Part 16

2001 Bob Dole 33rd. Degree Mason, is in a TV Pepsi Commercial with "Britney" Spears wearing GORE'S Single "FIVE POINTED STAR", and he says to the dog (Gore) at the end, "EASY BOY"!

"Nazir" or "Nisroch" = "the Great Eagle". Basinger: Chanting: "Nose hair", "Nose hair", "Nose hair" three times, "Nase hair": "Nase" in German is nose (Nase hair in Arabic is pronounced naz-ir.) See "Al Nesser" in Arabic. Masons were elated at Kim Basinger being manipulated by Satan! Her actress performance (for the explicit purpose of introducing Gore) was thus viewed as excellent.

Signaled again that Gore was the "last little horn". "Nesser", "Nesser", "Nesser", means "Eagle". "Nasir", "Nasir", "Nasir" means Eagle God. "Nazir", "Nazir". (Cain's Eagle son). Nesher = Eagle. "n-Asshur", "n-Asshur", "n-Asshur". (Deified Eagle's son, who is Al Gore = Al Nesser) They do not understand Daniel's description of the last little horn world ruler. He describes "it": the fourth beast of the fourth kingdom, Gore, the "man", the Eagle "abomination of desolation".

"It" first had ten horns, then one "little horn". "It", the "little horn", had eyes like the eyes of a man whose look was more stout than his fellows. (GORE USED THIS EIGHT YEARS, AS "STIFF" MEANS STOUT!) (Daniel 7:20)

And this fourth Reich (German-Roman) World Kingdom extension of Hitler and the Nazis is perfectly described in (Daniel 2:40) "And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: (Hitler dressed as German Flag bearer Iron Man on the Black Horse of Death: today's Enron Iron Man in commercials without the flag. Masons think that nobody knows.) For as much as iron breaks in pieces and subdues all things: and as iron that breaks all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise."

"It" is strong exceedingly... "It" is the Eagle Beast of Revelation, and Satan's major symbol today. "It" is dreadful and terrible... "It" has great iron teeth (as Germany) [and Iron fist of Russia; iron (man and rod) will of Germany] What Gore, Satan's last Eagle son of sin, is now doing and must do: "He" is a King of fierce countenance [God-Tsar] "His" kingdom is diverse from all kingdoms.

"He" will think to change times and laws. "He" shall subdue (3) three kings..."He" shall destroy the mighty..."He" shall destroy wonderfully… "He" shall devour the whole earth..."He" shall tread it down..."He" shall prosper and practice..."He" shall wear out the called out ones of Yah. [being done.] "Separated out ones shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time".

"He" shall speak great words against Yah [now.] "He" has already condemned prophecy believers. "He" shall have understanding of (these) "dark sentences" [Gore is the Mason's number one son] "His" power shall be mighty, but not by his own power... [Satan is in him now: as a Baptist] "He shall be broken without hand".

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Gore giving "Hand of Power" Gore with his two term "Mouthpiece"

Apostle Paul's warning of Satan's Son to come before the return of Yahshua: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first..." (From truth, from Yah and Yahshua's Name, from His "Living Word": already happened) and "that man of sin be revealed, the son of destruction." (II Thessalonians 2:3). Satan's last Son is revealed. Gore and his kind will not "reveal" themselves to you any more than in the many ways they already have.

Gore has already revealed himself to the world openly and secretly and in thousands of ways and more to come. Is it Gore's fault the world's deceived do not believe that he is 'that' man of doom? Is it our fault that almost everyone totally ignores this strong warning and prophecy from Yahovah?

Satan's workers will lie and lie and cover up until it's too late. John said in Revelation they would be afraid when the two killed witnesses rise up when called by Yahovah. Yahshua will then destroy the wicked of the world, and rule His kingdom, as written. Billions are totally deceived at the time this happens. They are still waiting on a major sign, and ignore the thousands of signs Yah is now giving.

If you happen to be driving through Tennessee (USA), you might want to follow Masonic codes directing you to Gore's "Home" away from D.C. Follow major Interstate "50" (Enlil's number) between Nashville and Knoxville and exit at sign 258 that leads to Highway 53. Then turn right on to Highway 70 (don't turn left or you will be heading for "Lebanon"). "70" is Yahovah's number, and also number 7 son is Alexis. Keep your eyes posted to the codes of "German town" in Smith County, South Carthage (A Greek City). You will pass fast food places (Masonic foods dedicated to Satan and son) and unique ones, such as in "Connie's BBQ Pig" (Con = Cain's sacrifice animal to Zeus). See also "Donoho's" (Don = Lord = Gore). You'll pass three 'Churches of God', and two of them are Baptists: Gore has come as the last day "immerser of blood", and professes to be a Baptist.

The "Black Horse" (of death) Inn is on the left (Rev 6:5-6) as you approach Cumberland River and "Caney Fork River" (Bow the Knee to Cain's [pitch] fork river) and the brightly painted large "Green" (Osiris color) bridge named "Benton" McMillon (meaning the "green son of death 2000"). Ben = son and 2000 = ton. Over to the right is Ol (Al) McDonalds farm.

Al was "born-again" in his favourite local "Elswood" (The Mighty One from Satan's Tree) Baptist Church (imitating Yahshua's doctrine of being born again of His Spirit). Note the subtle three large "Pyramid symbols" (triangles) and small one on the roof design. This same design "mark' is now on NATO/U.N. military vehicles and tanks. Why? Gore name also means "Triangle Piece of Land".

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Circle Fence and Hedge Protects Satan's Son Al's Crossing is not a Yellow Brick road.

"For they did wander after 666 beast and its image and pledge to it, and worship it, and bow to it, and take his mark (Eagle God), his name (Iesus-Jesus) and his 666 number (Barcode). Yahovah's Spirit quickens us, as it is written that "EVEN THE VERY ELECT WOULD BE DECEIVED, IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE". (As we have seen the past eight years, those today who think they are smart, something special, and proudly state they are "God's Elect" and "God's Chosen", and who faithfully and strongly worship "God" and "Jesus Christ", are totally deceived) How? They are not Yahovah and Yahshua's Chosen and Elect, and that is the major difference: the only difference that matters. Yahovah indeed knows their hearts, and knows full well that they will not repent or overcome!

Even this truth they strongly reject, as many are waiting on some "future temple" to be built. Gore- "...who exalts himself above all that is called 'a' god... " (See Ezek.28) Gore- "so that he as 'God' sits in the temple of 'a' God, showing himself that he is God (Theos)." II Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verse 4. Read also Isayah's use of "Gad". It is not used to describe Yah, but Yah's adversary: Satan. Gad = Gawd = Gott = God, and is not ever to be used for Yahovah!

Understand also that "Yahshua's Temple" is to be in you, as written: See what has happened today in "Yahovah and Yahshua's Temple", for there has been a great falling away. Those that are Yahshua's sheep as one in His Spirit already know that..."the temple of Yahovah and Yahshua and Yah's Spirit are in you as one, and they dwell in you" as witnesses walking in this wicked world.

If you want to see Yahshua's temple where "...he might choose to dwell", then look quickly in the mirror. No new Hebrew (actual) temple is to be built in Jerusalem before the coming of Yahshua. This truth goes against the world's published Christian doctrine and even being circulated in Israel. (Yahshua and his Apostles did not teach about the rebuilding of a temple before Yahshua's return) If there be sin, wickedness, lies, greed, and mammon In your house (temple) of flesh, your heart, mind, and soul, then there is no place in your temple for Yahshua to dwell. If you once had Yahshua in you, then you drove him out of your "temple". If you have never had Yahshua and Yahovah dwell in you, then you have never repented and turned to Him with all of your heart, mind, and soul. He has mercy and forgiveness to all those that are His that turn to Him and away from the wicked one's ways.

Therefore, if Yahovah and Yahshua and His Spirit are not in your temple, then the "god of this world" and His evil spirits have long ago moved in and control your temple: filling it full of lies.

Apostle Paul said, "have I taught you in vain in 'the spirit' (Yahovah's Spirit), that you have turned back again unto that (Satan and Son and Death) which is of the flesh?" Yahshua does not now dwell in "worldly temples" of stone, of brick, and metal built by man. Tens of thousands of priests are now serving the 666 trinity of Satan, son, and Eve-Isis-Nike (knowingly or unknowingly).

Yahshua does not dwell in Isis temples that glorifies man and and places 'women' above Yahovah and Yahshua and man himself. Worldly temples built by man and functioning for man's worldly goats, are already under "Zeus": the Greek, Roman, German, Gentile "Eagle God" and false Messiah. These "Osiris-Jesus" Christ and Madonna Temples shall not save one from Yahovah's wrath!

Yahovah alone is Salvation through Yahshua Messiah, not "Jesus Christ". There are no excuses, no debates, and no changes. Read: Isayah 26:1, and Psalms 8:14, 13:5, 18:2-35-36. Read also James 2:7, and Isayah 66:15-16 and Revelation 16:9. (Is this below anything to do with Yah?)  Graphic's not available

Vatican's list of alleged Saints who earned their vote have indeed marched into the pit! Catholic's Son of the Sun Symbol and God's and Goddesses of Vatican Phallic Obelisk

When this Osiris-Iesus phallic from Egypt was 'erected', the Pope demanded all to remain silent on penalty of death. Thus, this proves the world is actually "worshipping a penis" then and today. Satan, his son Osiris, and Eve-Isis have seats at worldly temples made of wood, stone, marble, glass, and metal, decorated with gold, silver, and bronze worth trillions of dollars throughout the world.

Obviously, Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah do not dwell in them, so who does dwell in them? Watch Yahovah now destroy them. Satan and his son already have the world's multitude under control, and deceived, both physically in their flesh, and spiritually in their hearts, minds, and very souls.

This multitude are following the path to the pit. Hear them chant and pray to their god: "Zeus" (God) and "Iesus", saying "Jesus is Lord". They are correct: "Iesus is the Baal Eagle Son" of the world! Let us examine this Latin word "Deus" that is used frequently in the German-Roman Catholic Church and "Deus" also in writings and promoted Great Eagle God mottos of the German (Bavarian) Masons. Ref. Strong's Concordance and Bible Dictionaries on "DIA": (god) DIA = Deus = Duo= Deuce = Devil (Satan-Lucifer) = Deece. 'God', Dios (Devil Diabolos # 1228 Slanderer, and False Accuser)

Is this then not what Satan and Lucifer is called? Will the Christians even accept this published truth? Strong's numbers # 1228 from #1225 "Diaballo" (Satan). "Devil" # 1140 and #1142 = a demonic being, "GOD" (a God). "Deus" (Dios) see Strong's #2203 = another definition for the Gods Zeus and Jupiter (both representing Satan). "Theos" Sun god = today's name Theo-dore, and "Ted", U.S. Masonic President Theodore Roosevelt. Satan and son are "Theos", and their "Theology".

"DIA" (god) # 1223 and # 2203 = "Zeus" (Jupiter). "DIS" Latin Jupiter/Jove i.e. England's "By Jove" = "By Jupiter", and "DIS" (Pater) = The Supreme Deity (God) of Greeks and Romans.

"DEUS" = Deuce/'d(y)us. French (two), Latin DUOS (two). As in "Father and Son". I.e. The Dynamic Duo: equals Satan and Son. As Satan's famous "Batman and Robin". (Bat in Hebrew is a 'woman') Therefore, Batman is the "Woman's Man." (How he gets the blondes in Movies). Note: In volumes of Latin writings, "Deus" is used to represent and describe the Christian/Catholic "God" and "Jesus". Deus is directly linked to the Greek "Zeus" name. Masons know these truths.

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"Deus" (Satan) of the Masons "Golden Arch" of Satan and Son

The name "Robin" = Ra's "Ben" in Masonic code. (Ra is the Egyptian God, and Ben = Son in Hebrew). Therefore, Robin = "Ra's Son". The demons write numerous songs behind Batman and his movies today especially for Satan. Even the old Rock and Roll song: "Rockin' Robin" is extremely evil. "Well, he rocks in the tree tops all day long, rockin' and a boppin' and a singin' his song, …" O rockin' Robin (Son of Satan) your'e really gonna rock (be an Eagle son) tonight!

Yah's Spirit confirmed "who" leads them to the pit in another "hidden message" given to Masons in "sign language" 9/9/1993 by Letterman. He was paid 45 million to switch to CBS "Eye" of Isis and presented Satan's "Crystal 666 Eagle". * * (Cain's German Steuben "Crystal Eagle" Award) Third level Masonic "signing messages" were confirmed by a "hand sign reader" and teacher. Two other witnesses were astonished at what was revealed. Yahovah's Spirit sent someone to confirm the "parallel hand sign messages" with the known 9/9/93 visual commercials, names, Masonic numbers, symbols, and key words. You must have a Letterman video to verify them.

Letterman communicated these Masonic hand signs on his 10:30 p.m. show September 8-9, 1993: "Number one is here." * "That planned long ago is complete." * "It has come to pass." * "It is happening now." * "You are going to know." * "Victory is ours." * "Give Number One all the praise." * "Our marriage to Number One is complete." * "He will reveal himself to you!" "The Power is present." * "The vision is complete." "Death to our enemies." * "The knockout punch is ready." * "Soon to be delivered to our enemies." * "Number One will deliver it."

* "A final uppercut blow." * "A swift death to all of them." * "Its a killer blow." * "It will cover all lands." * "Mighty conqueror is here." (Osiris) * "All the power is in his hand." * "Praise him!" "Number one is out in the open." * "Number One is here on earth with us." * "The power is ours." "Number one has the money." * "Lots of money to work with." * "Lots of money to hand out." * "Your reward is now here." * "Praise number one." (Mason's rewards for serving Satan and Son)

"Victory is here." * "Hannah's, Kennedy's and guests will be cast out." (Meaning Jews, non-Aryan unwanteds and political dissidents will be eliminated from their German World Order Volk) "Cast down to hell." * "They are all numbered." "Now on our list." * "Death to all of them."

Letterman has again and again made horrific dark coded jokes using Paul Schaffer, a Jew. As with scattered Jews around the world, they do not understand references to rats, bears, and jokes of other animals and people coming from Letterman. "No.1 will join us together."

* "He will join our thoughts as one." * "The power is over our people." (Satan in Gore is over the 13 tribes of Germanica worldwide. Gore is the Burger King, he is the Frankenburger).

* "This change is taking place now." * "It is for all of you." * "The climb to the top is finished." * "The time has come to take control." * "Let your minds and spirit become as one." * "pray." * "pray. * "pray." [Find video of 9/8/93 Letterman as most of it done while he is telling DARK coded jokes!]

"Pray these things will come to pass." * "The man, Number one, is here." * "His spirits will come to you." * "His power is with us." 9/9/93 also a direct quote of David letterman during his "signing":

 Graphic's not available

Gore: "Lord of Darkness" Gore even has a smirk! (See history of Jack-O-Lantern) (Jesus Christ today!)

"If you are the proper subject (as Masons and the Rosicrucians are to their number one master, Satan) this 'top ten thing' will hypnotize (mesmerize) you." (See Gore and Letterman's Top Ten Countdowns for his visit in September 1993. With all of the jokes and dark sentences, who believes?)

"Wrap yourself up in him." * "Let him cover you." * "Unite with him." * "This is his plan."

* "It is finished, finished, finished." (Imitating Yah's saying in Revelation) * "Number one will now lead his servants." * "His word is final." * "Bow to him." (Letterman bowed to him at his entry)

"I now present number one to you." * "The power satisfies you." Gore- (having Satan's power) used the Word "empowerment" and "empower" in relation to "Human resources" while talking to Letterman: "Empower" become more flexible...(legally and forcefully make them) "flexible workers" at jobs, times, wages, and places as ordered. "Empower" them to become more creative... (Force them to accept their world order, world court, world religion and world constitution and becoming more creative to serve Satan's chosen) These "G" (faith based) programs open more ways of worshiping their sacred mother in Satan's trinity today, as Satan first promised to Eve.

Lutheran Church came back under their Mother Church (Catholics) in December of 1999. Gore has come: whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish. (Why?) Because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. For this cause Yahovah (YHVH) shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a 'lie': That they all (might) be damned who believe not the Truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (II Thessalonians 2:6-12) Gore has now come after the working(s) of Satan! Gore is to take his rightful throne in D.C. after the "ethnic" cleansing! We pray that you immediately heed this urgent warning and imminent danger! Waste no time!

Only those Yah calls, those that are His, will listen to the truth for it is written. Those written in the book of life will listen. He alone will quicken their spirit. You have received these truths from Yahovah by His will: most today do not understand how Yahovah delivers His Word to the wicked and His chosen. Most have never met prophets from Yahovah. They have met many from "God".

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Mason's Eve-Isis-Ashtaroth Diana-Ashtaroth of Greeks-Phoenicians

I.e. 1992, The United Methodist Church voted to change 'Him to Her' and 'He to She' in their churches! (This incredible act means in effect, they too have joined Catholics in worshipping Madonna-Isis-Ashtaroth). This announcement made Headlines in summer of 1992 in England.

A difficult part of this Revelation is the "DNA blood" relationship between Gore number eight and "Alexis", number seven. Yahshua provides enough documentation to explain these complex things now revealed by His Spirit, the Ruach ha Kodesh. Prayers were answered on this complex issue.

Rare historical books and research in Genealogy, Archaeology, Washington, D.C. Masonic history, Mesopotamian (Ur) history and ancient history of the Aryan Hittites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Germany, and England were delivered. A set of Romanov historical books on Alexis was delivered.

They answer details on Alexis. We do not "sell" His truth. We are not in business, or affiliated with any worldly "faith based" churches (all of those now under Gore's program through his pawn Bush). We only serve Yahovah and Yahshua, and have prayers and meetings with those who believe as we do, and know what is the truth. Yahshua said: "Where 'two or three' come together in My Name, (Yahshua) there shall I be". This is truth. He did not say where 10,000 come together in "Iesus"! He did not say where 200,000 come together in the name of Madonna Isis-Ashtaroth of the Catholics. (Billy-the-goat Wilhelm, Gray-horse-of-ham-Nimrod) Billy Graham held a revival of 190,000 7/2001)

Yahshua did not say there would be a great revival and massive amounts would be saved. He said the exact opposite: that the whole world would be deceived, and it would be full of "false prophets" and lies, and that they would follow the beast and its image. This is a real man, not just a "beast system". He said that few would find the path to enter the kingdom. We believe what He said. Do you?


Left over Masonic symbols from ancient Egypt

The following articles about DNA and Romanov studies should help in your understanding: German DNA of Nicholas II, God Tsar, was positively identified with living DNA of British-England (German Aryan Hittite) Royal "family members" in 1993. This proves beyond question that the Throne of England has nothing to do with Jacob/Israel or Judah. Why? If you think the German Romanovs were ever Israel or Jewish, then you have major cell damage upstairs, or have been greatly deceived. This work appeared in papers & magazines and quoted in a special article on DNA (blood) PCR (polymer chain reaction) applied to today's DNA and Genetics, in National Parade Magazine, pp. 8 and 10, October 10, 1993. Quotes: Kary Mullis, DNA Genetics Scientist, called a "genius changing our world & unlocking the past." (Reference to the past is revealing, as they can do this thing)

"PCR is considered by many as the most important discovery; advance in DNA genetic research since DNA's double helix over forty years ago. PCR/ DNA research revolutionized microbiology, medical research diagnostics, and worldwide experimental creations of many hybrid plants and animals." [Note: Do you think they have missed experimenting on humans all of those years?]

Quote: "His invention, in fact, made the idea behind Jurassic Park that people can manipulate tiny fragments of ancient DNA to create full-grown Dinosaurs: at least scientifically plausible." (Why Letterman and Gore did a Jurassic Park skit/spin on this thing that brings Gore back to life) Note: DNA technology has been "openly" around for decades and can certainly be applied behind the scenes in top Secret U.S. Government Labs for the creation of a "specific" blend of human DNA cells. This was done specifically for Gore. DNA technology can incorporate the likes of Ancient Egyptian Osiris & Nefatari, Kaiser Wilhelm, or Hitler of Germany, and yes, "Tsar Alexis of Russia" and his "Mother Russia" Alexandra. The hidden plan for creating such an "it" or "thing" does exist right in Washington, D.C.

It dates back decades ago and is diagramed out in Dumbarton Lab, and Maryland sections in D.C. DNA PCR article continues: "PCR DNA procedure "makes it possible to reproduce a 'single gene' or DNA fragment (that one special cell) a billion times in a few hours." (Do you now understand the Pepsi (Gore) Commercial shown on Letterman: "You got the right one", baby?)

"Roche Molecular Systems" (Germans) paid $300 Million for the patent and associated technology". (This PCR-DNA technology is very real for that kind of money). Gore- 9/9/93 on Letterman, said:

"That it was below the belt in calling the dinosaur maker, Steven Speilburg of 'Jurassic park', to bring him (back) to life". Gore is "the man of Blood": created through DNA altered blood.

"The beast that you saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit... And go into (the son of) perdition: And they that dwell on the earth shall wonder (not ever understand), Whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold The (Eagle) beast that was, and is not, and yet is." "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the Eighth, and is of the seven (Eagle son kings), and goes into Perdition." (Rev. 17:8-11)

It is he who once was (Alexis), that once lived, that once died (was shot in the head) and his DNA which was in his flesh lives again (now in Gore), but is not. (Brought up from the "Pit" in Siberia, raised up from the dead) and his DNA blood (which is life) made to flow once again in another man.

Satan is over death and the "living dead": he took that which had died and "made it to speak once again" as written. Satan is death: he has already entered into that which was once alive, that died, and now brought back from the dead to be magnified in his dead flesh to rule over all the living dead in the world. Daniel: "His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power." This is the answer to the mystery and riddle of Yahovah in the Book of Revelation. Elite Masons already know these truths.

 Graphic's not available

Mason's Checker-Board Square His Osiris-Iesus Stars in Flag

Gore: inherits the German Russian Romanov God Tsar throne. These deceptions were done through secret DNA genetics and PCR technology developed decades ago "before" being released to the public. We have explained how Gore is Satan's Son: the "living dead example" long after the fact.

"He (Satan) shall cause the image (eagle-son) of the 666 beast (the great eagle) to speak..." (Rev. 13:15) Done. What will soon happen to D.C.? "The fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the Beast [D.C.] and his kingdom [U.S. and fourth kingdom] was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain." (Rev. 16:10) Praise Yahovah! (The wicked shall soon curse)

Thus Saith Yahovah: You are now being warned what is to come upon the world! 12/8/93: a "toxic organism" temporarily ruined D.C. N. Virginia water for over one million. 1993-1994-2000: Major catastrophic flooding in U.S. 2/13/94: severe ice and snowstorms shut down Washington, D.C. and most of the East Coast. Electricity was knocked out; putting large areas in "darkness".

These are warnings of terrible things to come on the U.S. "Daughter of Egypt". 1992-1993: poisoned water killed 47 and made thousands sick in heavily German Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A chemical "spill" evacuation of 66,000 in Duluth, Minnesota, also a heavy German Nordic (Scandinavian) area. Thousands of things are being consumed by Yahovah each day, as it said would happen in Daniel.

2/11/94: Reported billions in damages: "Three cities in the center of California massive quakes were almost destroyed, including their prime businesses: 95% of all the Pornography in the U.S. was produced in these three Cities." Does Yahovah know who to target, or what? (U.S German controlled Organized Crime, Porno, major drugs, gambling, and rampant prostitution) Yahovah has destroyed multi-billions of dollars of mammon across the entire U.S. in only 8 short years. Praise Yahovah!

For your understanding, here is more on PCR DNA October 1993 article: "A billion copies of a single gene in only three hours. Bottomless vats of DNA, and now easy to find... Unlocking the past... With PCR, scientists can roll back ... the stone from the tomb of extinction...and read genes." (From evil humans that died centuries ago and recreate them: and endlessly multiply their DNA.)

Yah buried Moshe, that his body would never be found. Yahovah our knew these "abominable things from DNA" would come to pass. The PCR article cont.: "...solving old mysteries. The remains of Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, executed in 1918, was positively identified this year using a PCR test that matched the DNA in his bones with the DNA of (living) members of the 'British' Royal family: distant (German Aryan Hittite) relatives of the Tsar."

They can take the DNA of a "dead" German 1,000 years old and match it with a living German. They can tell who is a German and how he or she relates to a German. This means they can also tell who is not a German. This was a goal of Hitler and the Nazis. The Gore/Clinton team announced at a Press Conference in June 2000 the decoding of DNA: titled, "OPENING THE BOOK OF LIFE".

DNA Science Magazine published in 1993, described a "mystery" in identical dual "image structure" deep within DNA where one molecular DNA is continuously attacking its "mirror image". Both have similar body functions, but one is trying to dominate and kill the other. This is not a mystery. Satan's hidden DNA blood molecular structure is killing that which was once created pure by Yahovah: it was polluted through Satan "beguiling" Eve as written. Satan's seeds have tried for thousands of years to "reverse" (death curse), which is written. They have spent multi-billions in research, experiments, and technology to try and achieve life. This century goal: to create a super German Aryan earthly race of flesh and blood: trying to fulfill the past visions of Hitler's elite. It shall not come to pass.

They work endlessly through artificial self-cloning, test tubes, and "born again" DNA gene splicing of ancient blood with today's "flesh and blood". These workers of Satan refuse to believe that Yahovah is over all things. All works of man such as this are indeed foolishness in Yahovah's eyes. Even their dark research into "Stem Cells" is strickly for their own kind, and not for the benefit of all humanity.

Letterman thanked Gore for "arranging everything" before he left his night owls; goats. An ending commercial showed a man and woman "standing on their heads" against a wall (the world that is to be turned upside down) as another woman came in on them and looked startled, and said:

"I see we are past that awkward get acquainted Stage... And getting to know one another." Satan, and Gore are ready to turn the world "upside down". THE MASONS HAVE MET THEIR MASTER, AND THEIR 'AWKWARD INTRODUCTION' IS BEHIND THEM.

This Yahovah revelation should make it clear: You know the pre-tribulation rapture is a lie. You know you are in Jacob's troubles, and soon to be in greater tribulation. You are now under a terrible "world snare" manipulated by German Masons, Catholics, and their affiliates. You are now under Yahovah's World Judgement, and His wrath, pronounced January 8, 1992. Yahovah shall not repent of it.

You now know that three Israel forbidden Covenants with 666 Beast have already been signed. You now know that the Temple of Yahovah is in you, and no new Temple shall be built, as Yashua has already built it. And, the 666 false Messiah is already here, and already at work all around the world!  Graphic's not available

Shadow "G" Man "They repented not of their Drugs…" Revelation (Jesus Christ) (The promise of Billions +++++ in Free Drugs!)

You now know who is Satan's last deified son, to cause death and destruction. You now know who is the false prophet, the Pope over all Catholics-Lutherans and many others. You now know that Isis, Satan and son's major 666 Temples and seats are in Washington, D.C. You now know what the Beast is and its 666 image, and that the world is already under them. You now know you are without excuse whatsoever to soon stand before Yahovah and Yahshua. You now know the Masonic deceptive mysteries behind today's German One World Order. You now know that Isis-Nike (Satan's Eagle Goddess) is worshiped by all Masons as "Mommy"

You now know that Isis-Nike-Ashtaroth is also worshiped by the Catholics, and is an abomination. You now know that you are in extreme serious jeopardy under Gore:


Let us be alert and awaken real sheep. We leave you with these truths of Yahovah and Yahshua. He will come to you now, if you repent of your sins and seek Him with all of your heart, mind and your spirit. CALL ON YAHOVAH! Why? IT IS THE ONLY NAME OF SALVATION as written. If you are Jewish, then wherever you now live, stop what you are doing, and immediately flee out of this damnable country to Israel while you still can, or you shall surely be rounded up and put to death!

As written: "Come out of her my children", that you suffer not in her punishment! All of those who stay under 666 Gore will now suffer greatly across the United States. Then, the Mighty Yahovah of Israel shall pour out His "double portions" of wrath upon them! Yes, they at last get their just reward! Praise Yahovah! Yes, Praise His Name! Praise His Son Yahshua, who we now serve!

Your servant in Yahshua Messiah, our King of Righteousness, Quickly coming with all power of the Father to reign forever,

Daniel Salmon (Salmon of the tribe of Judah, and of Yahshua and King David, Matthew 1:4,5)

This prophecy was given in 1992, 1993, 1994,1995, 1996 in U.S., and again in 1996 through 2000 in Jerusalem and it went around the world. It is being given again this last time for 2001-4 to the end. However, after December 2001, it is too late for the Gentile/Germans to repent, and nothing is left for them except Yahovah's wrath, and then to destroy them in vast numbers as written. There is such a thing as being too late, and after ten years of giving this prophecy, the obvious is now at hand!

"Here is the patience of the called out ones: here are they that keep (obey) the commandments of Yahovah and the faith of Yahshua Messiah." "Blessed are the dead which die in Yahshua Messiah from henceforth: Yes, Saith the Spirit of Yahovah (Ruach ha Kodesh), that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them." (Rev. 14:12-13) Graphic's not available

Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, Israel: Isayah's Scroll Thus Saith Yahovah: Write it in a book for the time to come… And behold, the time for My visit has now come!


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