DNA is a major key. They know who they are, and that they have been chosen to be over the goats and to rule with Satan. Examine these rulers today. Is Tony Blair a Jew? Is the ruler of Spain a Jew? Are the rulers of Germany, Austria, and Belgium Jews? Are Clinton and Bush Jews? Is the mayor of New York a Jew? Is Senator Hillary Clinton a Jew? Was there ever a Jew that was a U.S. President? Yet, millions of Germans today still want to blame Jews for their problems. Looking around today, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who are included in the huge sea of goats.

To millions of “College Spring Breakers”, sucking on beers, having sex and fun, and going swimming or surfing, none of these things in prophecy makes sense, or is of interest. What is amazing, Christians not sucking beers, fornicating, or murdering, take no interest in these truths either. With or without their interest, evil workers can separate Goats and Sheep through DNA: a part of their plan all along. Every person can be positively identified through simple DNA cell tests today. It is a done deal.

~ ~ ~


Lu 12:2 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

1900s CLOSER TO FULFILLING THE 3,800 B.C. (German Aryan) HITTITE COVENANT. The (German Aryan) "Queen Mother Victoria" of England: her favorite "granddaughter" was (German Aryan) "Alexandra" (Mighty woman of Cain) who was married to (German) Tsar Nicholas II of Russia in the 1900s. Romanov name in Russian Royalty means "New Rome" and the "New Son of Rome".

This is the fulfillment of the real Caesar "seventh son" prophecy! (Rev. 17:10-11). Alexandra became elite (German Aryan) stock as an "Isis Queen Mother" of Russia, or New Rome. The right combination in "marriage" was made for "the perfect male child" of the covenant: from a German Hittite to inherit German thrones of Egypt, England, Spain, Europe, Germany, Greece, U.S., Russia, and to rule the world. Prior '6' kings of (Rev. 17:10-11) were/must be of same DNA blood markers!

From Part 7 of Phophet Daniel Salmon's D.C.
(Starts on The Omega Man Page.)
Nicholas II was a German Hittite King. He was to be the father of the covenant, carrying a "chosen seed" from the perfect German DNA "bloodline" from the ancient Hittite King who originally made the Covenant with Satan. This Hittite King was promised that from his "future seed" would come the last "little horn" world ruler, that would inherit and rule the world, and receive all of Satan's "power rods" and his kingdom. All you have to do to connect these bloodlines, is to see the German Royal Throne of England in world heritage charts. This is "Victoria's Secret" in "code" to elite Masons.
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