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Nefatari's (Hittite Queen) and Pharaoh's first born son was famous King Tut. He was stricken dead by Yahovah as written in Exodus! This halted their 'Egypt-Hittite' covenant One World Ruler. * Satan's workers have greatly disguised and lied about the 'dates' and history of King Tut and Rhameses II Regardless of what is said, it must fulfill the will of Yahovah and prophecy. "Life is in the blood and the blood (DNA) is life", written in Torah. These are the DNA blood basics: Seeds of Cain-Esau are Aryan Hittites today: "Bavarians" (sons of the Aryan) of the North. Esau (Edom), a son of Isaac, actually married two Aryan Hittites (Germans). Therefore Esau DNA is in Hittite-German blood! * U.S. Masonic and demonic emphasis on King Tut, Luxor Pyramid Vegas, and Rhameses II, should be obvious!

Dan, the fifth born son of Jacob, deserted Yah * and also went North. He took his people; priests with him and turned his back on Yahovah. Dan's tribe also married into the Hittites! (Germans) DNA trace "markers" in elite ruling Germans have ancient DNA "codes" of Cain, Esau, Aryan Hittite King, his daughter Queen Nefatari, Rhameses II, and 'X' ancient Hebrew tribe of Dan! The Primary DNA markers in German blood is from Cain: why they receive the rule of the world! * This answers why the tribe of Dan is not listed in Revelation's 12 tribes, and why Gore is part 'X' Jew of Dan's tribe. Seed has been mixed/ planted like in a blender today: Yahshua promised to sort seed! Tribe of Dan is where Germans get their ancient legend ruling King: Wo'Dan' (Wooden,Odin Gordan = Gore Don) who became their Eagle Son King with their Eagle God (Gott). Dan is not mentioned in Revelation. Dan shall judge (Yah's) people, as written. "X" marker DNA of Cain-Esau-Hittites is in German stock today, as well as in the "X" tribe of Dan. This mystery of missing "Gore-Dan" is revealed.

Mason books tell of Osiris-Iesus (Gore-Dan = Gordon = Gore the Don = Gore the God) who shall judge the world! Aryan Hittites (kept a guarded secret by leaders-rulers and Masons) DNA "blood line" the past 2,000 years leads straight to "The Royalty (German Aryan Hittite) Kings and Queens of England." Many think today's England Throne is an extension of the Throne of David: it is not.

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Rev. 6:2 and 9:8

Throne Seat of "Queen Bee"

('Yah appoints the basest of men-Cain's seed- to rule over men', as written)

German England Kings had "long hair" as other German rulers across Europe. "They had hair as the hair of women." (Rev. 9:8) Queen has Ur-Chaldea-Assyria-Egypt Tassels, and Eagle Scepter. German (Hittite) "family trees" are in libraries in England, U. S., and Germany. They document the direct connection of German (Hittite) Cain-Esau * "black blood" Royalty line of heritage straight to England, where German Kings and Queens are deified under the "Ur-Hittite Eagle God" to this day.

England (in French), means "a corner of the earth", a part of Satan's Egypt "square" over the Four Corners of earth. * Esau married two Hittites (Germans). Germany, (is still under "the Eagle Gott" Wodan on standards, is united as one with U.S. German Volk). Russia, (after Gore visit 12/1993) put quickly back under the East-West Double-Headed "Black and Golden Eagle God" as it once was over the German Romanov's Nicholas II /Alexandra, and Alexis, Tsar heir to the Russian/ England Empire. Newspapers Nov. 24, 1993: before Gore trip to Moscow, Russia to 'sign a covenant' (not Mason's 33rd. Degree Clinton), an elite Masonic Double Eagle "hidden dark sign" was given to the wicked:

"Tsarist emblem... Moscow... Hammer and sickle may be replaced... going far back into Russian history: A Double-Headed Eagle that for centuries proclaimed the military might of the Czars." (It happened) Alexis was Satan's seventh chosen Eagle son mortally wounded in the head. Gore then "is of the seven, and he is the eighth" Eagle son ruler of Yah's riddle-mystery in Revelation *.

* For billions worshipping the wrong one, and never had a taste of meat and the 'Living Water' from our Yahovah and Yahshua, none of this makes sense whatsoever. They cannot understand. Again, it is written that Yahovah's prophecy is for His believers, not for the world's non-believers. This is true with this detail in Yahovah's prophecy. If anyone declares these truths a lie (without even basic examination), they are certainly not of Yahovah/Yahshua!

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This is actually Alexandra and Alexis Romanov

This is "Jesus" Christ!

Madonna (Isis) and Child (Alexis-Iesus)

Deified Alexis Romanov

CHRISTIANS/ CATHOLICS have long been deceived into the actual WORSHIP of NO. SEVEN! Above appears as "Catholic's Madonna and Iesus", but this is "Alexandra and Alexis" (the same)! (Rev. 13:12) explicitly and clearly says that the world shall worship number seven (Iesus image of the Eagle beast) whose deadly wound was healed. "They should make an 'image' to the beast which had the wound by a sword (shot in head), and (he) did live." (Rev. 13:14) This is done!

Public libraries have the documentation (canonized-deified Gods of Royal Romanovs and what they represent): how could 2 billion worship Iesus or Madonna, or be tricked by Satan and Son and his workers? (It goes back to the Only Name of Salvation, Yahovah: not ever Iesus or Isis Madonna!)

Christians, Catholics, Greek and Russian Orthodox, Methodists and others around the world are doing just that: Alexis is deified, and therefore all Icons and images of him as "Jesus" are correct! How? He was Satan's deified Eagle Son, a real "Iesus". "All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (Alexis-Gore), whose names are not written in the book of life..." (Rev. 13:8) The other evil to this truth is that Catholics, Methodists, and many world religions, also worship Eve-Isis-Nike-Madonna.

If you think these two Icons have anything to do with Yahovah or Yahshua, 'you' are deceived! It is too late to do extensive "roots" cross-references, genealogy DNA heritage, and historical research to try and prove or disprove Yahovah's truth now revealed. Even Apostle Paul said it is unprofitable to do so. We only do this much about ancient German heritage to reveal the truth of the matter today. We do it not for the worldly, and certainly not for skeptics and non-believers, but for the believers!

Besides, elite Masonic Germans * already know their ancient heritage, and that it leads to Egypt, Hittites, Esau, Assyrians, and on back to Cain. They have proved it without question, and keep it to themselves. Their covenant with Satan's secrets, and not discussing them, is continued in Masonry.

* Two Masons looking at copies/ drawings/ revelation of Gore and D.C. at an Office Depot were stunned that we knew their deepest secrets, and who their Gore Eagle Beast God is today! They left the store! We do not boast of this knowledge, as Yahovah has revealed it to share with you today. It is now over for the wicked!

Why do you think 2000 World Announcement by Clinton was on unlocking mysteries of DNA? It is not a question of who they are today, but by opening DNA code(s) of all other persons on earth, "they can actually, very literally, now separate out the 'sheep' from their goats of Cain-Esau"! (Imitating Yahshua) What do you think they are going to do with sheep? This is their hidden plan!

Others ignorant of history-Scripture ask: 'How can you connect Esau's Royal elite seed line to the Pharaohs and to Mason's Egypt Queen (Isis)?' Again, in Scripture, it is written that Esau married two (2) Aryan Hittites, which are 'German Aryans' of today. It is documented that an Aryan Hittite Kings's daughter was given in a covenant to Rhameses II, becoming his 40 wife, and thus was an Isis.

Turn to I Book of Kings Chapter 11 in Scripture to see how the Royal 'seed line' of Esau and ancient German Hittites (the Red One, and also known as Edom, and Edomites) became even more connected (by marriage, thus becoming as one with Egyptians, according to Yah's Law) to Pharaoh and his Isis.

"…Ha'-dad the Edomite: he was of the King's (Esau's Royal line) 'seed' in Edom." I Kings 11:14 (Esau is of the 'red', and his false lion is of the 'red'. His seed believe Jacob stole their inheritance!) Hebrew scribes give us a brief history of Ha'-dad of Esau's Royal seed line that escaped the sword of King David and his army commander Joab long before problems Solomon suffered under Ha'dad. *

* Note: Satan mocks this history today with: Ha = 'the' and 'Dad', of 'Dad's Root Beer' = The Root of Esau!

"Ha'dad (of Royal Seed) fled, he and certain 'Edomites' of his father's servants with him, to go into Egypt; Ha'dad being yet a little child. … and they took with them men out of Pa'-ran, and they came to Egypt, unto Pharaoh, King of Egypt; which gave him house, and 'appointed' him victuals, and gave him land. And (as Ha'dad grew to manhood) Ha'dad found great favor in the sight of Pharaoh, so that he gave him to wife (in marriage) the SISTER of HIS OWN WIFE, the SISTER of TAH'-PENES, the Queen" (of all of Egypt, known as Isis Royalty). I Kings 11:17-19.

"The sister of Tah'-penes bare him 'Genu-bath', his son, whom Tah'-penes weaned in Pharaoh's house; and Genu'bath (son of Royal Seed of DNA bloodline of Esau), was in Pharaoh's household AMONG The SONS of PHARAOH." I Kings 11:20. (Genu-bath, a royal son of the ancient seed of Esau, was thus placed among the royal seed bloodline of the sons of ruling Pharaohs of Egypt!)

Pharaoh gave Ha'-dad (Esau's family) and Genu'bath everything: and Ha'-dad wanted for nothing. Pharaoh asked Ha'-dad, "What have you lacked with me… and Ha'-dad said: nothing". Now it is stated Yah stirred up Ha'dad and his army to cause mischief (hostility) against Solomon for his many sins with his wives. Ha'-dad of Esau's 'royal seed' also reigned over SYRIA. I Kings 11:22-25.

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Esau's 'Royal Seed Line' is with Cain's Eagle God of Ur, Babylon, Egyptian Royalty and Hittites! This is a brief background of how DNA bloodline of Pharaohs of Egypt, Hittites, Esau's seed and the tribe of Dan leads up to Gore as the German Aryan's anointed fulfillment of their ancient covenant, and now over the Bavarian Masons today. Yahovah has thus placed DNA descendants of Cain-Esau, Ur-Aryan Hittites-Canaanites and Egyptians-Arabs-Moslems-Ishmael all under this same Eagle!)

Gore is to rule only over all world goats! DNA multi-billion $ research, was primarily funded by Washington, D.C. and reached its goal! (666 deceived who go on about their business have no idea) Why do you think the worldwide German Mormons, German World Heritage Foundations, German Lutherans, German Methodists, elite German Catholics, German Masons, and multi-millions of other Germans worldwide are crossing "T's" and dotting "I's" as to their DNA heritage and where they are in this ancient "TREE" (Satan's tree, bark, sapp, root, branch, knot, block, chip, bud of the East)? Many even having DNA tests? Goats are not written in Yahovah's Book of Life, but are in Satan's Ur-Hittite-Egyptian Book of the (spiritually) Dead! They are even called "Dead Heads" today.

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"God": Egypt Eagle over U.S. Churches

"God" in Churches over Europe (Christians refuse to believe this is "God")

(Garuda grasps World and Bible)

Grateful Dead is a 'Roc' Group that had a world following, and its leader was "Garcia", which in Masonic dark code, means "Gore will see You". Satan's walking dead are grateful. Many have forged their heritage documents to join "seeds" of Cain-Esau. They want to be next of kin (Cain = Ken) and found "among the living" before, during, and after the "purge", and save "their flesh" but lose their souls as written. Cain's multi-millions of "Ken and Barbie" (Hittite fertility couples) icon dolls shall now come to a close! Ken is "Cain", and "Bar Bee" = "Son's Queen Bee Doll", or Cain's Ashtaroth Sex goddess. Kenwood Speakers and stereo systems = "Ken" (Cain) from the "wood" (Satan's tree, as Eastwood). Ken Blackwood = "Cain from the Black One's Tree". "Dog Kennel" = "Dogs of Cain's El". "Ken Copeland" = "Cain now coping with his land", and "Kenworth" = "Cain's worth". Trucking firm, "Conway" = doing it "Cain's Way". "Con-Air", and to "Con" someone, and "X-Con" = "Cain", X-man. O' Connor = "Cain of Ur". Many German Catholics have name Connor and O'Connell (Cain's El) in the U.S. and many in Ireland. Kon-tiki and "G" Khan = are also Cain.

Who, with documentation done by German and Egyptian scholars, will dispute this truth revealed by Yahovah? (German) Hittites were and still are Canaanites, as written. These are the "long hairs" and Yahshua's enemies having "teeth as the teeth of Lions" (Rev. 9:8). These are pretending to be Jews when they are not: Yahshua warned of them in Rev. How can Cain's blood become Seth's?

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