Part 7

Nicholas II was a German Hittite King. He was to be the father of the covenant, carrying a "chosen seed" from the perfect German DNA "bloodline" from the ancient Hittite King who originally made the Covenant with Satan. This Hittite King was promised that from his "future seed" would come the last "little horn" world ruler, that would inherit and rule the world, and receive all of Satan's "power rods" and his kingdom. All you have to do to connect these bloodlines, is to see the German Royal Throne of England in world heritage charts. This is "Victoria's Secret" in "code" to elite Masons.

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Queen (Isis) Victoria from Egypt

Sexual "Queen Bee" of Hittites

Queen "Alexandra" was a German "Hittite Queen", and she would be the "elite" mother, carrying the unaltered ancient DNA "bloodline": meaning her DNA fertilized "egg" would be correct: direct from the first ancient Aryan Hittite "Egyptian Queen" Nefatari, who was first married to the Pharaoh Rhameses II of Exodus. Yes, this is the Mason's other secret: the Throne of England is the extension of the ancient Egyptian-Hittite-Chaldean-Ur Royal thrones! (Not of Jacob/Israel.) (Why Queen of England is honored "Mother Bee" of all Masons: as U.S. Presidents/ Vice Presidents) "Queen Victoria" was "the major hidden German Hittite Isis" of ancient Egypt: "the Queen Mother" from the German Aryan Hittite DNA Royal loop "bloodline" of "Queen Nefatari" and Rhameses II.

Documented: "before" World War II started, a group of Germans stole the bust of "Nefatari" from Egypt and presented it to Hitler (Aryan Hit-tite.) This is not an unsolved "mystery" in history, as Queen Nefatari was/is the German Aryan Hittite's real "Sacred Isis Mother" from ancient Egypt!

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Border Trim of Paintings

"They had teeth as the teeth of lions". Rev. 9:8

Pope wears her Ribbon

Washington and others wore 'hair' in this image!

Few would connect Hitler and his evil to ancient Egypt, but it is the truth! Hitler was not going to war for "ALL OF HER CHILDREN" * without having their "MOMMY IDOL GLYPH"! He also tried what Rhameses II wanted to do to all of Jacob-Israel/ Jews! The very same objective today for German Masons! (Multi-colored band around her crown is worn on the Pope's hat-crown today!)

After Hitler, the Masonic "German Bear", lost World War II, this Isis "Nefatari" Idol (bust) was returned to Egypt. See? Those that worship the Eagle God know their "Mommy" Eagle Goddess. * Note: Satan's accurate U.S. Soap "fornication" TV program for all his goats, called: "ALL MY CHILDREN".

"Queen Alexandra" was the continuation of this sacred "Isis" woman from Egypt. She was Satan's chosen German Aryan woman, "the sacred mother" that carried "the sacred egg" from Egypt to bring forth "666 Pharaoh's child". And, she indeed delivered Satan's "fifth born" Alexis-Osiris. "Alexis" Romanov, was "first born son", after Alexandra already had delivered "four daughters" in a row.

He was "the child", Satan's special child, destined to be the Sovereign heir to rule the world. Only known by Alexandra and perhaps Satanic Rasputin and a few close friends, was the fact that "Little Sunbeam" Tsar (Nas-led-nik) Alexis Romanov was an illegitimate son, as a result of her planned 'brief encounter' with England's King George V. He was DNA German blood cousin look alike of Nicholas II. She knew King George V could give her a correct German son, as "his seed" already produced "males". What? Tsar Nicholas II "seed" had given her only "four daughters" in a row!

Time was running out for her to deliver the right son for the throne. This made Alexis still with the right elite German-Hittite DNA bloodline, but from a "different" elite father's seed, who did this act.

The close relationship and visits between Tsar Nicholas II Royal family and that of King George's Royal family, provided more than enough opportunities for Alexandra (Isis) to fulfill her evil plan. (Satan is proud of this act, and incorporated several portraits of it in the Jerusalem grid maps)

However, the "timing" of Satan and his evil brood, was not to be so, for Yahovah caused great grief, and then massive death to fall upon the entire German Romanov family: especially upon Tsar Alexis, "the chosen child" of Satan. First, the "fifth born" Tsar Alexis was caused by Yahovah to inherit the dreaded "blood" disease of hemophilia, a very real documented blood curse that appears among elite German "male" Nefatari-Hittite line coming from the ancient Egyptian Rhameses II Royalty!

(The Pepsi Generation!)

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(Serpent of Isayah's Prophecy: Yahovah shall defeat this last Serpent-Dragon's Son: Gore)

Masonry Connected to Egypt: Pharaoh Male Seed Lines of Serpent are named "Pepsi"

It appears most in "the male seed line" of elite Germans who could become a World Tsar Ruler. (As males in England Throne and Germany, and later in relatives of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II). Satan called in his "best evil sorcerer" to save Alexis: "Rasputin", Satanic worshipper, relieved some pain in Alexis, and credited with saving his life, but Alexis never stayed healthy long. Rasputin was called the "Holy Devil" across Russia, and had numerous sexual encounters as the 'sexy beast', while greatly influencing the German Royal Family. (Alexandra also used other sorcerers before Rasputin).

Before Hitler, her favorite royal symbol was the German Hittite "Egyptian Square" and she placed the German conquering "Swastika" (opening of the world square) over the bed of her Alexis!

To stop this plan of Satan and his evil workers, Yahovah (who is over all things) caused a revolt in Russia! German Romanov Royal family was removed from their Palace, imprisoned, and in 1918, all were executed. Other Romanovs were also executed. (Documented that Germans were directly responsible for the murder of their "savior", their German Messiah, and God-Tsar World Ruler over the (13) tribes of Germanica! They thus rejected Alexis as (12) tribes of Israel once rejected Yahshua Messiah!) Tsar Alexis Romanov, number seven, was "shot in the head". It states (Rev. 17:10-11) that this 666 Beast's "Eagle Son" King "is of the seven (Alexis) and is the eighth." (Gore is Eight). This answers Yah's riddle: Alexis/Gore is "what was, and is, but is not, and yet is" of Revelation.

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Number "7"

Deified God-Tsar Family

The Tsar Child (Jesus)

(Royalty of Jesus)

(Now in Gore)

God Tsar Alexis (Osiris-Iesus) and the Royal German Aryan Family.

(Rev. 13:12)

Jesus Christ "images" in many Churches have this same "Sun" in the background.

This sounds incredible, but Christians are actually worshipping this Alexis-Osiris-Jesus Christ image! They have been totally deceived * by workers of iniquity and obviously know not they are deceived. We repeat the "Living Word" of Yahovah: "And I saw one of his heads (one of the real sons of the 666 beast, Eagle) as it were wounded to death; and his (Eagle son Alexis) deadly wound was healed: (his DNA blood revived, as life is in the blood and blood is life) and all the world wondered after the Beast (Alexis-Gore-Iesus, made from that which was dead)." (Rev 13:3). Alexis (body was not ever found at the gravesite when opened) had the Throne for a brief moment, and documented in several Russian books and historical records.

1918, Romanov family was shot, chopped, burned, and sulfuric acid poured on their bones. In 1991, "suddenly", authorities inside Russian government launched an important DNA identity investigation! (Directly related to Al Gore's World God Tsar role and Russian connection) Russia's elite also have many (German) Masons, and had to prove to themselves that Gore was 100% their Masonic Double-Headed Eagle God Tsar and of the Romanov DNA bloodline. Yeltsin had reason to drink more!

1991: "the pit" at Russian Siberian gravesite of Nicholas II family was "opened up" and bones boxed up, removed and taken to labs. * Documented results of the Russian-England-USA (German) "Skull and Bones" reconstruction, I.D., and DNA computer analysis proved to be an exact match of the Tsar, his family members, and his loyal servants. * Nothing was left to chance in this "positive identity".

* Note: the Articles on these events appeared in numerous world, national magazines, newspapers, and Genetic magazine bulletins and science write-ups to make sure Satan's Masonic elite "hidden parties" were all informed. * Drilling for oil in "Russian Siberia" near where Romanovs were buried, is connected to Texaco (with Pytha-Gore Red Star), U.S./ Washington, D.C. It is not by coincidence that a large Russian airline crashed near this evil pit!

1992: DNA combined (German) England-Russian elaborate investigation was conducted by quote: "...The 'home office' forensic scientists..." 1993. Note: (9/9/93) D. Letterman's direct quote when introducing his top ten countdown for Gore: "...From the home office..." (Meaning from Eagle-Gore)

DNA tests proved a precise match of Romanov Nicholas II, Alexandra, and the family when compared with living DNA of German (Assyrian) Hittite England royal family members. Laboratory work also compared DNA (of Gore) with Romanovs, otherwise, he would not be accepted by Russian elite! Note: Few know that the Russian elite are Germanic, and conquered Russia long before the (German) Romanovs.

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White Horses are in German King's vests Rev. 6:2 Yermak of Russia 1579 A.D. Do you think these conquering Barbarians under their Eagle God are of Yahovah or Yahshua?

"Note: "One Arrow of Assyrians and Egyptians and Ur-Babylonian Sun-of-the-Sun Spot"

'Britannia' quotes: "Blood samples provided by the 'Duke of Edinburgh' and other (England) relatives of the (German) Romanovs have helped to solve the mystery... proved virtually beyond doubt that the bones found in Ekaterinberg in Siberia 1991 are those of Tsar Nicholas II and his family." Volume 11, issue 11 & 12, Nov/Dec 1993. Also reported: "The child Alexis, his body and 'bones were missing' and were never found". (Thus Imitating Yahshua Messiah's body not found!)

"Osiris-Iesus" of Egypt was also chopped up. His pieces were distributed to tribes as a warning from Yahovah in those days. Satan's Eagle high priests and sorcerers and elite seeds of Cain then went into secrecy to do their black magic and evil. They surrounded themselves in many "mysteries" thinking the world's multitude would never find how, where, and from "who" they obtained their powers. Guess what? After thousands of years, they are absolutely correct! The general public has absolutely no idea what is going on behind the closed doors and secrecy of Freemasonry and their 100 associates. (We put out incredible exposure of these things, as Yahshua's believers want to know these details)

The worshiping of Satan, his Eagle sun (son) and Isis "their sacred mother", has continued to this day with Masonic hidden signs, hand signs, symbols, images, numbers, "dark sentences", and rituals. They are surrounded and insulated by walls of sworn silence and mystery, and well protected by rivers of lies, deception, illusions, and well planned murders; and followed by massive cover-ups. Prior U.S. President John F. Kennedy is one of their greatest hunting 'head trophies', and major Masonic cover ups in U.S. History. There are books written about these cover-ups, but few ever believe.


(Golden Cup and Flame in Her Hand)

(What is in Her Hand?)

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"Isis-Eve of Ancient Egypt" "Isis-Eve Ancient Image"




YESTERDAY WITHOUT… (With her 7 Son-of-the-Sun Rays)

(Nothing bashful in Egypt)

The mystery has been there all along, but to the deceived, they cannot see who the Babylonian Whore is yesterday or today. The elite Masons know her very well, and she is also their "Queen Mother" of all Mothers for the German-Roman Catholic Church. What shall they all do when Yahovah tears her and her many idols down? They refuse to accept what is written in Revelation: Yahovah shall bring down her world rulers, and He shall punish them for their great wickedness, and they shall be angry.

(See Starbucks Coffee Logo)

(Son-of-the-Sun of the Whore)

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Madonna of Catholics

Ashtaroth of Ur-Canaanites

"Great Eagle Goddess"

Holding her Son, the Judge

(Now Over [Zu] Zeus 666 Temple and at U.S. Supreme Court)

Masons are proud of their unified effort by numerous Masons and their 100 affiliates in different business professions and offices, and especially U.S. law enforcement, that helped them succeed. They are absolutely correct today that the ignorant-unsuspecting multitude of "human resources" know not what is going on above them or around them in secrecy behind "their" government and in "their" 4,000 world religions. Millions of Lucifer worshipers greatly control/ impact their lives, their children, and their horrible future that they know not! Woe unto all now in total darkness!

Because majority cannot "see" them at work, or ever "hear" them discussing and planning things, or "read" about them, or seldom see them on TV providing safety and "things", they are unknown. Incredible as this may seem, Letterman used this type of spin description for men around Gore! (He used this to describe the "Secret Service Men" on the Night Show, but what he meant is above)

What of this hidden Eve-Isis of Egypt today? And most importantly, how did Satan's evil workers overcome the shot dead (in the head) Alexis, "Satan's chosen God-Tsar child" to rule the world? How is it possible that Gore is now that "child" and fulfilling prophecy? First, let us reveal the truth that Satan has raised up hundreds of thousands of German Aryan blue eyed blondes as Isis Icons and Eagle Goddesses throughout U.S. Virgin Daughter of Egypt/Babylon and also around the world.

Hefner (German) helps Satan do it in Playboy (See Hefner's 75th. Birthday on CNN and at Awards surrounded by seven big breasted blondes), and competition of Isis Stars in Penthouse and others. Satan has an army of millions of Ashtaroth (bunny) women: hard workers in movies, in XXX adult videos, on television soaps, tens of thousands of nightclubs, strip bars, stage productions, Hollywood Stars, Las Vegas, Reno, Nevada, "Los Angeles" (Satan's Lost Angels) Paris, Holland, on the News, and appearing in millions of "popular" sex magazines; and now flooding the world's inter-net and Cable TV. They are also at work for Satan in your neighborhood: loving adultery/ fornication! His multi-millions of daughters are also committing fornication while on thousands of the U.S.A. and World College/ University and High School campuses. (over 80% lose virginity as teenagers!)

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Pepsi Isis "Goldie Locks" of History

A "Golden Girl" for "Pepsi" Egypt

(Isis-blue, and Horus-red as one)

(Britney wears Gore's "Star" in Ad)

Be honest: do you see them now repenting? Look at Isis blondes on TV networks! Major raw sex, adultery, fornication, "sexual orgies": lesbians-sodomites on TV and Night Shows invite Satan's idol sex stars regularly. In the U.S., and other countries, 'sex slave trading', small child porno, and prostitution rings are rampant. HBO and "Bay Watch" encourages lust. In "Los Angeles" (Lost Angels of Satan), many are now at work. Volumes would be needed to list the blonde Eve-Isis Eagle Goddesses placed on pedestals by Satan: What is difficult for Satan to raise up only one? Out of many to choose from, KIM BASINGER was one of Satan's very popular "Isis of Egypt" figures.

An ideal German Aryan, she was the symbolic Eve-Isis on Letterman 1993 to help introduce Gore. She played her "sexual-travailing birth role", and gave Masonic signs and words! Sex Goddesses get older; Satan always has a fresh crop of "new flesh talent" in the works. The 2001 "Miss Venus Contest" assembled 70 of the most beautiful women in the world. Not to forget the Miss Universe. And, for what? Who cannot remember the "Phoenix Bird", Elizabeth Taylor, who played Cleopatra or Farrah Fawcett (For Ra of Egypt) of Charlie's Angels = Satan's Chaldean Angels of ancient Ur.

(Remember "Charlie" was never seen, but he was the voice of authority over his beautiful women? Did not Marilyn Monroe and Crawford of today have Satan's phallic beauty marks above their lips? Janet Jackson also has one, and hundreds in movies and on television have this unique 'sex' mark.)

The long list of female goddess Hollywood Stars and careers would take another book. One thing is certain, Satan gives his stars (five pointed Pytha-Gore Stars of Satan's Holy-Wood of his East tree) their glory for a brief moment in time! They do have moments of fame and sometimes great fortune, but many of them have also met horrible deaths and accidents, as Jayne Mansfield, who suddenly 'lost her head' in a car wreck, and Monroe, who allegedly died of an overdose, and it goes on and on.

Binding threads between these women and their ancient past is real, and found in their DNA. German Queen Nefatari holds up Golden Cups to catch seed from Osiris, the "son of the sun". Her servants are doing the same! Even the female child holds an Osiris phallic cross waiting for her sexual time!

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Nefatari Isis of Egypt

"Nike Eagle Goddess"

Living Isis Eagle Goddess (Her Cup In Scripture)

(D.C. 666 Zeus Capitol)

(Multi-millions today)

Characteristics and real history of Isis, "Queen of Egypt", is documented in D.C. at the Smithsonian and Museums all over the world. Ancient paintings of her in tombs appear in books (many in color) and Eve-Isis portraits are in other books covering Egyptian dynasties from 3,800 B.C. In addition of bringing forth billions of seed to populate the four corners of the earth, the most important revelation concerning Isis (women in the image of Eve) is "the special child" she was to bring forth again as the Nimrod-Osiris (Horus), "the Pharaoh Eagle-Serpent's "son-of-the-sun", Masonic "Osiris-Iesus" to rule the world. In anticipation of this, Satan and his evil workers plan way ahead, and do anticipate and know well what Yahovah is doing to prevent this from happening, until now. Yes, it is done.

Gore - Is the German Hittite "Egyptian square", made of hematite "bloodstone", come to life. He is today's living Egyptian "square cube 666 seal", Satan's last Eagle-son ruler of the covenant. Gore is 666 "Cornerstone" that the Masonic Builders must reject, and they did in 2000-2001. His DNA blood was secretly "created" from "Ancient German Hittite Egyptian bloodline" of Russian and England German royalty: "Alexis" brought back from the dead fulfills prophecy.

Gore- Gore has the right made DNA blood cells (done in D.C. lab) to inherit the world. He is the imitator of Yahshua of the Book of Life. Gore is first fruit from the "Book of the Dead". A documented truth appeared in several newspapers and DNA genealogy magazines that the idea for the "Jurassic Park" dragon movie was a scientific reality of bringing dragons and "Dead people from centuries ago" back to life. Complex DNA blood genetic technology and sperm (seed) experiments have been in use for over a half a century by Germans. (Gore made a specific reference to this truth in his 9/8-9/1993 introduction on Letterman). Gore made a joke 'code' of Jurassic Park, and "being brought (back) to life"! As we write, the debate rages about turning loose, by law, Germans to use "stem" cells in labs and experimental work!

Gore - Was 45 years of age (March 31, 1993) remember Number (9) is "the Eagle". (4 + 5 = 9). (Cheops pyramid) is 450 ft. High (4+5+0 = 9). Gore's number is 45, (mirror image of 54) and was the 45th Vice President. DNA gene splicing, cloning, and CPR technology for specifically creating and controlling life forms from the DNA extracted from someone's old bones or dead flesh (such as a foot, hand, or finger or from preserved blood) removed from ancient Egyptian tombs, or secretly from a Russian Siberian House, or Alexis grave site * is a realty. Actually, according to DNA experts, outer "M" DNA of women has not changed in six thousand years, and the DNA molecules that minutely determine and identify who we are as a person is not that many. We are basically the same make-up in the functional areas of DNA that are plentiful.

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"Elite Family" of Egypt

Yahshua did not come to feed the "Dogs".

(Romans used same sign)

(See the Lion and lion paw legs Rev. 9:8)

Egyptian world rulers sit on "Square" cubes that represent the four corners of the earth. The dead Pharaoh in the image of Osiris (on the right) is stretched out on a lion's table and is being attended by a dog-man (jackal or wolf). Same "Conquering lions" of Egypt can be found at the palace of German elite ruling Romanovs in Russia. "They had the teeth as the teeth of lions." (Rev. 9:8) Documented: Germans (across U.S.) have accumulated more Egyptian "mummies", animals, birds, pieces of "preserved dead flesh" and Pharaoh "body" parts than anyone on the planet! They are kept on dry "Ice", in museums, in "germ-free" environments, Universities, and research labs. Why?

Multi-millions of dollars are spent each year to save their artifacts, statues, mummies, tombs, and temples. Recently, a special team of scientists-biological doctors did extensive work to stop bacteria-decay of Pharaoh Rhameses II of Exodus. They brag efforts will preserve him way into the future. Understand: Masons actually consider Rhameses II a real 'God'! He was one of their documented Cain World Order 'Eagle God' heroes that stood up against Yahovah, Moshe, and Israelites!

Germans know DNA of who is a "JEW", an "ARAB", and a "GERMAN"! This article appeared in THE TIMES, Science Editor, Nigel Hawkes, May 9, 2000. But, the Germans, their Teutonic tribes, Anglo-Saxons, and DNA Esau Y factor were absent! Quote: "Jews and Arabs are extremely close related, a new genetic survey has shown. Wherever in the world they now live, Jewish men carry the same 'Y' chromosome as Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese. Jews and Arabs are all really children of Abraham". (Here we see that DNA is well understood and examined in minute detail!)

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Arabs and PLO voted against Israel!

Jewish man at Jerusalem Wall

(Arab seeds of Abraham hate Jews)

(Jews stay very close together)

"All have preserved their Middle Eastern 'genetic roots' over 4,000 years. The Human Genetics Programme at New York University School of Medicine analysed regions of the 'Y' chromosome from 29 populations 'worldwide'. The Y CHROMOSOME PASSES LARGELY UNCHANGED DOWN THE MALE LINE. These results, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that the difference between the Jewish and Arab populations is extremely small… confirming that both Arabs and Jews owe their genes to a 'common ancestor/ population' that predated the Jewish religion". (They neglect to say they can do this with Cain-Esau-Germans!)

  Graphic's not available

Jewish Boy Coming of Age

Jewish Man awaits Death

"A second conclusion is that Jews have maintained their genetic heritage to a remarkable degree, given the Jewish diaspora and the long isolation of 'small' Jewish populations in many places. Because Jewish religious affiliation is assigned 'maternally', our study afforded the opportunity 'to assess the contribution of non-Jewish men' to present-day Jewish 'genetic' diversity. It was surprising to see 'how significant the Middle Eastern genetic signal' was in Jewish 'men' from different communities in the diaspora (dispersion-scattering)." There is a difference in Germans! Note: The full sequence of the DNA Chromosome '21' I.D. is published online today by 'Nature'.

It would be a very remote thought for German Christians/ Catholics to think they are worshipping a preserved dead mummy-decaying dead flesh, but they are doing it. How? Pharaohs are all in the worshiped 'images' of Nimrod Osiris-Iesus! Their DNA I.D. and "Y" Chromosomes are of Cain! (Wicked can trace I.D. DNA of Satan's sons: who they worship! Can they trace the "Y" Chromosome of our Yahshua?) To let you know precisely how Yahovah now feels about all of these "Christians and Catholics" who refuse to repent of worshipping Pharaoh and his Isis, simply read about it in Torah: what Yahovah did to the Egyptian people, to Pharaoh, and to his (Osiris-image) "first born" son!

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"Pharaoh Iesus Rhameses II Mummy"

Isis Cross (over all Dogs)

(Eagle God Son-of-the-Sun)

(As she still is today!)

As written: The Eighth Son, the Eagle Serpent's "Son-of-the-Sun", shall be greatly punished and then cast into the lake of fire along with his "High Priest" (the false prophet), who is the Vatican's Pope over a billion deceived. This now includes all German Aryan 'Lutherans' of the world!

  Graphic's not available

Rhameses II Temple

Eagle God and Eagle Son

(Idols and Gods)

(No doubts Here)

What do you think Yahovah shall now do to all who still worship these "idols" and ancient Gods, and to the U.S. "Daughter of Egypt" set up in the exact ways of "her harlot mother"? Yahovah's Mighty Hand is now stretched out for incredible wrath, destruction, and massive death! No, He shall not repent, He shall not show them mercy, and He shall now bring all of them down to the ground as written. How they shall moan in agony, and they shall cry out, but He will not listen! (Why? They have been warned of this specific time for over 2,000 years, and still they refuse to repent of evil!)

Rhameses II was deified as an elite to carry the DNA seed line of Osiris, and called Iesus (a son of Zeus) by Greeks! The cut-off penis of Osiris-Iesus under his chin is the symbol for the perpetuation of their race. Satan can no longer do it, or his son Nimrod-Osiris, but Masons and all men under them can do it for him! Mason's provide the right environment-stimulation and encouragement for women and "Bavarian" couples to have kids: lots of "kids" (goats). That part of their plan has been working well! Bringing back the dead (of their Egypt Book) has taken longer: Gore was their first!

They have excavated hundreds of Egypt's Royalty in only two centuries. Washington, D.C. only recently celebrated its 200th birthday: every square inch of building in D.C. was controlled by Masons. (Illuminati know of their dark evil Egyptian-Hittite/Ur past, and"special work" direct for Lucifer).

Discovery of DNA "gene splicing" was found in an Egyptian tomb. Through Yah's Spirit, we will briefly reveal the Masonic hidden sequences in history leading up to this incredible discovery in King Tut's tomb in 1922 by President Carter's German Aryan relative, Prof. Howard Carter of England. The following is a brief sequence leading up to creating Gore. Ref. (13) Number: Elite Germans make their major move to establish their German World Order for their "German Aryan Prince" number 7.

  Graphic's not available

Remember the "Y" Chromosome!

Dumbarton Lab: a place of evil.

On King Tut's wall: a DNA Strip above

"Mirror Image" of this in D.C. Map

(Back half of Osiris Bull)

(Front half of Osiris Bull)

The molecule DNA alternating structure above Isis and the Osiris phallic is obvious. See right view of "opposite on the table" can be found in any accurate grid map: west of White House. The impossible, with enough money and time, became possible, through advanced technology.

1913 - Tsar Alexis, was in position to rule German World Order as Satan's "chosen anointed son" over the seeds of Cain-Esau (over 13 tribes of ancient Germanica under the Aryan Hittite Covenant).

1913- (1613-1913) was the 300th Anniversary of the German Aryan Hittite "Romanov Royalty" in Russia. (They controlled one sixth of the world under their Masonic Double Headed Eagle God).

1913 - Illuminati German Masons and German World Bankers secretly met on Jekyll Island in U.S. and established the privately held Federal Reserve System: objective was control of world money under the Eagle within their (secretly planned) German World Order. This part was accomplished. German Federal Reserve is a private owned (stock holder) Corporation and Trust separate of U.S.!

1913 – World War I (first rib of Daniel's Bear) was then immediately planned by "Illuminati" Germans: Why? Perpetuation of their race, to have world power, expansion, and unite together all of their German Aryan race scattered throughout the world. (Does this sound like Hitler's plan?).

1914 - under their Eagle "God", millions of German soldiers wore "little horn" spikes on their helmets (fighting unknowingly for their chosen Sovereign heir, German God Tsar Alexis Romanov). "Spike" Little Horn goes back to Ur-Assyrians and Hittites, and means an elite ruling Son of Satan. Berlin Bear war was started by Germans, and was the first rib to 'devour flesh' in bear's mouth. (See Eagles on their Helmets, flags, emblems, and banners. They were millions of Eagle Sons)

1916 - Alexis Romanov (Meaning New Rome's Son) given (7) plane flyby in honor of him being Satan's chosen "seventh son" (Rev. 17:10-11) He also wore the "seven-pointed" Egyptian star. (Alexis is short for Alexander the Great: he comes from same DNA bloodline back to Cain and Ur)

1918 – God-Tsar Alexis No. 7 was executed/ "shot in head" (received the fatal head wound in Rev 13:12) Nicholas II last words: "They know not what they do." (Imitating Yahshua). Satan activated his backup plan. Following actual execution of number seven Alexis, an Egyptian tomb expedition was launched by Illuminati Germanicans of England, and headed by Howard Carter.

  Graphic's not available

Had Correct DNA

(An Osiris 'Nick-Name' is 'Big Foot')

"King Tut" of Egypt

Osiris-Iesus with "his cut-off phallic"

(Phallic under Chin)

(Formula for DNA splicing on wall)

1922 – Explorers specifically guided by Satan to King Tut's undisturbed tomb. Howard Carter opened it up. King Tut's ("the child to come") tomb was full of many riches of gold/ artifacts. It was one of the first Egypt tombs ever discovered not cleaned out by tomb robbers. Rich artifacts were not that important. A life/death guarded secret surrounded in mystery was then revealed to Satan's chosen race of German Hittites. For those of the "flesh", of the living dead, and greatly motivated by things that prolong their flesh, what was painted in detail and in color on the tomb wall, was an absolute priceless gift. DNA splicing formula for bringing life back from the dead. This sounds impossible, but if you look very close at this painting, you will see this DNA truth! All that was needed was time, technology, equipment, research money, and proper subject (s).

1922 - In front of those with enlightenment to see, was a detailed, painted DNA strip of a row of triangular DNA blood cells and sets of chromosomes. It descriptively shows today's DNA strip alternating (spliced) from one "Dead DNA Cell" (all Dead cells were coded with "black specs" on white) to a "Living DNA Cell" (coded pure white, identical in shape as the Dead DNA Cells). Now they could bring back that which was dead (DNA) by splicing it into a living blood (DNA) carrier. This was Satan's "gift" painted on Tut's wall, to bring his first "Osiris-Iesus" back from the dead!

1922 - located horizontally in a row at the tops of each of the spliced triangular DNA cell block carriers (both Dead and alive) are separate molecular (round in shape) groupings of (5) each as part of the same DNA triangles. These were individual molecular DNA cells, genes or I.D. chromosomes. They are "spliced" in the exact opposite (alternating) with the larger spliced triangular DNA carriers.

This mystery was painted on King Tut's tomb wall approximately 1343 B.C. and was not found until 1922 A.D. Thus, who gave this "gift of technology"? Masons know precisely who did this. Do you think Satan's elite Masons are stupid? Many have Harvard "MBA" Degrees and other Degrees of Law, etc. They know who they serve, and Satan gives them their worldly rewards! We do not talk to people that think we are visited and ruled by "aliens" from space. Yes, Satan and his fallen angels are "aliens", and his seeds are "aliens". We answer Satan's joke of: the "aliens" are coming! They are already here! They are those 'alien' seed of Satan separated from Yah!

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