Gore's Top Ten Countdown !

Part 15

David Letterman continues in his 9/9/1993 Gore Introduction “Top Ten” Countdown: (Note: Understanding of these deep “Masonic Dark Sentences” will not instantly come to you, as it is like learning a brand new foreign language. Since Masons and many demons have been using them for a long time, and always adding new words and symbols as “times and products” change, it is easy for them. Demons have been around a long time. This way of “dark sentence” communicating has been effective (See Daniel 8:23). 3 “Over the P.A., You hear, ‘heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh’, this (Eagle) plane sucks.”

“Ne-Heh”- (heh) or “HEH”, is the ancient name of the “Egyptian God of Eternity”. “Heh”- is indeed Satan himself. Thus, 666 Satan (Heh, Heh, Heh,), Egypt’s God, is already inside his 666 Son (Heh, Heh, Heh,) or “HEH” = (6) x Number (3) on the Countdown = 18. Three sixes

"THEY SHALL NOT GIVE the HONOR * of the KINGDOM to HIM" Daniel 11:21 21 ¶ And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. * Gore shall not receive the 'honor' of his kingdom. (According to the dictionary) he shall not receive (be given) the distinction or validity, or credit or esteem of his office, or the public's respect of high rank! Thus, Gore has already entered into his world order kingdom as written, not as fictional writers proclaimed. He is the "Bird Man" from the east, the Great Eagle son "that causes the world to tremble", as written in Isayah. Don't be deceived He is in Power hidden "behind" the scenes!
Let us hear the 666 Eagle Son's countdown to massive death. (Gore live on Letterman show 9/9/93) Gore's actual top ten "countdown": Gore's list of why he liked being in the U.S. "Vice" Presidential "Spot-light": direct quotes and shown in U.S. papers and Magazines:

10 "Police Escort" (Nazi police state) "Gets me to the movies faster" (Satan's goals-objectives will be met much faster) Perfect Number 10 is Satan's Giza Pyramid of Egypt: Satan's perfect "rock" of perfection known to all Masons who have studied their "craft". (They are the "Craftsmen" tools). Gore - Number Ten of why he liked being "Vice" (evil) President of the United States, he said: "A police escort gets you to the movies faster." By quickly establishing a police state just as it was under Hitler's Nazi Germany; all should know what follows. They are already quietly destroying any enemies of their German World Order." Satan's world is the movies and lies, and make believe.

9 "I got to play tetherball with the inventor of tetherball." Number 9 inventor is Satan, as "the Eagle Gott" to the ancient Mystics. (Nine tail feathers of Gore's Mazda Eagle Seal). Let scholars and false prophets explain what Gore just said. This was not a lie, even though "the game" of tetherball was invented for little "Alexis" Romanov of German England House of Royalty blood in 1896. "Tetherball": symbolic looking down on a "dot in a circle" (Osiris symbol of the son of the sun of Satan). Game has a pole, having a "little horn" on top with a "black and white" hexagon (Soccer type) ball attached on a string. How did Gore play with inventor? Gore's DNA blood [of Alexis] played "Tetherball" as "the child" with the inventor in German British Royal family: "Queen Victoria" and her Granddaughter "Alexandra", the German sacred mother Russia of "Alexis". Tetherball is symbolic for Asshur and other Assyrian kings dating back to first dynasty of Ur. Circle with black "dot" in the center was used also throughout Egypt as a symbol of Osiris in Pharaoh, the deified "son of the sun".

Gore - "designer's Crystal ash receiver"(Circle in a square) Gore smashed has significant "hidden meaning": The "Crystal system" of Satan's hematite "bloodstone" seal with the ancient Hittites is "hexagonal", as is his world of the hexagonal "black and white" tetherball "Son of the Sun" game. "Crystal" is a reference to the ancient Eagle Satan and Son Aryan Hittite and Chaldean-Ur 3,600 B.C. Covenant. (Rhombohedral). The Hematite stone's composition is fe2 o3 (black and red Iron oxide).

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Burning Fire of the "Burger King" This is the German Burger King (Eagle has risen from the Fire) (Third Rib in Bear's mouth is Gore)

Gore means blood, and Satan's ancient Covenant stone is "bloodstone". In the Encyclopedia of gemstones and minerals, p.132, "Because of its striking red streak, hematite takes its name from the Greek word 'haima', or 'blood', and is still referred to as "bloodstone". Mason's most sacred stone crystal, has their Double Headed Phoenix-Eagle in the center, and rising out of a fire. (This goes back to Aaron/ Moshe burning the Egyptian Eagle God Abomination in Exodus 8:26)

Gore - "Crystal City", Washington, D.C. was another hidden reference to the "designer's Crystal Ashtray." Location of secret German elite multi-billion dollar intelligence gathering operation is in place. It began under Bush. They consolidated mountains of "human resource" data bank files* through their U.S. German Volk. They know precisely each and everyone targeted for elimination.

Other major countries have been totally disarmed: who is left to fight (make war) with the beast? There will be no escape this time, and no rescue from Americans, because it is the Americans (of German heritage with the same Masonic Evil as Hitler), that are now in charge of the program.

* Centralized names of those to be "purged" from their U.S. German Volk files of: FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, IRS, branches of military, the Justice Department, and addresses, locations, of these "purge" victim's names on down to state and local law enforcement agencies. These hidden "human resource" clean up "control regions" are more efficient than Hitler could dream of with their technology network. Most of this has been done and they are ready to strike. What will it take to wake up Yahovah's people? Another Jewish Holocaust is now imminent! Yet, most Jews, as once in Germany, refuse to believe it will happen!

Gore - "Crystal City" in Washington, D.C. is "Satan's brain center" for the German snare of "the Eagle" Nazi Police State for rounding up Jews and dissidents and those not worshiping Gore (God).

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The same Eagle God of Hitler is over the U.S. German Volk and Eagles are ready to strike. (Come out now with TV Show) (This is their Goal worldwide)

Those today not accepting their German One World Order after the first "blitz" or "purge", will easily be tracked down and rounded up. They know precisely who they are going to round up and check off of their list, then those that remain fugitives, will become their "most wanted" in U.S. All points arrest bulletins will be issued for men and women that they miss in their first blitz.

Special State License plates with coded holograms for "tracking via computer networking" by GM-Hughes type electronics surveillance will be activated. Roads and interstates are already "marked". Police roadblocks for I.D. checks will be set up: this is already being practiced in many cities, as in Indianapolis and on Alaska roads and elsewhere. Roads are also coded with "special red and colored square patches" on the backs of signs for directing those involved in the purge. Some lead directly to these camps or set up prisons. (This code was exposed in 1994, and they have probably changed it). Multi-billions of dollars was passed by the dominated Masonic German Congress and Senate to "beef up" German controlled City/State Police, Sheriffs depts., and dominating FEMA Regional Forces.


Gore - the "designer's" V.P. Ash receiver was also the identical design of Satan's great Egyptian Cheops pyramid temple: looking straight down on the pyramid (documented) from corner to corner of each side of the square, it is slightly concave: proven the exact (circle) curvature circumference of the earth today. The Master "designer" of both the Giza pyramid and the V.P. "ash receiver": Satan.

Gore - reference to "the ash receiver", circle in a Square "designer's Crystal ashtray" shattered into pieces by Gore 9/9/93 on Letterman, told Masons he was the Eagle's son rising from the bird's ashes.

Gore used Osiris-Satan's "black prick", a black punch (square on the top), wearing black safety "eye goggles", to burst the ash receiver into pieces (over 35). Gore stated: the "test" of breaking the "ash receiver" specified that no more than 35 glass pieces could be counted. Letterman, wearing "clear rimmed goggles", broke the same type "Crystal designer ash receiver". It did not shatter, but broke neatly into large chunks that stayed on the "maple board". (Alexis Romanov had a custom maple board like this that he used to write on, eat, and draw, while he was sick in bed with his blood disease.)

Gore - 35 is 3+5 = 8. 3x5 = 15 = 555, Satan's Washington, D.C. Monument. When Letterman wiped the broken glass off of the Maple board with his hand, he cut himself, and blood was drawn: for this is the "blood covenant with death" and blood will be required to be shed. Letterman thus said: "I don't mind it... (Shedding of his blood) it's for our (Masonic) 'Vice' (Evil) President."

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Evil Presenting Itself They have him in 666 Temple Chief Cooker in Whitehouse (Words of Death) (Iesus Gore in their Temples) (Cooking Ribs in Daniel)


Gore - the "prick", last Egypt Obelisk, the Washington Monument (base square in a circle) under the White House, his phallic symbol. It is Satan's most famous obelisk. The "black prick" punch used to shatter the symbolic Giza Pyramid "Crystal Ash Receiver on Letterman 9/9/93 is above White House.

Gore - smashing the "Crystal Ashtray" is also symbolic of tearing down and rearranging the pieces of the U.S. Government: abolishing state borders, and dividing U.S. into 10 regions, and abolishing U.S. National and International borders through NAFTA, APEC, and GATT. Control of all World Trade is to be run out of the Mason's 3.1 million square feet Reagan Federal Triangle World Trade Center.

Gore - smashed to pieces the designer's "Crystal Ashtray": another "hidden signal" to the Masons and German Reich throughout the U.S. German Volk another "Crystal Glass Night" is planned in minute detail, and to be done on a massive scale throughout the U.S. German Aryan Volk. They say 2001-4.

(Masonic signals indicate a schedule for starting in mid-June 2001 through 2001. Timing is imminent! If it does not happen in June, as planned, it will happen soon. This is not speculative: not if, but when! Reminder: go back and look at the identical "square" worn by the Pope and by their Osiris-Iesus.) All "Puff and Spin" Election, as Yahovah had already Appointed him for 2000!

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Even People Voted for him. Gore is the "New Ham of Ur", the new Osiris! (He won Florida: they lied) (Gore is the New Nimrod-Osiris-Iesus of world)

Gore - calling his ashtray an "ash receiver" was another code to German elite "Secret Police" now in place. Gore's ash receiver also refers to the night of May 10, 1933 when one of Hitler's top Nazis, Goebbels, rounded up and burned Jewish books, proclaiming: "The period of Jewish Intellectual Imperialism is over". (Symbolically to burn and destroy Jews and their works to solve their "Jewish problem".) "From its 'ashes' a 'new spirit' will arise." Goebbels under the Hitler Eagle God. 1933.

8 "Signing of a bill"-means "lots of free pens" After all of the world's nations sign away their power and their freedoms to World God Tsar Gore: "they get to keep their pins". This happened with the incredible signing(s) of NAFTA, APEC, AND GATT world agreements (covenants) with the 666 beast, Gore. Done between 1993-1994-2000. Few understand the significance behind these three One World Order covenants. (Once World Court, One World Constitution and World Police State is enacted, there will also be lots of "free spoils" from all of their enemies after they are eliminated)

Gore, done through his mouthpiece Clinton, also signed into law the bills (Executive Orders) for all preparations for a U.S. Federal "State of Emergency" (Martial Law). Congress and Senate will also sign lots of HR bills. 2000 Update: Gore and Clinton issued an unprecedented 347 Executive Orders (EO's) while in office only two terms. Number 8: Gore is the eighth King of (Rev. 17:10-11).

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Gore is the beast: ISRAEL HAS ALREADY SIGNED THREE 666 "COVENANTS with him.

(Israel and the majority of U.S. Jews are in a trance to think that the U.S. Government is their 'friend') 7 Major Gore "dark signal" he is already Dictatorial Leader of the World, over Masons, and over all wicked, and "secretly" in stealth, already the real Masonic President of the U.S.
Number 7: Gore is of the "seven, and he is the eighth" of Revelation. Number seven was Tsar Alexis Romanov Eagle Son. Number 7: the "imitator" of Yahovah's perfection number. The Gore- quote: 9/9/93 for No. Seven:

"When the left eye is closed (Egyptian Sacred Eye of Isis) and looking at his U.S. Seal with the Right eye (Egyptian 'red eye' of Horus, Satan's son, Osiris-Iesus, Pharaoh son [sun] of horizon). His U.S. Great Seal reads: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES."

Gore's "Vice" Great Eagle Gott Seal (in blue "shadow)" actually holds only "One Arrow". (See on front cover of Gore's "Reinventing Government" 1993) meaning, "Number One": Satan and his Son are now as one. Masonic elite know that Gore is their U.S. "Shadow World President".

Gore- as Number 7 Alexis, was also taught spiritually by Satan, as "Tetherball" is a "Satanic ball game" invented specifically and precisely for "his chosen Sunshine son" to play as "a child". Who actually invented it? Satan: "was the original inventor". Strictly by the 1896 date, it appears impossible, As Gore 3/31/93 was only 45 years old when he made this apparent "lie":

Note: U.S. World emphasis on "Soccer". (See Black and white five pointed stars united) ask yourself why Gore mentioned the "Tetherball" dark code in his top 10 countdown, as most know nothing of it.

6 Countdown number six: Satan's I.D. Number. Number six is "sex" in Latin. Mr. "Uni-Sex", (AC/DC) Phallic-Vagina in Masonic books. 6 (sex: Satan), 6 (sex: Gore as Osiris the phallic) and 6 (sex: Isis as the vagina) is 666. The number of the Beast (Eagle) and image of the Beast (Eagle Son). Gore- Quote:
Number 6 "...he gets 'intellectual priority' rights on all of his speeches..." He is the living Bird, as the song said: "The Bird is the word, the birds the word, Bird, Bird, Bird, the bird is the word." Gore is the Bird with the "word". All Masons shall follow him to the very end.

(Identical phrase used in GATT "world trade" agreements in Europe) * Radio Morning News Dec. 7, 1993 Gore- gets exclusive, top priority rights from Satan on every "word" that he speaks and writes. Every single "word" is final. It is Satan speaking through Gore: It is "Copyrighted" and under his Eagle "Trade Mark". The Wicked (as all worldwide Masons) are obeying his "Every Single Word".

Satan is the source of "intellectual" light for all Masons. Gore now has "top priority", and is backed by Satan on penalty of death. Update: This includes George W. Bush, the latest pawn moved up front in the German One World Order "chess game". Gore- "Not one word has been omitted" Ref. inside cover cutline: Gore's Reinventing Government, book, issued September 8-13, 1993.

5 Gore 9/9/93 countdown. Gore quote: "Dan Quayle and Gerald Ford are pretty easy to beat during vice-president's week on Jeopardy". No.5: Alexis was no. 5, the "Fifth" child born and "first born son" (DNA Blood related son) of German King George V, (5), cousin of Tsar Nicolas II. Gore is Wodan (Dan), also No.5, who will Judge his people (Gore is an Ex-Jew of tribe of Dan, not mentioned in Revelation). Number five is alive as "fifth born" Alexis. Osiris-Iesus is also to judge the world. Gore - Vice "number two" is "number one" and beats all VPs before him, especially 33rd. Degree clumsy Ford, who fell down the steps of "Eagle One"(Masonic inside joke) and "Baby Bird", Mr. "nice" Guy, "Quayle in the Bush". Gore said that: "Quayle did not have a very good 'Jump shot' in basketball..." meaning he was not accurate or great to do Satan's Work.

(Basketball: "Satan seed" hidden game). Satan's "all star" Seeds of Cain basketball players are great at putting his "brown seed" in the Nike Ashtaroth hole (basket) today, and doing Satan's work.

"Demon Deacons meet the Blue Devils" 1/13/94 ESPN cable Headline: "Demon Deacons of Wake Forest try to upset the highly ranked 'Duke' (Canaanite Dogs) 'Blue Devils' (of Isis)." Gore Vice (evil) seven years (one week) in White House shall set the world up for "Jeopardy" (2001-2004)!

Gore - continued about Quayle:..."that he avoided piling on..." (reference to "football" and not to "basketball". Gore intentionally used and combined football and basketball together in one sentence) football: another Satan game of moving and planting his ancient "brown seed" of Cain over "playing field" of the earth, and "Scoring" his number 6 (six) 6 (sex) points. The "extra point", if you get the point of all of this, is accurately putting "one" of Satan's "brown seeds" through the Egypt Isis (blue Sky) square". Football is played in Satan's Egyptian Bowl (of Cain) and Bowl (of Esau): as the "sun Bowl", "Egypt Gator Bowl", "Orange Sun Bowl", Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, and the "all-star" Bowls.

Satan's (Cain-Esau) bowls are used frequently in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writings. Gore is better than all v.p.s before him that wanted to be Satan's chosen and deified last "little horn"

4 - Gore- Number 4 on countdown: "You Don't have to be Funny to be on the Letterman Show" (Meanings in Masonic language are sometimes coded as exact opposites done as a "joke"). Why? Satan is a liar and world's greatest joker. This is Gore's German Reich, "fourth kingdom" in Daniel. All here on out is "deadly serious" (not a joke) to takeover all Four (4) corners of the earth: Wicked know every single word is serious: Gore is not being funny.

This show is (4) Gore and (4) Masons. (4) corners of Satan's Egypt-Hittite square: his 666 covenant "swastika" (square) is opened up: before Alexis Romanov was executed, Satan's ancient 'swastika' was put over his headboard by Queen Alexandra (for protection).

Gore-Alexis, as the (4) "old nails" Alexis had in his pocket when shot in the head: Gore will "nail down" (4) Four Corners of earth for him. As Kaiser, Tsar, and Caesar over the last German/Roman One World Order, Gore inherits the (4) German Horses of the "Berlin Bear" over their Victory Arch, which also symbolizes the "4" Horses of God Augustus Caesar to continue the Roman Empire.

Gore- as Alexis, comes back from "the four brothers": (4) Four trees growing out of (2) two cut off Pine stumps at "666 pit" gold mining area in Siberia, Russia: where Tsar Alexis Family was "burned". Last Russian Tsar Nicholas II was chopped up and cast into a gold "pit". Gore- Tsar Alexis Romanov memorial of these "two cut off stumps" were cast in bronze. Precisely where are these "two stumps" located at today? At Washington, D.C., at the Capitol building on lot number 666.

Gore-Alexis has "risen from ashes" (phoenix) from the burned Tsar. (2) Stumps are located directly underneath one of (4) Four men bronze statues. These are "four brothers" of Cain in S.W. Circle: (1) Cain-Esau Ur-Hittite Lion man, "as the hunter Nimrod-Osiris". (2) Cain-Esau-Greek-Roman man of knowledge and arts. (3) Cain-Esau-Roman-man of "law and rule" facing Northeast towards the Capitol as the last Tsar (Caesar). (4) Cain-Esau-man as "the world conquer" on his "Horse of Death" wrapped in a cape: Gore in Russian means cloth: as "man of the cloth". Russian-Greek Orthodox Church "canonized" executed Romanov Family in 1981. Gore-"Alexis" has been joined together: by blood, by law, by religion, and by Satan. Alexis was made a "saint" and God and worshiped by millions of Russians, even bowing to his image as an 'Iesus' (Jesus) Icon. (Rev. 14:11-18) It is over for them.

3 - Gore- number 3 countdown: Quote:"...You get to eat all the (Golden Arch McDonald's) French fries that the President can't get to". Meaning he is Satan's son, and inherited Satan's "power rod" over entire world, over all mammon, and all "flesh".

Clinton cannot touch "small-flesh fries". Gore, as the Great Dragon's son, and known as the Dragon himself, can devour all (McDonald's) "Flesh-fries" anywhere in the world. What? "He shall devour the whole earth." (Daniel 7:23) Again, Gore is the German Bear with the third rib!

"Golden Arch" is over all "flesh fries". Satan's Egypt trinity symbol in 3,600 B.C. Covenant is the McDonald's worldwide Golden Arch. Trillions of "French fries" are eaten by Satan's "flesh fries". McDonald's founder was a Lucifer worshiper: great was his reward on earth. The Masons have an ARCH DEGREE. This Arch Degree is also connected to the Throne of England, where the Queen is over the Golden Arches. Satan's elite know what "French fries" and the Golden Arches represent.

McDonald's means: Mc (son of death) of the Don (Gott) of ald (old). Mc, Mac, Mack, Macke, and Mackey, come from ancient Arabic root word Macabar and Mcabre; means: son of death, or the grave digger's hands. Who would believe that "Happy Meals" are really "Death Meals"?

Saying 'French Fries' and referring to Clinton, it is known of his McDonald's jokes. Also the last thing U.S. Sec. Brown did before being intentionally blown up in an airplane with over 30 others, was to present 800 McDonald Hamburgers to the troops in Bosnia. (666 Seal of Death in his hand) (The cover-up of the Brown Airplane Crash was very professional and the public cared less)

2-Gore- number 2: "Don't have to be a 'good speller' to get the job". His qualifications for being Satan's Chosen One is strictly based on DNA blood: his race, and seed: selected and then taught by Satan. Note: direct reference to "Alexis" no. 7. A "horrible Speller" [in taking his English lessons]. Alexis Romanov did not start to learn English until 9 (Eagle) years old. Gore is coding he is Alexis.

Gore- is number 2: "THE POWER OF TWO: ANYTHING ELSE WOULD BE TOO MUCH." (June-July 2000 Sprint "Satan and Son" opening the 'Red Square' Commercial). Michael Jackson (prior "Pepsi" Star) who turned from black to "white", is also singing a "strange" background song.

Gore is number one and number two Nimrod-Osiris, reborn of Egypt. The wicked also know him as their "BOSS" Satan's chosen son (sun) spot in the number two spot west of White House for eight years. Alexis was number 2 two spot under Nicholas II as heir to the throne. Gore-is Sovereign heir over all Nazi Eagle Sons. Skilled at directing murder: Gore's name actually means "the murderer".

Gore- Satan's Cain-Esau "black seed" hidden DNA bloodline found in German Aryans is known to elite. Example: "Schwartzkopf" (German) means: "Black Head". A Nimrod-Osiris black General over "Nazir" Eagles. Another past example: "Eagle Son" General Pershing, known as "Black Jack".

German/Austrian Arnold Schwartzenigger, means: Arnold (Eagle with power) and his last name: "THE BLACK ETHIOPIAN MAN" (Nimrod-Osiris-Iesus, the "Black Eagle Son" with power). Bush Senior put Arnold over the Youth of America Fitness Program as a (German) Icon or Super Model Hero to be like. (Note many roles Arnold plays in hit Movies as a killer, a terminator, and unemotional with his jobs. He is presented as the perfect 'killing Nazi German Aryan Machine!)

Today, one of Satan's "squares" with a bronze fierce attack Eagle "perched" over the world is in the corner (as Shown in Egypt) of "Pershing Square" at the Base of his Tower of Babel Temple in D.C.

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Who would believe this man is the next Hitler, and already in power? This is not a joke: he is the joker. Gore is the "Rolling Stone", Gore is "Sly and the Family Stone", Gore is the "Cornerstone" of Masons. He was presented as the "Alpha Male" (Alpha and Omega) man in the Rolling Stone Magazine article.

1 Gore- "Number One": On Gore's "Top Ten" Countdown. "Having the secret Government 'code name': "Buttafuoco." Is Gore giving a Masonic 'code' or joke? It came from his lips. "Buttafuoco" is his hidden 'Secret Service' and assigned name. Gore revealed himself to you and the world as written by Paul and others in Scripture. Yet, those watching thought it was a big joke!

Gore- has literally done this thing in living color on nationwide television and completely out in the open for all to see and to understand. The Illuminati and elite Masons and Rosicrucians know, but do you? It is extremely late to begin to understand their language. Did you "hear" it? Did you "see" it?

Or did you think it was all a "joke", and laugh, and cheer, and clap with the millions of other "night owls" destined for the pit? Gore is number one. Masons know Satan as number one. "Buttafuoco" WHAT A CODE NAME FOR SATAN'S "NUMBER ONE" SON: GORE OVER GOATS.

To reveal his son, Satan used this real story of a "Man from the North East". As Isayah warned: "That ravenous bird, the man from the east, (Gore) the man (Eagle's son)" (Isayah 46:10-11)

1993 Buttafuoco story: "Growing each day", "it" was full of "lies", violent plots, adultery, lust, hate, sex, sin, prostitution, shooting, denials, cover ups, greed, massive TV coverage of Satan's "Show Business News". The man's first name is Joey. He lied and lied, and then "denied and denied". Does all of this not accurately describe Satan throughout Scripture? Should it also describe his son?

"Real Buttafuoco" admitted "Statutory Rape" with Amy Fisher, who tried to kill his wife, Mary Jo, by shooting her in the head. Many "made money" off of Satan's selected and publicized seed. Is all of this not Satan? Satan is only using "Buttafuoco" for a very specific communication code purpose.

Why Gore with this "code name"? Nothing is coincidence. Why reveal it? Why associate himself with such "sin and wickedness" around that name? Saying it is "his secret code name" is not a joke. Letterman's "Night Owls" gave Gore a standing ovation. Vice (evil) Gore- is "Cain" again in the flesh. He was born March 31, 1948 in Isis-Arlington as the wicked one of Satan.

Gore- "Alexis" also came out of North East. Tobolsk, Siberia, Russia (NE) "North" and far "East" fulfills Yah's prophecy. Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg, Russia "Alexis" was shot in the head. (Rev 13:3) (Isayah 46:10) Russia is also in "Asia." Siberia is in the "Northeast Asiatic" part of Russia. Ekaterinburg and approximately 666 miles from the "Arctic Circle" and located on "60" Degrees.

Gore - Alexis-Gore: "Butt-a-fuc-o": a "slang" vulgar sexual expression used by Satan-Cain's seed in U.S. It is extremely rude, offensive, and refers to an actual "sexual act of perversion" and forbidden fornication. Also an "ABOMINATION" and associated frequently with gay men, Sodomy (ancient) to today's orgy "butt sex", and mixed in also with both sexes in multiple orgies. (Romans 1:26-27)

Chaldeans, Canaanites, Greeks and Romans were into this sexual type of behavior. "Goat" butts and Gore was born a "goat" under the "goat sign". Gore - "Butt-a-fuc-o": also symbolical hidden code for what Gore and his Satanic band intend to quickly do in plundering, killing, and raping * enemies.

Statutory definition: "imposed by law or by force" Remember what Hitler did with German thugs: he worked under power, imposed laws, and by force. Gore is doing more with unpublished (EO) passed laws and empowerment White House Orders. 2001, Gore works through EO's (Executive Orders) of Bush and spiritual communication with specifically located demons and spirits in these men. They are indeed chosen men of Satan and Gore, belonging to them, and they will do his bidding to the end.

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All through Gore's 2000 campaign, GORE WAS "THE JOKER". (A Masonic code for Lucifer) Bush Mask gives "Victory for the Goat" Hand Sign. Gore is showing on live TV that he is "No. One in Temples" of men and women. (Masons are laughing themselves silly knowing this scam) Being known as the "Light of the Pumpkin" of Halloween, and the "Stiff", who suspects him? They (Aryans) "Have Slept With The Enemy" (Jews) for many generations, and it is now over. They have totally fooled the world with jokes, cartoons, and a steady stream of laughs from D.C.


Pharaohs (Eagle sons of Satan) used and worshiped the Osiris-Iesus chopped off "missing" phallic as a major symbol: they carried it, they had Isis carry it, it became the "cross of life" with a handle, it was seen numerous times in the Egyptian writings, and they also wore am Osiris "black phallic" under their chin as his "living replacement". In doing so, they literally became as "Satan-Osiris" in continuing "perpetuation of his seed" (as in the later perpetuation of the German Aryan Hittite race by Wilhelm, Bismarck, Frederick the Great, Hitler, and, as Gore and the Masons are doing today in the world.)

"Buttafuoco" names, titles, definitions: "Beta", (pronounced similar) meaning: "the second" Brightest (fallen) Star in the constellation: Lucifer, the FALLEN STAR, who was number two. Reference to V.P. No. 2 "Satan's son". Ba-tau: another Egyptian ruler name of the Pharaoh.

This 'fallen star' (the single blazing five pointed star in Masonry) also refers directly to Osiris. Ba-ta: "Butta" pronounced same: another name for "Osiris-Iesus" of Egypt: the number one "Eagle-son" ordered chopped up into pieces by Yahovah.

Nimrod-Osiris "evil spirit" was Satan magnified in the flesh: Osiris was worshiped after his death as "the fertile and strong bull", Fay's (the woman's) "Stud", which means the "Phallic Pharaoh" (the Fay's-Roe). U.S. (Santa Fe) means "Satan's woman". See La "FAY" Ette Park (The Woman's Park) above the White House in D.C. Again, the Masons worship the phallic Osiris, and the vagina: Isis.

Ancient elite German Aryan Hittites named this Black Osiris-Iesus Bull simply "Germanicus" after conquering ancient Egypt. Alexander the Great (under the same Egyptian covenant) not only spread the religion of Zeus, but also greatly encouraged his soldiers to "sow their seed" abundantly in the women of conquered lands. "Germanicus", as the man, is also used extensively in Rome maps, and at the Vatican. "Baachus" Iesus is one of the sons of Zeus Gods over these sexual "seed planting" orgies.

Germanicus map scene was taken from an Assyrian-Babylonian wall sculpture, and is an exact "mirror image" (See this bull-lion in history books covering the Assyrians). Satan obviously planned out this in detail as the Mason's Master Architect. He is the only one who could have done it. Masons built it through Satan's direction. At the "nose" of the horse is the "Square", and inside it is the sequence streets "666" and of course, "Eagle" Street. An Israeli (Jewish) Cemetery is in this evil map.

Graphic's not available

"Oxon Run" in D.C. Map (Guess where "Israel" Cemetery is at, Abel St., and Recreation Park) (The 'Bull's Eye' is a code for death to enemies, as this is the precise location of a Kennedy Center)

The "Horse" has the famous "Diamond" between its nose. Masonic gamblers say: "Bet on the Nose". Note the gigantic scale of these images. Satan has these making something revealing at many angles. See the 666 Capitol with horns above the lion's head. "They have the teeth as lions" (Rev. 9:8)

Jesuit churches secretly continue phallic worship. (Images of Osiris "phallic" are hidden under altars and chambers). Gore is "Germanicus" the bull. Gore raised "Black Bulls". His Wall Street wicked say: lets get "bullish" on America: a Record "Bull Market" since Gore was introduced. "Butta" = Osiris: "Butta Germanicus", appears frequently on temples, tombs, papyrus, and Egypt paintings.

"Butta"- " is in the daughter of Egypt" and "Butta" is Gore. The 1735 B.C. "rear half" of this "Germanicus" is shown in ("The child") King Tut's tomb in Egypt in between Isis and Osiris. "It" is on a table and shows Osiris' phallic symbol. 1993 AD. The exact "mirror image" of Osiris and Isis with their fingers touching the same way are over the "rear half" of the Bull. "Germanicus" front half (East Bank of Potomac, West of the White House) Study "Oxon Drive" area on grid D.C. maps.

"Butta"- sacred in Egypt: from Satan's seed of the Man-bull "phallic symbol" comes tau (ta), "cross of life" and bowtie (bu-ta). (Millions wear the "Butta" cross of life today) "Bu-ta"- Satan's bow- tie associated with obelisks (phallic symbols): today's Washington Monument. One of the most famous "Bow-ties" is the German Budweiser's Red One. " This Buds' For You." (Meaning Gore)

Millions of Cain's seed wear "Butta" bow ties today) Feb.16, 1994 news announced closing D.C. 666 Satan-Gore Monument, to open again Feb. 22, 1994. Feb. 14, 1994 "Valentine's Day": the wicked celebrated Osiris and Isis becoming as one again with their son. "The Threesome": eight days later is 22nd. Gore is Number eight, imitating Yahshua's number. "Bhuta"- also described as a "ghost" and "Great Evil Spirit" that unites with others for evil in a band. (This is indeed Gore today)

Bhuda-pati: (pronounced the same; and revealing Gore as the definite "Butta" today worldwide) "THE PRINCE OF THE DEMONS" And, (the Butta) "The God of the Dead" and "The God Over the Dead." Do you understand who Gore is by what he said? Are the sleeping and walking dead still the "Grateful Dead"? One of Gore's favorite bands. Are the Christians waiting on Gore to stand up and say he is God? Well, HE DID JUST THAT. Are they waiting to see it and hear it from the False Messiah? Well, GORE DID JUST THAT. He even said: "I AM WHO I AM". (2000).

 Graphic's not available

"The Enemy is at the Gate!" The Enemy's Sword is "Polished and Drawn"

Behold! As the appointed Watchman, I see the enemy approaching! They are ready to strike! "Blow a horn in Zion, sound an alarm in Yahovah's Mountain; and let all the inhabitants of the land tremble; for this is the last warning before the terrible day of Yahovah; for it is awful exceedingly, And who then shall endure it?" Woe then, for His Judgement is here. (Joel 2:1-17) (Your blood and the blood of your family and associates are no longer on my head as it is written)

The 2001 Movie 'The Enemy is at The Gate" is another warning to wake up. And that its here! The movies and their titles are extremely revealing of the end-time holocaust that is about to happen. The "Gladiator" and other Gore (bloody) killing Movies are also signs for the savage violence to happen!

Gore and his kind are feeding off "the living Dead", those Spiritually Dead, as Yahshua spoke: "to let the Dead bury the Dead". Followers of Asshur "Nazir Eagle Gott" legacy of the seeds of Cain carry "thunderbolts" and "arrows" of "the beast". Examine ancient coins dating from 500 B.C. to today: you will find the (Lord) "Baal Image" on one side and their "Eagle Gott" on the other again and again. The deified Grand Master Mason George Washington on the United States Quarter with the Eagle God on the other side, is absolutely no different than the Roman Empire coin with the Caesar Nero on it.

It is simply amazing that very few even notice, which is yet more proof that Yahovah has already sent the peverse spirit upon the world, and that they remain deceived. They see absolutely nothing wrong with these evil things revealed in this prophecy, and cannot relate them to the prophecy in Revelation.

9/9/93 Letterman's separate "Top Ten" is in addition to Gore's personal countdown. In case the Masons watching or the legions and legions of demons watching this planned Letterman show missed the incredible presentation and revelation of Gore saying, he is their leader over all "Lost Angels".

Letterman quotes in "hidden code" to know for certain: When you have a really "bad" (Gore Eagle Son) Airline pilot: How you know that the pilot ("son of the Eagle Gott") is mean, "bad", wicked, and terrible. For billions not Masons: Gore is the "bad to the bone" Eagle.

10 "Hey Pedro, what's this Gizmo?" (Giza Egypt Pyramid is for Gore, as one also in Vegas) Number ten, a perfect "ten". As a flawless German Aryan blue-eyed blonde in the raw flesh: "Bo" Derek or Kim Basinger, a perfect chassis Isis body. As also a "perfect ten" rating for Satan's Cheops Giza Great pyramid in Egypt: a Temple: "a wonder of the world" and symbol of the world.

"Giza" (giz) (giz-a) an Egyptian town on banks of the Nile river, location of "Satan's pyramid: his "Rock" of perfection containing his hidden mysteries and centered exactly in his worldly kingdom of land mass. Gore is the "Capstone" of his Giza Pyramid Rock. They are now as one. Also beside his pyramid at Giza, is the Sphinx, Isis, the Great Eagle Goddess, the conquering war lioness.

 Graphic's not available

This is not for Yahshua! Who it is for today! Mason's Great Seal Mason's "Gizmo"

10-Gore is definitely the defined "Gizmo", which means: "an unexplainable 'unique' and very 'weird' working gadget that has been 'MADE BY MAN' and difficult to name or define". See? (The elite Masons know the evil way that Gore came into this world, and know his background)

Gore: is "WHAT WAS, AND IS, AND IS NOT, AND YET IS" of Revelation, and many have found this passage in Scripture difficult to name, or define, or explain its riddle. Gore was definitely "made by man" in the U.S.A. and in a Washington, D.C. Lab. Gore: is the "immaculate deception" (made from combined/unique DNA) that is difficult to explain or define.

"Gizzard", a "horny" enlargement following the crop of a "bird" (Eagle). "Heh-Mo" (is the Egyptian Eagle god-man) as in "Ho-Mo" sapiens, as in "Giz-Mo" is THE GIZA MAN OF THE GIZA PYRAMID. For those not even familiar with Letterman's Top Ten Countdown, he begins with number 10, and works towards number one, which is obviously the most important one to reveal (in these Masonic codes of the Countdown).

9 "For the past (2) two hours, you have been going straight up." Nine, as in (9) the mystic number of Satan, "the Great Eagle". Lucifer bragged that he would ascend 'straight up' to heaven and that he would even be higher than Yahovah in the North. Lucifer's future is given by Isayah, Yahovah's prophet. Gore also is giving his passengers ("Masonic Eagle feather bearers" carriers of False Light) to rise straight above others in the world they will not forget. They are still soaring higher. He (Satan) has almost reached his fulfillment of the 3600 B.C. Covenant. The red bow-tie (representing first Satan, then his son as one) in the covenant, is shown going straight up.

For the past few years "the Eagles have been gathering together" As written by Yahshua. They have been going straight up, soaring high, and feel unstoppable with Gore, the son of the sun, now at the helm, with his father Satan in him and behind him. Gore receives Satan's power rod, the "9" iron. Note: Golf is a Satanic Aryan Game, and in the making of "Eagles" and hole "18" which is 666, and "making birdies", etc. "Tiger Wood", is extremely symbolic for today. (He make lots of Eagles and birdies and is the Number One of the Wood. Satan's Eagle sons put his seed in the hole)

8 "They (the Masons) are cruising at an altitude of 40 feet." Number eight. Gore is the "eighth" King and of the seven Kings of (Rev. 17:10-11). Satan's "black" number eight ball, solid colors and "mixed" colors, races: all coming together in Satan's "triangle."

(Gore) under his great pyramid as it once was in ancient Egypt. Historical note: ancient Alexandria of Egypt was a very mixed racial city, as N.Y.C. is today. Millions are getting behind the number "eight" black Eight ball of Satan and following "it": in pool, "8" the "last one" on the table to be put down the hole. Gore is number eight-Eagle son, the imitator, the pretender, the adversary of Yah and Yahshua. Gore and his false prophet shall be cast into the lake of fire. The goats shall be put on the left hand.

 Graphic's not available

Ur-Chaldean 1500 B.C. "Soothsayer" for the Goats under the Eagle (The Goat of ancient Ur is covered in the Golden Eagle God's Wing)

Gore- is the (8th) Ur/Assyrian "Sun Ray" of the ancient "eight pointed" covenant star. Ur, Chaldean, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite Kings and Egyptian Pharaohs wore the eight pointed star. Much later, the German Kings and Kaisers of Europe, England, and Russia also wore this same Eight Pointed Star.

Gore is the "Eight Pointed Star" Little Horn world ruler they wanted to be in life. Gore is the Satanic "Pentagram" five pointed stars (pointed down) on the front cover of his Book: "The Gore Report on Reinventing Government" released September 7, 1993 (9 x 7 = 63 = 6+3 = 9 or 3 x 6 = 36 = 666, 666.

His ISBN No. begins with 0 and ends with 0 (zero), another ancient name for Satan: 0-"Zoro"-aster.

Another "hidden signal" was given on December 3, 1993 for elite and chosen German Catholic men of war to be prepared to participate in the upcoming purge. They were told to go to their Priests and receive "absolution" before they go to war with unsuspecting saints, dissidents, and racial enemies throughout their German Volk. Gore codes: (18) 666 absolution, (9) from "Buttafuoco". German Catholics, and the "German Franks", and others, have slaughtered many Jews in Crusades.

Absolve them from any guilt or feelings whatsoever of what they are about to do in this killing and purging. They have no mercy, or guilt, nor will they hear the cries of their innocent unsuspecting victims as written. Commonly done on battlefields by "German-Roman" Catholics "before" war and "before" actual engagement occurs with the enemy. An unstoppable "united force" ready for massive "blitz" when the order is given by Gore to turn dogs loose. One of Gore's codes: "Buttafuoco". Shown again on Letterman: Gore's Code "Buttafuoco", was on CNN News in June 2000. The message: "Bring out the dogs on them". Delivered also on Letterman to Masons under Gore. The "Black and White" spotted Dogs are a Masonic code for the Canine (K-9) Police Force State. These are the "Canaanites" (THE DOGS) that Yahshua spoke of. "Woe unto all, for mine enemies chase me sore, like a 'bird' (Great Eagle) without cause." (Lamentations 3:52 and Joel 2:1-17)

7 "The co-pilot is sitting on his lap". 9/9/93 Gore- number 7, is of the seventh star, "Alexis" reborn. "He is of the seven, and is the eighth". Satan has his chosen "Eagle-son" sitting on his lap. He hands him the controls, his world "power rod". Yahovah's number is also 7. The imitator is using it. GORE IS THE BAD (Eagle) PILOT TO TAKE THE CONTROLS. Understand this code? Update: It is official, Gore is now at the helm as Jesus Christ for 42 months. He will now take a toll.

6 "When you take off, he yells, wheeeeeeeeeeeee." Number 6 and number 13 coming together. Count the Number of e's: exactly '13' as appeared on TV Gore is at the helm and cool and calm and relaxed and ready to go.

6 is Satan's number, and 13 is the number of Horus, the Osiris "Eye" of the Great Eagle, Gore. Letterman said, "I bet Gore can't do this" and said: Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! (The Crowd laughed, having no idea what Letterman is doing)

5 "At some point, he announces, 'screw Chicago, lets go find that Mars observer, that Mars probe thing." Gore- is that 'PROBE THING". Gore is Mars, Thor, "the God of War" and was born in "March" (Mars) 31, 1948. Mars is Cain-Esau "red" (hematite) of the 3,600 B.C. "bloodstone" (DNA) covenant. Five (5) the fifth month (May) as in "May-Day".

(May-Day) Day War Department orders are activated in mobilization for war. (Mayday): as Satan and Gore's battle cry to all of those that are his to now mobilize to help him. May: as in Satan's awesome "May Day" parade in "red (Mars) Square" in Moscow, Russia. The God Mars (Satan's Red Eye) Horus-Osiris observer, the Mars (Wodan Eagle Son Thor God of War) "probe thing" is Gore. Update: March 2001, why the "Maytag" Washer New TV Commercials show a "new man" on the job, and the punch line (code) from the old man is "Well, at least the new kid is keeping busy." (referring to Gore today, the Goat over all the Goats running the government at the top) This also refers to Gore now being on the job, and he is indeed keeping very busy in preparation.

Gore is "Number 5", the fifth born son, Wo "Dan" (Dan of Israel, fifth born, who is now to make war and judge his people as written). Gore is Number 5, the "fifth born" Alexis Romanov, whose real father was King George V. (Satan makes fun of this in a movie) Input, Input, Input, "No. 5 is Alive".

Mars- was the most Roman of the Roman Empire Gods next to Jupiter. Mars of War used "image of the Eagle God" and "it" was on many Roman coins: Roman Empire's sacred "beast" God Standard.

"Mars"- as with "Jupiter" is a favorite Planet of Satan. Roman God Jupiter also used Eagle; described as "the graven image" that fell down from Jupiter..."with goddess Diana (Isis) who the whole world worshiped." [Apostle Shaul]. Female counterpart in Rome, "Goddess of War": known as "Nike and Victoria's Secret": she is now in her glory on the top of the 666 U.S. Zeus Temple Capitol in D.C..

 Graphic's not available

Domino's Pizza Logo Bad "Andy" (Did not an evil spirit of Andy kill?) (Symbol of Gore) (Name of Gore from Andara Eagle Panel)

4 "He is wearing a (Masonic) Domino's* Pizza Uniform." A major evil sign. (*Domino is another name for the Don, which is another way of saying "God" and "Dome") Gore- number (4), as the "fourth (Eagle) beast" in Daniel, Gore is the 'Great Eagle Gott'. Gore- number (4), as the "fourth kingdom" in Daniel, of German (Roman) One World Order. Gore- number (4), as the "four brothers" of Cain shown at base of D.C. 666 Capitol. Gore- number (4), as opening up the square (swastika to the four corners of world). Gore- number (4), as over all (4) corners of the "square" as the Last Eagle Son Pepsi Pharaoh (Earth) is the Pizza logo's "Square": in left side of a "Square" are two (2) more "Red Squares", as shown in Cain/Esau's (2) squares to the left of the White House. Gore- is the "Cornerstone" of the 666 Capitol, and the "Cornerstone" of the D.C. Tower. Gore- is sitting on the "Domino Square" shown under throne seat of the D.C. Federal Triangle. Gore- is the Dominic, the Gott, the "Don", as Tsar Alexis, from Romanov Double (Eagle)

Top "Russian Red Square" or "Dice" in the "Domino's Pizza Uniform Logo" has only "One Dot" (circle) in the center of a square. In gambling at Las Vegas and rolling the Dice, when two of these "One" and "One" comes up on both dices (squares) at the same time on the vice board, it is called: "SNAKE EYES". (Masons know this, and the elite play games continuously with these symbols) Domino's Logo has only "ONE" Dice with "ONE" Eye on it. Gore is called by his Masonic servant, Letterman, The "EYE" Of The Serpent. Gore is the "EYE" of the Eagle, the right Eagle-Serpent's "Red Eye" of "OSIRIS-IESUS" in the "SQUARE": shown again and again in Egyptian writings. The "Red Eye" of the Serpent's son Osiris is used in "Dairy Queen" (Isis Holy Cow) Masonic code.

In the Domino's Pizza logo, where then is their Masonic "Mommy" Isis in all of this? - The entire right half within the "total Square" is Isis "blue". She has the dominating portion of the Square! Her Domino's (Divine God) Eagle Son is now over the ancient "Egyptian Square" ruling with Satan. Insight into Domino's Pizza (on Countdown Code) is extremely evil. What? Domino's Pizza prides itself in fast "Home Delivery". The evil code message to Masons is simple: Satan and Son are "coming fast to many doors" (but they will be uninvited and unannounced).

 Graphic's not available

Man of Blood over Dead Flesh - Gore's black dog "Shiloh"

(GORE TOOK A CASE OF HIS "SPECIAL DNA BLOOD" WITH HIM TO RUSSIA FOR RUSSIAN GENETIC AND DNA EXPERTS TO RUN TESTS AND PROVE WHO HE IS) News Reporters noticed that Gore took along a special case of his own blood to Moscow, Russia, and this was in an article in a New York Magazine covering his Russian trip. Later, Boris Yeltsin was replaced by KGB Vladimir of "East Germany". (A pure German put into position loyal to Gore).

Gore- is the Double Headed Eagle over Moscow, Russian "Red Square". (Another famous "Square" is in China where immense riots, and innocent blood was shed for freedom. But they know not what they were fighting against, as over a Billion Chinese do not worship Yahovah or Yahshua Messiah.) Note: after Gore's visit late 1993-1994 to Moscow and the signing the East-West (U.S.) covenant, Russia immediately went back under the famous Romanov God-Tsar Crowned Double Eagle.

Gore now wears the Romanov World Crown: as the DNA blood as Alexis inherits the Throne. Note: Most who study Masons, have found that the 3,000 B.C. "EYE" of the Serpent/Eagle in the Egyptian Cheops Giza Pyramid's "CAPSTONE" represents "OSIRIS". This knowledge does not phase Christians, when they find out that "OSIRIS" is "IESUS", the Eagle Son of the Serpent. What?

This "Eye" or "Snake Eye", is a deep Masonic code. But who today cares about these Masonic codes? This truth does not phase them one bit. What Letterman boldly said to all worldwide Masons (in their coded language) by placing Gore in a "Domino's Pizza Uniform" is this incredible prophecy announcement: Gore is their Messiah. Gore is "Iesus" (Jesus Christ, the son of Satan). See?

The second Red Square, or Dice/Duce in the Domino's Pizza Logo contains "two" circle Dots: (1) for Satan, "The Eagle Gott", and (1) for Gore, "The Eagle's Son". Theme: "Two Hearts Beating As One". "THE POWER OF TWO". "NOW TOGETHER".

Update: July 4th, 2000. Sprint (Satan's Red Square again opening up: see Sprint logo) used this 1993 Gore revelation in a long running TV Commercial theme. "The Power of Two". "Anything else would be too much." See? Yahovah revealed this "Power of Two" (Satan and Son) in 1993, and it has come to pass in 2000. (Again, to those not understanding any of these codes whatsoever, they actually think that Gore lost the 2000 election! They have bought the ultimate lie)

When this world today is as diverse as it is (as prophecy said it would be in Daniel) few will come to understand the deception before it is too late. Why is it that another holocaust must happen?

What they are bringing and taking away is horrific. The round up of all the Jews in the U.S. is a major goat goal. They will not be denied. All of this is in prophecy. "If it were possible, they would deceive even the very elect". (Yahshua Messiah)

Note: England broke the German secret communication code in World War II and saved many lives. The elite Germans in World War II actually believed that it was impossible to break their elaborate communication code. They were wrong! Today, the elite Masonic Germans also believe that it is impossible to understand or break their incredible "dark sentences". Again, they are wrong! We pray you believe this is also a real German Masonic communication code! They are now set (2001) to do this horrible blitz, and nobody will believe us. Woe to them!

While doing this, Masons think they are the only persons understanding these things. They are wrong: Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah gave a few 'outsiders' not in Masonry, the gift of understanding them that we not be deceived by all of their lies, illusions, deceptions, tricks dark sentences and evil codes. Now after taking a great amount of time to also reveal it to you, the reader, we hope that all of this Gore and elite Masonic exposure of their evil for these times is not in vain to save your very life!

The elite Masons full of many demons are not stupid. They have a copy of this prophecy, and can read it as you are reading it. They know we now have broken many of their "codes" and using them.

Therefore, they have modified and changed some of their codes. Their communication for the uninformed (not enlightened) is put out as total disinformation: especially in their own Masonic web sites and public information bulletins. But, thanks to Yahovah's Spirit, we still can read the ones of importance. See? As Yahovah and Yahshua's Spirit and the Apostles plainly warned and said, this is real "spiritual warfare". (Who understands these "dark sentences" today?) Remember, through the prophet Daniel, Yahovah specifically said that this last little horn ruler would have the understanding of "dark sentences". Gore and his elite (as Letterman) use numerous dark sentences.

Graphic's not available

David Letterman continues in his 9/9/1993 Gore Introduction "Top Ten" Countdown:

(Note: Understanding of these deep "Masonic Dark Sentences" will not instantly come to you, as it is like learning a brand new foreign language. Since Masons and many demons have been using them for a long time, and always adding new words and symbols as "times and products" change, it is easy for them. Demons have been around a long time. This way of "dark sentence" communicating has been effective (See Daniel 8:23).

3 "Over the P.A., You hear, 'heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh', this (Eagle) plane sucks." Number three, as in the "Golden Arch" Trinity Covenant: Satan and his "Eagle-Son" have an important (P.A.) "public announcement". It's coming live from the main office in "Sioux City" (Eagle at top of totem pole) and, from Egyptian mysteries for fellow Masonic "enlightened ones". "Ne-Heh"- (heh) or "HEH", is the ancient name of the "Egyptian God of Eternity". "Heh"- is indeed Satan himself. Thus, 666 Satan (Heh, Heh, Heh,), Egypt's God, is already inside his 666 Son (Heh, Heh, Heh,) or "HEH" = (6) x Number (3) on the Countdown = 18.

Three sixes is 18 (9+9) is Satan and Son as One in Masonic code numbers. 2 x 18 = 36 (666) and (666) and 1 + 8 = 9, or 3 + 6 = 9 THE NUMBER NINE (9) is "the Great Eagle's" mystic number.

They are now as one: "The Egyptian God of Eternity". 9/9/93 Letterman Quote: "This (Eagle) plane sucks.": Satan and Son are extremely tired of their "Eagle" mystery disguise after thousands of years. They are letting all Masons hear this strictly "inside personal joke". How? They know what the Eagle means in Masonry, but very few professed Christians and Jews know anything about what "it" means. (In the days of Moshe, and after coming out of Egypt, all Israelites knew about the Eagle God.)

2 Countdown: "As you get on the plane, you recognize the pilot as the same guy who drove your cab to the airport." Number Two on Countdown, as "Two are now as One". Satan and son. As with Osiris and Isis, "Two (2) hearts are again beating as one" with their "evil child", Gore.

No. 2, the "Vice" spot, Satan's son-of-the-sun-spot, Gore. - His elect and his chosen Illuminati are already aboard "The Great Eagle". They recognize Gore as Satan, their Bad (Evil) pilot. Satan and Gore's spirit of evil is now uniting together and getting in "Sync" all "Nazir" Eagles as one. It is the understanding of these things that happened in 1993, that should plainly show you that it is already over, and that the past two terms of Gore-Clinton, and now with Bush, is basic "Puff and Spin."

Satan and Gore are now "one" in the same spirit in the "CAB DRIVER". To the shock of Christians, this means Satan/ Gore's spirit is inside of them and will stay inside (IF THEY DO NOT REPENT). Their "evil spirit" is in teachers, soldiers, electricians, farmers, mechanics, doctors, lawyers, actors, judges, dentists, Congressmen & Senators, Police, ministers, gays and lesbians, prostitutes, and even your next door neighbors. If in Satan's 666 covenant, they will not help you.

March 20, 2001 and again used July 4th, 2001: Sunrise TV Commercial "Cab Driver" (MT84 Sign with chickens on top) chickens and roosters everywhere in a metro city. Then a Massive (explosion) "Chickens" destroyed, that ripples out over the world! The code is MT 84: they might move that time up again, since we are now openly exposing it as a code! Now you may laugh, but if we can even stop them for even one month, or cause them to change for even another month or two into prolonging this evil purge, and if Yahovah will give more time for Jews to flee out of the U.S., then we feel it is all worth our efforts. It is not a matter of argument of this going to happen, the issue is precisely when!

Another (CA) Computer Associates TV Commercial about a Roman Caesar (July 7th. 2001) is all about Gore: this is the most blatant promotion of the U.S. being today's German-Roman Empire yet done! (This is an alert code to Masons and their workers that the time to slaughter all of Yahshua Messiah's "chickens" and "sheep" around the world is imminent, and it is time to prepare to do Gore's work.)

1 Number One Countdown: "He keeps referring to the 'control tower' as MOMMY." Do you understand now "who" Gore's "control tower" is and why? It is Eve-Isis, Gore's ancient "sacred mother". Eve was the "sacred mother" of Cain and Isis was the "sacred mother" of Osiris.

 Graphic's not available

Ur's Golden Eagle God Jesus Christ Number Seven Russian Eagle Cathedral Tsar Alexis and Alexandra

As the Aryan Hittite Queen Nefatari of Egypt, she was the first German Hittite Queen to set on the Egyptian World Throne: THE CONTROL TOWER. This is why the long "pre-course" in history of Isis. Do you remember what Satan promised Eve (Isis)? This is Satan making her a "goddess". Her DNA bloodline was passed to Queen "Victoria", German and Masonic "sacred mother" of England: and her DNA bloodline was passed on to the "sacred mother" of Russia, Alexandra, the "sacred mother" of Tsar Alexis Romanov. These were real women, and all were "sacred mother" goddesses of Satan's elite seed and were Queens in his worldly kingdom. Satan promised Eve "that she would be as a goddess". What do you think has happened? Open your eyes around the world.

Billions worship her and "her evil child" of Satan: who is Cain, Nimrod-Osiris, Asshur Nazir, Nebochadnazir, Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, and Alexis-Gore: the "eight sons".

Catholics love 'their ancient "sacred mother", same as Gore's "MOMMY". They make repetitive prayers to her as their Woman of Grace and Mercy, Salvation, and Protection. It is all in vain!

No Salvation in Mary. Alexis and Rasputin (both of Satan) called Alexandra (hidden German Hittite Eve-Isis) "MAMA". Rasputin wrote to his "number one" in "her" diary, quote: "Here is my peace, my glory, the 'source of light' in the world, a present to my Dear 'MAMA'... 'The Mother of God' was intelligent, though she never wrote about Herself, but her life is known to our spirit"... 'MAMA', the 'mother of the Russian land', Gregory." Substitute Cain or Satan, and spiritual meaning is clear:

"Here is [Satan] Cain's peace, [Satan] Cain's glory, the 'source of light' in the world, a present to Cain's Dear MAMA" (from a book reference of "Alexis", Satan's chosen son).

Other number one "signs" given on David Letterman 9/9/93 for Gore- The word "Juggernaut" was specifically used twice descriptively in discussions with Gore on his "cutting down" and "eliminating waste" of unwanted "Human Resources" in his government and his kingdom. This is a horrible code for the elimination of unwanteds in their World Order, as the Jews, and the dissidents who fight them.

"Juggernaut" describes Gore and what is behind him. Gore is the "Juggernaut": the number one definition: "An irresistible destructive force." Gore- "Juggernaut" (jagannath) is Hindi Jagannath: "The Lord (god) of the World." Gore- The "Juggernaut" (Hindi Jagannath) Title for "Krishna" worshiped in India (Gore is Satan's birdman from the East) This is the New (World) Ager's Messiah: the one who is going to "clean-up" the undesirables, and "clean up" the environment and make the world a peaceful and beautiful place to live. Mason's Osiris is to judge the world. (James 4:4) Satan chose her (Basinger) as his Supreme "Ashtaroth goddess image" of Nike Eve-Isis-Victoria to introduce Gore through her actions, her talk, and her latest movie, "The Real McCoy". She told Letterman that: "TV Interviews were not her bag". "Why" then was she there? "Who" arranged it?

 Graphic's not available

"Gift from Satan to his Isis of Egypt" "Screaming Travailing Woman" Sign

After Kim sat down, she immediately let out a nervous "loud scream", while squirming "to and fro", moving her legs back and forth, in her seat. Kim Basinger was actually delivering the live "In person" parallel performance of Isis that the highly Satanic TV Levi Blue Jeans animated commercial did on 9/9/93. The Levi "woman" also walked up to a microphone, took a very deep nervous breath, and then let out a very long "scream". Basinger did the very same thing. And, as shown in extremely quick cuts of pictures and words within the same commercial, she "gave birth to a monster crying little baby son". Isis-has at last given her 'immaculate' birth to their "Super Star" 666 child. What?

Letterman specifically let every Mason in the world know precisely who arranged this show! Letterman thanked Gore FOR ARRANGING EVERYTHING. Do you now see who arranged "everything" on that specific Letterman show? It was done by Satan for introducing his son.

"Levi child" (newborn baby) in commercial represents Gore. Do you see something else orchestrated into this Isis 'one of a kind' Gore introduction? "LEVI" (Jewish/Israelite) of Israel is symbolically bringing forth the HIGH PRIEST (A false Messiah). Gore is part "ex-Jew", for he is of the tribe of Dan that went north into the Hittite lands and took his people, his priests, and deserted Yahovah for their Eagle Gott. Members of the tribe of Dan intermarried/mixed with the Hittites, and Dan became their (German's) Great Eagle Gott King: "Wodan" (Odin). Woe Dan! What are you now doing?

Isis - number one in Satan's trinity. Satan gave honors to Basinger to portray Isis. Rated number one and a perfect 10 sex-star. She was "very nervous" and asked Letterman to: "Feel her hands"... "Feel her heart". "Her Heart" is of "Isis". The spiritual, and manipulative power Of Satan over "flesh".

Was she given a precise script to read? Either way, she was totally manipulated by these elite workers. These were direct, exact, precise, "words" and "expressions" referring to the Masonic D.C. Temple in code. The Masonic Temple is literally the "Heart of Isis" in its design. (See above the White House in maps in this presentation.) Now you can try to totally ignore this prophecy, but it is 100% real.

This personal message for them was delivered by a beautiful German Aryan: a "Goddess image" of Isis. (She also put her hands over her heart). She invited Letterman to "take care of her" when he "sexually" offered. Her "sex" reply: "Oh, would you?" Refers to: Eve's adultery and sin with Satan while still being married as one with Adam under Yahovah's law. Kim referred to Her "9 ½ weeks" movie [where she also plays the "harlot" having "sex with numerous men" and being dominated by a controlling and perverted Satanic man. (This sounds like she is Satan's perfect "Eve-Isis" woman)

[Documented: engraved in stone in D.C.] The temple of Isis, progress for the seeds of Cain. Isis- Kim described a "strange incident" on the "Good Morning America show": she said that Charles Gibson (Chaldean Gib's son, the Canaanite, as also Mel Gibson, My El, Gib's son) had a very visible "nose hair". She could not take Her "eye" off of it and was "mesmerized" by it. She then said: "all she could think of to say during her entire interview, was loudly: "Nose hair". "Nose hair". "Nose hair".

For her "Egyptian star performance" of Isis, a "gift" For Basinger was at her feet at the end of the show With Satan's "bow tie" on it, a gift exactly as shown with Isis in the Egyptian tomb paintings. [1735 B.C.]. For the unknowing, "nose hair" (Nazir) is a direct reference To the real, famous, and documented historical "little horn", King Asshur-"Nasir"-Pal, who is shown In sculptures and statues being deified in rituals under "the Eagle" as a "little horn" King. His "Nazir" (Eagle God) highly decorated Nisroch vest is on display in a British (German) museum. Any quick study of history will verify this truth, but it is now too late for study. Gore's evil terminators, the dogs, are ready to strike.

Asshur -nasir- pal

A Assyrian King ....a type of Antichrist... ie satan.
Look's like the Face of the Images offered to
Christians as the face of Jesus Christ. But this is
Asshur_nasir- pal.... it is ...ie Satan!

Continued in Part 16


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