part 8

1922 - On same tomb painting was a portrait of Nimrod-Osiris with his chopped off penis, Isis finger was touching Osiris's chopped off finger, and the back half of the bull "Germanicus" (of Osiris-Iesus) on the table. (Front half of "Germanicus" and all above are now in a D.C. grid Map). Through these detailed maps, Satan directed elite how to accomplish the Million Dollar Man.

If you want to become an expert on DNA, Genetics, Hybrid seed, and the vast technology systems behind what made Gore's DNA a reality, go to the library in medical journals and study. What you will find is that what is presented is totally possible, and it happened as revealed by Yah! Even without this DNA truth, there is more than enough to reveal who Gore is to you and to the world.

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(See Masonic Checker-Board Square)

Serpent's Rulers

Computer generated DNA Helical: the Mapping of DNA is done: 2000.

(Multi-Billions of dollars in DNA research, technical equipment, and success)

The "second rib" in the German Bear's mouth (of Daniel) "to devour much flesh" was WW II. 1933 - 1945 Germans also did extensive (secretive) laboratory experimentation with DNA blood under Hitler's scientists and doctors using this DNA "Egyptian" formula! After Hitler, many of these German doctors and their research experiment(s) were transferred directly to Washington, D.C. Movies of "Doctor 'Frank'enstein" (German) and the horror "experiments" mocked this reality! (Gore also dressed as a Green Osiris Frankenstein at one of his Halloween Parties! Experiments on living cells may become legal: 'stem cell' legislation is before Senate. They need not approvals)

1947 - Gore was (created) actually Made in the U.S.A. in a Washington, D.C. Laboratory, and his name coded Dumbarton (Meaning Imitation Son 2000). He was artificially DNA created without a 'father' inside a "German Virgin" (a living laboratory). This virgin came from college campus in Maryland (D.C.). Upon birth, he was immediately adopted by Albert Gore Senior (Senator) to have the correct prophecy name. (Gore's DNA does not match that of his deceased 'alleged' father) Yah again says that "Blood is Life, and Life (DNA) is in the Blood." (Torah). Therefore, Gore name also means "the Man of the blood that now sheds blood: today's "Gore Man." (The third bear!)

1948 - Gore born in Arlington, Virginia. D.C. (Arlington is the "egg" of Isis) on March 31, 1948, Virginia root is "Virgin". Arlington means "Our link to N", their Masonic Eagle "N"isroch-Satan. (Note: after the election, Gore said that he is still going to be living in D.C. in Arlington, Virginia.)

After 1922, Germans exploded into DNA and "genetic and hybrid seed research", and control, utilize, and abuse this vast technology. Papers are full of articles of what scientists and doctors have achieved in an amazingly short period of time. 1343 B.C. to 1947 AD = 3290 = 3+ 2 (5) x (9) = "45" = (9). 1343 B.C. To 1948 AD = 3291 = 3+ 2x (9x1) = "45" = (9). Washington (obelisk) 3291 = 3+ 2+ (9+1)= 15 = 555. Satan's phallic symbol 555 feet = 6660 inches. Gore's Number then is "45". He was on Colt "45" * when he officially took office in 1993, Gore was the "45th". U.S. Vice President. (* Democratic symbol is the Ur Colt/Ass: therefore, Gore indeed came riding into his kingdom on Colt 45, an ass)

1992- Procedures in genetics technology and bringing back that which is dead are documented: DNA can be spliced or isolated in a "carrier". This is where the "movie idea" came for Spielberg's Jurassic (Dinosaur-Dragon) Park: from the reality it is possible. The frozen DNA or male sperm, can actually be (spliced into the blood) of a living "carrier" or, in Scripture terms, brought back to life!

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Pharaohs represent Osiris (Satan) "planting his seed". Writing reads: "From the ancient hand of the covenant comes forth the Son of the Sun of the Horizon from 'Egg of Isis' and the serpent." (See dot in center of the sun below Pharaoh in the image of Osiris-Iesus). See also Isis ruler's "One Arrow-Spear".

How is this possible? Through implantation from protected or preserved sperm or "frozen seed" of an actual "dead man"! Movie "Ice Man" starring Mel Gibson, is a mockery of this reality. Mel Gibson = "My El", Mighty One, (Mad Max), "Gib's son", from the Canaanites. His latest movie, "I Know What Women Want", is a direct play on "Satan and Son" in millions of women today! And why not? Satan has thus used billions of women to his advantage ever since Eve in the Garden.

It would take volumes to list all women today working direct for Satan as his prostitutes, whores, strip dancers, adulterers, "X" entertainers, TV stars, and porno stars in movies and numerous magazines. (Billions walking with Satan have his demons and evil spirit in them as written, and they know it not.)

Once you understand that the entire world program for Satan and his elite workers revolves or centers around the perpetuation of the "Seed of the Wicked One", then thousands of answers to centuries old questions become very obvious. Name of the game for Satan is planting "his seed in fertile women".

Out of his billions of seed, there are special seed, or elite and chosen seed, that Satan has cherished, but they die, and despite considerable efforts, they cannot be brought back to life as they once were. But, reality of life (as Yah defines it) is in the blood and this has been greatly experimented with recently.

The ancient DNA molecular base of a "dead man" can also be duplicated artificially and planted into a living "female" (egg). Some of this technology was recently sold to Roche Labs for multi-millions. This same thing (plan) is revealed and documented in grid map sections of D.C. Smithsonian: Aryan Hittite history, listing(s) where over 500 Egyptian mummies, human body parts, "birds", and animals are located throughout the U.S. "Daughter of Egypt": in N.Y., D.C. and California for experiments. Chicago has over thirty dead artifacts. Nothing is by coincidence, thus, wake up to these truths.

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Satan's D.C. Gift of the "Virgin" for a Living DNA Laboratory

(See the Eagle-Serpent-Phallic in the Square and hundreds of images)

You are actually seeing into the "mind" of Satan in this original section of D.C. Yes, this is some of what Satan revealed to his elite Masons to bring forth his Osiris-Iesus Son, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. (Sections and 'G' views of extremely complex grid maps of D.C. contain volumes of Satan's evil plans)

2000, Clinton announced: "UNLOCKING THE BOOK OF LIFE" (to be used as a precise method for dividing sheep from the goats). This "gift" from Satan was never intended for the primary purpose of "saving lives" and curing the sick, but a faster way of selective "elimination and breeding", creating hybrid genetic new plant and animal life forms, and "bringing the dead back to life". If a person has correct DNA; chosen for current or future breeding purposes, they are 'G' classified: as "goats".

2001-4 Gore is "the waster", "the fowler", "the Destroyer"..."the adversary", "That wicked, ravenous bird" (Eagle), from the east, the man (Eagle's son)" (Isayah 46:10-11). When did this happen? Gore was formally revealed on the Night David Letterman Show: Gore called Letterman "You Pen Head". (Meaning that Letterman is TOTH, "The Man to deliver the News", and a recorder of it as in Egypt)

10:30 p.m. Night of Wednesday, September 8, 1993 (9th Month, number '8', Gore's No. in Rev. 10:30 p.m. (Time Alexis went to bed: his last night alive, before being suddenly shot in the head) 10:30 p.m. (One of Satan's Masonic numbers) 10 +3 + 0 = (13) Used "13th." Hour on Letterman.

Alexis - Wednesday, the day Alexis was shot in head. "Wednesday", is Wodan's day (Great Eagle) Gore - Wednesday, revealed on "Wodan's day" * (Odin) "Eagle God": number one pagan Gott. "All" (13) German Hittite Tribes of Germanica in 600 B.C. – 600 A.D. worshiped the Eagle God.

Includes Germanica Nordic, Viking tribes of Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium, N. France and N. Italy. The Garuda Eagle is still their God. "The prince of the power of the air.*" (Ephesians 2:2)

* Millions ignorantly swear allegiance to the "Golden Eagle Gott" on top of a pole with an Assyrian Admiralty Law "gold trimmed" flag having Satan's Egyptian blue square of Isis. Germans have set this country up for a take-over and purge since Hitler in 1933! It is also filled with 50 Egyptian "five pointed stars" of Lucifer and Isis. 50, the number of the Sumerian Hittite God "Enlil" (Nisroch). 50 is the number of Gore on one of his St. Albans basketball uniforms. 50 diaries completed by Nicholas II, 50 is the number of Egyptian states in U.S. (Note: Letterman had 50 band members on 4/2001)

Gore - It is now as it was in the days of Nebochadnazir when he erected the golden "graven image" (son of the sun orb) of "the Eagle" and forced all in the land to pledge their allegiance to it and worship it, or be cast into the furnace. (2001 Bush did this thing, and made a proclamation for all in U.S. to worship God.) Yah changed Nebochadnazir into an "Eagle-beast" with feathers for his arrogance in doing this and exalting himself as a chosen "Eagle-son", for it is written. Gore is Number One, and holding the hand up with the Number One finger sign is obvious.

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Gore - When he appeared on Letterman, it was also the 9th, Jewish time and day, and was still the 8th on Gentile time. This precise date was extremely important, as "The Eagle's" major mystery number is 9, in addition to 666: and being the 9th. Month plus the 8th. and 9th. together as one.

This also means he introduced himself simultaneously as Wodan (Wednesday) and Thor (Thursday). "The Eagle" (Wodan) and "Eagle's son" (Gore) are as one and the same.

Gore - Is the "Eagle's son" (sun) of Wodan or "Odin", He is "Thor". Other famous "Eagle's sons" from Germany: "Frederick the Great" (a Grand Master Mason), Bismarck, "Wilhelm the warmonger", and "Fuhrer Hitler", the Jew-Israelite slaughterer of six million. He wanted to "purge" the world, while enforcing and promoting perpetuation of the German Aryan race. The day of the week named "Thursday" is after Thor's day from the Germanicans of Europe.

Gore - Is "Thor, the God of war". Gore was born in March (Mars) "God of War" month. Hitler used these same "graven images" (Eagle and open square swastika: Death to over 50 million). "Gore will make war against Yah's called out ones". Do not think Gore or these seeds of Cain will proclaim truth to you in "simple language" you understand, of who they are, what they are doing, or why. They will remain liars and murderers while covering up their "evil deeds" and rejecting the truth to the bitter end as written. Are you one to follow them? September 8, 1993 10:30 p.m. (Also Thor 'Thursday', September 9, 1993) A "Jewish-Israelite" day, after "sundown" begins a new day. Satan uses "Jewish Days" for some of his most terrible work.

Gore - Satan's "square" and "the Eagle" are found today throughout the U.S. And the world the same as it was then in ancient Egyptian writings, paintings, statues, inside their Gods and Goddesses temples, on tombs, pyramids, obelisks, numerous engravings and artifacts. Today, Egypt's colors of red, white, and blue are displayed and worn proudly and totally dominate the U.S. "daughter of Egypt" landscape. Inside the D.C. Square, Satan has revealed himself to Masons.

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Actual Grid Map of Downtown D.C. What Masons see: their Master Architect; Tower

(Goes back to ancient Ur) (Budweiser "Bud" of Satan's ancient tree of Ur) Pentagram or Pytha-Gore Osiris Star is above White House. Why do you think many of Satan's stars, and especially at elite formal banquets, wear his "bow-ties"? Satan's bow-tie is shown in Ur 3,300 B.C. and Canaanites in 2,000 B.C. In seals/covenants, it represents his "gift" of his seed.

Satan has a "red" Bow-tie in his forehead, and the center of it is the Washington Phallic Obelisk. The Black Bow-tie is for his 666 Temple of Zeus with "two horns". The larger "Red Bow-tie" is for his chosen son (located at the White House). "This Bud's for you." The blue area is the Tower of Babel, and the Cornerstone with the black square completes the tower. This is 666 Ronald Reagan World Trade Center today. Satan's "Crown Jewel" comes down from Isis "Egg" to bring forth Satan's son.

Pharaohs were introduced to their World Throne as coming from the "son-of-the-sun" orb and having wings of the Eagle. Nimrod-Osiris was "reborn" in them and then in their "first born" seed to continue the line of Cain. Pharaohs wore Osiris phallic symbols under their chins. (Perpetuation). Why do you think Yah sent his curse killing all of their "first born", including Pharaoh's only "Eagle Son"? Gore represents bringing this "child" back to life. Read Exodus, of all the things that Yahovah did to Egypt.

What Yahovah actually did in Egypt to the Egyptian people, to their Great Eagle God, to the ruling Osiris Pharaoh, and then to his only first born son of the Covenant between Egypt and the Hittites, has been a tragic and extremely bitter memory to all the elite Bavarian Masons for thousands of years! (Amazingly, billions do not believe that Yahovah actually did these things in Egypt, and to Pharaoh)

Satan's elite communicate in a "hidden language" using "dark sentences" their goats are quickened to understand with Satan's perverse spirit, but Yahshua's sheep seldom understand, thus imitating (mirror image) truth that Yahshua and his elite talked in the "Living Word" and "spoke in parables" that all the wicked understood not, but Yahshua's sheep could understand His Words through Yahovah's Spirit. Gore's code - saying Letterman is a "pen head" is correct: Letterman serves as a Thoth * for Masons. 9/8/1993 Letterman said he had a "special guest" for "the kids" with Chris Isaacs: meaning, he had a special message for Satan's "goats", (Masonic kids). From the Chris, (anti-Christ) Isaac's other son (Esau pretending to be the chosen one from Yahovah's Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel's covenant). * Thoth known as a Scribe and Pen Head communicator of gods of Egypt. Letterman delivers Mason's News.

When you see a "square", it means the four corners of the world, a "snail", means "in the process of time", a phallic on a pole, stands for "Osiris" cut-off penis, and seed, and whoever carries it (women as Isis) continues perpetuation of Nimrod-Osiris seed. The "Twist" is to bind together. Remember the Rock "Twist" song (Like We did last summer)? To wear the "Egyptian Cross of Life" is to carry the penis of Osiris to "perpetuate the race". Tens of thousands of U.S. Church "steeples" are the same Egyptian design as an Osiris-Iesus phallic "obelisk" for Pharaohs. Who do they worship? Not Yah!

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See Rabbit (perpetuation of the race) and hand (of power)

Osiris East-West phallic

Son of the Sun Spot (Osiris) and the All Seeing Eye of Horus. (Toth with Cross of Life)

Three bowties are on gifts in the writings, and the Son-of-Sun-of-the Horizon symbol is shown four times. Circle with spot in the center has been used thousands of years to represent Satan's "deified chosen son" to rule the world. Little Horned Owl and serpent are shown twice. "Cross" is shown over the world, and has nothing to do with Yahshua. (Billions wear and use it today. The Globe or Orb with the 'Cross' on it is held out by hundreds of German Rulers for centuries!)

Gore - 9/8/1993 David Letterman first showed an old "black & white" film of a "man" (Letterman called this black and white man, Gore arriving). This man was inside a giant wheel moved by the man's own power. Hidden message: Satan's son of the sun spot of the "sun orb" is here. Satan was bringing out his man in the sun circle, or the dot in the sun, or center of the circle, is the symbol of Satan's son and used by Pharaohs of Egypt. Note: See encredible powerful TV commercials of power of the (black) "Dot" in the "Sun" Systems Technology today.

Gore - Black car commercial, portrays Gore coming out of a giant "red-orange" circle sun orb: This sun orb circle (without Eagle's wings) is found throughout Egypt. Pharaohs were introduced as coming from out of the Sun Orb. The black legend car even "blinked" its lights as "eyes".

(5) five pointed "Pytha-Gore Star" used all across the United States by the millions, dates to Ur in 3,800 B.C., Canaanites, Egyptians. Gore used his (one) "five pointed star" on his posters 2000. This One "Blazing Star" documented symbol in the Mason's own books means "Osiris-Iesus".

Masons are liars as to what is presented by scholars and textbooks as the meaning of Egypt writings and symbols. Lies cover up their "mysteries" that are traced back to ancient Ur-Chaldea and Egypt. Anyone that has studied Egypt, Babylon and the history of Masons, should be able to link them all together. (The dark side of these"symbols"are widely known to the elite). We will expose some of these symbols that you know what they mean when you see them used today. It is too late to do an extensive revelation of all world Mason symbols, signs, and their hidden hand signs, as at any time they will do their world blitz-purge. What benefit is more knowledge to be taken to the grave?

"These are the (Little) 'horns' which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem!" Zech. 1:18-21

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From Ur Yahovah changed King Nebochadnazir of Babylon into an "Eagle-Bull" Beast: until his hairs were as Eagle's feathers and his nails as Eagle's talons. Why? He was also exalting himself as the Eagle (an Eagle son). The deified Mazda Ra "Firebird" Man was an Eagle "Little Horn" World Ruler in the image of Ur's Nimrod-Osiris, and Asshur Nazir Kings of the Assyrians.

"Mazda"- is the great Luciferic Eagle-sun-fire-Man-God of light worshiped by the Persian Aryans. Human sacrifices were frequently killed and offered to this Eagle-sun-God "beast". The Hittites and Amorites of Scripture are Canaanites, and worshiped this same Eagle (son) sun God. Hittites used the double-headed (Baal) Eagle Man God and Swastika design decorations; jewelry dating back to Ur (Bull of Mesopotamia), and Sumerians. "Mazda" Ra, as Hiram and Osiris, is still worshiped by U.S. Masons, the same as their ancestors, the Assyrians, Hittites, Egyptians, and Persians, who now rule the U.S.! Masons are deep into this worship of Baal Son of the Sun, and prove that Satan is real.

The Eagle on the U.S. Seal. The U.S. (Mazda Ra) Seal with the Eagle has (9) tail feathers. The first original U.S. Eagle Seal still on display in D.C. has numerous Satanic symbols and ancient numbers. Historians do not write about the background of this "Eagle" and Satan's symbols and images in U.S. Seal. Who has been taught any of what you are reading in High School History classes, or even later in College History classes? Eastern "Mazda-sun-Eagle-bull-man God" "Ahura Mazda", was over the Achaemenian Kings and over people of Persia and was engraved in stone on a cliff in Persopolis.

A gigantic figure-image of him is portrayed coming out of "the Eagle" with (9) tail feathers (same on U.S. Seal) and introduced to the world through Egyptian (sun) son orb. (Used in Gore's introduction) Mazda is shown holding out Satan's "marriage" ring, a sun circle, with a "little horn" attached to it, fitting the description of a "little horn" King by the prophet Daniel. Mazda Ra is giving a mystery "Masonic finger-hand Cain sign" with the other hand. In the stone carving he has six (6) fingers, which connects him to descriptions in the book of Kings where "giants" once roamed earth with (6) fingers and were from the seeds of Satan's "Fallen Angels". (Also on CBS Letterman commercials)

"The Mazda Ra King" is shown wearing an identical type of crown hat carved in the German Hittite "Tarsus Stone Seal" Covenant of "the Eagle God". The "tassels" hanging from Mazda are identical as those portrayed on the U.S. Flag today and in history books of rulers of Europe, Greece, and England.

Anyone who calls U.S. leaders and those of Europe "Israelites", is absolutely wrong and showing their total ignorance of ancient history, or they are full of demons promoting lies. These tassels also hang down from the Eagle Celtic cross attached to Assyrian war horses. Tsar Alexis Romanov, "the little prince", (Sunshine, Little Sunbeam) wore these same 2 tassels that also hung from the Osiris Crown of Egypt, and are shown in an ivory Osiris-Iesus type Eagle God Covenant plaque in Egypt 3,800 B.C.

(These 2 tassels and crown were also used extensively in German England Royalty and their DNA blood related European German Royalty). Isayah's prophecy of (Isayah 46:10-11) comes alive when looking at Satan's Mazda "Eagle-son-of-the-sun" God man King "image" of the beast.

Gore - to Masons, is King Asshur-"Nazir"-pal, of Assyrians, deified under "the Eagle". He wore a "Fez cap" (as Masonic Shriners wear) with a "little horn" on it. Announcing Gore "N-asshur" (Nesser) was "vocally done" by Kim Basinger. Gore is also King Nebochadnazir, and if you read Daniel, you will see why Masons believe this way. Nebochadnazir's visions and Daniel's visions are explicitly about the end of the last days, and about Gore, the last little horn.

Gore - "Mazda" truck commercials with hidden meaning were used to introduce Gore as "Mazda". One truck carried a large "red dragon", and the other showed a herd of "goats". 9/9/1993 In addition to the Mazda number (9) Eagle-son-sun tail feathers and (9) as "the Great Eagle", this precise date also places two "nines" together: (99) September, the month (9), and the day (9). Also together "as one" are the two nines in 1993, (99). (As Wayne Gretski's 99) Wayne Gretski "retired". (Sign to wicked that Satan and Son are quickly going to retire)

Masons do things with numbers, symbols and "reverse word" secret "meanings" to communicate to each other. It is difficult at first to understand their secret language. Other examples of the 9/9/1993 date: 4 (9) s is 36: (9999)= 36. (6,6,6 and 6,6,6)= 36: 2 (18) s also equals (666) and (666), which is Satan and his son as one, "the Great Eagle." (99) 9x9=81 and (99) 9x9=81. 8+1=9 and 8+1=9, again, Satan (9) and his son (9) as one. (99)+(99)= 198 or 1+9+8= 18 or two 9s, which is Satan and son. Lucifer Masons even included there own elite 33rd degree number on this date. What? See then: (99) + (99) equals 198. (198) divided by (6) equals (33), Satan's Elite 33rd. Degree Masonic Circle.

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Hitler, the "Eagle" 1933-1945

"ENRON" Man in "Why?" TV Commercials

(Flag Bearer to go Conquer)

(Man of Iron in an Iron Suit)

"Enron" man wearing a Steel uniform around the world 2000-2001 is an image of Hitler, and is the identical Hitler German "flag bearer" without holding the Nazi flag. They work in shadows, and united as one to bring massive death. (Yahovah brought 'Enron Corp'. down as a sign to the Nazis!) Hitler was an Iron Man with an Iron Fist, and also carried the flag of his race to conquer the world!

Gore – is "born" and comes from the same evil as Hitler, another chosen German Aryan Hittite. Hitler was the second bear of Daniel with the second rib in his mouth to devour much flesh, but he actually thought he was the last "Eagle-son" No. 8 to rule the world! He went against the world in a Satanic rage of destruction, horror, and massive death: and his Nazis intentionally killed six million Jews.

As you can plainly see in the painting on the prior page, Hitler rode a "Black Horse": which is one of the last horses in revelation that comes at the end of days: an extremely evil ruler sits in the saddle!

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An Eagle Son Ruler over Goats Hitler Eagle's Nest in the Rock (Eagle God over Goats of Ur) (Even in clefts above the clouds)

Hitler's exclusive retreat in the mountains, was called: "The Eagle's Nest". It is still considered an engineering wonder/ achievement, and is a popular tourist attraction. Out of millions that have visited Hitler's Eagle's Nest, how many realize this World War II retreat high above the clouds in the clefts of the rock, is a part of Yahovah's prophecy against worldwide Germans? (Read Obadiah Prophecy)

Saith Yahovah: "The pride of your heart has deceived you: you that dwell in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; and says in his heart: Who shall bring me down to the ground? Though you 'Exalt yourself as the Eagle' (as an elite and chosen Eagle son ruler over the goats)" This is the first part of the prophecy for the last days and was fulfilled with Hitler. The last part is for right now! "And though you set your nest among the stars, thence will I bring you down", Saith Yahovah! (Nazi scientists were put in NASA and today they built a huge Eagle's Nest in the stars. We tell you the truth, Yahovah shall now bring German Nazis down to the ground, to their destruction!)

If there was any doubt who the 'Goats' are, simply look at the plaque for Hitler's Eagle's Nest. The same facing two Mountain Goats of ancient Ur in 3,800 B.C. (shown in one of these prophecies). Also, the Ur-Mesopotamian, Babylonian-Assyrian-Egyptian "Eight Pointed Star" and lotus fan. (Which represents elite seed of the goats again and again in ancient Babylon and Assyria and even in Egypt. Yahovah speaks of greatly punishing the 'goats' in Zechariah 10:3 and Yahshua speaks of them also.)

In Hitler's central courtyard were two giant carved stone Eagles perched on two "Egyptian Hittite" Square cubes. One Hitler Nazi Eagle symbol on a square is also perched above the German Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C.. TV Commercials show the "Black Horse" returning, and GM (General German Motors) March 2001, shows an "entire herd" of them! (Why? The 666 New Hitler is here!)

Gore – born in Arlington D.C. "Eagle's Nest", and lived in an "Eagle's Nest" in a Victorian German house. Today, doors of the illegal German Federal Reserve building in Washington D.C. include: "a grove tree", cursed in Scripture, "Egyptian- Assyrian lion", and Golden Pharaoh son of the sun faces. Why do they have Egypt "Pepsi" stuff on the door? THEY ARE TODAY'S (Esau) EGYPTIANS! Around the building and grounds are "Griffins" (Eagle-Lions), the pagan Gods "Jupiter-Zeus", and Mars, and sun disc bowls in squares: also found in Hitler's courtyard. The most obvious abomination and number at the German Federal Reserve building at each corner of the marble steps is 666. What?

("Griffin" is described in Daniel 7:4 as one of the beasts: obviously not of Yahovah and Yahshua. Why do you think popular TV shows existed with Andy and Merv Griffin or Griffith and many stars?)

Yes, Lucifer five pointed Egyptian stars in three rows of six (6) each on each corner. 3x6 =18, or 1+8 = 9, or "the Eagle", 18 = 666, or 18 + 18 = 36 or Satan (666) and Satan's son (666). We strongly warn you that Satan's D.C. "square" (666) containing "the Eagle" (666) and Lucifer's five-pointed Egyptian star (666) are Ur-Babylonian-Egyptian symbols of Satan and the Royal seeds of Cain-Esau.

Thus saith Yahovah:

"My sheep, you will hear Me, for all of My sheep know My voice as it was in Egypt and when I walked among you in Israel. None of My sheep written in the book of life will remain lost, for they will now turn away from the Eagle and from sin. It is now as it was when I first brought My children out from under it in ancient Egypt and bare them on its wings without any harm.

The Eagle is now a great snare unto all of you and it is still an abomination unto you as written. Therefore, reject it and repent of it and your sins, and come to Me in Spirit and in Truth. I will come at My appointed time: I will now be with you to the end and always. Let the wicked seed of Satan now receive their just reward, for vengeance upon them is Mine, saith Yahovah".

Note: This is Yahovah speaking through His Spirit. His messages come strongly, and as they come, they are written down. Even doing something else, or writing- concentrating on another subject, His living Word through His Spirit comes, when He wants it to be delivered. Many do not believe that Yahovah still works this way today. But, He does, and this is how these things are being revealed!

  Graphic's not available

Hittite-Egyptian Son of the Brit:

Millions of Goats Flock to Vegas!

Gore is symbolically "King Tut"

Gore is 666 Osiris "Capstone"

Gore – fulfills the Hittite Hematite "Bloodstone" Cube of Covenant". Gore is now made to speak as the Eagle", as written. Every time you see Gore speaking, it is Satan, for Satan is now in him!

Gore – is DNA creation of bringing back to life King Tut, in the image of Osiris-Iesus-Apollyon. He is now imitating this verse by Yahshua: "When you see Me, you have already seen My Father in Heaven." Gore has "opened up the Egyptian square" on all four sides (Four Corners of the earth).

See the re-appearance of the "Swastika" (open square) in this country and abroad. It was Hitler's major symbol grasped in the talons of "the Eagle". German Nazi Swastika is used by the thousands in Washington, D.C. on lights, many border decorations, stations, and inside buildings. (Yahovah is now warning us today with many Nazi films, Nazi "specials" and documentaries, of their evil character).

See them carved in stone on borders surrounding the massive U.S. Department of Agriculture, for Cain, "THE TILLER OF THE GROUND." This is the same design found on the cover of Hitler's book, Mein Kemph*. The Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. is now located directly across the street from these rows of German Swastikas, shouting a hidden message, "…in your face…" Jacob/Israel! The "ethnic" purge is ready to happen again. Alexis & Alexandra used the Swastika on many things. It was placed over German heir No. Seven Alexis Romanov's "headboard" on the wall.

Note: Jack Kemp, (33rd. Degree Mason) means in German, The "Jack's Head", which is Satan's head, who is also an elite head of Satan's seed. Norman Schwartskoff, means the "Nordic Man", "Black Head". "Jack in the Box" means Satan, the "joker is wild", over; inside his world order (four corners). Jack the Ripper, means "Jack is Gore" or "Satan is Gore". And, "Black Jack", means Satan, the Dark One. "Jack and the Beanstalk"? You figure that out. Masonic leaders in Satan's chosen Temple and throughout U.S., have long waited for this dark revelation from Wodan's (Wooden) last Eagle son from the egg of Isis in D.C. placed 200 years ago. (Built by Masons: see in D.C. maps). See the "two eggs": one in Arlington, and one directly designed under the White House.

"Sacred egg/seed of Isis" is located in Arlington cemetery (place of elite Dead under the Eagle; Isis being over them). It contains over thirty abominations, symbols, and images of ancient Egypt. L'Enfant overlooks the (7) seven hills of new Rome rebuilt, and declared by the Masons in an act of Congress as the best precision City ever built in the history of the world. Washington, D.C. was designed from specific stars, the sun, and celestial observations for "the child". Gore's "selected" name of his alleged mother, is "Lafon", which means the "Fon" (18 [666] categories of evil) "half man and half goat". Remember the TV popular series "Happy Days" with one of the stars named "Fonz"? Satan wants you to love him and always remember your many "Happy Days" with him! Millions of hippies, rebels, and 'baby boomers' from the 1960s remember the incredible wild party at "Woodstock": in code means those from the "Wood of Satan's tree" (his goat stock).

Sacred Golden Isis Egg

From Whitehouse Grid Map

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(Symbol of the Evil Seed)


Osiris "Egg" in Magazine

Osiris-Iesus Egg Symbol in D.C. "This egg, symbolizes his son to come, and has come, and is shown directly under the White House. Clinton is out, after being the mouthpiece for Gore for 8+ years. Bush is the new pawn. Bad "Eggs" (as in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory") are disposed. Satan's workers have deposed many! Gore is already God Tsar "President" of the World and U.S. since 1993. He has been groomed on every Committee and council of importance to "control" U.S. and to now continue ruling the world. His power has been given to him! How? The thousands of HR Bills, and EOs (Executive Orders) going back from 1933 to present, have made it a clean sweep to run their "Masonic State" of affairs.

Over 100 people have been murdered and also had "peculiar accidents" that served under the Gore-Clinton of Death administration! See strange deaths of Foster, Brown, and even Clinton bodyguards. Foster allegedly killed himself, which is totally absurd. He knew too much about inside dealings of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, concerning the 'White-Water' deals, and Rose Law firm. Brown also was becoming a "debit", and had to be eliminated. While they were at it, these killers also eliminated many other "non-Aryans" in Corporations that they wanted out, in "same plane crash" as Brown's. This military plane was retrofitted with 'extra fuel tanks', and the 'last mechanic' to work on it was reported by CNN News after the crash to have immediately (arranged by CIA) "committed suicide".

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