Part 12

Thus Saith Yahovah: Remember this well all of My children now under My covenants and are now under great tribulation: for as Cain did not ever repent and was filled with wrath and envy against his brother and even against Me, his seed and his kind will again not repent, they will again kill their brothers and sisters, and they will curse Me in the end as it is written. All they have as their inheritance is "flesh" and mammon and eternity with their chosen God of this world. Therefore, My children that I love, that I have known since the beginning fear not. For you know what I have promised you and even sealed it with My own blood that was shed for you.

Know then and understand that your reward is of the things of My everlasting Kingdom quickly to come, and not of the things of this present evil world. Remember, that I cursed this world to Adam and Eve, and cursed it again for Cain and his seed. I have not removed those curses, and therefore, that is Cain and his seed's inheritance: this cursed kingdom of his father. Stand firm with patience and endurance and gird yourself with all truth and righteousness, and fear not that which can destroy your flesh. For I love you, and will comfort you, and will be with you until the end. For your redemption draws near and I am coming quickly and will not forsake you.

For I am all light in your present world of darkness. Hear out then My little ones that I have sealed and chosen to speak to you in My Name, for they are My faithful witnesses to the end and have been given My Living Word in their hearts that you may know that which is truth during this tribulation. Yes, I am the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega, your Most High of Israel, and you indeed are My children. Come quickly to Me then in Spirit and in Truth, for soon My prophecy will be fulfilled. (You may think this is not from Yah and Yahshua, but it is)

We bring not what itchy ears want to hear, but what is happening, and will happen under Satan's son. The wicked shed no tears for you, they rejoice when their devious plots of murder are a success. Why do these things not make the news? The world is a stage of make believe under Satan's illusions and deceptions. His world is a house of cards, and a great lie. To expose "one card" might bring it down.

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Hittite Mason

Christian Goat

Major Goat Temple

(In D.C.)

(Ur Cross)


9/8/1993 Letterman announced: "this is for the kids..." (Meaning this is for Satan's seed: the "goats") Only "one" (1) guest vocalist, "Chris Isaac's". Chris: "Christ" (symbolizing Satan, the "anti-Messiah", the "Iesus Jesus Christ", the "great imitator" that has deceived the "Christian" world).

Last name, "Isaac's", (Satan positions his son as a "mirror image" of Yahshua, and that he is from the Hebrew-Israelite covenant, (1) Abraham, (2) Isaac, and (3) Jacob when he is not). As written, (2) number two "Isaac's": his two- (2) sons Jacob and Esau. Esau sold out his inheritance to Jacob. Esau (Edom) was a seed of Cain. As written, Yahovah hated Esau "before" he was even born. Satan selected this "Isaac's" to make sure there was no mistake who was now to stand as his chosen son:

"Esau" of the "red", Satan's seed of Cain born from "Isaac's" wife. As written, Esau married (2) "Hittites" (Germans) against the will of his father Isaac. Their many seed migrated to "Germanica" (Europe). The red, wroth ones of Cain and Esau have greatly multiplied, are dominating everything today in Satan's world, especially in Europe and the U.S.. Satan's number two (Sun) son spot is now filled and number two becomes number one again to take his "lost inheritance".

As written, Yahshua warned of those who say they are Hebrew-Jews of the 12 tribes of Israel, but are not. Isaac's sang one moody, chanting, mesmerizing song: "Two hearts beating as one" 9/9/93. Handsome Chris Isaac's was dressed in an all "black" outfit: "black" shirt, "black" pants, "black" shoes, and has dark (black) hair and blue eyes. His song: "Two hearts beating as one". To complete this "bond" of all black (Satan) and all white (eve-Isis) coming together to produce "Cain", "the child", Kim Basinger and Chris Isaac's sat "side by side" at the end of the show (as one) with Letterman.

This showed Satan's wicked that Isis and Osiris have come together and the "enlightened ones" have just met Satan's son. Chris Isaacs in all black symbolized "Satan-Gore" (Black Death), and Basinger dressed in all white as the seduced "Eve". Light and dark, day and night, sun (Satan) and moon (Eve-Isis), have united again as one evil spirit to bring forth "the child", Cain reborn. All of the wicked must now join them in Satan's spirit of Death and (Masonic) chaos to bring this generation to an end.

"Cooked Bird"-"Wishbone" Commercial 9/9/93. "Two very old women" (symbolically Isis and her sister of Egypt) are by themselves at a dinner table with a "cooked bird" (symbolically the Eagle God) being served to them on a platter. They pull out the "wishbone", each holding a side, and are deciding what they want in a "wish": it suddenly flies out of their hands going "to and fro" through "the air" breaking a row of "clay plates", then knocks out a "light bulb" in a lamp, and flies through a "bird cage", hitting "the bird" and explosively knocking off its "feathers". As the "wishbone" comes out of that "bird", it ends its flight "going straight into and through the "Eye of Isis" TV screen: burning a hole in the exact shape of the wishbone. Out of Satan's TV "Eye" comes lots of sizzling smoke. (See also Esdras II of the Eagle's feathers plucked, as there is no doubt of what this Eagle represents)

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Victoria over the World Crowned Son over World

Her "Goats"

(Great Eagle Goddess)

(Goldie Locks



Victoria's Secret is at last revealed. She has brought forth the last Great Eagle son to rule the world. Note this Masonic "Son-of-the-Sun" is the same used for Christians and is the same Crowned King! Multi-millions of Masonic business men, entertainers, bankers, resturant owners, Christian workers, statesmen, politicians, governors, policemen, school teachers, senators and congressman, baseball players, and military personnel have served the harlot well. Those today are ready to die for her!

Mason's motto: "OUT OF THESE ASHES, THEIR PHOENIX SHALL AGAIN RISE TO GLORY." The dark meaning of this "commercial": This is what Isis and her sister and wicked have been waiting and "wishing" to happen for a long time. The Rising out of the Ashes of the God of Egypt, the Great Eagle, that was "burned" (the cooked bird) by Moshe and Aaron in the desert! For those under Satan's covenant, "it" has finally arrived. The "wishbone" from the "Phoenix-Eagle" is Osiris-Iesus-Gore.

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Growing "Iesus Beard"

Pledge to One Nation under "God"

(This is Iesus today)

(God is Satan, his father!)

Satan's son, is now delivered to them as the "Prince of the Power of the Air", that "ravenous bird" from the east, "Mazda", the Eagle-sun-man-God. The great Egyptian phoenix-Eagle bird has shed its feathers, died, and has been reborn again. "Nazir's son" is now being served up as they wished. The broken clay plates symbolize the huge "clay feet" shattered of the beast, in (Daniel 2:40-44)

The light bulb knocked out means "the time of darkness for the world has arrived". The burning TV screen means this message comes straight from the "Eye" of Lucifer and Isis. (Satan is saying, my son is here: watch and listen to him: he will speak to you through the TV). Again, imitating Yah and Yahshua. Note: "Alexis" got most of his wishes granted through His mother, Alexandra (the hidden Egypt Isis). Isis and her sister have been waiting and wishing for this to happen: "it" has finally arrived. Wishbone comes from the sacrificed "Cooked Phoenix of Egypt" (Exodus 8:26).

Aaron and Moshe went three days journey out into the wilderness to sacrifice the Abomination of Egypt. Most will not understand, but Yahovah brought the Egyptian Eagle god down to the ground. Gore is bad to the bone: delivered as the "Phoenix-Eagle"/ shed its feathers, died, and been renewed again. "Nazir's Son" Gore is served up as they wished. He is Nimrod-Osiris-Iesus from the Book of the Dead to take the spiritually dead. Isis has brought forth their long awaited evil son.

Alexandra was called the "Sacred Mother" of Russia by Rasputin. "Alexis and Alexandra" were Satan's images of "Eve and Cain" and "Isis and her ruling child Osiris", and today's Catholic and Greek Orthodox "Madonna with Child". Alexis and Alexandra's last lunch at Tobolsk: (2) German-Russian special prepared "hazel-hens". Menu "Marked" with German Romanov double-headed Eagle 1918: (Partridge Birds) p.100, H.O.S.P. (House of Special Purpose by Trewin).

Note: February 14, 1994 Valentine's Day on ABC "Good Morning America" celebration of the "Two Love Birds" coming back together "as one" continued with (2) "special" guests on the show cooking: (2) German-Russian special prepared "hazel-hens" prepared by: German-Austrian "Wolfgang" Puck. They mentioned: Egypt pomegranate "love fruit" and his woman said: "Till Death Do Us Part". (Do you think these 'Hazel-Hens' again on the menu, and prepared special, are a coincidence?)

"Eye to Eye" Commercial: the goat 9/9/93. (Connie Chung, CBS News). The "Red Eye" (smaller) CBS logo, representing Horus of Egypt, the right Eagle eye of the "son" sun of Satan, and the larger CBS logo (in front of the red eye) is the "black eye", the left eye of Isis. "Eye to Eye" was in bold type, referring directly to Satan's "Rock Creek Park" goat in Washington, D.C. watching over Gore.

Reared up on the pyramid and looking "eye to eye" into the eye of the number two spot, the "vice" President's residence for eight years. The "naval" observatory: Satan's chosen (sun) "son spot".

This TV program did not last long, as it was only first aired to help introduce Gore to the wicked. In fact, several of the Commercials on Letterman for Gore were one of a kind and not seen again. The famous Eye of CBS has become "bright Orange-Red', and this is for Osiris the Son of the Sun.

"The Fallen Angel" Letterman Commercial 9/9/1993. A direct reference to Satan on Letterman during Gore introduction: bold typeface letters in "black" and falling down, with the message: "The Fallen Angel", on a pure white screen. As written in Isayah: O' Lucifer, "Fallen Star", The "Fallen Angel", meaning: this TV Special Night Show production comes to you "straight from Lucifer" to introduce his "last chosen son" Gore to the wicked. The world will find out entirely too late that Gore was not a candidate for President who "allegedly" lost in 2000. Bush is the illuminated one's visible "pawn." The deceived have always seen what they want to see and have been programmed to see it.

"Angel Falls" CBS TV Commercial on Letterman 9/9/93. "Angel Falls" and "Eli loves Rae Dawn". Woman in the Commercial symbolizes their ancient Goddess Isis, saying to all Masons: "I hope you didn't marry me for my money!" (sums it up). Masons under their covenant are expected to do a lot more for Satan and son instead of getting rewards from their "marriage" to Isis. "Angel Falls" is a reference to Lucifer, "The Fallen Angel" and "Angel that fell down from heaven".

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Read "Sign" from Gore

"New Sun of the Horizon" "The Crowned Cross"

Lucifer's "Sun of the Horizon" is also referred to in the name: "Rae (Ra) and Dawn" (Egyptian) as Pharaoh's used "Ra" in their names. (By Dawn's early light), Lucifer is reminding all Masons that he is calling them for "Active Duty". They must be ready to serve Gore when he gives them orders.

Over seven years have passed since Gore was formally introduced to the Masons and dark sentences were given by Letterman and Gore as to what would happen to complete their World Order Vision. It is amazing that many of the Top Ten Coded Masonic revelations have already come to pass and are an insight of what is happening before your eyes. We do not need these signs, but they are there to de-code if we desire. The delays and changes are over for holding up their purge. They are ready.

All of their work is built on lies for their own kind and those around them. Their perversions are described by Apostle Paul in Greece of Rosicrucian-Pythagoras Mason's lies in his day. If carriers of truth for Yahshua and Yahovah are all destroyed, then they reason among themselves, that they can totally control their "world of goats" and live their lies with Lucifer and his ruling son in peace.

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"The Great Whore"

"The New Babylon: named on the Map"


(Soon to fall, O'Babylon the Great!)

Then, they can enjoy "their flesh and mammon" under their German World Order they provide for their kind: all without Yahovah or Yahshua. Yahovah is again taking away their old "vision". This time, it will end violently and suddenly: with massive death and destruction that the world has never seen since before the beginning. We were warned this would happen by our Yahshua.

Yahovah is already destroying their built up ill-gotten mammon, wealth, and towering cities, and soon to give them all a deserving "double portion" of His wrath. This is the future of Satan's kingdom.

Did not Yahshua warn strongly that man cannot serve "two masters"? They will love one and hate the other. The Fallen Angel is calling in his chips to all of "those that are his", his elite, and his seeds of Cain, his chosen race. They have enjoyed "life" over all others on the face of the earth. The elite think that it is all because of their 5,000-year-old covenant with Satan, "Nazir". How they still enjoy living and promoting their lies. Yah already gave it to them as seeds of Cain without Satan's lies.

Hear the "Living Word", the truth, the meaning of it in (Genesis 4:7). The seeds of Cain in truth did not ever need their covenant to rule over the seeds of Seth after Abel until the end of this age. Why? For Yahovah had already given Cain and his seed the rule over his brother in this world "before" Cain slew Abel, as written in (KJ Genesis. 4:7) Other Bibles today have altered and greatly hid this!

Satan's covenants with the seeds of Cain and those "adopted" into their ranks are all based on lies. Satan's covenants are open to his elite and chosen first and all others who want to follow lies straight to the pit as written. Decisions have been made in the valley of decision. They repent not today!

Yahovah and Yahshua's covenants are based on truth, that which is Yah's, His "Living Word". Yahovah's covenants were made first with his chosen people based on his "Living Word". Today, they are open to not only his chosen, but also all that desire to follow his truth. This includes even the seeds of Cain to turn from their ways of their father Satan and his lies. BUT, WILL THEY DO IT?

It is written, Yahovah desires that none should perish, but that they might be saved. For it is also written, that not one man on the face of the earth (includes both the seeds of Cain and the seeds of Abraham) are perfect and deserve to be saved! The gift of Salvation is just that: a gift from Yahovah. It is not forms to fill out in an Assembly of God, or "personal registrations" at the Southern Baptists. In fact, you will not find Yahovah's Salvation in any of these Jesus Christ Churches in world today.

Yahovah and Yahshua through their grace and mercy are being true to their covenants and will fulfill every "Living Word", written and spoken, but it is not anything we have ever done to deserve it. Praise His "Living Word", even offered to Cain, and even being accepted, if he does well.

Yahovah is over seeds of Cain who are raised up to be Kings and Queens, Tsars, Princes, Emperors, and Kaisers, and Presidents to rule the world. Nebochadnazir found this out. Satan has once again perverted, twisted, lied, and hidden this great truth in Yahovah's "living word" and is still taking credit and praise and being worshiped that it was he who had done all these things for them, and that it is he alone who makes their Kings and Queens and rulers over the world. Such great lies abound today.

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Yahovah raised up Pharaoh to bring him down Charles Wales Coat of Arms

(Yah has raised up the U.S. to bring down) (Seeds of Cain Today)

The elite seeds of Cain have also done the same with Yahovah's great truth and all truth from heaven, perverting all that is Yah's, and setting up their own Gods and Goddesses under "birds" (Eagles, falcons, hawks) and of animals, and of men, and of women: all built on lies to their own kind and those around them. This perversion of truth is described by Paul in Romans, and doctrine of Yahshua.

What then? Thus the seeds of Cain go to great pains and length to surround and bury Yahovah's truth in "mystery" and believe and promote lies rather than truth. They think they are over everything, and control everything, thus it is also written: "You made Kings and Queens, but not by me, and you made princes and princesses, but I knew them not". It shall soon be over for these worldly kings.

Today, seeds of Cain are going to protect and defend their covenant with Satan based on lies to the bitter end. If all truth (the carriers of truth in Yahshua and Yahovah) are totally destroyed, then they reason among themselves they can live their lies in peace. They can worship their father of lies in peace, and enjoy their flesh and mammon under their world Order they now pretend to provide for their own kind. Is this an incredible truth? Yahovah shall totally destroy their lies and world!

See now how quickly it is coming to pass that Yahovah will take away and destroy their built up ill-gotten mammon and wealth and give them all a double portion of his righteous wrath as written.

Gore - "The Good Son" Letterman Commerical 9/9/1993 (meaning exact opposite) Hollywood movie, shows a "demonic star son": parallel to "Satan's evil child" that has come out of Washington, D.C. Fast action clips of a blue-eyed blonde German McCullock "child", that loves to kill, cause immense demonic trouble, death, murders, and accidents. (This symbolically is Gore, as "Mc" even means Son of Death). He is dangling an "unsuspecting child" by the arm over the edge of a tree house.

 Graphic's not available

DAVID LETTERMAN IS AN ELITE MASONIC COMMUNICATOR (He is a pinhead, a man who delivers the nightly news to the kids-goats)

With the ground far below, the "evil son" said: "If I (Satan-Gore) let you go, could you fly?" Satan is in this "son", and a direct reference to Satan in Gore today. Dangling the "innocent child" high up in the air over the ground, refers specifically, graphically, and to what Satan said to Yahshua, when he tempted him on the mountain and on top of the highest point of the temple.

Satan in Scripture: "And set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and (Satan) said to him, if you are the son of Yahovah (YHVH), cast yourself down from here: for it is Written, he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you; and in their hands they shall bear you up, lest at any time you dash your foot against a stone." (Luke 4:9-11)

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His Knock Out Punch!

Gore Serving up the Pork in 1999

(Hidden "G" Code)

(He has the U.S. totally deceived)

Gore- Follows up again with this identical "The Good Son" Letterman theme on February 20, 1994: '13' page article appeared in The New York Times as a cover theme: "The Good Son" = "The Good (Eagle) Scout" on the front cover, and inside article titled: "The Good Son". Masons now have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing who Gore is today. In fact, what excuses do Christians have?

  Graphic's not available

"Joe Pawn Token for Jews"

"The Bold One" "The Stout One"

(Hitler put down a Lieberman)

This also was the only insert New York Times Magazine with a "Barcode" on the front cover, as it is already inside a bar-coded paper. Why? Gore is the "666 BARCODE". (Bar = Son and Code means something hidden) Gore is also shown on the front cover giving a Masonic "hand sign" that reads:

"I am your God and number one Eagle Son." "I am the hidden hand of power of the covenant". He made this number one "Eagle God" sign in his "naval" (gut), done with his right hand, and sign of who he actually is, with his 'left' hand. Gore- is now over all of the goats of (Matthew 25). "For many are now walking, of whom I have often been telling you... the enemies of Yahshua: whose end is destruction, 'whose idol is the belly' (gut God of seeds of Cain-Esau) and whose glory is in their shame, who, upon earthly things are resolved." (Philippians, 3:18-19)

Gore- Revelation of "Mazda" black truck Letterman Commercial 9/9/93. Gore is Mazda Ra, the Eastern "light bearer" (Eagle-sun-man god) of the east, "that Ravenous bird, the man..."(Eagle's son) is over you. (Isayah 46:10-11) This truck had a large "red dragon" in the bed, then a close up of its head, jaws and teeth. Message: "The Eagle God" (Satan) has delivered the "man-eating dragon" of Revelation. Voices in commercial delivered another "spiritual" message: "I like my dinosaur"... "It's a good dinosaur." It's the meanest, bad to the bone truck ever. It's a spiritual thing". "My truck has soul." See why these specific Mazda commercials were used with Gore's introduction?

  Graphic's not available

Satan, the Serpent Monster of Arlington Park, D.C.

"Dragon" In Back of Truck

Voice in Mazda "red dragon" commercial continued: "IT HAS A MONSTER WARRANTY". (100% Guaranteed by Satan backing up his son). Gore is "Mazda", the eastern Firebird, the Monster Dragon of Satan. Herd of "goats" flashes by in the commercial: the "Goats" are on the move.

Gore- Washingon, D.C. Article appeared exact time frame (planned) in a National N.Y. Magazine on 9/13/93 having a double page full color illustration of Gore shown as an evil giant "fire breathing green monster dragon". Gore was holding the sun dome (top of Zeus Temple, which is Capitol). In the right hand (of power) is the 666 Capitol Dome, and in the left hand (of Satan's Covenant) is his "Crystal Designer's Phoenix Ash Receiver". Gore is portrayed turned loose in Washington, D.C.

He is breathing fire, destruction, and death. People are shown dead and fleeing for their very lives. Note: Crystal City, D.C. Is a Satanic CIA centralized data base nerve center. "And Satan, 'that great dragon', was full of wrath (Rev 12:12). His sons are also full of wrath and now ready for war.

Because Gore's demons are communicating and revealing him in a manner of joking and deception, entertainment, cartoons, and laughing all the way to hell (as the "joker" in Batman), it is easy to see how he has totally deceived the multitude of the "walking dead" and "grateful dead".

Update: "Godzilla" (Gore-Zilla) "Fire Breathing Dragon" used by a Christian Church as a special promotion on Fox News 2/12/2001 holding a "red cross": signal to wicked Gore is ready to go. This Dragon was a metal made Godzilla grasping a "Red Cross" in the "Church of God" front yard.

Stuckey Brothers (local) TV Commercial, Letterman 9/9/93 Cable Commercial phone number: 424-1414 ext. (5267) Broken down, these are identical numbers used in the opening remarks of Letterman: Kennedy "Dead" jokes about "Their Family" soon going to a "wedding party" was not "funny" whatsoever. Letterman talked of those attending the wedding (of death with Satan)! Now this is incredible, once you understand in Spirit of the Truth who Letterman really is today. Letterman is a "soothsayer" for the wicked, and he indeed is telling them that Satan's Great Wedding is about to begin, and that both the Jews and the Gentiles are invited, and including the designated drivers!

MASONS TALK IN PRIVATE OF THEIR 20/20 PERFECT VISION FOR THE BAVARIANS This is what Letterman said: 20 Kennedy's, 20 Hannah's, and 20 designated drivers. National Letterman joke number: Germans murdered the (2) Kennedy's John and Robert = 20. German World War (2): Germans murdered (Israelites-Jews) 10 lost tribes (2) x (10) = 20. 20/20 is the Mason's Perfect Vision with Osiris-Iesus (Gore) climb to the moon for their Isis Mommy! Local German commercial phone number: (Local) 4+2+4+1+4+1+4 = 20. (Local) 5+2+6+7 = 20. Germans named women Sarah and called Jews "rats". May 18th. 2001 (666) Chandra Levy come up missing in D.C.! A wicked rally cry and major countdown "signal" that its time to start at Satan's 666 Temple!

  Graphic's not available

Great Eagle God

Egypt's Checker Board Square

Today in U.S., "Hannah" is also name given to "rats". (1991-doc. In German "Green Peace" Nazi groups) Germans now assigned to murder specific targets: "designated drivers" = 20. Update: Campaign 2000 was made of a Bush Ad on TV with the word "RATS". Note: Since 1993, after this was written, (2) Kennedys have been killed, as their "accidents" are extremely unusual: one allegedly running into a tree, and John- John Kennedy Jr. having a fatal plane crash in a simple plane that practically flew by itself. On the Letterman Show, rats are used again and again on skits, in films, in jokes, and literally showing them doing things. Why? The ploy against Jews. (Also, Yahovah is sending major cities across the U.S. and even in England great hoards/plagues of multiplying rats and mice. This is an ancient plague, and Yahovah is using it again upon the wicked)

Gore- dark meanings of numbers: a "surprise party" Germans are going to throw and be uninvited guests at their "enemies" homes and other places. They will be rounded up, and will not have to worry about driving, as designated drivers are already assigned. (Millions of Jews and Israelites, blacks, political, intellectual dissidents) are covered. It will be done by "designated" soldiers, and expendable "mercenaries", and chosen "skin-heads" already in U.S. and in their assigned local regions and cities.

Note: See "long haired" men: with ponytails that shame themselves; mentioned in Revelation: "And they had hair as the hair of women...And teeth as the teeth of lions" (Germans) (Rev. 9:8) These are Yahshua's enemies. Lions of tribes of Germanica are scattered through Europe and the world.

The time of Jacob's Troubles has arrived. Jews are in extreme danger right now, and they know not! 20-20 means "the perfect vision" to the Masons, and having "perfect eye sight" in both left and right eyes to see; hit their targets as planned. The perfect plan: "THE PERFECT STORM". (see movie) German elite can clearly see "Satan's son of the horizon" in front of them and now on the world stage as their King. Their world order goal is in perfect sight. YOU WANT THE SCORE? TUNE IN TO CNN. Gore in 2000-4 is the vision, and he is given full power in his role as Osiris-Iesus. (Rev. 13:5) Masons are indeed keeping "score". Gore has already won, without any competition in 1993.

  Graphic's not available

Gore is "The Child"

20/20 Vision "Family Reunited Again"

(Phallic under chin)

(Eagle Sun presenting gifts with hands)

20-20 also means the "right eye" (red) of Horus the Great Eagle, and the "left eye" (blue) of Isis have at last united together for the "Perfect AC/DC Vision" with Nimrod-Osiris their son (sun): the ancient Trinity and Throne Seat of U.S. Daughter of Babylon/Egypt is completed. Yah's destruction is soon: after these evil ones do their thing, the mighty Yahovah will have His angels pour out His vials.

Note: Background on Stuckeys: they are German, and original Indiana Stuckey families spoke German. They are from "The Great Eagle" Germanican/Celtic covenant land of Bern, Switzerland, and they settled in Berne, Indiana in the 1860s. A large portion of Switzerland is part of the old "Germanica" covenant. Their banks kept multi-billions from Jewish survivors for decades after Nazis murdered their relatives. What else is new? Let them have it all, as they do not have riches of Yah!

"28 Day Sale" Letterman Commercial 9/9/93. 28 "days" is cycle of a "woman": reference Isis.

28 days is the cycle of the moon, reference Isis. Nike "statue of freedom" on top of the Capitol is Isis. Nike Goddess cycles can turn violently to "the love of war". Her purpose: the survival of her seeds of Cain. She was taken down from the Capitol on a unusual "work" day in D.C.:

Sunday, May 9, 1993. "Mother's" Day, "Isis Mother of the Earth Day", Eagle's number is 9. (5 x 9 = 45) or 4+5 = 9, or reverse, and 5+4 = 54 is 3 (18), and is 666 (Isis), 666 (Satan), and 666 (son). On October 23, 1993 this "Isis war Goddess" went back up on her "Eagle" perch. 10/23/93, or 1+0+2+3+9+3 = 18, or 1+8 = 9, or 18 to Masons is 3 x 6 = 666.

October 31, 1993. This date joined together "night" and "day", or "white and black": Halloween "black" night and the following day was the German Catholic's "white saint's day". After this date, Satan's elite patiently waited 40 days for "outpouring" of Satan's evil spirit to be magnified in them.

They have already been signaled to open up their portals to Satan's darkness and evil. Since Gore is imitating Yahshua, was not Yahovah's Spirit poured out after 40 days upon his chosen Apostles?

Unleashing of Satan's evil spirit has already occurred. Will you visibly see it? You will certainly see peculiar, and unusual ethical, moral, emotional and physical behavior out of millions throughout the world. The shootings at schools across America is this united Satanic spirit at work. This is to encourage "taking away guns". These are not random happenings, but precise incidents of murder and violence. What is important to millions of them? Money. Sex. Greed. Lust. Lies. Envy. Mammon. Status. Winning. Entertainment. Gamble. Drinking. Eating. Travel. Movies. Fun. Clothes. Vehicles.

And other things of the world and flesh. Their evil will rapidly grow within them as they unite. At the same time, their will be a building up of very visible outbreaks and "signs" in the news of things to come, just as it was under Hitler, only much worse. Major "signs" are already appearing, as the world nations, world governments, people, businesses, banks and trade are being "sucked up" into their German World Order. Note: since this was first written, NAFTA, APEC AND GATT APPROVED.

What "signs", you ask? Quickly passing illegal search and seizure bills quickly passing federal, state, and local "gun confiscation" bills to prepare the way. Quickly outlawing many types of weapons and guns. (Implementing gun registration. Consolidation of all German banks and food and distribution). Chips in vehicles to trace anywhere via satellite positioning and even another chip to shut them down. Eliminating large display windows in many major store outlets for shopping. Beefing up local, state, and federal police. Congress approving multi-billions for "the Purge" and establishing a united police state. Secret "swat team" round up rehearsals in U.S.. Raids on "selected patriot groups" and protest groups by the FBI. ATF, and IRS. Incidents are seldom publicized, or covered by 'their' media.

Special training of state and city police ATF, DEA, FBI, and sheriff's department "illegal search" and seizure raids and confiscations. Rapid expansion building of jails and prisons. Splitting up government into "control regions." Illegal confiscation of multi-billions of (M) dollars. Aryan dummy corporations illegal confiscation of private property and seizures of thousands of homes nationwide. Bringing in foreign "mercenaries" into U.S. and Hologram interconnect vehicle license coding, and "roadblocks". There is no question: you are being watched, and monitored, in so many ways it is actually "overkill".

   Graphic's not available

Al Gore said: "I'll be twice as cool as that West Wing Guy!"

Gore spoke well on Letterman: "We know when the microphone is on!" (Understand this sentence?) Building secret concentration camps! Shrinking of money supply (cash) and marking money with magnetic, traceable, countable, strips. 666 Gore "Eagle Money" is already in print since 1996.

(They can illegally seize and arrest money without any proof of wrongdoing) 1992-1996 passing of over 3,000 laws, statutes and ordinances to be able to quickly find any reason (by law) to arrest, imprison, and confiscate their enemies private property, their bank accounts, and even to kill them. (Making U.S. citizens actual parts of trusts and pieces of property through many title/certificates)

1996 to 2000 Gore's "Eagle Mark" put on all Federal Reserve German World Order money. This fulfills the prophecy, as nobody will indeed be able to buy anything without his Eagle Mark! In addition to all of their other evil, this is simply too much to take for those now loving the world.

  Graphic's not available

Illegal use of U.N. FEMA. Emergency troops and illegal use of Federal Marshals, DEA, ATF, and use of military equipment against innocent men, women, and children, and yes, even murdering them. (Golden Fringed Flag of Martial Law is in Courtrooms all across U.S. and behind Executive Branch. It will not be called Martial Law when done, as this would excite people. Try "Home Land Security")

Illegal use of U.N. Troops and U.N. Flag. Bringing tens of thousands of German speaking troops into the U.S. and stationing them here. Reported buzzing "practice runs" with German led "commando" black unidentified attack Helicopters over targeted residences and properties. German federal, state and local controlled Courts now imprisoning dissidents, striking down Yahovah and Yahshua out of almost any form of public display and stopping, arresting almost voices against their German Police State.

Unanimous enactment of "Rico", and used against U.S. dissidents. Change from local and U.S. News to isolated pockets of World News, keeping the U.S. Majority in the dark as they do their deeds. Non-coverage of purge incidents in U.S. Purging of non-German Aryan workers from their factories, their corporations, their military, school administrations; government. TV programming favoring German Aryans, vulgar sex, nudity, cursing, gays and lesbians, highlighting perverted people, and defending the rights of "their own kind" in wickedness while blatant behind the scenes unprovoked "rehearsal" strike forces attack church groups as Waco. Why? They are called the U.S. 666 Beast power!

They said that the true enemy was the United States Government. They said that these workers of Satan would come to kill the true worshippers of Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah. Were they right? Three TV stations suddenly knocked off the air: "testing their control of airwaves". Jamming and blockage of short wave radio. Brief testing of shutting off electric in specific targeted areas for the purge. Consolidation of all armed forces under a Nazi-son and consolidation of federal, state and local police, sheriff's departments, CIA, FBI, DEA, and others under the Gore Nazi Eagle control.

As millions turn away from truth, Yah's living Word will bring them all to shame. As they showed no mercy or concern for their brothers and sisters under attack, there will be no mercy for them. There will be no more "compromise", no more arguments or false doctrine in the worldly German controlled churches and synagogues, no more lies, and no more murders, prosecution and imprisonment to stop or conceal Yahovah's Living Word: millions will be made to suffer and then be destroyed as written.

  Graphic's not available

Zion In Jerusalem

Apostle Paul said buy in the Shuk (Market)

(A Different Walk)

(Plenty of Fresh Produce from within Israel)

No, Jerusalem will not go unscathed, and neither shall all of Israel. Where is it written that Yahovah loves the sin of one and condemns another for the same thing? This is indeed the time for Yahovah's punishment to be poured out out on both the Jew and the Gentile. This is the time for Jacob's Greater Tribulation in the world, and this is the last evil (Pepsi) generation spoken of by Yahshua Messiah.

Heed this strong warning of coming imminent danger. Yahovah will allow them to do this terrible thing for it is written. "Flesh will not enter into his Kingdom" and means nothing to Yahovah and Yahshua, for it is also written. Is this not the greatest test of our faith in his "living word" that Death has no hold on us? I have already died in my flesh and to now give up that which is already dead also means nothing to me. What we reveal is the chosen one for this generation to lead billions to the pit.

Second Levi woman "blue" jeans ad 9/9/93 clearly reveals Isis, the "woman", symbolic of many "Women" in all their worldly vices, including lust for sex, materialism, and desiring even Satan. How is this possible? The continuous drive for sex, and more sex. Not for having children, but for sex. In the midst of her sins shown in fast cuts, while screaming in a microphone getting it off her chest, she is shown giving birth to a "monster baby", Satan's son of perdition, "the child". At last, she had delivered the promise to the wicked of the world as the "travailing woman"* : delivering their Savior.

Graphic's not available

Gore was appointed by Yahovah

Gore came into his kingdom peaceably

(He and his father have lied)

(Gore won the election in 2000)

(* The "travailing woman" is a major sign and expression used by Yah; prophets in Scripture) Let us again review the basics that most have forgotten today: This is Satan's world until Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah clean it up and take it over. Satan has put his flag and his names and marks all over the world because it is his kingdom. As written, Satan can give it to whomsoever he pleases, if they bow down and worship him. Also, in covenant after covenant all the way back to Ur-Mesopotamia, Satan indeed has his very elite and chosen sons that rule over his kingdom. Gore is the last one.

  Graphic's not available

Builder Burger's Skull and Bones!

Created/Invented Al Gore!

Gore is the real German Aryan "Frankenstein" Monster or "Beast" Today

To emphasize this theme, Gore even dressed up as Green "Frankenstein" at one of his Halloween D.C. parties, and also as "Osiris", and as the "Beast", and as "Under-dog" (leader of dogs today).

These are not jokes, as the vast majority think. Gore is precisely who he actually dresses up to be in these outfits: his latest was "Under Dog." (Why? Gore is Big Dog over all the Dogs!) This sounds absolutely absurd, if you do not know the game being played. Again, it is a brilliant and strategic plan by Satan and his hoard of evil workers to play themselves off as people who do nice things, and joke around: especially in politics, and in Washington, D.C. These things are deadly serious, as Letterman and Gore have made clear again and again in their signs, warnings, and extensive "dark sentences" of what they are about to do, what they represent, and the purpose of it all. They think they have pulled it off with the American people and the world, and indeed, they have. The whole world is deceived.

Yahovah creates both good and evil, and can send both good or evil at any time, any place, and upon any man or woman on the face of the earth. Despite the fact that the vast majority today do not believe that Yahovah does acts of violence, or causes evil to be sent on them, Yahovah's Scripture declares otherwise. In Job, Yahovah's weapons of war are stated, and they include many types of "weather" used for punishment and His wrath. Again, people do not believe that giant hail; all storms, drought, floods, tornadoes, etc. are controlled by Yahovah. Over three years of drought now in Ethiopia. Massive plagues of locusts and drought are across the globe, and mass starvation is even in Korea. All of these things are done for his purpose and pleasure, as Spoken of by the prophet Isayah. Woe unto the boastful and proud, thinking they are in control of their lives and need nothing from Yahovah.

Thus, once Yahovah becomes full of wrath, great evil is sent/or released upon them. Satan is uniting all of those that are his into "one evil spirit". Why? Remember that Satan only fulfills Yahovah's will and prophecy in unleashing this evil, and destruction for "those that perpetuate their evil race *".

* Hitler did not happen to come up with Cain's ancient "sexual theme" on his own. Cain's seed established and worshipped fertility goddesses (sex stars), and it is recorded of these Eve type women: Ur/Mesopotamian Royal Eagle Son King's Seals of 3,100 B.C. show sexual rituals for perpetuation of their race. Scholars write of Nimrod's "Sumarimas" of the Babylonian's (Chaldeans), "Ashtaroth" of the Canaanites and Hittites, "Isis" of Egypt, "Diana, Venus, Victoria, Nike, Juno, Minerva" and many other Eagle Goddesses of the Greeks and Romans. Now it may come as a shock to "Christians" today but many of these women are mentioned in Scripture and those who worship them are also rebuked.

Graphic's not available

Osiris-Iesus of Egypt

Women weeping for death of Tammuz

(See Red "X")

(See the Eagle right above them)

Jeremyah and other prophets warn against worshiping "Ashtaroth" and the Gentile's "Queen of Heaven", and Apostle Paul got into big trouble because of that great "goddess Diana" that the whole world worshipped, and Yahshua Messiah warned of that woman "Jezebel" (Isabella) in Revelation.

Part 13