Part 9

Clinton-Gore bodyguards also knew too much, and heard too much being close to such "great evil". They were conveniently arranged to be taken out by one of the ATF men at Waco, Texas, which was a "set-up" for these men (who had no business being there in the first place). Obviously, their deaths were conveniently blamed on the Waco Branch Davidians, which had nothing to do with their deaths, and in fact, ended up brutally murdered themselves which helped cover up (silence) the plan. Innocent 80 plus people (men women and children) called the "United States the Beast Power", and stated the "U.S. Government was the world's enemy for today". Koresh also said: they were going to start killing people like them. Did they know too much truth? This kind of talk had to be stopped.

Gore - Osiris "the father" over his children (seeds of Cain) in the flesh. Gore walks among his children; strives to give them peace on earth where "there will be war no more", again trying to imitate Yahshua. The destruction of this German World Empire (Reich) will now come to pass. If I am not a prophet, then this shall not happen. I say to you, watch it crumble.

Gore's large herd of "Goats" worship him more than they did Hitler. These are "imitators": Satan is imitating Yahovah, and Satan (now in Gore's flesh), his son Gore is imitating Yahshua. Isis is imitating Yah's Spirit. The Pope is now bringing Satan's Worldly churches under "her", and many House of Yahweh Germans are imitating Israelites as Yah's chosen people. (Rev. 3:9) They are pretending to be Jews, when they are not, and shall receive punishment.

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Great EAST-WEST Phoenix-Eagle "Osiris-Iesus" and the worship of it in D.C.

They are seeds of Cain-Esau. They are German Aryan Hittites (Canaanites). Let them all take a close look at their evil father's phallic symbol, his last Egyptian Hittite obelisk, the Washington Monument, that is representative of his elite chosen race. Will they stand in awe of it and be destroyed with it? The German-Roman Catholics also have their famous Obelisk Phallic at the Vatican. Will they lie and deny murder to Yahovah and Yahshua as Cain did and never repent, or will they now turn?

SIX MILLION JEWS in U.S. ARE NOW in SAME SITUATION BEFORE WORLD WAR II. GOLDIE LOCKS AND THE "SECOND BEAR/SECOND RIB" IN ITS MOUTH OF DANIEL (Berlin, Germany, the bear of both Wars, has the Golden "Victoria" Goddess with Eagle's Wings) Millions of Germans in the U.S. and around the world actually deny that the WW II planned slaughter of six million Jews ever happened. They refuse to admit that Hitler was a German Catholic, and was a documented German Mason. They also refuse to accept that elite Masons in U.S. supported him.

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Jewish Victims Were Real

Bonn Eagle Same as Hitlers

(They did not heed warnings)

(Same Gott Yesterday-Today)

They refuse testimony of truth from survivors who escaped this massive, brutal holocaust. They also strongly reject the mounds of evidence, historical documentation and photographs from the files of even German soldiers and records. Many Germans still hate all Jews, and still blame Jews for today's world problems that German leaders and rulers above them have created all along. What then is the primary answer for their strong rejection of truth and their love of living and promoting countless lies? It is hatred from deep within having DNA blood of Cain/Esau-Hittites, and wanting to kill all Jews. Most have the very same mental; damaging view of Jews as did the famous rebel of his day: Luther.

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Hitler's Connection to Babylon-Egyptian

Occult Isis Goddess

(Throne Chair of Osiris-Iesus: the False Messiah)


Hitler also prized his Egypt symbols in Germany. He surrounded himself with Satan's images, and symbols and even the Egyptian Bust of Isis (Queen Nefatari, the first German Hittite on the throne). His workers strived hand in hand to reach the "vision" of the German World Order with their Masonic brothers of the Reich "blood" in the U.S. Hitler's hidden allies were Germans also in England; France. Documented books and piles of war records in warehouses and archives reveal these incredible truths:

The German "Rothschilds" (Bayer), German Rockefellers, German Bushes, German Flicks, German Fords, the German Danas, German Schroeders, German Hoffmanns, Kaufmanns, German's Hess, and hundreds of German Aryan Hittite families made fortunes dealing with Hitler and feeding the "Nazi" "Nazir" Eagle World War II machine! U.S. German (Eastern) owned N.Y. City banks tied directly to German England's Royalty banks (as Rothschilds run) actually financed Hitler. Who cares today?

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He must serve the Eagle!

KGB Aryan

The End Game is almost over! Honorary President

Putin (Put in) Office

Bush knows his role as a "Pawn"

(Gore is the Eagle)

(From East Germany) (He knows Satan's Game)

Prior U.S. President German "Nazi King" (Burger King) George Bush is linked to the atrocities of Hitler through his father, Prescott Bush. Do you think George Bush and son Bush Jr. know nothing? Does not a "dog" (of the same rotten and evil family) not return, and lay down * in its own vomit? * George Bush Senior did this in fulfilling the delivery of Yah's World Judgment sign on Jan. 8th. 1992!) Even General German Motors in the U.S. (of Isis blue "square") furnished (Egypt bow-tie cross of life) engines to drive German tanks in Egypt and in Europe. GM Chevrolet is Satan's "Heartbeat of America" today for his chosen seed, the 13 Germanican tribes. German Rockefeller oil and fuel was pumped into German SS Nazi U-boats at special U.S. Docks up the Mississippi River. Where is proof? (If you want more proof of what is going on today connected to Germans, connect to patriot web-sites)

German Nazi sub sank on its own in the 1940s at the mouth of the Mississippi. It finally released its fuel creating a huge oil slick in the 1990s. U.S. government immediately halted an investigation, and made the entire area off limits. Other elite U.S. Government "officials" arranged for Hitler's army to secretly be fed with food supplies from the U.S. (Most Jews today fail to even recognize that the U.S. German Aryan elite, especially those at the top of the economy and politics,were in bed with Hitler. Today they are in bed with Gore, and this time, they plan on doing the job Hitler wanted to finish!)

Elite U.S. German Government leaders over immigration refused to allow boat loads of persecuted Jews to enter the U.S. for refuge and safety from Hitler. The truth of the matter: many elite Germans behind the scenes in control of enterprises in the U.S. wanted Hitler to win, and they were helping him. German Ford Motor Company plants/ factories in Germany were off-limits to U.S. Bombers. No wonder, as Hitler himself had a picture of Ford in his office and greatly admired him. Even the lone German Eagle Lindbergh visited Germany: supporting Hitler and his racial ideas. (He expected him to win the war) Masonic Lindbergh refused to give up his Mark of Cain black Eagle flying cross presented to him by Hitler in Germany. Mason's Lindbergh did not fly missions against Germany. (Across U.S., many other Germans also refused to fight. But Germans did fight against Germans!)


Hitler also greatly admired (DNA) bloodstock of German Hittites in German ruled England. He had plans to include them in his "vision" for selectively breeding the best after the war into a superior race of "the seeds of Cain-Esau" to rule the world. Satan looked out for his chosen elite German men when German U.S. led intelligence safely brought out of Germany 126 top German scientists, engineers, and rocket technology experts before the war ended. Elite U.S. German officials gave them excellent jobs in NASA, military, and Government. NASA Nazis proclaimed they landed the Apollo "Eagle" on the Moon July 20, 1969. Apollo is the son of Zeus, and Eagle is the symbol of Zeus, "God" of Masons.

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"Though you exalt yourself as the Eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from thence 'will I bring you down' (to the ground), Saith Yahovah (YHVH)." Obadiah

Obadiah Prophecy against Esau: When "THEY BUILD THEIR NEST IN THE STARS", from thence, YAHOVAH SHALL BRING THEM DOWN. FINAL (Short) COUNTDOWN for this EVIL "X" GENERATION is here! 2001-2: the finishing touches on the "Largest Eagle's Nest International Space Station" ever put up in space! Yes, Yahovah shall now bring them down!

Apollo is the Greek son-of-the-sun god of prophecy: Phoebus Belvedere, 400 B.C. Source: p. 43. New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary, Encyclopedic Edition, N.Y. 1989 ISBN 0-7172-4574-8) "…In the Greek tongue he has the name A-pol-ly-on." (Apollo the Lion) Rev. 9:11. Understand now? A-bad-don is a description of Christian's Gore today: "A BAD GOD" (Gore-the-don = Gordon).

Apollo Space Program (run by Nazis brought into this country) by Govt.'s "Operation Paper Clip". Satan also saved his elite and chosen by the tens of thousands: "Nazis" (many Eagles) were smuggled out of Germany months "before" war ended with the help of U.S. (German) Army Secret intelligence groups: they were given new passport ID's with English, Spanish, and other intentional name changes. All you have to do to verify these truths, is do a study on NASA and NAZI Germans involved in it.

Many Germans were scattered in U.S., Mexico, England, Canada, South Africa, and South America. Do these seeds of Cain-Esau and their sons change? The son of a Nazi SS German in South America formed the German-Columbian drug cartel: "Karl Lehder". Today, elite Germans (as CIA) bring in multi-billions of dollars of Columbian dope (Cocaine) and Eastern Heroin/Opium. German "pipeline" Corporations are protected to distribute it throughout N.A. (Germans even introduced Morphine and Cocaine to U.S.) When you read about many deaths and drug related crimes throughout the U.S., do not blame overseas, or look to Mexicans. It is closer than that! It is in your neighborhood on up to Washington, D.C., and it is the German Mafia that controls it: not the Italians, Russians, or Chinese.

Exalting themselves as the Eagle (God)!

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Eagle God (Gott) of Apollo

Elite Eagle Son of Satan

Name for the False Messiah

Hitler lives on: NASA & Drugs, Inc.

"Columbia" is a major dark "code word" or woman to the wicked, as the Columbia Space Shuttle. As only one of thousands of routes and "secret C codes" for shipping *, they have used cities named "Columbia": Washington, D.C., (district of Columbia), "Columbus", Ohio, "Columbus", Missouri, "Columbia" City, Indiana, and "Columbia", S. Carolina. Signaled delivery was done by Columbian "Coffee Commercials". German Masons and Mafia mock courts and (G) investigations strictly set up to serve and protect themselves and their Hitler SS Gestapo Masonic form of "law and order" today. * DTF (Dana Corp. Truck Fleet) had 600 trucks in early 1990s over N.A., running between their Columbia drug network! "Colombo" and "People's Court" (identical German court named "People's Court" was under Hitler to quickly try Jews and dissidents: found guilty and executed.) Try and "expose" real German major players today, and German CIA, FBI, State and local authorities quickly move in to murder/ silence those with the truth and then cover it all up! This is the 666 "resume" of Cain-Esau and his seed.

In one Masonic German town in U.S. where over ten thousand WW II German soldiers were held as prisoners (Fort Wayne, Indiana, Camp Scott) they were quietly released, dispersed, and given jobs in U.S. German owned companies. The entire records of the camp, their prior names, and what these Germans were by rank, and what they had done during the war, were destroyed or hidden. Nazis have many sons for today. Where are these older "Living Legends?" Are some still alive today?

Yes, surviving war criminals are still protected. Why? Many Germans still consider them heroes!

Satan continues protecting his Hitler World War II elite that are still alive. After the war, few were ever prosecuted, or ever found by design. German Nazi sons are now ready to do their evil again! Any real Jew today who trusts in the U.S. Government is playing with the "same fire" as Hitler! (Jews in Germany thought they had citizen's rights! This is the same great lie/illusion in U.S. today!)

1991 Indiana Co. run by a hidden Nazi, Charles "Chuck" Garnett (Gore's net), worked for Satan's elite; had the absolute gall to name his company "Living Legends", and had Nazi files of who, and where these Nazi living "war criminals" were at, including their dental records, phone numbers, and hidden addresses. He was known by the local German controlled FBI Office, and the IRS, and never had problems, as those in the company of Nazis like him. He also even bragged that he had received contributions from the "Chairman of the Board of Dana Corporation" (full of German Aryan ancient Ur/Egyptian elite seeds) to support his "Living Legends" business! (Yah now causes Dana trouble!)

He threatened me with IRS, where he had friends, and even threatened my life (as a Jew), of which Yah protected me! (German community covered up murders in the past, as Sharon Rose Smith, who worked for Dana, and tried to expose German run drugs in Dana, but drugs were not mentioned in her brutal murder- a hired hit contract! Entire town of German law enforcement covered it up!)

Dana is a German Hittite/Egyptian elite Corporation that has been used by Germans and the CIA for decades to distribute billions of world drugs, especially in the U.S. Drugs flow through their "front" companies, and others as world Mack Truck and Navistar. (Opening the "orange Egyptian square") Navistar has their line of "Eagle" (trucks) Ford (Nazi) Motor Company (Blue Egypt sacred egg of Isis logo) and even through Dana's large network of German customers and suppliers, as "NAPA".

Chairman of Ford was Nasser (Nesher) "The Eagle's Man". Elite Germans running worldwide drug business are "untouchable", such as those in multi-billion dollar BCCI 'drug scandal', which included Hillary "Rodham" Clinton's law firm "before" she went to the White House. Foster knew too much of the "Whitewater" drug scandal, and was thus executed. McDugal suddenly died in his jail cell before talking. Gore's workers presented Foster as a 'classic' case of suicide. Believe that?

Weaver Popcorn trucks, who had the Boy Scouts and "Eagle Scouts" of America as a large customer, was run by members of the German elite "organized crime syndicate" and also distributed heavy drugs on a regular basis through the Northeast and Mid-West (In early 1990s). Who would suspect them?

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The men who worked for Pharaoh and Isis were called "Dogs"

Yahshua said: He did not come to feed the "Dogs", and Shaul

Warned about the "Dogs". Do you know who they are today?

Elite Germans in world organized crime are considered "untouchable" by all branches of U.S. law enforcement agencies today. It is a plus 400 billion-dollar business per year. Competitors are arrested, shown on TV, and used as a brain-washing promotion on their "fight on drugs", while always protecting "their images" in local communities, businesses, and higher ups in U.S. government. Their "drug war" today is a total farce. They protect their banks, people, and their dirty corporations.

Their drug competition, as Mexicans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese and others, are frequently hit. (Their lower competition do not understand how the game is played, and who actually runs the show!) They have corrupted their own German Aryan Volk to the very core while blaming everyone else and telling their own kind what great and honest citizens they are! Amazingly, millions believe their lies. German Churches defend these Corporations, Banks, and Masons. Why? Money contributions! (Over 54 million Germans across this country see nothing wrong with what their elite are now doing!)

This is the last German World Tsar until the coming of Yahshua Messiah!

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George Bush Senior prepared the way for Gore… Bush Jr. is a "pawn"

"Florida Vote" was arranged that 666 "Cornerstone" would be rejected!

Not only do they actually trust and place Drug Tzars as George Bush Senior on pedestals, they voted for them to be President! Christians and those in "politics" refuse to discuss these truths. Again, most patriot organizations on the net have numerous documents on the Bush/Drug connection.

As only one example in thousands of how deep this conspiracy runs and how complex a "snare" it is under German Nazi Eagles today, the prior Mexican ambassador to West Germany was on Board of Directors of Dana Corporation. Prior U.S. German Postmaster General had a chair at Dana, and were connected to CIA and International drugs. Dana's goal for 2000 was 100% distribution.

Columbian Cartel was founded by a German Nazi Gestapo elite's son, Karl Lehder, and was run by German mercenaries from the U.S. and Germany and with connections straight to Washington, D.C., the CIA, and the Attorney General's Office, and the White House staff. (As Ollie North and George Bush). German mercenaries helped to murder over 5,000 innocent people who tried to stop them! In U.S., enemies are given formulated chemicals-drugs causing a fatal heart attack, brain rupture, or fast cancer, and everyone thinks: death by natural causes! They have worked this way for decades!

If you know too much, or pry into their trillion dollar business, beware eating out with these people! They will take you out! (Most restaurants are run by Masons and many of them launder drug money) If they succeed, do not think the deceived will miss you. A Dana Corp. 'Master Mason', Manager Bob Harris, said after seeing the fire at Waco: "They should have done it a month earlier and saved the taxpayers money!" (Two witnessed this incredible comment. He knew who had set it and why!) Do you understand these comments and acts fulfill prophecy of our Yahshua Messiah? Did not He say "There will come a time when they think they will be doing the world a favor in killing you?"

Prior President Bush, related to German England "black blood" Cain/Esau Royalty, was once the head of the German run CIA worldwide drug operations connected to the German Rockefeller Empire and control of drug distribution at numerous German run Universities and Colleges. Bush is also a "Nazi Skull and Bones" member, and considered in Israel the worst enemy they had in Washington, D.C.

Charles Dana of New York, where Dana Corp. gets its name, was an elite Bavarian Mason and in the inner-circle (9) of the Illuminati. Charles Dana was an elite "Eagle feather bearer" of their covenant. Today, they are heavily connected to Chrysler, which even has Gore's and Nebochadnazir's "logo"! As a "Nazi" he solicited millions to fund the German Aryan Nazi Communist Socialist party in U.S.. Dana is still "untouchable" from any prosecution or investigations for dealing in worldwide drugs.

Dana has direct connections with the CIA in their facilities and the management employees in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Hungary, China, Japan, Canada, South America, Australia, Spain, France, Europe, England, Germany, and a network in U.S., as (Bush Country) Texas and Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, N.Y., Missouri, California, and many other states. Drugs, Inc. is out of control. In Revelation, Yahshua states: THEY REPENTED NOT OF THEIR DRUGS (sorceries, pharma.) The multi-millions using it, or those making billions distributing it in U.S.! Trillions of dollars have been laundered, and invested into many businesses all across the U.S. It should come as no surprise that a documented 800-phone number of Dana Corporation was: 1-800-'666'-8688 Spicer-Dana (1 + 8 = (9) "the Great Eagle". Satan over all 1-800 numbers in his Kingdom.

Since Dana is bold and an "untouchable" of Satan's elite and chosen, then why should they not get to personally use 666? (1 + 8 + 6 + 6 +6 = 27. 3 x 9 = (27) or 9,9,9 equals Satan's trinity: (9) Satan, (9) son, (9) Isis. Remember (9) is the Eagle's mystic "free moving number" for Illuminati Masons to go "to and fro" and do whatever they want to do in his world, including free movement of illegal drugs. The last part is 8688: (9) X8 =72, (9) x 6 = 54, (9) x 8 =72, (9) x 8 = 72. 72 + 54 + 72 + 72= (270) and 2+7+0 = (9). (9)+(9) + (9)+(9)= 36 or (666) (666). Satan (666), his son (666), and (666) Isis.

    Graphic's not available

Glenn Ford

Gene Autry

Roy Rogers

Will Rogers

(From out of your past; to today, famous and not so famous Masons by the millions have entertained you, and impacted your life. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were guests of "Jesus" Christian TBN) Dial '911' for help, and your are dialing for Satan and son's workers, as '911' is one of their 'codes'. Remember that these are their chosen Masonic 'numbers', and not ours. We had nothing to do with selection of that phone number or any number. Yahshua said, "...even the hairs on your head are numbered." (7+2)= 9, and (5+4)= 9 and the remaining '72s' are also 9s, of "the Great Eagle" God.

Yah revealed another way of looking at these Mason numbers of "the beast" (the Eagle): if you love Yahovah and Yahshua with all of your heart, mind, and spirit, you will avoid taking the Eagle mark, 666 barcode number, or Iesus name of the beast to the Death. Why? To avoid losing your soul.

If you are already receiving them in your hands, or are worshipping them, which billions are doing at this late time in the chess game, then for certain, you must now repent, and overcome them as written. There are no "compromises". As you have seen: German Masons and those "adopted" into their ranks willingly and knowingly take and use the name (Iesus) and 666 number of his name, and Eagle mark of 666 beast's "son of perdition". They are now in Satan's trinity to the bitter end under Gore.

(If this is too shocking; controversal for you to discuss with others, then you are part of the problem)

Millions of Germans not Masons are also following after the beast in awe and wonder: all those not written in the book of life. Do not be afraid of these wicked seeds of Cain that have already gone mad in uniting themselves with Satan and his last son. (This wicked world is indeed their only inheritance)

As Cain, they will lie, deny, murder, steal, and cover-up their wicked doings until the final seventh vial of wrath is poured out on them by the seventh angel, and these words are spoken from the throne of Yahovah: "Saying, it is done." (Rev 16:17) If you think the masses will now repent, forget it!

They are thinking like many U.S. Germans who wanted Hitler to win. Many resented U.S. fighting their own kind. (United States did nothing for 18 months while Hitler was killing many Jews, and the German Masonic elite knew all about it, as documented in Government files) It was a matter of race (blood and seed) and the perpetuation thereof on both sides of the ocean, and it still rages today. It will all soon be over, as they will think they have won the victory, but as written: they will all be made to greatly suffer, be destroyed, and they shall curse Yah and lose everything: even their children! Now this is not fiction, as Yahovah says clearly in Revelation/prophecy, "that they repent not".

Gore - September 18, 1993 the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Satan's established seat/throne culminated at the Grand Master Mason's 666 Capitol's New "Cornerstone reconsecration" to Gore.

  Graphic's not available

Pyramid, Cross, Phoenix and Crown

The Buds of Ur, and the Nike Wreath

Masonic logos: "Rose Croix"

Architectural detail (Gore's Ur Seal)

Many Masons are Christians

Design from ancient Assyrian Temple

September 18, 1993, Grand Master Masons were present from all 50 states. They participated as one united body in Egyptian cult rituals to acknowledge Satan's son and to "worship both of them as one and the same". Yahovah rained heavily on them that day as they bowed to the son (sun) square, and consecrated it with Egyptian-Babylonian corn, oil, and wine. Yahovah blocked out the sun over them on this extremely "dark and gloomy day" in world history. See this act in a documented 1993 C-Span film of the Mason's D.C. dedication of 666 "Cornerstone" (18) is 666 and Capitol is on 666.

When the Cheops pyramid is divided equally from the center points to each corner and is "Opened" up, the concave shape between the points of the square form a half-circle. As shown thousands of times in Egyptian hieroglyphics, this means: "Lucifer's sun (son) of the horizon". (Used on Letterman). This goes back to Ur 3800 B.C. covenant. It was also at work 200 years ago. From the "black blood" German Royalty of England, and a relative of Queen Elizabeth, it was German George Washington, a Mason, who first laid the U.S. Capitol's first "cornerstone" for Satan's 666 Temple of (Zu) Zeus.

"CORNERSTONE" is a symbol of GORE, as "CORNERSTONE" is a symbol of YAHSHUA! Capitol building's 1st. cornerstone was "consecrated" first to Satan on September 18, 1793. This too, was a 666 "great Eagle" month, day, and year, and specifically selected by the elite German Masons. September is the 9th month. (18) Equals 666 or 1+8 Equals (9), "the Great Eagle". 9 x 1793 = 16137 or 1+6+1+3+7 = 18 (666) or 1+8 = 9. 18 x 1793 = 32274 or 3+2+2+7+4 = 18 (666) or 1+8 = 9, "the Eagle" September 18, 1993. The 200th. Year cornerstone celebration was "reconsecrated" to Gore.

GORE is the 666 "CORNERSTONE" that the (Masonic) "BUILDERS REJECTED" 2000-1 Ashtaroth-Isis-Juno's prize son for today!

  Graphic's not available

Photo of "Gore" that shows his hand white: imitating "Moshe"

(Gore: Five Pointed "Star-Buck" of Ur-Hittite-Egypt's Queen Isis)

As sworn liars, they lied about not able to find original 666 "cornerstone" of Satan's Temple. They said to unknowing through newspapers and even on television "that it was missing." Just as Yahshua did not at first reveal Himself to the mass, but only to His elect, so too this false imitator Messiah Gore has done precisely the same thing: revealing himself to his chosen elect (the Masons) and not to the masses of the U.S. and to the World. (Most think today that Gore is out of the game!)

Gore is imitating: "Yahshua, is the Word, and the Word came alive in the flesh that Yahovah, our Father in Heaven reveal Himself to us and walk among us as the son of man, that we know Him and hear His Word, which is all truth since the beginning and forever. (Yahshua Messiah's Apostles understood this well. Today, the vast majority of Christians and Catholics do not. What?)

Yahovah the Father is as the Son, and Yahshua Messiah the Son is as the Father; to know the Son is to know the Father, for they are as one", as written. (John 8:19) Yahshua clearly said: "Did you not read in the Scriptures, 'THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS REJECTED, THE SAME IS BECOME THE HEAD of the CORNER… Matthew 21:42, and also in Isayah 28:16.

Thus, the predictable happened: (Masonic) "builders" rejected this Gore (Cornerstone) 2000! Satan is the lie. He is the father of all lies, and he has come alive and has revealed himself to us in the flesh of Gore that all that believe in lies will hear the lie and the lie will walk among them and fill them with lies that they know not the truth. Yah's Spirit brought His breath of life into a "living virgin" that brought forth Yahshua, "the Living Word" of Yahovah Himself in the likeness of sinful flesh.

Satan's Isis of Egypt, (the Icon of all women or woman) imitates Yah's Spirit, and has brought forth Satan's "monster child", to speak the words of Death. Gore is made from the DNA cells of the Dead and he will lead the Dead: the answer to Yah's riddle. To Masons, that which was the "older" 1793 Temple 666 Zeus Cornerstone (put in place by George Washington at the Capitol), had to be made into a "new dedicated cornerstone". Masons anointed the "new 1993 cornerstone" making Gore King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Baal of Baals) of Satan's worldly Kingdom of mammon, flesh, and Death.

Oct. 2001 USA TODAY Gore said: "George W. Bush is My Commander in Chief." (He is Sky King) Masons came from all 50 states to "bless" and "anoint" Gore, "666 Capitol Cornerstone", with their abominable cult water, mortar, Egyptian corn, wine, and oil. They are now sworn to silence.

I am upset at these people calling me a liar: they cannot see the trick of Gore not in office (visually) and cannot understand the total "fraud of election" 2000! Gore and Letterman both said: They are: REJECTED, REJECTED, REJECTED, REJECTED, REJECTED, and REJECTED! In Sept. 2000!

Our Father in heaven Yahovah is "our rock" (written again and again in Psalms), and Yahshua is our "cornerstone" and the solid foundation of Yahovah's temple. Upon this rock is built "living stones", for His temple is indeed alive in us. It is not alive in the worldly bodies. We, the true believers and worshippers of Yahovah and Yahshua, are thus His "Living Stones" of His New Temple as written. Saudi-Araba in billions in U.S. military aid (even by Reagan) is not money for a new Jewish temple!

His Temple in heaven is still there, and this is His time of wrath upon the wicked: "Another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in Your sickle, and reap: for the time is come for You to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe." (Rev. 14:15)

(Despite what an army of Christians say, and millions of books say today written by Iesus prophets, and preached by many Christian ministers, there will be no new rebuilt giant Temple in Jerusalem with animal sacrifices before Yahshua makes His return. Yahshua has already re-built the temple).

This is yet more false doctrine coming from Christians, and yes, even taken up by several Jewish groups in Jerusalem, Israel who wave their "Jews for Jesus" banners worshipping the 'wrong one'! Some Jews make considerable money selling many things to Christians and Catholics from around the world as "Temple" souvenirs at 'half price' discounts before it 'allegedly' is built. World War III is already intensified, especially if Jews tried to build a Temple beside the Arab's Jerusalem Dome!


Satan – as adversary and "mirror image" of Yahovah and Yahshua has his Egyptian square cube. Even a billion Moslems worship their Black Cube "Icon", shown on TV. Giza Pyramid is Satan's perfect "rock" and symbol of his worldly Kingdom set up for Gore, the 666 Osiris-Iesus-Apollyon. The Pyramid "Gap" is closed! (Symbolized by Masonic "Gap" Clothing Store woman used on Letterman) Thus soon after after the September 18, 1993 Masonic consecration of the 666 Cornerstone was over, another great event happened in gala fashion in the United States in honor of today's Osiris-Iesus!

  Graphic's not available

A Real Temple of Jesus Christ!

Statue of Osiris-Jesus!

Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas

In Celebration of Osiris-Iesus

October 15-18, 1993: Grand Opening of the Las Vegas, Nevada Luxor Pyramid! The 375 million dollar Pharaoh extravaganza building is a replica of the Egyptian Pyramid with more things in it than ancient Pharaohs could ever dream of in their day! World's largest "beam of light" shoots up into the air for miles, and comes from the "Capstone." (Seen 250 miles by LA airline pilots, and could be seen from the moon. It has a 29 million cubic feet central atrium to the apex of the pyramid.)


(Memphis, Tenn. also built an incredible 32 story pyramid with a black capstone [Mason 32nd. Degree Number] in honor of Gore's coming world order rule! Still, Christians think 666 false Messiah is not coming from U.S.!)

"Sin City" is appropriate for this 666 Gore 30 story abomination! Details of this incredible designed Hotel, Casino, Ra Nightclub, decorated with many glyphs, statues, and numerous Egyptian writings, is too much to describe here. (375 Million dollars will build a Pyramid fitting for any Pepsi Pharaoh!)

Built by Circus Circus Enterprises Inc., it features a full scale authentic reproduction of King Tut's Tomb, artifacts from Luxor and Karnak Temples, and hieroglyphics from the Valley of the Kings.

Despite what Ministers say when they hold up their Iesus Christ and God Bibles, and declare that it is all "you need", and "a child can understand it", they are 100% liars. Period! Nobody can understand it by reading it without Yahovah's Spirit or Truth! Satan and son have actually done it! They have deceived the world with lies, wonders and illusions. As said Yah's prophet Isayah 14:16, when he received this 'vision' for today: "IS THIS THE MAN that 'made the earth to tremble' and did shake the (world) kingdoms?" See? Isayah saw the future, and was also very amazed (as us) that this man Gore could trick so many nations, and manipulate 6 billion people over the world!

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"Germans do not give him the honor of the kingdom!" Daniel 11:21

The Man of the Hour

The 666 Man of Blood

(Anointed by Masons)

(Consecrated by Masons)


Gore – real meaning found in Dictionaries, Encyclopedias. Gore - definition (from the synonym finder, p.467). Noun, number one: (as Mason's call Satan) "blood", "clot", "coagulation", "grume", "scabbiness", "carnage". Heed the last three describing perfectly what this German Hittite (hit-ler-ite) Masonic world leader is destined to do: Gore, the man of blood, shall destroy (eat flesh of) many.


Gore – is the 'third bear' of Daniel with the bloody third last rib in his mouth! (Third World War) Gore - "slaughter", "butchery", "murder" verb, "number one": how Letterman introduced him. Gore - "horn" (as horn of a "bull, ram and goat", as in the "big horn" of Satan and the "little horn" his son), Gore - means to "butt" (as the "goat" or Egyptian "ram" of Satan), "hook" (as in the "grim reaper"). Gore is the Goat, over Goats, and Gore is the Osiris Bull; Gore is the Ram of Egypt.

Gore – Hook, as in "Captain Hook", as the sickle and hammer of Russia, 12/1993 now the ancient Ur double-headed E-W Great Eagle God used by royalty for over 5,000 years and goes back to Cain. New TV Red commercial for the Dodge and the Dodge Ram, is "GRAB THE HORNS". Understand? What other name in prophecy today has these incredible meanings and is used throughout the world? His name is already on banners, posters, used in other names, and on countless brands, as 'Gordon'. Alberto V-O 5 = Gore. Walmart = Gore. Sam's Club = Gore. Meijer's = Gore's. BP Gas = Gore.

Gore - to "pierce" as with a horn, "sword", "lance", (Mack the) knife, or bullets that pierce through armor, "penetrate", "disembowel", "gut", and to "puncture", as to Gore, in the "letting of blood". Even a Masonic ancient soothsayer gave away what he would be called: "The Man of Blood."

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Assyrian Nisroch

Ur's Fleur-de-lus and Cross

1,800 A.D.

1941 Hitler's Eagle God and Cross

3,800 B.C. Same with Goats! Same across Europe/U.S.

(Eagle Son Ruler over the World)

(Buds from Satan's Tree)

(Same Royalty as Ur)

Gore – means to "gouge", and to "stab", "spear", "lance", "stick", "pink", "impale", and "spit". (As the German Hittites, Assyrians, and soldiers of the Roman Empire impaled their victims, gouged out their eyes, tortured them, split them apart, disfigured them, skinned them alive, fed them to lions, decapitated them, and burned many thousands). Does this sound like Hitler and the German Nazis? The giant Iron Eagle above was exclusively built for Hitler, who thought he was the German Messiah! He did fulfill his part in Daniel's prophecy, in leading the second vicious German Bear out of Berlin.

Across U.S. multi-millions cannot see the connection to this One World Order and World War III with the Germans, with Nazis, with their other very brutal two World Wars, and costing millions of lives! They also cannot see the connection to the U.S. as the absolute final extension of the Roman Empire. A major reason why they do not really care about much of this information, is that they have been fed the pre-tribulation false doctrine, and they are led to believe that they are not even going to be here when all of the trouble begins in World War III! (We are not liked, because we tell them they are!)

Gore - Satan's symbolic black "prick" for announcing His son is directly above the White House coming out of his square and Egyptian "cross" or bow tie with a "circle dot" in the center. This can be found at "Batan" (Satan) street. 666 - Satan's "square" and "prick" lines up precisely under the Masonic temple (666) Satan, (666) son, and (666) Isis, "the heart of Isis" as shown in the D.C. Map. Temple is a "perfect square cube" numbered, 75'x 75'x 75'. 75 feet into inches = 900 = "Eagle".

Masonic temple is for Isis, (their MOMMY), Satan "the Eagle", and his son. Isis is shown laying down on (a street) where united worldly "Christian churches" are located under her and Iesus. How? Goldie Locks is ready with her "third bear": Cain and Esau's Bowl of soup is supposed to be just right. Under the U.S. Nike-Juno Miss Liberty harlot, as in the world German Roman Catholic Church. They already worship "her" as "their sacred mother" and Osiris-Iesus, her "child". They now worship "the Eagle beast" (elite knowingly, and Christians unknowingly). How can they now escape Yahovah's double portions of wrath)? ALL MASONS ARE LUCIFER-ISIS WORSHIPPERS.

Gore - his name, even without other Masonic documentation, reveals what is going to happen.

Gory- adj. Number one: (again, how he was revealed) "bloody", "bleeding", "bloodstained", "bloodsoaked", "sanguinary, sanguineous", and Gory - like a "slaughterhouse" * or "abattoir". U.S. and the world will now become a "slaughterhouse" under the "Screaming Eagles" of Gore.

* Historical Note: Billionaire New Yorker and elite German, John D. Rockefeller, donated the "land" where the U.N. (United Nations) was built. Before, it had been used extensively as a livestock slaughterhouse. Soil was totally saturated black with blood. What could be more fitting a precise location where this abomination of world communists and anti-Jewish nations supporting the German World Order is located? (In 2000, U.N. group condemned Israel in a vote! Thus, according to Yahovah's Torah, they are all cursed) Update: May 18 (666) and 19th 2001 on CNN News, Arab Nations met in Egypt and voted to boycott Israel and all were against them.

Gory - adj. Number two: (Satan's sun spot) "murderous", "cruel", "brutal", "savage", and "fierce". "They will speak a (dark sentences) language that you know not" (German troops, foreign mercenaries, and Catholics of "the covenant" already here) "they will not spare the sword, neither will they have mercy on women and innocent children." Gore's "Screaming Eagle warriors" have already shown this with "brutal mass murders" of over 80 innocent people at Waco, Texas. These men are the world's best trained killers, and they will do their jobs with efficient accuracy and with no remorse whatsoever. This is clearly spelled out in Yahovah's prophecy, but Americans believe it not.

"They know not what they do" is appropriate also for the multi-millions who have been killed for Isis, Satan and Son and the cursed Masons who keep soldiers in the dark for their evil purposes!

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Gory - describes the ancient history of the "Seeds of Cain-Esau": lovers of war and "red hand" of Esau and all those under the Eagle: Aryan Hittites, German Nordic, and Scandinavian Vikings, Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, and Romans. Has anything changed since Rome and Yahshua? Yes: seeds of Cain-Esau of the "purple" have created more efficient ways of 'killing' and destruction! (By law, only Roman Royalty could wear the Cain 'Purple' or use it. They mocked Yahshua with it!) If one of their own gets killed, they receive the ancient Ur-Chaldean "Purple Heart". What is on this Eagle God's Purple Heart? "G" George Washington, a Master Mason Lucifer worshipper!

(U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor is also evil. Satan's Pentagram upside down five pointed star in the temple of the Mendes Goat on it as a token. Who will now wake up and repent of all this evil? No, talking to a decorated war vet or "A Legion of Demons" at the American Legion would create a stir!)

Gore - Part of his World Order "vision": a Bosnia Commander General named Wilhelm; (an elite German) was over German "mercenaries" doing their "ethnic cleansing"! Wholesale slaughter in 1993: By February 1994, they had killed way over 200,000. (Almost 4 times the Americans killed in Vietnam). They have butchered even more, and setting up prison camps like Hitler. Remember that Germans are controlling their German World Order puppet run U.N. and the NATO Organization(s). (When a population has their guns taken away and outlawed to own, the inevitable always happens)

Enforced arms embargo (gun control) on their world victims, while slaughtering them! The elite and chosen in the U.S. only yawn, and are bored, while this "massive genocide" continues in the world.

Gore - continues the World Order "vision": documented in Pentagon in a classified 21 Page Report, witnessed by "J.E." that: "up to 35 million blacks in Africa will die of AIDS between 1993 and 2004 without firing a shot." What? This was a Hitler dream and a scientific objective: how to eliminate the millions of unwanteds without even wasting bullets! U.S. Government "Military labs" in Washington, D.C. created AIDS as an effective and very deadly "virus weapon". It needed to be tested: correctly. (Virus is associated directly with the word "venom", as the poison of the "serpent's venom". See?)

If you believe AIDS came from a Green Monkey, then you believe the lie of Osiris, the "Green One". The German controlled (WHO) World Health Organization, gave this deadly virus to many Africans through controlled vaccination programs. The German elite selectively targeted AIDS vaccinations in Africa and are the reason it started in many Eastern parts of the world, as China, Indonesia, and Japan. If you think Hitler and Nazi long term goal of getting rid of "inferiors" is over, you are dead wrong.

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"Rocky the Eagle"

Gore the Roc's theme: I will fight for you!

Gore - is rapidly bringing together under his new Reich and World Order, many hidden elite Eagle son "Seeds" of Cain to mass murder untold millions. Why? The identical motivation as Hitler: "the perpetuation and future survival of their race," and to finally have the world all to themselves! They have a very serious problem: Yahovah said in prophecy that He would consume it to the end!

Part 10