Part 10

Gore - talks frequently of "the children" (meaning goats of his kind only of race and blood) as he did October 23, 1993 in front of his father's 666 Temple (U.S. Capitol) when they mounted their "Isis-Nike Eagle Goddess of war" back on her "Eagle perch" made ready for battle for their goat's future. Rocky I, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V! Gore is number V! (See how Gore is like Rocky) Gore - elite "behind the scenes" workers have finished the enormous task of "first" separating, then uniting and bringing together "...Those (tares) that are his..." Fulfilling our Yahshua's prophecy to the Word of first separating out the "tares" from the "wheat". (Crystal City, D.C. has U.S. people files!)

This is the harvest of the wheat and separation from the tares. They can actually do this thing through DNA tests: June 2000, Gore/Clinton announced they have broken the DNA "Book of Life" code. Do you need to have that now explained for you? The Book of Life! These were his exact words!

Gore - knows who is being put on this 'separation list'. They think they are "safe and secure" and spared under their Eagle God. Multi-Millions under their Covenant by DNA bloodlines, their German Hittite/Cain/Esau heritage, even starting with their last names. Woe to those Germans knowingly and unknowingly now being put on this German World Order Secret and classified CIA computer list. (In the works are National I.D. Cards with Barcodes and Bio-genetic chips for the Nazi Police State) Soon, "there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth..." (Luke 13:27-28) They are all destined " be bundled up and cast into the fire." How they think with Mason's Gore they have everything precisely planned out and victory is theirs. No wonder they shall soon curse our Yahovah! Gore and his kind have deceived themselves, and brainwashed untold multi-millions of non-German Aryans, Israelite/Jews, Chinese (who definitely do not trust Americans), and blacks, and even their own kind, of their true evil purpose. For they appear innocent, and have used the tactics of incredible deception:

"...For when you see it ("the Eagle") the Abomination of Desolation, standing in Yah's place where it should not..." Yahshua warned of these terrible things in his Living Word, but today, few know what "it" is: The "Abomination of Desolation" is "the Eagle", "it" is Satan, and "it" is Gore: all three are now one and the same. The Augustus Caesar World Ruler Eagle Son God "Eagle Standard" has already been placed in Jerusalem, Israel inside of King David's Citadel!

Alexis-Gore's "Russian church" and Icons are already placed in Jerusalem* and already worshipped. * 1995, the ancient Masonic Golden Arch Covenant Seal of Satan and son was also 'placed' in Jerusalem. * 2001, There is a proposal for the "United State Embassy" to be moved into Jerusalem. This is Gore's Great Eagle Seal and "Mark", and one of his tabernacles in many nations. This does not have to be done as Gore's final sign, but it would be even more 'over kill' of establishing his Eagle God 666 abominations in Jerusalem.

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Celtic Cross Sun Worshipping "Osiris High Priest"

Roman Wreath on the Pope

(Note black tipped phallic Osiris tie from Babylon)

(Pope: Gore's False Prophet)

Will the billion German-Roman Catholics worldwide now quickly repent? No. Will the multi-millions of German Lutherans worldwide quickly repent? No. Will they send millions of complaints in becoming united in 1999 with Catholics? No. Will the Masons stop their evil plan against world Jews and what they classify as "inferiors" in their world? No. Will one of these Catholic men above ever make it into Yahovah's and Yahshua Messiah's Kingdom? Definitely No. Will the Pope be welcomed into Yahovah's Kingdom, or be cast into the lake of fire? What do you think of this man? Will history repeat itself as World War II and world's Germans and many Catholics declare war on the Jews? Yes! The U.S. German Bear of Daniel is about to devour much flesh: again (the third and final rib)!

Gore - his Eagle son false prophet or elite Aryan Hittite World Order Priest (the Pope) has signed Diplomatic and Religious "relations" with the State of Israel. This covenant is forbidden in Torah. Jacob/Israel today cannot see his treachery at work. Pope also signed an actual Hitler goal of their Nazi covenant of reuniting German Lutherans back into the German Catholic Church 12/1999. (Despite what Seventh Day Adventists and others promote as the Pope's role, they are wrong. He is the 666 false Prophet, and not the world's false Messiah. He is however, an extremely evil man.) Note: Letterman has already had more special Top Ten Gore (Jan/Feb 1994) Countdowns since 9/9/1993.

You might be asking yourself again and again, what does the Letterman Top Ten Countdown have to do with prophecy? Yahovah has already pronounced "HIS COUNTDOWN", and you can believe it or not, but it does not change the truth of what happened on January 8th 1992. Therefore, Satan, the demons and Satan's angels of darkness are not stupid. They too have their "Top Ten Countdown."

Many relate to Gore, giving out dark coded messages and even status reports on their German World Order. One of the number tens on Letterman 1/18/94 was: "While Clinton is out of town, Gore flies around on Air Force One picking up chicks". (Meaning that "number one" is now rounding up his "world brood of Eagles" and continuing preparation for the world purge.) For it is written in Job of the Eagle and her "brood" (chicks) attacking and feeding on blood of unsuspecting; innocent prey.

Also, "little chicks" is a reference to Yahshua's "sheep", and Gore is definitely going to round up these "Chicks" and destroy them. Their hidden Masonic "signs" and symbols are all around us today.

Look closely at the U.S. Great Seal coming from Egypt: (13) Arrows (for the tribes of Germanica to go out and conquer the world "as the lion" (Rev. 9:8) as shown in Egyptian 3,100 B.C. Covenant and arrows shown in panel (1) of their Hittite 3,000 B.C. Sealed covenant under "the Great Eagle", Satan. (13) bars, (13) stripes, (13) leaves, (13) stars, (13) berries (literally meaning Gore's Fruit) (13) letters, and (13) steps on the Great Cheops/Giza Egyptian Pyramid. (13) Tribes of Germanica are now firmly united in their U.S. German Volk, their Promised Land, and Masonic rule of the world from the U.S.

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For Pepsi

For Bringing forth the last Pharaoh Pepsi!

The original (13) states were formed under German Trade Corporations and German Trusts. U.S. Standard colors of Red, White, and Blue are identical with ancient Egypt, and the stripes. (Ask U.S. patriot lawyers, and you will be told the truth behind German Trusts, certificates, and titles) Red White and Blue, especially in Pepsi (Pepi) logo, is the 'symbol' of the Serpent and a 'name' of Pharaoh: Isis and Satan coming together to bring forth from the serpent's seed: another world ruler.

Blue: the color of Isis over all of ancient Egypt...(the blue moon). (Dominating on millions of U.S. Products, and especially the "Blue Square", which means Isis covering the four corners of the world). The "left eye" of Isis, CBS TV (blue logo), and blue "left eye" of a sexy Isis woman on Fox News.

Red: the color used for Horus that represented Osiris the sun (son) over Egypt. (Dominating also on millions of U.S. products and especially on German Oil and Gas Companies, as the Texaco Red Star, Chevron, and Esso, Exxon, and American Oil and Standard Oil, and Marathon Oil). Standard Oil Logo is in the shape of the Isis Egg, with Satan's Zeus Torch, and the famous Red/Blue combination. The red "right eye" of Horus/Osiris, "the Great Eagle's Eye", is in the Capstone of the Masonic U.S. Seal. (Capstone has been lowered) Red is also used inside the circle of the great Egyptian sun orb.

White: the color of Satan's perfection and used on the Cheops pyramid (Once covered with polished pure white limestone). White used for blazing five pointed white star: symbol for Lucifer, the fallen star: and Osiris, means the "Pytha-Gore" Star = SERPENT'S MURDERER, who is also Cain.

  Graphic's not available

Double Eagle of Masons and Russia

Pytha-Gore or Pentagram Goat Star

(Used by the Hittites and ancient Ur)

(U.S. Pentagon shape is inside star)

Star: Lucifer's five pointed white star of ancient Ur, Hittites, and Egypt. (Found throughout Egyptian tombs and on Isis) now dominating throughout the U.S. and world. It is on flags of over 50 nations. In Egypt, known as: "Lucifer, the bright and shining fallen star of the morning." See Red and blue coming together, uniting as one: (The Pepsi logo is shown in the upper throat of Egyptian serpents, and represent Osiris, the son, or the Pharaoh). American Oil (Standard Oil) logo has Satan's eternal flame in egg of Isis, and same "Golden" flame held in the right hand by Juno Statue of Liberty in N.Y.

Gore is "the bright shining one." North American Van Lines logo and thousands of others use the Red, White, and Blue and Star logos. (Isis and Osiris-Satan uniting to bring forth their sun son of the horizon) There are thousands of themes, Egyptian characters and images across the U.S. Daughter of Egypt and world today. Gore is Mir, Mire, Meyer, Mijer, Myer, Mayer. (as swamp, muck, or mud).

"Alberto" VO 5 is a popular hair shampoo, and "Aldi's" (Albert and Diane) is a large "food chain". Mc Call's women's magazine means: Satan's women and his "SON OF DEATH CALLS". "Rosie O Donnell" (German Catholic) has taken up a role of McCall's. She has done it on TV sometime.

Gore - will "Gorge" and glorify himself in blood. Victory "spoils" are already being secretly and quietly divided among Satan's chosen seed. (Thousands of Germans came to U.S. in June of 1994). (Jews who have labored for what they have are no longer needed in their evil world order scheme) Germans visited other Germans of (13) tribe "covenant" (as German Catholics, German Mormons, and German Masons). Those firmly united under these false world religions, are at first "exempt."

(The no longer needed theme is continued in numerous Serta Commercials with "numbered" sheep! TV Commercials designed by Satan say again and again: "YOU ARE NOT NEEDED ANYMORE")

Another growing group throughout the U.S. echos this theme: it is the Yahweh Groups who claim to be Israelites, and they would like to see all Jews be flushed down the toilet, based on their own books and literature. These people have names that are pure "German" Bavarian Anglo-Saxon, and are in no way Israelites or real Jews. They are pretending to be something they are not, and have fulfilled the precise thing that Yahshua Messiah warned of in Revelation and in Matthew. He said: that many shall come in My Name, and in Revelation, they pretend to be Israelite/Jews when they are not!

The book: 'God's Covenant People' Yesterday, Today and Forever, by Evangelist Ted R. Weiland, 1995, Library of Congress Number 93-080944, is one of the most twisted examples of actual history and altering the truth behind the real ancient heritage of Anglo-Saxons, that it is best not to comment. Yahovah and Yahshua shall handle these people who indeed are God's (Satan's) Covenant People! Will the German Volk majority ignore individual and mass murders? Have they not already? After this "purge", will they think they are "special" to have been spared? Woe unto all those unrepenting, as mass murders of multi-millions of their "brothers and sisters" are done throughout the world. Their horrible future awaits them. Yah is especially now giving millions of Germans terrible warnings. (This prophecy is also falling on deaf ears. The deceived shall be finally cut off in December of 2001 meaning that Yahovah will no longer offer them His Salvation! Only a 'window' is open for Jews!)

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Sex, Sex, Sex = Six, Six, Six. She holds the "egg" to bring forth the Son. Helios: Note the Sun Rays (See also the Four Horses of Revelation. Strip Clubs and Porno is abundant all across the U.S.)

The United States Great Babylonian Whore is reserved for Yahovah's special "double portion" wrath. What? In one hour, shall sudden death and destruction come upon all of them. It shall soon be over. A sickening thing is those who should heed this warning are Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians. To us, a great sickening thing is another Jewish Holocaust is imminent, and they too are blind!

Gore - "Gormandize": to "Gorge", to "make a pig of oneself" (swine of Satan, an unclean thing). "Gormandize", to "devour" (as an Eagle and its young over its prey), to eat "greedily" (as Cain and Esau did with "their bowls" to first choose mammon of this world over Yahovah and His heritage)

Gore – "stout bear": Gore is the third Bear (rib) who shall devour much flesh, as written in Daniel. Now do you see how the spiritual Satanic story "Goldie Locks and the Three Bears" fits?

Gore - as in "Gorge", and slang: To "pig in", to "eat high off the hog." (As German upper crust live today with trillions of illegal dollars and the vast majority of "mammon" of the world) "They hoard away their wealth for these last days", but it will not buy them their souls when our Yahshua Messiah our Master of Righteousness soon returns to destroy the wicked. Yahovah's warnings are beginning to escalate and He is even burning up the U.S. and drying it up worse than the dust bowl. Gorki - was a 'pin name' for Alexis of Russia, and why there has been a rash of Pig movies in U.S. And 'giant pigs' in bank and savings commercials. Pigs are the 'in thing' to use in advertising. "They'll raise the (merry) devil" (Van a Armarla Gorda) Lost Angels are doing just that! "Gor-rino" (Mexican-Spanish) hog and "filthy pig": as Reno (Rino) U.S. Attorney General "Gor-dal" (Mexican-Spanish) fat and "fleshy": over 50% of middle aged Americans today. "Gor-Dana" (Mexican-Spanish) "animal fat" (as massive amounts of younger people in U.S.) "Gor-da" (Mexican-Spanish) "great lie" (Satan, the father of lies) "Da" pronounced "Duh". "Gor-ra" (Mexican-Spanish) "to sponge on people" (See millions now on Government aid)

Gore - introduced out of "the sun": Satan's Number two (2) V.P. "son (sun) spot": Satan's "Naval" of "life" observatory, Gore's V.P. chosen residence for eight years, in Washington, D.C. Gore has moved back into Arlington, which is back into the Egyptian womb of Isis, his ancient "mommy".

Gore - knows that the best worldly German and European Historians, archaeologists, and scholars in the U.S., England, and Germany traced "their roots" to Ur, Canaanites, to Egypt, and to "Cain". Shaul was tricked for "many days" by a Zeus and Iesus woman sorcerer, and promoter of the wrong (Greek) name for salvation. (She worked for elite Masons of that day). Shaul never let this happen again. Shaul learned his lesson. The world has not. They still refuse to give all of the credit to only Yahovah through Yahshua Messiah (access to the Father) as the ONLY PATH and NAME TO SALVATION.

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See Queen of England's Shield

See German Shields and German Royalty

Ashtaroth/Diana over Lions

"They had teeth as teeth of lions" (Rev. 9:8)

(Artemis of Ephesians)

(These lions are restored in Germany today)

If you examine the Queen Mother Bee of England's Coat of Arms, you will see that left and right lions are facing inward, as above on each shoulder of this Fertility Ashtaroth Eagle Goddess abomination of ancient sexual rites under numerous names. These lions on her shoulder are not of Judah or Israel!

"The Great Eagle" Zeus-Jupiter reigned Supreme as God of this world and was worshiped as "Theos" (Deus), and his son "Iesus" in the time Yahshua walked in Jerusalem. Today, "the Eagle" God still reigns supreme and Zeus and Eve-Isis-Diana is worshiped more than ever. Religions are now uniting under the Catholic Madonna as a world "Eagle Goddess", as Satan promised Eve in the Garden.

Gore - in his book, "Earth in the Balance", has a command of smooth "words" that go "to and fro", while manipulating historical truths and events to suit his purpose: he understands his Satan-Cain heritage well. He subtly lumps Yahovah's prophet Moshe with known false ones. There have been many articles from numerous sources since 1993 about Gore being a habitual liar: since the beginning.

In front of Jews in Israel 1998 he divided up what he actually represents by openly saying: "…Your prophets, and our prophets, your fathers and our fathers…" (Jews understood not what he clearly said) He places the world (his father's Kingdom) and Eve-Isis, their sacred mother earth over it, as the number one priority for "his children", not Jews, to save from future destruction. (It is all in vain.)

Gore - also knows these worldly German scholars firmly documented their influence, and dominance as Rulers in the old Roman Empire, and Ur, Sumerian, Crete, Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Grecian Aryan Hittite Empires. Today, Gore knows their recent heritage, authority, power and rule in D.C. Over the U.S. German Volk. Documented in U.S. Congressional records: Washington, D.C. was owned and developed by wealthy German bankers, "merchants" and "German Masons", the same way the original 13 states were established. Obviously, if you are German, all of this was done for you!

(There has never been one single true Jew of Judah, or one single true "Israelite" for that matter, that has ever been elected or held the office of President of the United States since its foundation. In fact, Joseph Lieberman was the first Jew to be on a ticket with "Gore" as a 'Vice President'. Now it should be obvious who is running the U.S., and even England and Germany: no Jews, all Germans! As to the richest men in the world, Forbes puts out a top 20 and top 40, and you should examine them. The richest man in the world today is Wilhelm (William-Bill) Gates, a German, not a Jew, whatsoever. Few today that continuously blame the Jew for everything seldom if ever talk of the rich holdings of the Arab Nations, the Japanese, the Chinese, or the dominance of the German Anglo-Saxons in the world)

   Graphic's not available

Masons and Methodists

Deus 33 Degree Symbols

D.C. Great Masonic Temple

(Flame from Egypt)

(Christian Crosses)

(Egyptian Dominance)

Again, the direct foundation, connection, and control of Masonry over "Jesus Christ" Churches and Worlwide Christian "Churches of God" cannot be emphasized enough. Although many Jews are "adopted" into and join the Bavarian Club of Freemasonry, they are not the dominating influence. When visiting graveyards near many early churches across the United States, you will find a staggering amount of Masonic Osiris-Iesus Phallic Washington Obelisks on graves, and Masonic symbols and emblems on tombstones, especially their Compass and Square, "Cross", and "Skull and Bones".

The problem is Jewish Masons have taken the oath of the Covenant, and therefore, they too must obey their higher ranking Bavarian Masons of the Pyramid. This happened with the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, a Mason, signing a real 666 Peace Covenant with the "Stealth Man of Sin" in Washington, D.C.

(Worldwide Methodist Assembly in England over all Methodist churches changed "He" to "She" in their Bibles and worship in 1992, and thus they in effect, merged 100% with Catholics and Masons!)

If you are German, this strong rebuke will probably make you angry. So be it. The game is up. The party is over. The fat lady has sung. It is all over but the shout! The lights are now ready to be turned out over the U.S., and especially in D.C. and N.Y. Gore only has 3 1/2 years. If you repent not of Iesus, God, Lord, and the Catholic's Nike-Isis-Juno Madonna, then "kiss yourself good-bye". It is "Your Mama's Last Supper" (Title of painting in N.Y. with a nude woman created quite a stir in 2000-2001). As one of Satan's demonic Rock groups scream out: "It's the Final Countdown!"

  Graphic's not available

Nike-Isis and her Eagle God

Eagle Guards 666

"Son of the Sun"

(Same Shield of Greeks)

(See "Eye" in Naval Observatory)

Nike with the Eagle is from 3,600 B.C. Ur, and with Athena shield, goes back to ancient Greece. She is traced all over the East, Europe, and has sat down on her 666 "throne seat" to rest in U.S. Inside of the Eagle's breast (its heart) is a lane called "Lovers Lane Walkway"/Dumbarton Lab. This all-seeing Osiris "eye" is in the Naval Observatory. (See the goat on the right). Isis is above the Eagle, as well as the Masonic Temple, "Scott Circle", and Isis Egg. The "Victorian house" (Victoria's Secret) was made the number two V.P. sun-spot permanent residence in 1975. Gore has graduated. Eagle and Eagle Goddess have hatched their "Egg". (Osiris is out and walking humble among us).

1975 to "Gore" in 1993 was 18 years: "18" = 666. Gore - (Al) Albert, Jr., Born March 31, 1948, in Arlington: where the "Isis" cemetery "sacred Egyptian egg" of the Dead is located. Arlington is inside Washington, D.C. ten-mile square. Gore also came out of Satan's Egyptian "square" and out from Isis. Gore lived in the Naval "Osiris-Iesus Son of the Sun" Masonic symbol for two terms.

Street names in "Isis" Arlington surrounding "His child image" in the map attached to the end of his umbilical cord (Walter Reed Drive). After being born from Isis, precisely inside and around his "infant new born image" are: "King" Street (heir to Satan's world throne), "Queens" Street (coming from Isis), "Mount Eagle" place (of the Great Eagle), "Maple Wood" place (as the "maple board" under Gore's V.P. Crystal ash receiver used on Letterman, and as in the "maple board" of Alexis) "Lyons" Lane (last "Nazir little horn" of the Assyrian, German Egyptian Hittite conquering lion in Rev. 9:8)

Many lions are in yards, etc. across the U.S. "Glebe" Road (land, soil, earth) belonging to the land. Gotts-a-Gore literally means the German Gott of the land. Gore's name also means: triangular land. Gore - Satan's clergyman benefice: a "living worldly church", the material livelihood of a high priest in charge, 13th street (one of Satan's favorite streets). Below it is GATT Reagan World Trade Center. Note: These maps have obviously been greatly reduced, and to see more clearly what is in them, get a AAA D.C. Grid Map, or a D.C. large accurate Tourist Grid Map. What you will discover is shocking.

Gore - "Pierce" Street (another definition of Gore), Arlington (Isis) Blvd. North leads straight into her vagina and "First" Street, "First" Road, and "First" Place (entry into vagina, a direct reference to Eve in the garden, and her being seduced-beguiled by Satan himself). This is Satan's theme today. Isis Arlington Cemetery is actually the place of burial for elite's Eagle sons killed for 666 cause.

Satan's portrait(s) are throughout Washington, D.C., as this one, holding his Osiris-Iesus 'cut-off' phallic, which is what Mason's worship. Note that it is also the "Cornerstone" of the tower. This was completed in 1996 (World Trade Center). "Star" was used on the Inter-net for some time. Batman = "The Woman's Man". Today, notice the new GM/TV promotional commercials (single) Osiris-Iesus "Blazing Star" tracking- guidance (on board) vehicle Satellite system. The Osiris Blazing Star Commercial system features "Batman" in his famous "Batmobile" car. See?

Note also the U.S. Pentagon inside the Eagle's mouth (shown in another map). The design of Satan by Satan that he has revealed himself to the Masons incorporates the Eagle, the Serpent, the Rabbit, Star, and all that is important to him (as Isis) one unit. No man could have possibly designed these things. We are not making any of this up: you can temporarily ignore it, but this is Satan's 666 City!

Now we strongly warn you, especially if you are Jewish, or a Messianic believer, that Satan and his many evil workers in this city and scattered in the world are not your "friends" whatsoever. They have an incredible plan for your imminent and total elimination off the face of the earth! Even with what is happening in Israel, you are safer in Yahovah's "city" than in Satan's "city".

  Graphic's not available

D.C. Map Section showing Satan

Satan holds Osiris "Cut-off Penis"

Gore - "Ripon Place" (head of the child) a low waterfall "Marking the exit of the Nile" from its source: which is "Lake (German) Victoria". Location of The National Orthopedic Hospital, meaning: "Correct Child", a reference to Gore. Definitions and names in this area relate to: Gore - Satan, and Isis of Egypt trinity (Al) night he was revealed: 45 years old. 4+5 = (9), the Eagle's number. Satan's "mirror image" of 9 = 5+4 (54, as a deck of cards) = 666, 666, 666, from his trinity.

Gore - (Al) Albert, German Aryan Hittite Prince of "Saxe-Coburg", Germany (1819-1861) Albert = El, and Bert means the bright shining one, who married "Queen Victoria" (1819-1901).

Victoria had nine (9) "Eagle" children of ancient Egypt German Aryan Hittite heritage. Albert came from DNA family of Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra German Royal blood. Gore actually lived in "Victoria's Home" at the Washington, D.C. Naval Observatory for eight years. This is a direct connection to (Queen) "Victoria's Secret" back to Isis and the sexy women involved for seduction.

Gore - Al, as in "Alexis" (1904-1918) (first born son), "child" heir God-Tsar to Russian (Romanov) German World Empire. (Al) - "Alexis", illegitimate son of King George V, and reared up with the public's assumed father Tsar Nicholas II. Alexis (German Aryan) came from "an Egyptian DNA Egg" of "Alexandra": Queen Victoria's favorite German Aryan elite granddaughter. Now you know why.

(Al) - "Alexis", was from 300 year old Romanov "double-headed" Hittite Black Eagle God Empire. Nick (ol) names: "little one", "sunshine", "sunbeam", and "little prince." (Documented in 1900s Romanov Russian Eagle history). (Al)- "Alexis", rode around grounds on his colt "pet ass" (imitating Yahshua) in the Imperial yard and also had a pet Satanic "black goat", as he was to be the prince over the goats. (Documented Romanov photographs from "The House of Special Purpose", Trewin, 1975)

(Al) - "Alexis" had conquering Isis Egyptian lioness above his head at palace: "mirror image" to Satan's Egypt hieroglyphics, papyrus covenant with "Cleopatra" and (Al) "Alexander the Great". (Documented at Smithsonian, England Museum, Egypt, and in Romanov photographs of Alexis).

(Al) – "Alexander" (the Great), Al is "Alexis", and Alexis is short for Alexander, and Alexander means "El-is-cain-der" (Mighty Man of Cain). Why TV commercials with "Alexander"/Alexis. Note: Satan's documented World Order Ruler covenant with a prior chosen Osiris "Eagle-son" Pharaoh, is recorded on papyrus paper in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, reads right to left:

  Graphic's not available

"I, (eye of Great Eagle), who sees all things, (as prince of the power of the air), extend my hand over all four corners of the earth (Egypt square-cube symbol). I now bind you as my Eagle (son) feather bearer with power to go conquer for my sacred lioness over the plains of the earth. I will divide my world kingdom with you as my chosen (son) sun of the horizon as long as you live."

(Al) - "Alexis": On his Royal hat wore one "Eagle Egyptian feather" as world's elite "feather bearer!" (Al) - "Alexis" wore on his "Royal Crown" and on his "Little Prince" uniform (2) seven (7) pointed Lucifer "Egyptian stars"; two tassels: revealing that he was "the seventh chosen son" to rule world.

(Al) - "Alexis" (was given a special Russian Royal Air force flyby of "seven" (7) airplanes on Thursday, 17/30 Nov. 1916". (Romanov photos and Gibbes Diary: "House of Special Purpose"). Understand Yahovah's prophecy as written: "And the (Alexis Eagle son) beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth (Gore Eagle son) and is of the seven, and goes into perdition." (Rev. 17:11) These "seven kings" span all of history back to Cain, who was the "number one son" of Satan.

Dan "shall now Judge His People", as written in Prophecy!

 Graphic's not available

Why do you think Gore had a Jew swear him into Office?

Gore - is the eighth. The DNA German "mirror image" of Alexis: same hair, nose, eyes, ears, chin, hands, and facial characteristics. Exterior and nuclear DNA of the "blood" does not lie. Nuclear DNA genealogy, genetics, hybrids, cloning, and splicing of "Dead" and "living" DNA cells into a "carrier" is a documented scientific realty for 50 years. As a "mirror image", Gore parts his hair opposite.

Gore - is "the last chosen child", secretly created in a D.C. Dumbarton Special Laboratory, nurtured, and placed in politics and "high government positions" by workers of iniquity and groomed by Satan. (Stated No Top Ten Countdown [code] in summer of 1947, 9 months before Gore's birth! Check out Gore on Letterman's web-site:  HYPERLINK "" ) Gore - was secretly accomplished through lies, deceptions, illusions, and things that you know not. Gore – is the "Immaculate Conception", as quoted by Chris Matthews on MSNBC Hardball!

  Graphic's not available

Gore as the 666 false Cornerstone, was to be rejected by the Masonic Builders!

The Immaculate Deception to all Jews!

Picked Lieberman as a "Pawn" (Gore did this to gain Jewish Trust)

(Knew they were to be Rejected!)

Gore is "the immaculate deception", created from a virgin female laboratory without having a living father! Every single detail, time, date, and "number" is precise with Gore-Alexis. For who are these world leaders today in "Life's Mysteries?" How many illegal and unauthorized experiments have they done within "bodies", tissues, cells, "blood experiments", DNA, genetics, hybrid seed and the "Cross-breeding" of animals, trees, fruit, and organisms and viruses? How many deathly cancers and viruses (as AIDS) have they created? See today their experiments and "alterations" of numerous vegetables, and yes, major fertilization, genetics, and DNA cell work on animals and soon (stem) "humans"? *

* (This is against laws of Yahovah). See promotion on the right "Cell" with Pepsi and "movie". Who, after World War II, "continued development of a superior Nordic German super race"? They cloned sheep, mice, do complex gene splicing, and now commonly rearrange nuclear DNA molecular structures and categories down to thousands plus segments that the "unaided eye" cannot see.

They desperately cling to "flesh and blood", for it is all they have! This is their inheritance, as they do not believe in Yahovah or Yahshua, or His promise of life after death. They are as Cain. They love their flesh, their mammon, their world, and all their stuff that goes with it. (Take your own survey!) Listen to what the majority of Christian and Catholic Church Ministers, and preachers say about the foundation of this country with their head in the sand, and have no idea what they are talking about, or do they? If you tell them all about lot 666, and the Bavarian Masons, they refuse to discuss it today.

Who are undisputed leaders today with deadly weapons of war, poisons, nerve gases, toxic drugs, chemicals, and pharmaceutical pills and drugs (legal-illegal)? Who leads world's space technology, exploration, science, math, engineering, physics, chemistry, computers, micro- chips and micro-dots, and complex chemical and medical research, heart, liver, lung, and kidney transplants, skin grafting, cosmetics, fatal cancers and multi-disease research? Will Germans ever give up their drugs? No!

Who continues controversial and top secret "experimental" laboratories with the brain, mind control; creating and spreading even the AIDS virus? Virus in Latin is "venom", as in the serpent's "venom": coming directly from Satan and his den of vipers in D.C. German(s) invented "Morphine", etc.

  Graphic's not available

Is this a "mass of deceived humanity", or what?

He looks up to Heaven and says:

"See how they love me?"

The majority of the country voted for him!

In 2000, Gore stated that this country is the most powerful in the world. Do you believe him? These weapons alone, in the hands of Lucifer's workers (without using their vast instruments of war) used as secret, quiet (hidden), sudden, or slow death instruments against "multi-millions" of enemies classified as Israelites-Jews, "inferiors", "dissidents", and "unwanteds", are more than enough evil.

As written: "They have said unto themselves, who can see this evil that we do and propose?" And, as Hitler and Germans also asked Jewish victims: "where is your Yahovah of Israel now?" (Hallelu-Yah! They are going to find out where Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah are at now! They are now receiving final warnings right before Yahovah's Double Portions on their heads! Hallelu-Yah!)

They have escalated their death machine the past 60 years. Many prior centuries are covered with blood without remorse or repentance whatsoever. Those not of their German race and Satanic blood covenant should have never planned their retirement in today's U.S. German Volk. Examine available documented data on "last names" and non-German Aryan "sudden deaths" soon after retirement.

They were considered a 'debit' and no longer needed as a "human resource" asset. Major U.S. German Volk Corporations continuously take documented "drastic measures" to cut out waste. Those retirees not of their ancient Covenant or chosen race must be quietly and quickly eliminated, as debits.

Documented statistical data on "fatal heart attacks", "fatal cancers", "fatal strokes" and details of fatal "blood" diseases verify the truth. They suddenly skyrocketed in the U.S. the very same time in 1933 when Hitler came to power and began his purge and "ethnic cleansing" of races across Europe and in Germany. It (planned deaths) has been climbing rapidly since 1933 in all of the above categories.

Examine last names and heritage of majority that died suddenly in these vivid statistics: again, "who would ever suspect them in these manner of deaths?" They think they have pulled it off without anyone knowing. The blood of the innocent multi-millions cries out to Yahovah as did Abel's.

Thus, few are left today to hear the truth, accept the truth, rejoice in the truth, and be saved by the truth, for it is written. We rejoice when led to "only one" of Yahshua's remaining "lost sheep" to deliver His truth, the "Living Word", that will bring that one sheep home to be loved forever as He promised. Time is extremely short. Satan is now in his son and filling the world with many lies.

Gore – as the "Little Horn", his office while in the U.S. Senate: no. 393 "Russell" (Ra's El) Senate Building, is located at the right side of the 666 U.S. Capitol head of "the goat" on the right side of the "right horn" "square cube" of Satan's son's (sun) temple: Satan's Tower of Babel is done.

These are the Masonic numbers: 393 (3+3 x 9) = 54. 18 + 18 + 18 = 54, which is 666, + 666, + 666 = 54. 9 (number of the Eagle) 3 x 9 = (27) 2+7 = 9 (Eagle) 9 x 3 = 27 and 27 + 27 = 54 and 5 + 4 = 9 (Eagle). 18 (666) Satan, 18 (666) son, 18 (666) "Eve-Isis" ie. 52 Card pick-up plus the "2" Jokers.

Gore - sat at the right throne and 666 seat of Satan and came directly from the "trinity" of Satan. (See detailed close-up map of U.S. Capitol) "…As Yahovah said to Yahshua, "sit at my right side" on the throne (in the Most High Yahovah's heavenly Kingdom), "while I make your enemies your footstool..." Satan, said to Gore, "Come, sit at my right side on my throne at the top of my "Tower of Babel" over my worldly Kingdom, while I make all thine enemies of the world thy footstool." This is what shall now quickly happen 2001-2004. Why? It is the mirror image of Yahovah's Words.

  Graphic's not available

Jewish Rabbis are 'asleep' (Arlington Map) D.C. Mormon Temple (Will they wake up in time to save lives?)

(Six Satanic Pricks skyward)

German connection: the third largest German Mormon temple in the world is located at the North corner of Satan's D.C. square. The largest German heritage library in U.S. is in "Salt Lake" City, second only to Fort Wayne, Indiana, a totally dominated German city of 300,000 with only approx. 1,200 Jews. There are many Masons in these "Osiris-Iesus" (Jesus) worldwide churches. Why?

Mormons were founded by a German Aryan Masonic false prophet (John Schmidt- Smith) through lies and numerous murders and even robberies in Utah, while being protected by Satan's elite German Government for years. Anyone still in this German Mormon church of death is destined for the pit. Several key Government high officials have been Mormons, and their Masonic connection(s) remains.

They think they are the "salt" of the earth, but are following false prophets and are destined for the pit. Six sharp "pricks" extend skyward over their Temple in D.C. One has a "golden horn" prophet on it that welcomes unsuspecting souls into D.C.. This overpowering "White Satanic Temple" is built by man, where Yahshua does not dwell. Winter Olympics after 2000 is to be held in Salt Lake City. (Scandals surrounding the selection of this Satanic site was appropriately filled with lies and bribes)

Gore – is over these fake "salt of the earth" people. Letterman introduced Gore: a News Special "Eye to Eye" featuring Connie Chung: a large CBS black "eye" of Isis, her Egyptian "left eye" of the moon, and a smaller right red "Eagle eye" of Horus/Osiris, Satan's Eagle Serpent "sun (son) of the horizon." This show did not even last long, but was designed to do its job for the Letterman Show.

Gore - is already over U.S. Governmental, political and "human resource" affairs. As a Russian Romanov DNA Tsar, his "Excellency", the Emperor, by public law 87-297 of the U.N., and by document law no. 7277 of the U.S. State Department, he also is "secretly" supreme commander and leader of all U.N. Armed Forces. But lets face it, most care less who is over these "killer forces". Gore - as World President, is already commander of all U.S. Armed consolidated forces & FEMA.

  Graphic's not available

Same pose as George Washington

German Kings rode White Horses

Frederick & Hitler were Conquering Masons and Napoleon was a Conquering Mason (Who will deny that these three Eagle Sons tried to consume and take over the world?)

Gore - also has the title of "Supreme Caesar" of the "Renewed" Roman (Russian Romanov) Empire under the east west double-Eagle. The Eagle was the Roman standard and "image" of the Roman God Jupiter: "...that "graven image" that fell down from Jupiter... And the Goddess Diana (another name for Isis) who the whole world worshiped..." (Apostle Shaul condemned both). (Act: 19:34-35)

Gore - is already world "President". How? Gore is the Eagle, which is "God". It came from his own Lips 9/8/93 as he was introduced on Letterman. This was not a joke: Gore was serious. He said… His Seal reads: "…President of the U.S." The Eagle also represents Zeus, "Iesus-Osiris", and "God" of the Christians, who already faithfully worship the false Messiah in their faith based churches.

Royalty blood of England and centuries of Imperial German control of Russia reveals that these lines of German royalty Kings, Emperors, and Kaisers were ruthless and brutal murderers. This German "bloodline" spilled over into Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Italy, and Greece. (These Kings and Queens, Emperors, Kaisers, Popes, and rulers of the world and even their princes and princesses, are "DNA" blood related German Aryan Hittites under their Eagle Gott).

Gore - fulfills Satan's covenant made with German Hittites and their King 4,000 years ago: that one of his DNA "seed" would rule the world. How? - Artificial insemination of a woman's "egg" with another "man's DNA seed" or from his own "Sperm Bank" (or done through a "carrier" sperm) is a proven truth this century. DNA "makeup" of the embryo in an "egg" of a woman can be altered. The created "embryo" within that "egg" can be nurtured with specific DNA blood or blood changed. Creation of Gore in a Washington, D.C. lab seems ridiculous when heard, and most will think, no way. Prophecy of the 666 "Beast" of Revelation actually "giving life" (blood-DNA) to the image of the beast (the Eagle Son) that was mortally wounded in the head (and it did live), is literal, and very real.

Gore - all that was needed in the late 1940s was a specific selected live and healthy young "virgin" to bring forth "the child", Satan's son. Such a young "virgin" was indeed beguiled (as Satan did to Eve) then kidnapped and became an extremely top secret, hidden, living, working, medical laboratory for the workers of Satan right in Washington, D.C. They did such an evil thing. Satan is a bragger of his knowledge, and he literally drew it out for his elite workers to precisely follow within his own mind. How? Inside His ten mile "square" and "little horn" skull of Death in Washington, D.C. * See the great detail of this evil plan exposed in the grid map sections of D.C. This "Virgin" is illustrated!

 Graphic's not available

Satan's Bull (to the left), and Egyptian pyramids are East of the Capitol.

(Osiris and Isis are shown waiting for their "evil son" to be conceived).

Examine lines, names, shapes, woman images, faces, streets, places, and precise diagramed plans in and around the area of "Cherry Hill" Park, Maryland. (As in the cherry "Virgin" Mary-land, and the University of Maryland campus and research centers) details of this plan was revealed by Yahshua's Spirit that you might know the truth. To destroy this revelation, Satan would have to literally destroy large portions of D.C. and millions of past and present Washington, D.C. Maps. (Inside Satan's mind). No other city grid map lines in the world could reveal more evil than what is in D.C. Maps of Rome and Jerusalem are indeed full of other Satanic revelations, but not like D.C. in gigantic proportions.

(Al) - "Alexis" was born August 12, 1904. This was an "Augustus" Caesar no. (8) month. No. (8) or 1+0+8 = (8). 108 was the "identical number" used by Gore on letterman 9/9/93. 1904 = 1 x 9 x 4 = 36 (666) Satan, and (666) son or 3+6 = 9. (Al) - "Alexis" was 9 years old when the Federal Reserve was established in 1913. (Al) - "Alexis", was to take his worldly throne after Germans won World War I, but they failed. Why? All is on Yahovah's timetable, and not Satan's and his "seeds of Cain".

"Here is the patience of the called out ones: here are they that keeps the commandments of Yahovah and the faith of Yahshua. And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto Me, write, blessed are the dead which die in Yahshua Messiah from henceforth:" (Rev 14:12-13) Woe to the world! All sheep who repent, and refuse the beast, his (Eagle) mark, his name (Iesus-Jesus), the 666 number of his name, (barcode) and refuse to worship the beast (God) and its image (Iesus-Jesus, the Eagle's son) from this point on in this tribulation, and overcome all of these things, will be blessed. They will not taste of the second Death, but reign with Yahshua Messiah a thousand years as written.

The deceived refuse to examine these truths in volumes of history. Very few have ever examined the "German Romanovs of Russia" and their elite DNA relations in Europe, England and Germany. Alexis and his family were directly controlled by the powers and "dark mysteries" of Satan. * (Done mostly through a very bizarre "sorcerer" and evil "wizard" named "Gregory Rasputin", a Siberian mystagogue with well known hypnotic powers). Ref. "Nicholas and Alexandra", by Robert K.Massie, 1967, McClelland and Stewart, Ltd. Ref. Also "House of Special Purpose", by Trewin).

   Graphic's not available

Alexis with 7 pointed star Crowned Double Headed Eagle God at 300 Anniversary

(U.S. Band Uniforms)

(Millions wear Alexis Uniforms with Eagle on Hat)

Alexis-Gore - why do they follow him? All who are not written in Yahovah's Book of Life since the beginning, will worship the Beast; "the image of the beast", the "little horn". They will take "the mark of the beast", his name, or his number in their foreheads or in their hand. The vast majority in the U.S. use the Eagle to buy or sell, as few today ever "barter" for their goods. The snare is done.

Gore - Russia (east) and the U.S. (west), and new united Germany (under the Eagle God) are already firmly united as one in a documented conspiracy and alliance made under U.N. "side" agreements, and a line of traitors up to George bush in 1989 at Malta, and more conspirators rapidly joining them today. Prior President George Bush's father helped Hitler from U.S. * At the same time Fuhrer Hitler came into power, elite Germans officially bankrupted the U.S. and set it under "admiralty law" to be seized. Many patriots and dissidents already know details of what is happening "behind the scenes" in areas of government policy. (Several groups are doing research and documentation, but it is all in vain).

Their long awaited plan is activated under Gore, and the "Admiralty Flag" is displayed everywhere, especially in Courtrooms. All are now under their "World Court" and "World Constitution" and "faith based" World Religions. This is for the "survivors" after the killing purge. * Ref. George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography, by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, 1992. Ref. Of Money Conspiracy and lists of German Corporations: the 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve', by Eustace Mullins, 1991.

* Ref. Background: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany, by William l. Shirer. See also Government (War II) released confidential Berlin/U.S. Files: "Operation Paper Clip" Washington, D.C.

1996 B.C. Abraham of Yah's covenant was born. Which "covenant" do you think Yah honors? Things have escalated dramatically since their war Goddess was put back on the Capitol October 23, 1993. Look at the numbers: 10/23/93, which is 1+0+2+3+9+3 = 18. (6+6+6) = 18. This was the night the zodiac changed into the "war God of Mars" (to German Masons, "Thor" is Gore). Masons were "signaled" on September 8-9, 1993, to open their portals to Satan. This has already happened.

After over eight years, they are preparing to strike without warning when given the order by Gore. It is imminent to happen. It is written: "No man knows the hour, the day, or the month, or the year, except the Father in heaven" when Yahshua will return. Therefore, we know it not! Why ask that which we know not? Many simply want a precise date, and tempt us. Masses of Germans and those "adopted" into their covenant are blind. They are fulfilling the precise will of Yah today. Do you see masses of them repenting of "Madonna", "God" and Osiris-Iesus? They are cursed!

Yah's Spirit has given us the approximate time that the wave of death will strike, but not the precise time Yahshua will return. The majority on earth do not believe a purge is imminent! Why? They are the "Walking Dead" and are without Yahshua Messiah's Spirit. They have the Spirit of Iesus!

We can say what Yahshua said: that He will soon come quickly (immediately after the tribulation) ... "As a thief in the night". If the owner of the house knew the time when it would be robbed, then he would be wide-awake, waiting, and watching. Millions upon millions are now fast asleep. They know not. The deceived jump up and sing loudly for their Osiris-Jesus to come to them, and he has already!

They say let all of the trouble begin. Why? They think they are safe and secure with their Jesus. They think they are saved. Woe unto them, as they know not what they ask! Many have said they have seen him. They are "happy campers". Many think that the tribulation is only for us Jews, not them!

Gore - gave a speech on "his temple steps" about feelings inside him when children of the future (his children, his seeds of Cain) walk up the (Zeus) Capitol steps and visit this great "Sacred shrine and monument" that represents their country and future (his country and "their" seeds of Cain's future)

 Graphic's not available

Masonic AC/DC (Osiris Male/Female Isis) Left Eye is over buildings in D.C.

Gore - left out the "living word" as written: the truth that his and Satan's 666 temple and seat will be destroyed at the brightness of Yahshua's coming. Dole- knows what is to happen. He commented in his October 23, 1993 Capitol speech that: "This was not the first time on these steps of the Capitol that someone's ox was Gored". Masonically referring to George Washington's "great feast" and celebration on lot 666. Dole is 33rd. Degree Master Mason. "Dole" = High priest in the Temple. Dole was a "pawn" in the game, in the pre-written election of Gore and Clinton (Gore's mouthpiece).

Germans did a specific act against Jews before World War II broke out. German Hittites (Hitlerites) are liars, and murderers, and robbers, and blaming Jews and those not of their German race for social and economic problems they themselves created in U.S. and the world. * October 27 and 28, 1938, Nazis took severe unprovoked actions against many thousands of Jews. One Jew shot and killed one German for kidnapping and arresting his family. This led to a November 9, 1938 night against Jews called, "Kristallnacht", "Crystal night" (night of broken Crystal glass) in Germany. Hitler and Goebbels discussed strategy against "the Jewish problem" on the night of November 9, 1938. * Ref. reading: 'Nazi Culture', by Moss, (Describing what is happening today, if you look at mirror images.)

Windows were broken, businesses sacked and torched, and many Jews dragged out in streets and brutally murdered. Jewish books were burned in massive bonfires, and their works destroyed. Their Synagogues were looted and burned (Luther's Doctrine). Germans participated or did nothing to stop it. They will once again do the same today. Why? Because they cannot change their ancient past.

Part 11