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PART II of this prophecy is longer, and covers more on the mystery behind Mason’s Number One Albert Arnold Gore Jr., and the elite’s explanations of the Top Ten Countdowns of Gore and Letterman, which conclusively prove who Gore is today. (Finding out that these hidden truths are presented as jokes, and as dark coded sentences by elite Masons, makes them less acceptable, but they are the truth just the same). You will find out the “dark sentence” Masonic meanings and key words of why Gore is described as these things and much more in the book: ‘The Prince of Tennessee’, The Rise of Al Gore 2000, by David Maraniss, and Ellen Nakashima, Published by Simon and Schuster. ISBN 0-7432-0411-5. Introduction from The Prince of Tennessee: “ Gore’s prophetic ‘PATH to POWER’, at first glance, seems straight and narrow…demanding parents groomed him as a ‘PRINCELING’ to reach the top. The quintessential ‘GOOD SON’… (code)


The Last Appointed 'Little Horn' World Ruler
2001-2004 "The 666 False Messiah":

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Albert Arnold Gore Jr.
America's Urchin
(The Evil Child of Ur)
This is the German One World Order's "God Tsar Blessing America" *
Millions of Master Masons already know who their Number One leader
is today and they are sworn to secrecy/ silence! They are living the lie!
(Satan and his many workers have totally disguised/hidden this truth!
You will find out in this section how it was accomplished worldwide!
Without their hidden codes, dark sentences, signs, symbols, cover-ups,
lies, delusions, and very unique communication language skills,
they could not have pulled it off,
but they have, and thus fulfilled prophecy!
In Yahovah's prophecy, again and again, it states that this man shall deceive the whole world!
Do you think that our Yahovah is a liar?
We expose who is the liar!
You do not deceive the whole world based on presenting truth from Heaven!
Therefore, what we present are truths
Yahovah has revealed for the past 10 years about this last false Messiah.)

"Yahovah rules in the Kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever He will." Daniel 4:25-32. Yahovah appoints world rulers and He removes them. (2:21) (If you think U.S. Presidents are 'elected' without Yahovah's appointment, you are deceived! You either 'believe' Scripture/ Prophecy of Yahovah or not! It is clearly stated that Yahovah rules over all men and He appoints those who rule over men for His purpose and His pleasure! Yes, Yahovah has 'appointed' this evil man to rule over the world, as this is the man that they want to rule over them instead of Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah. He is what the world wants! But, the deceived strongly say, no, we want our Jesus Christ! Behold! This is Jesus Christ!)

Gore is imitating Yahshua Messiah as Osiris-Iesus Christ!

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Purging/ Ethnic Cleansing 2001-04 is underway throughout his kingdom! He shall place himself as even Yahovah and above all that is worshipped! Satan is now giving to his last deified son precisely what he tried to give to Yahshua Messiah! But notice, that Satan reluctantly states to Yahshua that what he has is delivered to him by Yahovah! Satan said to Yahshua: "All this 'power' will I give you, and the 'glory' of them: For that (which) is delivered (given) unto me (by Yahovah); and to whomsoever I will, I give it!" (Luke 4:4-8)

Yahovah uses the wicked to carry His Righteous Sword to take vengeance on those who disobey Him, as written. The Assyrian * is the Sword of Yah (* German Anglo-Saxon Bavarian today) as written. (No amount of denials or debates can change these truths!) Yahovah appoints Cain-Esau's seed to rule over this wicked world, as written. Yahovah turns over His "elect" to Yahshua, the "Branch".

Saith Yahovah: "I will bring forth My Servant the BRANCH". (Zechariah 3:8) And again:

Behold the man whose name is The 'BRANCH', and He shall grow up out of His place, and He shall build the Temple of Yahovah; even He shall build the Temple of Yahovah; and He shall bear the GLORY, and He shall sit and RULE upon His throne; and He shall be a PRIEST upon His throne; and the counsel of peace shall be between them both." (Zechariah 6:12-13)

"There shall come forth a ROD out of the stem of Jesse, and a 'BRANCH' shall grow out of his ROOTS. The Spirit of Yahovah shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Yahovah." And again, "In that day shall the BRANCH of Yahovah be beautiful and GLORIOUS…" Isayah 11:1, 4:2.

(Yahshua said: we are not to be like Yahovah's appointed worldly rulers, as we serve only Yahovah!) Satan's elect (already given to Satan by Yahovah) say they rule by inherited divine right, or they are elected through pre-chosen candidates and fraudulent elections and under his Executive BRANCH! Yahovah has shown throughout Scripture-Prophecy that He is over all of these Gentile rulers!

The world is already worshipping the evil one himself and his deified son! Woe unto all now firmly in the wrong camp! See them singing to him, uniting together and worshipping him in their churches, synagogues, patriotic gatherings and holidays: holding hands with flowing tears, and singing coast-to-coast: giving the GLORY unknowingly but willingly to him again and again: "God Bless America!"

(* When Americans pledge to U.S. Osiris-Iesus-Isis flag under "God", they are pledging to Gore! Worship of 'God' is 'Gore'! Deception is complete: old, young, rich and poor are doing this act.)

Builders then rejected him in 2000! They shall not give him the honor of the kingdom! Daniel 11:21

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666 Cornerstone of the Masons today

PART II "THE FALSE MESSIAH *" (Consecrated September 18, 1993)

(Gore deified to receive World Throne!)

* In this section, you will discover things connected in your life to Gore, and to Masonic signs, symbols, and images. You will be presented with the "Top Ten Countdown" of Gore and "Top Ten Countdown" of Letterman, that shows without question who the 666 Masonic World Order Cornerstone is today. (There is no argument about these truths.)

A man wrote: "We should not talk this way about 'our leaders': we should only pray for them so we can live and worship in peace as written". He is in total delusion, but with lots of company, if he thinks Masonic leaders working direct for Satan and son have an objective of "peace, love, and joy"! But, it is an ancient mystery; truth that they also work * for Yahovah! What? How is this possible?

Yahovah made "good vessels" and "bad vessels" as written: who are you to tell the "clay potter" how to make His vessels? Yahovah created the good and the evil! (This truth puzzles scholars) Yahovah is over good and evil, and in total control of both: is it not then a wise man (or woman) to obey Yahovah and Yahshua, and pray they (Yahovah and Yahshua) keep evil (and evil men) from them, that they may continue to live, serve, praise and bless His Name (Daniel 2:20), and to worship Yahovah in peace?

Is this not a prayer of David? He had an opportunity to kill his adversary, Shaul, who was trying to kill him. Did he do it? No, for David knew that Yahovah had appointed King Shaul of Israel, who was his adversary; Yahovah would be the One to remove him! (Yah caused Shaul to fall on his sword) You can thus "pray for your enemies" as written. Yahovah shall remove them. This is also stated by Yahshua. But remember: if you pray for your enemies, then you do have enemies! Recognize your enemies!

(Within these writings are many documents, facts, and truth, that you know for certain who to pray to, and pray for, and who for certain are your true enemies today! You are not commanded to go out and worship with them and their demonic Gods and Goddesses, or participate in their corrupt ways! If you are praying for these people over you using "God", "Lord"; in the name of "Jesus", then you are as evil as they are today! Shall Yahovah and Yahshua answer your prayers that you can 'live in peace' to serve and worship the same God that is Yahovah's adversary? Yah forbid! Yah is sending [leaders and all those under them] what they deserve: pestilence, plagues, suffering, and death! You shall know what Yahovah does to His adversaries! He sends them evil, and shall consume them!)

Thus Saith Yahovah: If they believe not truth, and have rejected My truth wherein they might be saved, nor repent of their great sins and errs in their ways from My Word, nor turn and worship Me in Spirit and in Truth as commanded, then they will be greatly punished and destroyed, and they will certainly lose their souls as written. I shall not repent of My written Judgment! * ( * Yahovah's Judgment pronounced on the entire world January 8th. 1992, and few today know it!) "WHAT" is BEHIND this WRONG CAMP, and "WHO" TODAY is in this WRONG CAMP?

The public and Christians have been fed such a stream of lies for so long by workers of evil and the world leaders of Christianity and Governments, that they shall find it too much to accept these truths! Only those that are Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah's true sheep shall be quickened by this prophecy. Bavarian Masons have spent $$$ trillions over 200 years with an army of engineers/ builders to make Washington, D.C. the real 666 seat for Isis, Satan, his son! It is too late to go into all the details of 5,000 years of deception, and all the ways it has been accomplished to now bring forth Satan's last son. (Yahovah and Yahshua fulfill all promises made to His sheep: this prophecy is an end-time fulfillment)

If you believe Yahovah's Word, we, as men and women today, can all be traced back to mother Eve. 'Eve-Isis-Nike-Ashtaroth-Madonna' is the Mason's "Sacred (Queen Bee) Mother of the Earth"! (Documented from Mason's books going back to Egypt, Ur, Babylon-Assyria-Canaan, and revealed in Satan's massive complex designs of Washington, D.C.) What is her purpose in the world deception? She is the incredible mystery behind: Babylon, The Great Whore of the world nations in Revelation. All world Masons are 'married' to this Whore, and they must now fulfill their part in this bond.

"The Queen Bee is the symbol of the Goddess in the Ephesian cult. The 'image' of this Goddess, Diana, (As Princess Diana) is molded far more after the 'form or shape' of a woman. What are supposed to be breasts upon her body, also represent 'eggs' (Eggs-seeds of Genesis 3:15)." (W.M. Ramsay Religion of Greece, The Hast Bible Dictionary, Extra Vol. P. 116. Sequence, P. 412. M.W.)

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Satan's Deified Woman of Ur

Ur's 'Fleur-de-lus' over Goats Eagle Goddess Images of Isis all over world

"Rev. 6:2-9:8 is about this shield" (See 2001 Victoria's Secret TV Commercial)

(See the Lions and the Bows)

Hittite God/ Goddess Covenant was presented to a real German Hittite-Egypt 'Queen Bee' herself: "Queen Victoria", July 20, 1890. Quote: "Full particulars (of German Hittite stone) with S. Kinn's (Arch Seal) illustrations appeared in 'The Illustrated London News', and 'The Queen' Publications.' (The ancient Ur-Canaanite-Hittite Tarsus Satan and Son Golden Arch Covenant is almost fulfilled)

It was presented to her Majesty, Queen Victoria, from the Department of Antiquities, British Museum, mounted in a Morocco case lined in 'purple' velvet. Through Sir Henry Ponsonby, Queen Victoria personally thanked Kinns". P.162.* Scholars presenting this (German) Hittite Stone knew not their German Queen of England (Mason's living symbol for an ancient Egypt Isis and mother Eve herself) was playing a major part in the fulfillment of Satan/ son Eve-Isis Arch Covenant for today! How? Giving birth to elite "daughters in marriage" of German ruling DNA seeds across Europe/ Russia! * Kinns, 'Graven In the Rock', 1895. (Tarsus Stone Covenant for the Seed/Son of Satan) Volumes I, II, England.

This is part of the ancient "Babylonian Whore's Great Mystery" behind "Victoria's Secret" * !

Today's millions of women dressing in sexy Victoria's Secret miniscule 'under-garments' on parade have a specific purpose in the world! To bring forth more elite ruling sons of Cain and multi-millions of "more goats" (Satan's sons and daughters for 'perpetuation of his race-children', 'his seed', as first written in Genesis 3:15 between his seed and the woman's seed. Obviously, the world's goats do not admit that this is possible for 'Satan to have seed'! This also is part of the deception in today's world of Christianity. They do not worship Yahovah/ Yahshua, but Satan their father; and his sons!)

'Victoria' is only another name for the ancient Great Eagle Goddess 'Nike', a female symbol of Eve herself. Mystery = Secret, and thus Satan mocks this truth in Revelation behind the Babylon Whore by flaunting "Victoria's Secret" of many almost naked women on TV Commercials and promotions!

The incredible long history of truth behind "Victoria's Secret" = "The Babylonian Whore", leads us straight to the Throne of England and bringing forth of Satan's last "German World Order Caesar".

Queen Victoria is DNA connected to Isis (Queen Nefatari) of Egypt. This is how (German) Hittite (Canaanite) stone/seal and covenant relates to Queen Victoria, Russia's (German) Queen Alexandria, and back to Eve, to bring forth the Mason's deified Gore, today's German World Order God Tsar! He is the 'final number eight' world order king of Satan and son's covenant. (Rev. 17:10-11). "He is of the seven, and is the Eighth." Christians understand none of this, and they worship him already!

"He (Satan), shall cause the image (Eagle-son) of the Beast (Great Eagle) to speak." (Rev. 13:15) It is accomplished! He shall cause (Alexis No. 7) the "image of the beast" to speak (the Eagle son that once was mortally wounded in the head). Alexis is the 666 symbol-icon of "Iesus Christos".

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Of King George V & Alexis

'Iesus' Thrones of Europe

German Iesus Ruling Scepter

One of the fool-proof ways of proving beyond question the connection of the elite Germans today to the ancient Aryan Hittites and definite way to connect Gore to Alexis Romanov of Russia and Queen Alexandria (granddaughter of Victoria) is through DNA (in Royal purple-red elite blueblood line). Doctors of Cain-Esau since 1923-28 have made massive DNA technology leaps through multi-billion dollar funded Universities, Colleges, and privately funded research and Genetic Medical Centers and government labs. They have specifically targeted "The Mysteries of Life": to try and "create life".

Part 3