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Since 1920s, Germans have led in DNA research and technology. Yah reveals the 'eight kings' of Rev. 17:10-11 that you now know this mystery. (1) was Cain, (2) was Nimrod-Osiris, (3) Asshur Nazir, (4) Nebochadnazir, (5) Alexander the Great, (6) Augustus Caesar, and (7) Alexis-Osiris Iesus Romanov, son of new Rome, who was shot in the head, and (8) is Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

Eagle Urchin of Ur Seventh Son of The Beast    Graphic's not available

Tsar Alexis Crowned Double Headed Romanov Eagle God of Ur Ministers do not know who "number seven" is, or the "number eight" world King. They also do not know who were the "other six world kings" before number seven! (Rev. 17:10-11). Therefore, ministers have come up with incredible scenarios and meanings of what the mortal wound to the head represents, and who, or what "it" or "he" is in Yahovah's prophecy. None mention all of these kings as Eagle Sons, or that what is in Yah's prophecy/ revelation is found in actual documented history! Yahovah, Yahshua and Apostles never said Revelation would be a 'Walt Disney Production', or Christian Production, or created Hollywood "World King" Production, with Satan's elite Stars!

Yah is over all things: "who" He chooses (those sheep that are His), and "what" He decides to reveal and "when" for His Almighty purpose and pleasure. Read also (Rev. 13:12). If you keep these truths from your congregation, family, your friends, and your associates, then their blood is on your head as written. (Yahovah has revealed to us these dark world secrets of understanding. Daniel 2:22-28)

Woe unto "all who refuse His truth from heaven that they might be saved." Billions will die for not living on "Every Word" of Yahovah as written and commanded by Yahshua! The 666 "image of the beast" is speaking, and deceived Christians know it not. They refuse to believe it, or repent. They follow and worship today's Iesus Alexis-Gore (Osiris-Jesus Christ today) to their terrible future as written. What is now revealed about Gore on Letterman 9/8-9/1993 and D.C. is truth from Yahovah:

Gore - "Images" of him growing up are shown in detail in Washington D.C. As "the Brat child": he is being "nursed" by Isis, the Egyptian "Queen" (Ashtar- "A Star") Goddess. Gore - openly promotes "her" as his "Sacred Mother Earth", "her" title in ancient Egypt. 1993 he wrote a book about her. Gore comes straight from "the Egyptian book of the Dead". His flesh and spirit of lies are from "the wicked one". Plume publications: "Egyptian-Roman Eagle Plume"

Note: A sign for today that relates to Diana-Eve-Isis-Ashtaroth, who German Catholics and Bavarian Masons worship, is a religious painting titled: "Your Mama's Last Supper." It was on display in N.Y.C. Museum, and it made TV news February 16, 2001. Understand? It is their Isis-Mama, the "Queen Bee" Madonna * of German-Roman Catholics and seeds of Cain-Esau's Last Supper!

They shall be buying, selling, giving in marriage, planting and building, and then sudden destruction shall come upon them, as written! This shall certainly happen before the coming of Yahshua Messiah. The Masonic sex theme in Washington, D.C., in Vatican City at Rome, and even in Jerusalem, Israel, has the same characters portrayed again and again. The most incredible are in Washington, D.C., but the Eagle God, Isis-Ashtaroth, Prince Alexis, Tsar Gore, Goats, and serpents are also in the other two. (* Vulgar Isis "Madonna" is on a "sold out" tour: Do you think these MTV Roc Stars shall make it?)

  Graphic's not available

Arlington Park Bust of Isis and Urchin "Child of the Covenant" in Serpent's mouth. See location of Pytha-Gore (Serpent's Murderer) Osiris Five pointed star: Pentagon

The theme of Eve-Isis with Satan the serpent, are repeated again and again in Washington, D.C. The worship and glorification of the "Phallic and Vagina", and the 'act of sin in the garden' portrayed. Before Satan beguiled Eve, Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed. (Genesis 2:25) After Adam and Eve's 'alien encounter' with Satan, they knew they were naked. (Genesis 3:6-7)

Gore - Letterman used the famous "Masonic Mama", their worshipped Isis, in the September 8-9, 1993 "dark sentence" Masonic coded introduction of Gore. She was "number one" on his 'Top Ten' Countdown: Quote: "How you can tell you have a "bad" (Eagle Son) Airline pilot?" Answer: Number One: "He keeps referring to the Control Tower as "Mommie". (Eve-Isis). Meaning, their Masonic worshipped woman is their Mommie now in control!

Gore - Book first printing, Jan. 1993: inside cover no.s: 10 9 8 7 6 5 = (45) Gore's Eagle age, (45) = 4+5 = (9), Eagle. Penguin books (symbolic of black-Satan and white-Isis together to create a "bird" that walks as a man) books, "middle sex", is Masonic code "AC/DC". The band, "AC/DC", is extremely evil and their song "I'm on a Highway to Hell" sums it up. Other Rock groups also sum it up, singing: "It's the Final Countdown", but who is listening?

Gore - Was born March 31, 1948 in "Arlington". Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. is the "Sacred Egyptian Egg of Isis" and therefore, Gore came from Arlington's "Isis" of Egypt! (Isis revealed above in Arlington cemetery and places throughout Washington, D.C. in maps).

Gore - Letterman jokes, TV Commercials and comments on his Night Show are extremely evil and revealing since Gore officially started his role as Jesus Christ and numerous signs saying that we are close to Gore "turning the dogs loose"!

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