"…THEY SHALL NOT GIVE the HONOR * of the KINGDOM to HIM…" Daniel 11:21 21 ¶ And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

* Gore shall not receive the 'honor' of his kingdom. (According to the dictionary) he shall not receive (be given) the distinction or validity, or credit or esteem of his office, or the public's respect of high rank!

Thus, Gore has already entered into his world order kingdom as written, not as fictional writers proclaimed. He is the "Bird Man" from the east, the Great Eagle son "that causes the world to tremble", as written in Isayah.

Dont de decieved He is in Power hidden "behind" the scenes!

A TV commercial shows the world's "chickens" blasted! Sprint World Isis Woman TV Commercial shows her in a beautiful 'empty house' fully furnished: then, a "vagabond" (traveling) German Aryan family with "kids" comes in. Understand? The "kids" (goats) Germans, get all spoils once again from Jews and many others they quickly "kill" off! Their houses, cars, and mammon will be left entirely intact, as multi-millions are to be 'rounded up' and quickly exterminated!

This German Masonic coded "Crystal" Sign against all Jews for today came from Letterman on April 6, 2001. What? In yet another skit, Letterman was in a restaurant, and he was tipping big to the waiter, and he said: "You owe another $1200.00 for the broken Crystal". The TV camera showed a pile of broken glass and smashed glass Chandelier. There was no reason for this being in the skit, other than to say to Masons that another "Kristallnacht" against Jews (all 12 tribes) was imminent (to happen soon) under the direction of Gore. (These are not jokes with Masons).

After Cain went out to talk with Abel in the field, and murdered Abel to have it all (the world and the mammon) to himself and all of his seed, Yahovah then asked him, "where is your brother Abel?" Cain replied to Yah: "How should I know, am I my brother's keeper?" Cain lied and covered up. Today, is Cain a true liar, or is he just "joking" around? When mixing "serious matters of death" with fun and games on talk shows for entertainment, their elite can tell indeed what is a joke vs. dark words. This is what the prophet Daniel warned would happen in these times: talking in "dark sentences."

Part 4

Gore - Killing(s) of "Chickens" and "Sheep" (reference to Yahshua's chosen) appears on 2001 TV. Letterman remark: Warren Christopher is 184 years old. Masonic code means: prepare for "WAR IN CHRIST FOR HER" in 184 DAYS! Turning dogs (Army) loose is imminent!

Gore - A TV commercial shows the world's "chickens" blasted! Sprint World Isis Woman TV Commercial shows her in a beautiful 'empty house' fully furnished: then, a "vagabond" (traveling) German Aryan family with "kids" comes in. Understand? The "kids" (goats) Germans, get all spoils once again from Jews and many others they quickly "kill" off! Their houses, cars, and mammon will be left entirely intact, as multi-millions are to be 'rounded up' and quickly exterminated!

  Graphic's not available

Gore/Alexis, German Prince and Tsar Eve-Isis at Tree of Evil: See Sacred Egg! (World Ruler of the Purple) (Gore lived in the 'Root' of this tree) Gore – Comes from 'root' of Satan's tree, imitates Yahshua Messiah as from 'root' of Jesse. This Eve-Isis image was portrayed by Basinger on Letterman to introduce Gore to Masons. The small figure of Satan is actually in this map, as he proudly presents his D.C. "masterpiece". Osiris "Black star" points to the White House, and "black dot" is where Gore lived 8 years!

Gore - Told his own Dead "stiff" (serious) jokes at the beginning of 9/9/1993 Letterman Show: Hidden signals that the "enlightened Lucifer worshipers of the dead" were going to hear an important message delivered straight from "Satan's Chosen One" over the Living Dead: and they did. "Gore was confident, relaxed, and ready, as Letterman said to the night owls". Gore stated: "He collects them, old stiff (dead) jokes"! Gore's dark sentence means he is (serious) "the DNA stiff recycled one", the receiver and collector of the dead (bodies). Gore - Read from his planned program, his favorite "Stiff joke" for today's "living dead", quote: "How do you tell Al Gore from a room full of "secret service" men? (Those chosen wicked men, such as German CIA, FBI, legal elite, and Masons, that secretly do much work for Satan). Gore was saying: they can tell for certain which is "Satan's son" to rule the world. How? Gore - Answer: "He (Gore) is the 'stiff' ('stout') one." (As Gore is clearly called in Daniel 7:20). Gore – Is over "The Living Dead." Letterman asked: 'jokingly', do you really collect "stiff" jokes? With such incredible deception to the unknowing multitude of "the walking dead",

Gore -- introduced himself as being over all of them. Gore is the 666 MAN OF DEATH!

Gore – Is Osiris, the Phallic. "A Mason is an incarnation of his God". M.W. 1912. "He can do no wrong." Therefore, all Masons today are incarnations of their Osiris-Iesus. They are living dead (phallic-symbols) of the dead Nimrod-Osiris of ancient Egypt and Ur-Babylon.

Yahovah shall "cut-off" all of them, as was done to Nimrod-Osiris! Masons are Osiris-Iesus phallics, and "Masters" of their work! See multi-millions of the "small and large" ancient Egyptian Osiris-Iesus "phallic designed "obelisks" erected over Mason's graves after their private Masonic ritual burials in cemeteries across the U.S.! Some are two stories high, and elaborately decorated, as "church steeples". They are in the likeness of Mason's Washington, D.C. Obelisk Monument and Cleopatra's 'Needle'.

  Graphic's not available


(Why do you think most bank-loan contracts, etc. have you sign your name on the 'X'?)

Gore - Jokingly, (serious to Masonic "Enlightened Ones") said to Letterman, quote: "That it was 'below the belt' (referring to legendary Egyptian missing penis of Osiris) in calling Steven Spielberg, the creator of Jurassic park (dragon maker) 'to bring me (back) to life'. (From the Dead). Letterman night owls and goat audience roared with laughter at this comparison!

Gore - Is "first dead fruit" brought back to life from Egypt's Book of the Dead: March 31, 1948. A brief Egyptian historical background is necessary on "Isis", the German Hittite-Egyptian connection, and the "marriage bond" beginning the historical path up to today that makes the U.S. the true "Daughter of Egypt"; the "U.S. German Aryan Hittite Volk" with Gore over it.

A (German) Hittite King's "virgin daughter" of the Arch Tarsus Stone Covenant became Queen of Egypt when married off to Rhameses II, Egypt Pharaoh of the Exodus *, bringing peace between Hittites and Egyptians! Satan has used this ploy thousands of years. (Marriages with the enemy)! (Professor Kinns discusses this Egypt-Hittite Marriage in 'Graven in the Rock', 1895, England.)

(Today is the closure of the Hittite Stone covenant). Documented in Egypt hieroglyphics, tablets, and in Egyptian books in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. (Other documentation is in Hebrew College, Jerusalem). Peace covenant between Egypt and Hittites (Germans) is real and it continues! At the time of this marriage, and being "bonded" as one by Yahovah's own law, this Eagle Covenant "woman", (German-Hittite) King's "daughter", became a true Isis "Queen of Egypt" with Pharaoh's honors and Goddess of Earth titles: one as Sex Queen Bee Ashtaroth (Eagle Woman 'Star' of Cain).

This thin, beautiful Aryan Hittite blonde white woman is shown in many Egyptian paintings in color.

She inherited all elite "Royalty titles" bestowed upon an "Egyptian Queen"; becoming Queen "Isis": Rhameses favored her above his other 39 wives with titles as the "Queen of the Heavens and Earth" and as symbolic "EVE", their "Sacred Mother" (the first fertile woman of Satan's act of sin) reborn!

If you think this documented history between a (German Aryan) Hittite Virgin Queen who became Isis means nothing today, or is not connected to Yahovah's end- time prophecy, then get on the web-site/on line of the United Nations in New York, and see what they highlight in their collection of the World Covenants between all World Nations! (They might quickly take it off with this exposure!)

  Graphic's not available

U.N. Logo Wreath is from Ur

Between Hittites (Germans) and Rhameses II

(Covenant Wreath 3,800 B.C.)

(Yahovah warns of all these death Covenants)

This ancient covenant is still in force (active), and kept by the Bavarian Masons today (the off-spring of seeds of German Aryan Ur-Hittites) throughout the world! It shall be fulfilled with German's World War III, again killing Jews and others, and with Gore in power!

Who is part of this covenant, or under it today? The United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain (England), all of Europe: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Holland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugual, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Central-South America, and Arab (Moslem) Republics, Africa: especially "Egypt"! (How this is possible? U.S. elite German blood is connected to England, and England German blood is throughout Europe/ Russia, and traced to Ur and the Hittites)

Over the past 3,000 years, Canaanite Ur-Aryan Hittites (German Aryans of today) have conquered the world under this ancient and evil covenant (shown in these writings and prophecy). The older one is from Ur 3,800 B.C. leading up to the Egyptians and Aryan Hittites! You must know a minimum background in history to understand these real covenants. We explain it the best way we can through Yahovah's Ruach ha Kodesh, but we are not going to write about all details covering 6,000 years!

Russia, who has been ruled by Germans (Aryan Hittites) for hundreds of years, controlled over one sixth of world under the Ur Double Eagle God of German Romanovs, who were directly related to the German Throne of England, who controlled almost all the rest of the world! German Throne of England and its direct connection to the German (Bavarian Masonic) U.S. Government; connections to United Germany and other nations in Europe, as France, is well documented and found in libraries. (Yah gave numerous warnings to Israel not to ever enter into any covenants with the Aryan Hittites-Germans!)

Bottom line: Aryan Hittite/Rhameses II covenant is closing: German Hittite Covenant continuation of the Ur-Babylonian-Assyrian Egyptian Covenant for the Last Little Horn World Ruler. * We are going to explain these covenants that you understand them and know for certain that Yah's warnings about them were not in vain through Moshe and His prophets. They are truth: then, and for today!

* We will concentrate on what they mean to you and your family, as believers in Yahovah and Yahshua, as you are entitled to know, and can believe and trust in Yahovah's Word and Truth. Yahovah's great plan, at this time, and for this time, is coming to a close, as written would happen in Revelation and revealed by His prophets. This Isis Egyptian Queen, or German Hittite worshipped Golden haired "Madonna Mother", is actually the "image of Eve". In today's "dark sentence" Satan/ son terms, she is known as "Goldie Locks with the Three Bears." (from Daniel).

She became their number one Goddess, and worshiped accordingly in magnificent Egyptian temples. Masons worship her, and their temples are dedicated to her. Why? Without Eve's sin, Cain-Esau Masons would not be here! They owe everything to her act of sin! All sexual 'orgies', fornication fertility rituals since ancient times, nude women dancing on poles, and Hollywood making them into "living sex Goddesses", is glorification and actual worship of the "phallic and vagina" and her act!

  Graphic's not available

Major streets in D.C. scenes at "Back Lick Drive"

Ancient "Diane's Head Road" (Worship of phallic, sexual fornication and lust)

(Worship of Osiris Phallic)

Evil in these two map sections alone would take at least 30 illustrations to present, but this is enough. (You should be able to see that the total theme in D.C. is based on sex and vagina/ phallic worship!) Eve-Isis is their first "Queen Mommy". This truth is rejected. Why? Because multi-millions of Cain-Esau's seed would have to admit today that they are the actual "seeds" of the wicked one! Isis history is documented on ancient papyrus papers, in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hittite clay and stone tablets, and numerous Egyptian paintings found in most public libraries and in many world museums. (See multi-millions of young "seeds of the wicked" at Christian Rock Concerts and Satan Concerts!) Other rare historical books on (German blood royalty) England cover the historical relationship of the (German) Aryan Hittite Empire now in Europe, England, and Russia: extended to U.S. up to today. Therefore, the ancient Hittite Queen's offspring from her DNA 'fertilized egg' by Pharaoh would make her future sons-daughters the true "sons-daughters of ancient Egypt" by their DNA blood!

Documented in 1/94 'Discover Magazine' article, Page 90, "Royal D-Loops... 'A woman's outer mitochondrial DNA has not changed' in 6,000 years: and it is only passed from mother to child". Therefore, her first born "son" (from German) Hittite DNA "seeds" genealogy line from her father (Aryan Hittite King, his grandson) would be the rightful inheritor (by blood) to the throne of Egypt! To fulfill the Eagle God/ Eagle Son covenant, a unique man with German-Hittite DNA bloodline and DNA bloodline 'Y' Chromosome of Rhameses II (as King Tut) with correct mitochondrial Nefatari DNA, must become the last Pharaoh world ruler over "goats" as Satan's deified son. Why go to so much trouble to do this thing? That is Satan's promised requirement of this covenant! *

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