Part 13

"Madonna" [see Satan's living Madonna sex "Roc" stars today] and other "women goddesses" are raised up as (Hollywood) stars, as Satan promised Eve [woman]. "Satan and Eve", "Isis-Osiris" and "Madonna with child" (Isis and Iesus, Zeus and Iesus) are all one and the same themes of worship with us today: in "Christian" churches, as the German-Roman (Queen Eve-Isis) Catholics.

Eve was "beguiled" (seduced) by Satan: see the meaning of this in the "Torah Hebrew" text. The next Scriptural shock to Christians today is that Satan and Eve's "first born" Cain and his seed in his loins ** were also given rule of the 'cursed' world over Abel. (KJ Genesis 4:7) This is true today, despite the fact German Roman Catholics and even the Jewish "scribes" have changed considerable text. Yahshua Messiah thus condemned them (Scribes) for changing Scripture in a scathing verbal rebuke in Matthew. Scribes were to write the Word of Yahovah without alterations, but they hid Yah's truth. Christian ministers that say their Bible is "perfect" are totally wrong, and stating a lie. Christian ministers say they will stand firm on the word of "God", and indeed they shall all die. Why? Again, "God" is not Yahovah. "Iesus" is not Yahshua Messiah. They repent not of this deception.

** How can this be proven? Examine all of Scripture and all of history: No Hebrew-Israelite/Jew has ever been a King over the Gentile Nations, has never been one of the many "Pharaoh Gods" of Egypt, never been one of the God Kings of Ur or Babylon, or one of many deified Eagle God-men of Assyria and Persia; not one Israelite/Jewish King of Greece, nor ever one found among the deified list of Caesars of Rome after Augustus Caesar, or one discovered among the long list of consecrated German "God Kings" of England, France, or Spain, never finding one Jew among the "Great Kaisers" anointed as "Eagle Gott" men rulers of Germany and Prussia, not even one found in the list of Orthodox new Roman(ov) God Tsars of Russia. The Romanovs were German and related to the Throne of England.

Never has one been recorded in "Emperor God-Men" of the Sun of Japan or in all of China, and never has there ever been a Jew as President of the United States, or even come close to being one. You do not believe this? THEN PROVE YAHOVAH WRONG. It is over for the ruling seeds of Cain!

When the seventh angel finally sounds, all of these Gentile (Goy) Nations and their many (non-Jewish) ruling Kings have been had. They are done: they are through ruling and making a mess of the world. Why? How is this possible? It is written: "And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The Kingdoms of this World are become the Kingdoms of our Yahovah and of His Messiah (Yahshua); and He shall reign for ever and ever." (Rev. 11:15)

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Tsar Nicholas II Icon holding world

Man in the Circle "Son of the Sun"

(East-West Eagle Son Ruler)

(Goat Sign/ Double Egypt Crown)

Compare this Icon with the Romanov Double Headed Triple Crowned Eagle God: they are the same. German God Tsar Icons above are abominations. Compare "Double Crown" on the right with the Pharaohs and Horus of ancient Egypt. Compare shaft in the "left hand" (Sinister hand) with the ones used by the ancient Chaldean soothsayers in 1500 B.C. (Goat hand sign of ancient Eastern rulers).

Why is it that many of these rulers of the world go through such elaborate formal rituals, and surround themselves with such incredible wealth, even making themselves Gods, or God-men in 'Divine Right' ceremonies, if Yahovah is the One who gave it all to them anyway? Should they not praise Yahovah? (They worship the Eagle God, Iesus and Madonna, and are"Goats", and not of Yahovah's sheep).

Have you not read Cain was first-born son, and thus Yahovah gave him the rule of the world? Have you not read in Scripture that Cain rebelled against Yahovah? Have you not read that Cain is of that Wicked One, Satan himself? Have you not read that the "ways" and the "wages" of Cain are death?

Have you not read of the connection between Baal (Lord) and Cain? Have you not read that Yahshua told His followers that they are not to be like "appointed" Gentile Rulers (of Cain)? Cain's seed hate and reject Yahovah. Therefore, if you follow Cain's ways and love the wicked world that his seed still rules, then as written, you are Yahovah's enemy. Yahovah appoints the basest (lowest) of men to rule the cursed world, (Cain's seed), thus the earth is given into the hand of the wicked by Yah, as written.

Cain's seed definitely rule the Gentile world today or Yahovah would be made a liar, and He cannot lie. Cain's seed do rule the world by "Divine Right" (given to them by Yahovah), and they have stated this fact and boldly recorded it in numerous ways for thousands of years with one very important truth omitted: they neglect to tell everyone to give glory that it is Yahovah "who appointed them to rule."

For how long? Since the very beginning. Then if these seeds of Cain who are appointed to rule the Gentile world by Yahovah do not worship Yahovah or Yahshua, then "Who" do they worship? Now you have done it. You have asked the basic question that most avoid today, especially in the worldly Christian churches and their long list of ministers. Why? They take in a reported 60 Billion dollars per year worshipping the wrong one in the U.S.: Iesus the son of Zeus, of the ancient Eagle God.

How much would they get if they told the truth to their flocks? How many would actually stay with them? They dare not give the truth to their congregations, as it might create chaos. But, amazingly, the goats do not seem to mind what their ministers and pastors do in these Iesus Churches. They have met with "prostitutes", have affairs and commit adultery, and rip off multi-millions of dollars, and yet they are still loved! The flash and all of the TV shows that use "God" and "Jesus Christ" are frauds.

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Gore and his Mouthpiece Glory: Yahovah said to let no man glory in His presence! (Gore is the Eagle God) (See the ancient Five Pointed Star of Osiris-Iesus-Jesus)!

THE "GOD" THEY WORSHIP AND THE "GOD" THEY TRUST IN GOVERNMENT IS NOT YAHOVAH (YHVH) OF ISRAEL AND DEFINITELY NOT YAHSHUA MESSIAH: Yahovah's people He calls are to be ruled by Him, and not by Cain's seed! Yahovah's people shall know His Name and be Sealed by His Name! Cain's seed using His Name, does not mean their Salvation!

Israelites have rebelled at being ruled by only Yahovah, their Father (Abba) and their King. Therefore, as spoken by Yahovah: "I might give you a King in my anger, and take him away in my wrath." (Hosea 13:11) Superman TV series helped celebrate the last earthly appointed King: Satan's "star son" over his seed today is the re-born "Cain". Satan's movie: "The Lion King and his (Cub) Son".

The cub (Gore) says to his father (Satan) "You mean that all of this is mine?" Yahovah has given the world "Gore", Satan's "last Eagle Son King" in His anger, and Yahovah will indeed take him away in His Righteous wrath. Yahovah never changes in these matters. He is the same yesterday as today.

Look at unbelievers and rulers full of lies and illusions: they are all hypocrites. As my Savior Yahshua once said to them: How can they escape the depths of the pit? For as Yahshua was rejected, run out of their synagogues, called a liar, false prophet, a worker of Satan, and his life threatened, so am I today. The many Churches of Jesus Christ have rejected me and Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah's Salvation!

I try to correct them, to teach, and explain the mysteries of what Yahshua is doing, but they receive me not. Because of the great falling away from His Name, His truth and His covenants: they only want to argue, debate, reject, or try to find a way around His truth. They think this prophecy of Yah is false!

Now Yahshua does not lie: He said that they will be buying, building, planting, marrying, given in marriage, and then sudden destruction shall come upon them! What does this mean? It means that the world will not even see this great thing coming! They will be conducting their lives as usual, and then, it is all over! It is too late then for them to repent, or to change their ways! Yahshua also said that had Yahovah not "cut it short", no flesh on earth would be saved. Now it should be obvious that with over six billion people walking around today, that this verse has certainly not been fulfilled: YET!

They are sons and daughters of their corrupt "U.S. Daughter of Egypt / Babylon". They already have their "reward": It is not Yahovah or Yahshua. Their skirt now lifted, I clearly saw their wickedness and illusions under their Egypt Eagle God over the U.S. and the world. Yah then gave a vision of what is about to happen. It was brutal and bloody (Gore). Many were killed in mass, and their blood flowed into pools and together as a river! Gore is the "bear" of Daniel with the "third rib" in his mouth.


(Even with multi-millions being killed around the world with AIDS, with at least 20 wars going on, the U.S. only yawns, and see nothing out of the ordinary on the surface about the West Wing 666 Circus! And, are not the people in the U.S. building, buying, selling, planting, and living their lives as usual?)

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Blacks love him: he did receive the majority vote!

He does know!

(What all fail to understand: he already is Tsar President of the World!)

WHO IS ALBERT ARNOLD GORE JR., AND WHAT DOES HE STAND FOR TODAY? Gore – was consecrated and anointed in 1993. It was over then. The rest of this hooplah, and spin and the election fraud(s), the endless lies, and the scam of controlled politics, and the many thousands of things going on to keep the mass in total deception, is just that! Their plan is working very well!

Gore - his world is marble, limestone, wire, plastic, concrete, asphalt, glass, wood, iron and steel: He is King over the fourth world kingdom, He is to rule mightily and destroy mightily. (As other German-Russian Tsars and Kaisers). Gore- His world of darkness is "brought to life" with electricity. It is not General Electric, it is Fuhrer General German Electric. He is the "energizer" of the world's illusions: connecting them with his inter-"net" work. His seed are communicating everywhere.

Note: The incredible technology used by U.S. "G" men for "spying on people all over the world" is "generations ahead" of what people hear of today: in listening in to phone conversations, faxes, on line communications, E-mail, and transmissions. This was verified in interviews on Fox News on April 3, 2001 concerning the sophisticated (listening) U.S. Spy Plane brought down and held by China.

Gore- is bringing them together as one spirit. GE [General German Electric] "is crawling with many serpents", according to Letterman, on 9/9/1993. Satan is getting the goats in "SYNC" (together). The Rock Band in "Sync", is a Satanic Sign. The multi-millions of hunching and grinding young adults on MTV, some almost naked, and some actually naked, are an enormous sign as to what it was like in the days before Yahovah flooded the world and before Yahovah destroyed Sodom.

Gore- also has a mystery name and a well known TV Commercial product and symbol that is such a coded Masonic disguise, that few today will ever suspect: "The Energizer Bunny", has been used for years as an extensive tool communicating to the wicked. How is this possible? This is not a joke!

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Pharaoh's Perpetuation Symbol

Fertility Women

"Bunny" and Serpent over four Corners

"SEX-SEX-SEX" "666" in Latin

Major Standard of Ancient Egypt

Playboy Bunny Ashtaroth today

First: "The Rabbit" is an ancient Egyptian, Hittite, Greek and German major symbol of "perpetuation of their race" [Seeds of Cain fertility] doc. Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. It also represents Pepsi, the Pharaoh, thus it is a Gore symbol today! Double Headed Eagle God in Hittite art grasps two East-West "rabbits" in its talons.

Second: Egypt's Number One "Playboy Bunny" was the Pharaoh, with his sexy "Eve-Isis" Queen and also having a harem of wives and concubines. Pharaoh is shown in many vulgar sexual acts in carvings and paintings "planting his seed". Millions of beautiful women today are glorified as nude "(Pharaoh) Playboy Rabbits". (German) Hugh Hefner does it worldwide: identical "Playboy Bunny" logo (symbol) can be found inside a Pharaoh's crypt (on display) at Smithsonian Museum in D.C..

i.e. Today, (April 3, 2001), one TV commercial is innocent looking, but is extremely Satanic. It shows an older man with his young son, and both are dressed up as "Easter Bunnies" with ears. They come up to a nice residential house in the suburbs, and the older bunny man says: "Easter Bunny", and then smashes down the door. Satanic spiritual message: "Satan and Son" are ready to knock down the doors of many Jews in this German purge. (Imitating Yahshua in his knocking on the door verses). THE ENEGIZER BUNNY SAYS TODAY: "I'VE (Gore) GOT THE POWER! IS HE (Gore) IN YOU?"

See the great number of Satan's "sexy blonde rabbits" that strut/ hunch and grind to his beat every day. "Baywatch" is a German show that draws lust worldwide: see the Isis harlot Pamela Anderson on TV. (Mr. "T", George Hamilton, Cinncinnati's blonde Anderson; Mary Lou Retton, are in a commercial) Kim Basinger is a world famous nude star "Playboy Bunny" presented as an "Isis Goddess", and shown with a giant Eagle God directly over her. This is why she was chosen by Satan to represent his "Isis female rabbit" introducing Gore on Letterman. Gore is the Pharaoh male "Bunny" today.

Third: "The Easter Bunny" of today is directly connected to Egypt's "sacred egg" of Eve-Isis, to bring forth another seed of Cain, another Pharaoh to rule the world. This theme is used by ancient Ur Chaldean Royalty, Assyrians, Aryan Hittites, the Greeks, and others. It is still their theme.

The Eagle-Serpent's "egg" is carried in the womb of the woman (Isis), and thus she is worshipped as a "fertility goddess" (female rabbit) to bring forth seeds of Satan. The Eagle Goddess is shown over 5,000 years in sculptures, paintings, seals, and on coins: as Nike, Victoria, Liberty, Diana, and Venus.

These women of Satan, in their role as rabbits, do "it" frequently, and thus bring forth many sons and daughters. In fact, Isis is shown in Egypt sitting on her throne, which is a square full of "golden eggs". You know the story of the (Egyptian) Goose that laid the "Golden Eggs", don't you? You do know of "Alice (Isis) in Wonderland" and her dealings with the rabbit, don't you? You do know of the story, Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the Bunny trail, Easter's on its way. Such Satan garbage!

Ashtar is "Easter", and Ashtaroth means "A Star of Roth" (A Star of Cain). German Aryans have Easter Egg hunts, even at the White House, and millions of "colored Isis eggs" hang on German trees. Chocolate "Easter Bunnies" have absolutely nothing to do with Yahovah and Yahshua. What do all of these bunnies and eggs still represent today? Satan and his ancient (dark) seeds of Cain and their perpetuation. The egg design below the White House and "Oval" (Egg) Office symbolize a Pharaoh.

Fourth: German-Romanov's "Mother Russia" (Germanican Royalty) Collection of Family "eggs" was shown on U.S. TV in 1994. This was a major sign to the wicked. The New Rome, and the New Son of Rome was Tsar Alexis Romanov, who "was shot in the head in 1918", and fulfilled a part of prophecy as the number seven King. Little Alexis Romanov is presented (his pictures) on elaborate "EGGS" now worth multi-millions. How does this connect directly to Gore and the "Energizer Bunny"? (Latest TV Commercials 12/2001 on the "Energizer Bunny" has him saying: I've Got the Power!)

An identical posed little Alexis Romanov as a "Bunny" is in Victoria's scrapbook. Alexis: the "child", played around and dressed up as a "bunny rabbit". In another photo, Alexis is literally shown beating the same kind of drum and same pose as the TV commercials promoting the "Energizer Bunny." [Photo] from collection of German "Queen Victoria", is Alexis prototype of the "Energizer Bunny".

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Number Seven Keeps Going and Going "Doomed" Tsar Nicholas II Family (Gore dubbed this bunny in Times)

(Alexis is Number 1-5-7)

Alexis held the drum and sticks the same way. The spiritual "hidden" message: Satan's "seventh son never died: he just keeps going and going." In boardrooms and over money, in women's showers; reaching, "going to the top" of the Empire (Reich State Bldg.) reaching the peak as the World Ruler.

We remind you as written, NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE. Therefore, if you adjust to this truth then you will find an amazing amount of things can be instantly explained by basic observance and a basic comparison of the past as to why and how they appear today. There is a reason behind evil things that happened and now used as continuous themes. Something is usually connected to them in an evil way.

Gore-Alexis is over the Fourth German Reich. Alexis "is" number seven and Gore is number Eight, "HE IS OF THE SEVEN(th), AND HE IS THE EIGHTH." (Rev.) He is the Egyptian-Hittite Perpetuation of the (German) Race Bunny. See many "Playboy" bunnies on U.S. TV lately. See the rabbit used in Egyptian writings, paintings, and used as an "Egyptian Pharaoh standard".

"We ardently await the Master Yahshua who will transfigure our humbled body into conformity with His glorified body, 'according to the energy' wherewith He is able even to subdue unto Himself all things. It is Yahovah who 'Energizes' within you, both the desiring and the 'Energizing', in behalf of his good pleasure. He then who was supplying unto you the Spirit, and 'Energizing' mighty works among you." R.O.S.N. (Return of the Sacred Name) 'Bible Translation' above.

(Philippians 3:21, 2:13, 3:5) What does this mean? Satan's "Energizer Bunny" mocks Yahovah and His Spirit: Ruach ha Kodesh . Many Aryan (German) women are very active fertile bunnies today. Note: "Energizer Bunny" TV Commercials paralleled the introduction(s) of Gore-Alexis 1993-96 as the false "Energizer": the false Messiah and "bearer of light" and Satan now "energized" in the flesh. When you see Gore you are looking at Satan, who is father of many. (Imitating Yahshua, who said those who see Him, have seen the Father, Yahovah. Is the "Energizer Bunny Gore now in you?")

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Hittite Serpent Serpent's Woman Goldie Locks (In covenants) (From the East) (Venus)

Satan came up with another blonde "Isis" figure and special Bunny Movie in "ROGER RABBIT". Which means, the "Royal Rabbit," (Gore) or "King of Kings over the Rabbits", which is still Gore.

Walt Disney's "BUGS BUNNY": his Masonic line: "What's Up, Doc?" Which means to Masons: "What's Up, Master?" To elite Masons, their "Master Bunny" Architect of illusions, cartoons and entertainment is Lucifer. Gore and the Masons use mystery symbols, images, signs, numbers, dates, names, and times to "communicate dark sentences" and execute evil plans throughout the world. They also use them (in TV codes, TV commercials, and even symbols) to move billions per year in illegal drugs across the U.S. What? It is their 666 Beast System, and they use it.

It is their controlled TV; they do make 'special' commercials, so why not have some "dark inside humor"? Example: U.S. Deliveries of major Columbian Cocaine "packages" were proceeded by "Columbian Coffee Commercials" on ABC at specific early morning time slots and they contained "codes" in TV lines: immediately followed by a strange human (no) interest "short story" in the same small town where the drugs * were to be landed by private plane. They are smart. A Columbian coffee commercial shows a beautiful woman between two young men at an Espresso bar, and she looks at the symbolic Ur man with the Ur donkey, and says: "I'LL HAVE WHAT HE IS HAVING!" (Get it?)

Not coffee, but Cocaine is coming in from Columbia! In truth, millions are having what he has!

* Some of these Cocaine codes on TV commercials are funny (to the German Mafia). I revealed some of these German codes to a man working in the Pentagon connected to DEA, allegedly fighting drugs, to prove I knew what I was talking about, and told him how I traced precisely where one small airport was outside of Chicago (on a map) based on their hidden TV codes. He was stunned. I did not know it at the time, but we were being monitored by CIA in someone else's house across from us where we met. They immediately stopped using that particular TV CIA code, but there are others still in use today. What does major world order German drugs and "dark codes" have to do with Gore?

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Man of "Dark Sentences" Man over "World's Money" (Does many as jokes) (The One on the Right)

Gore understands these "DARK CODES AND SENTENCES", as written in Daniel. Most of these "Dark (evil) sentences" refers to elite German Masonic and elite German Mafia/CIA communication codes that only a few 'outsiders' would ever come close to understanding. We have understanding of what they are doing and understand many of their "dark communication codes", because Yahovah's Spirit has revealed them that we not be deceived. We share some now, that you also not be deceived.

It is another world and hidden language that the deceived only laugh at and think that it has to be some kind of joke. For these reasons, we do not cast these pearls of incredible understanding to the rivers of swine across the U.S., and especially millions of Iesus Christians today. They refuse Yahovah's truth. A shock to very few Christians seeking truth today, is that a direct connection exists to the unrepenting German Mafia's major evil worldwide illegal drug networks and to their Iesus Churches: especially Catholics. Both are mentioned and warned of in Revelation. What? "And the rest of the men…

Yet REPENTED NOT of 'THE WORKS OF THEIR HANDS*', THAT THEY SHOULD NOT 'WORSHIP DEVILS*', and 'IDOLS' of GOLD, and SILVER and BRASS, and STONE, and of WOOD: which neither can see, nor hear, nor, walk: NEITHER REPENTED THEY of 'THEIR MURDERS', nor of THEIR 'SORCERIES', nor of THEIR 'FORNICATION', nor of THEIR THEFTS." (Rev. 9:20-21). Sorceries in Greek refers directly to legal and illegal 'drugs'.

* Mason's Master works, "Craftsman" (tools) of the "hidden hand", worshipping Lucifer and Idols.

*Masons use and worship idols of Gold, Silver, and Brass and Stone and Wood of their ancient Ur-Chaldean Eagle God of this world. Masons repent not of their evil and worship of Lucifer, "Isis" and Iesus. Masons are murderers, as is their father Satan, and they are planners and evil workers behind the scenes of taking over the world for Germans. They repent not of their German World Order or their ethnic cleansing programs, such as government invented AIDS distributed by WHO in Africa.

The word 'SORCERIES' in Greek text and Hebrew translates to "PHARMACY-DRUGS". Thus, the correct English translation is "THEY REPENTED NOT OF THEIR DRUGS"… and other things listed. Germans invented and control legal pharmacy drug business and the German controlled Mafia "illegal drug business" and the worldwide use of them by billions of people. It is one of the largest legal-illegal multi-trillion dollar combined businesses in the world today, only next to their real Monopoly German Federal Reserve World Order Money Machine printing trillions from thin air and charging interest! Vehicle Cos. do not come close. Big Oil profits do not come close. Gates and his multi-billions is chump change. The rip off of compounded interest (usery is forbidden in Torah) makes everyone under it slaves.

Illegal and "Legal Drugs" abound today in the U.S., and one half of all "anti-biotics" is documented as unnecessary! Gore promised his elderly goats in U.S. 380 Billion Dollars of drugs. They are indeed very sick today! Hospitals and nursing homes are loaded. Bush also promised multi-billions in "drugs" and a "prescription" supplemental major drug Government Insurance program and "payments" for the elderly, and even help others with "drug habits".

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"Barbie Doll Aryan" "Super Star Models" "Dolls from Hittites" (Ken and Barbie*) (Full on the Cat Walks) (Satan's Earth Angels)

* Ken and Barbie Dolls today come direct from the ancient past: Ken = Cain and Barbie (Sons) Dolls come from the Aryan Hittites, who are Canaanites, today's Germans. Millions of women play with these Ashtaroth sex dolls, and want to be just like them! Words 'FORNICATION' and 'THEFT' are also directly connected to German Aryan Organized Crime throughout the world. There are enough documented books on these subjects that we shall not waste time quoting them. It is a established fact that global prostitution, sex slaves, many escort services, XXX movies, ADULT ENTERTAINMENT, R rated-videos, NIGHT CLUBS, LAS VEGAS, "RENO", FORNICATION MECCAS, MODELS, pornographic materials, fornication in TV daytime soaps, sexual fornication and open encouragement of adultery and gay and lesbian open conduct on most TV programs, and on numerous "talk shows" and on Night and Late Night shows, even on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, is out-of-control today.

Controlled "Drug use" and the pornography business is protected by the Mason's 666 Constitution! (Their Freedoms and Liberty, represented by Miss Liberty, is correct: what the U.S. shall proudly fight for: their freedoms to go sin many ways, and world freedoms from our Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah) Fornication is a multi-billion dollar German World Trade Business but ranks under drugs. There is not enough paper printed in a year that would hold all of the true stories of 'fornication and adultery', and major thefts today and all of those involved in it. As written: THEY REPENTED NOT OF THEIR FORNICATION and THEFTS. See the number of "Cops and Robbers" shows on television.

Later, after more suffering, plagues, and death from Yahovah's seven angels with bowls of wrath, THEY REPENTED NOT TO GIVE HIM (Yahovah) GLORY! The fifth angel poured out his vial UPON THE SEAT OF THE BEAST: Washington, D.C.; and HIS (Gore's) KINGDOM was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed Yahovah (YHVH) of Heaven because of their pains and their sores, And REPENTED NOT OF THEIR DEEDS (evil).

We mention some of the ugly businesses only because they fulfill a part of prophecy in Revelation. Many thousands have been killed exposing and fighting their world operations, but it is too big for an army of 200,000 to stamp out. It is Big Drug Business, Inc. Their valued customers are buying and using it all across U.S. Why? They are the multi-millions of the Eagle-Serpent's "kids" (the goats).

On the supply end are multi-millions more. Which head of this family of serpents do you try and stop or cut it off? Early U.S. citizens used "drugs", and were gradually introduced to powerful drugs by Germans, as Morphine, Cocaine, and Opium. The U.S. population is now "drowning in drugs".

If you stick your nose into their multi-trillion-dollar monopoly on the International illegal and legal drug business and the massive laundry belt-loop of money, you will quickly see what we say is truth. It involves Presidents, such as prior George Bush, Congressman and Senators, major German S & Ls, major Banks and German Corporations, on down to judges, churches, and next door neighbors with excellent jobs and $$$ income from drugs. Churches of Faith Based denominations love their money. Actually, many Christian pastors are Master Masons, and they will protect or defend these evil people living and working in their communities. Almost everyone knows Mafia connections to Catholics.

Gore "shall have understanding of dark sentences (Masonic codes, symbols, numbers)... and his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power..." Daniel. "All power is given to him". (Rev. 13:5) Gore 'rode in on a (Ur Democratic) ass' in 1993, 1996, and 2001. (Imitating Yahshua and also being rejected). Gore is the number one Mason of the world, and he is still the World God Tsar.

 Graphic's not available

Closing "THE GAP"! The layout in D.C. for Gore's "Capstone" is upside down North of the White House, and has already been brought down on the pyramid in 1995, completing that part of the Mason's Washington work. Note: Satan's Eagle "Square inside of a Square" is the Throne Seat design for all Egyptian Pharaohs and their Isis Queens. (The Reagan World Order Trade Building is that Square "D" inside of a Square Osiris-Iesus [Pharaoh] GATT "Cornerstone" and was finished in Washington, D.C. in 1996).

In Sweden a Gott over a "farmer" is called "Gotts-a-Gore". Many German scholars say there is no proof that the word "God" is pagan, and they are liars. They refuse to examine their own Celtic and Teutonic pagan past and barbaric Anglo-Saxon history that is full of their worship of "Gott" (God).

Broken down: [God-is-Gore] or Baal- (Lord)-of-the-land, or the "land worker's Gott": Cain. Sweden also has many Cain "red barns"; import lots of U.S. pork. Ref. pp. 267, 268. Vol. 17, 'Bay View Magazine', Early 1900s. Book on Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Holland.

"Saith Yahovah: surely perverse is My people (real Jews): Me have they not known, foolish sons they are, yes, without understanding they are: wise they are to commit wickedness, but how to do good (Yahovah's ways), they know not." (Jeremyah 4:22) Same is true for the multi-millions of Germans today in the U.S. who are definitely not Jews or Israelites. See them living life to the full.

Revelation why ("Columbia") CBS was selected 9/9/93 to reveal Al Gore on Letterman Show CBS Egyptian (black and blue logo) left eye of Isis represents the Blue Moon and German Aryan Hittite "Nefatari", who was their "sacred mother of the earth". This "eye" is now blue, as in "Blue Moon", and also as the solid "Blue Square"(meaning that Satan's Isis Eagle Goddess is over the 'four corners' of the earth, and worshipped accordingly: Blue, as in U.S. Flag, or in the GM General (German) Motors "Blue Square" or Chevrolet (another way of saying Cheva-Eve) bow-tie of Satan. The Blue "Square" inside U.S. Flag is a "mirror image" of the Egyptian Square. Gore's second trip to Letterman in 9/2000, he said: "You will thank us when we finish the elevator to the (blue) moon in 4 years!"

Federal Triangle project is laying the "New Cornerstone" for Gore and Satan's trinity, which places their "MOMMY" (Isis) on her throne seat over the world. Why Letterman said 9/9/1993 in Top Ten Countdown of introducing Gore as a bad airline pilot: "HE CALLS THE 'CONTROL TOWER' MOMMY." In Masonic code, Gore is the Capstone and Cornerstone: He is the Osiris "Capstone" of the Giza Pyramid used by Masons, and he is also the "Cornerstone" that the builders (the Masons) reject: thus imitating Yahshua as the "Cornerstone". ISIS IS INDEED "THEIR MOMMY".

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Little Miss Ridin Hood Holding up Her Hand: an "Isis"

Gore - On September 8/9 1993 let their Masonic numbers talk: (Why numbers of Letterman introduced Gore) CBS 10:30 p.m *. (10+3+0) = 13 (Satan's number).

September is the ninth (9) month, 8 plus l is (9), followed by two more nines. This then is 9,9,9,9 in sequence. Six (6) times six (6) is 36, or six (6) sixes in a row: 6,6,6, + 6,6,6, Equals 36. 3+6 = 9 (Great Eagle God). Four (4) times nine (9) is 36, or two (2) x 18 = 36. 1+8 = 9 (Satan) and 1+8 = 9 (son). 9 + 9 = 18. Two 18s equals 6,6,6, (Satan), and 6,6,6, (Son) to the Masons. Presented together, 9 + 9 is (99) = Satan and Son again in Masonic number codes. (*10:30 p.m. was the exact time that "Little Sunbeam" No. Seven Alexis Romanov was shot in the head, and fulfilled a verse in Rev.)

"Here is wisdom: he that has understanding let him count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666." (Revelation 13:18) Gore is Greek-Roman "Zeus"/Iesus "666 Eagle Son". Gore's Great Eagle Seal holds only "One Arrow" (9/13/1993) on Cover of Gore's Reinventing Government Book. Nine (9) is number of Eagle tail feathers on Gore's "Seal". Nine is number of tail feathers on "Eagle-sun-man-god" of the East, "Mazda Ra". (See Isayah 46:10-11)

Gore- 9/9/93 "Satan's son (sun) Spot Commercial" shown on Letterman Show: Before Gore appeared on stage: "sun shower" upon dark haired "boy" happily eating "Square Sun chips" showering down on him from a large square made of bags of "sun" chips. Gore is over all of Satan's "Little Squares".

"Boy" represents Gore and Chips symbolize sun (son) worship in Egypt: "gifts of life" (seed and mammon) showering down on Pharaoh and Isis as joint world rulers over Satan's seed (life for Satan's "seed" coming from the sun: his chosen Osiris-Iesus Son of the Sun of the Horizon).

Alexis also had correct Masonic code names: "Little Sunbeam", "Little Sunshine" and the "Sovereign One". One of Alexis' nicknames translates: "The Son of Satan". Remember Lewis (Lucifer's) song for his seed: "Its Hip to be Square"? Are you "Square" in his world of "sun chips" off the old block? Did you earn your degree and graduate into Satan's kingdom wearing a "Square" on your head? Ancient Pharaoh rites on paintings show him wearing a "Square" on his head with a "tassel". Of course, when graduating to work in Satan's Square (four corners of the world), it pays to have a Satan "Master's Degree". It "opens many doors" to those seeking the riches and mammon of his world.

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Osiris-Gore in front of his Isis Flag Using the Arab-Moslems

Gore officially received full power in January 2001 as "Jesus Christ". This is the truth. G.W. Bush is only a temporary herald for Gore in the White House.

(Rev. 13:5) This does not mean he has to be "visible" in being over the office of President, as he was rejected as the "Cornerstone" of the Masons, who are the actual "builders" in Satan's world kingdom today. They did reject him as Yahshua was rejected. When Yahshua was rejected, it did not change in any way whatsoever WHO HE IS! The same also holds true for Gore today!

Because Gore 'allegedly' lost the election (a total manipulated farce by Satan and his workers), most think this prophecy is false. Woe now unto them. But, all we can say now is that Yahovah intends that the world remain totally deceived, and in total darkness, and that they be damned, and that they be destroyed as written. Masons are coy: who would now suspect their Al Gore? Only those that are Yahovah's and Yahshua Messiah's shall understand these truths and accept them.

This is about the perpetuation of the race for the kids (goats). Indeed, the 'Earth is in the Balance' with the coming of Al Gore Jr., before Yahshua Messiah. All that now try to fight the 666 beast will more than likely end up like the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

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Gore with a flock of Goats It is over for the Earth (They too repent not!) (His 666 Judgement)

Continued Levi Jeans "Isis" Commercial/Letterman 9/9/93 At end of this "black and white" commercial, The Isis in "blue" jeans opens up a "black door" into total darkness at the end of a "black" hallway. This "black door" represents total evil. She thus enters, and slams the door shut. (Do you understand?) On her way to this "black door", men are playing on a "Black Field" Satan's game of "basketball". She walks underneath them and right "between their legs".

She climbs up the steps of Satan's world 666 Temple, opens the door, and enters into "Total Darkness". See Satan's "black" seed of Cain (Gore's) arrival (as Nimrod-Osiris), the black one reborn, even in "basketball" pizza advertising. Note: 2000, today, Domino's Pizza is using "BAD ANDY" (called Andrew's Eagle Seal in England) of Ur's ancient King's covenant.

What is revealed in basketball with Satan's all stars? Satan's symbolic game of "planting his chosen dark seed" of Cain (in a woman's hole located on a virgin "white or clear" Square) is mocking Satan's continual hidden game in his world kingdom of the perpetuation of his bad seed.

What did you think this game is about? Do you think it is about Yahshua? Is Football about Yahshua? Why do you think it is brown in the shape of a "seed" and called "Pigskin"? Why is it played in bowls today, giving the worship "wave"? (See Glyphs of Bowls of Egypt and the "wave sign" symbol means son of the sun phallic worship!)

In movie, "WHITE MAN CAN'T JUMP", it is made clear that the blue-eyed German of the Wood can indeed jump and hit the hole (plant Satan's Seed, and play the game well). Most games today are centered around this sex theme: bringing "black"* (Nimrod-Osiris) and "White"* (Eve-Isis) together as one, as Soccer: Satan's men are to "sock her" and plant his seed (octagonal stars). Satan uses many women (especially Germans) through his earthly playing field (his kingdom) to subdue men and enjoy submitting to receive his seed (of Cain): to actually bind them by Yahovah's own law (Torah). How?

When men-women unite sexually, or by marriage, or by entering into Cain's Covenant vows, and put on his ring, they indeed become as one. Did not Yahovah, His prophets, Moshe, and Apostle Paul warn against these things? Note: "black" and "white" are not what they appear to identify someone.

DNA "Y" Chromosomes and genetic Marker heritage of Cain is in the blood: the "black blood seeds" of Germans. Genetics and DNA I.D.s 'flesh of a person', but Yahovah knows those that are His! Germans are more black (in blood) than (Negro) blacks of Ethiopia, which cannot disguise their color. For did not Yahovah say that: "Life is 'IN' the blood (DNA) and blood (DNA) is life"?

Germans are more black today than any black man on the street! What? This is the truth. Many German names reveal who they are, and what they represent back to Satan's Eastern Ur tree of Goats. Swartz, Schwartz, and forms of it, means "Black" and Swartzenigger = "The Black Ethiopian Man". Gore is "Satan's Hidden Black One". Satan's hidden white "all stars" and his black "all-stars" are shown going to the hole and planting his seed. . What? To "SCORE" is man planting his seed in a "Woman" who represents Eve-Isis. Why did Wodan (Wooden) have longest win record in basketball?

"Wodan"(Odin) is Germanica's "Eagle" Gott-King. Why did Larry "Bird" become an all star? [The bird] is "the Eagle". This son of the bird, was a 'Master' of the game. He was a "Top Gun Scorer". LARRY (the bird) IS RETIRING FROM THE INDIANA PACERS. (Satan, the Eagle, "the bird", is retiring from coaching players to put seed "in" Diana- Indiana) See? Satan and Son are retiring soon.

U.S. Senator "Bird" was a member of KKK and a Mason: 2001 he apologized for using: "nigger". June 2000, Larry Bird is 'forced to retire' because of health. Satan is 'forced to retire' by Yahovah and will be bound for a thousand years. And the Roman Nike's "AIR" Jordan, the black Super Star? And the crazy song: "The Bird, Bird, Bird" [Eagle] the Bird is..."the word"? Who is this imitator? The Bird, the Eagle Son, "THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR." (Ephesians 2:2)

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Promotion of "Air Jordan" Nike meaning "Allah" (Note Winston Eagle) (Nike Eagle Swoosh)

Said by some to be the greatest basketball super star of all time, Jordan makes multi-millions endorsing products, such as Hanes Underwear, and sports equipment. Nike 2,300 B.C. design made a logo that resembled the Arab God Allah on one of their shoes. They removed them after Moslem complaints.

And who won the Year 2000 NBA Basketball Championship? 'THE LOST ANGELS", with super Black Star, O'Neal (meaning: "O neal down to the black star" of Satan: symbolically for Gore). (There are too many names directly associated with Satan and Son today to bother you with them) Names, songs, titles and events refer directly to Satan's worldly kingdom: saying Satan is in control.

April 1994, why did Cain's Zeus animal, "the hogs" (razorbacks), of Arkansas win NCAA? (Our-Cain Saw) National College Basketball Championship. April 1994: "Cain's Sultan (Satan) of Swat" (the "Babe") Ruth's bat sold for $63,000: 6+3= 9 and 6x3 =18 (666) Gore is of Cain, first Sultan of Swat.

Cain's "Club" symbol means "it" will be used again against Cain's enemies, as when Cain killed Abel. [Baseball legend and "Super Star Sultan of Swat" was Mickey Mantle. His "No. Seven" also used]

Gore is "The Real McCoy" before you. Kim talked of her new movie "9 ˝ weeks" [sex, sex, sex, and seduction] she appeared on Letterman "as Satan's Eve-Isis": Dressed (all white) for "joining with Satan" (all Black) to bring forth their "child" (Cain-Gore) again. You probably did not know that Cain = Murderer and Gore = Murderer. They both mean the same thing. Kim's white pants: identical to Isis pants worn in Egypt. In D.C. Grid map illustration, the identical flared pants are on "Satan's Goddess Diana". In Egyptian drawings, Satan lies that it was "Eve" (Isis) who seduced him. She gave birth to "Cain": the "first born son" from original sin of Eve. This story has been repeated for 6,000 years.

Gore - Used in his introduction the symbolic Isis of Egypt commercial of Kim Basinger's film, "The Real McCoy". She is clearly shown being associated with "the tiger or lioness" leaping and attacking; ready to kill. In the same quick cuts, a man is clearly shown coming out of a circle hole: a symbolic Egyptian "sun (son) orb". The basic message: Isis has brought forth Satan's last son of the sun. He (Gore) is the "Real McCoy". She (Kim) is also the "Real McCoy". (Mc = the Son of Death, the Hand of Death, and "Coy" means Sly, and Deceptive = Satan) Thus, Gore is the "Son of Death", Satan's "Sly and Deceptive One" for this generation.

Gore was raised from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. He is Osiris-Iesus, Satan's promise to Eve-Isis and to all of his seeds of Cain-Esau and to all those of the flesh today: "That they would become as gods and goddesses and live forever." See? Gore is the best that Satan can do with his "gifts".

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U.S. Department Exterior of Agriculture Department in Washington, D.C. (This unique designed Swastika was on the cover of Fuhrer Hitler's Book)

Ol' Mac Donald (Ol" Son of Death" of the God of Old) Had a Farm: Washington, D.C. Agriculture Department has appropriate Hitler's symbol going around their gigantic facility topped with Hitler's attack Eagles. It is across from Jewish Holocaust Museum, saying quietly, "IN YOUR FACE". The precise location of the Holocaust Museum in the Masonic coded D.C. maps is so disgusting, and very repulsive, that we will not show this in the picture form that Satan and Masons intended. However, we will reveal that this location is in the "Urine area" of their sacred Isis Mamma. The hidden message is clear: "Piss on You!" (The Jews) This is also a Satanic Isis thing that refers to the "Golden Shower."

Cain refused to repent to Yahovah for presenting to Him an offering in a bowl from that which was cursed (grown in and from out of the ground as cursed to Adam) He then lied to Yahovah about the murder of Abel, without repentance, as written. Cain (the farmer) tried to "cover it up" with a denial.

Was not Cain the first to say "Lets go talk" to his brother Abel before he murdered him? (Same identity as Waco, Texas) They said: "lets talk". Then, intentionally murdered them with bullets, gas and then fire. Their German World Order Police State (Nazi Eagles) brutally killed them.

As Cain, they denied it and covered it up while U.S. watched on television. See? It is convincing that people are under Yahovah's delusion. They even murdered ATF men (ex-Gore Clinton bodyguards at Waco, Texas) and covered that up with lies. The subtle, deceptive ways of Satan's workers are now put before you! Can you now do anything about it? How can you fight such millions? Who can fight the beast? The best fight is to do exploits, as what we are doing, and that is to expose their evil now!

   Graphic's not available

America loves him Iesus (Jesus) Image It is Gore's Country! (The 666 Man) (Son of the Liar) (Son of the Murderer)

Gore is "Woe-Dan" (Wodan), the Germanican King. Gore- number (2) two, as his father Lucifer was Number two, but iniquity was found in him. He desired to be No. One (as Yah) and to "ascend" even higher. Number (2) two "Isaacs": and his two (2) sons Esau and Jacob. Esau gave his inheritance to Jacob for a bowl of bean soup. Esau: another first born DNA seed of Cain that also became number two. Esau gave up his inheritance with Yahovah (as Eve's first-born Cain did) and became a number two through his own sins and wrath (as Cain the Roth one) and his rejection of Yahovah.

Satan thus used the last Scripture name "Isaacs" on 9/9/93 Letterman Show to make sure there was no mistake who was now standing before them [Masons and Rosicrucians] Gore: Satan's son: "Harry" "Esau" of the "red", and of "Cain" the wroth one. "Isaacs the Christ" was asking in his vulgar song, "GIVE IT TO ME… GIVE ME YOUR LOVE", and "TWO HEARTS BEATING AS ONE".

This is not "Isaacs" of Scripture. This is the spirit and flesh of Satan, and he is repeating a seductive message that he first did to 'beguile' Eve in the Garden, which resulted in "CAIN". Esau cried bitterly wanting his inheritance back after giving it up for only a bowl of soup. But, Esau and Cain were not of Yahovah's promise and His covenants. What? They willingly gave up Yahovah as not being worth anything to wait on, or even worship. See? Try and convince Cain-Esau seed to give up their heritage with Satan today, and see what happens. They love their sex, riches and mammon in Satan's kingdom.

Seeds of Cain and Esau grow and control majority of all food for consumption, distribution, and sales in U.S. and vast amounts around the world. Seeds of Cain and Esau will thus try to force all remaining Israelites and worshippers of Yahshua to now "give up their heritage" with Yahovah and Yahshua for eternity for buying and receiving and eating their "bowl of soup" as Esau once did. What?

(Rev. 13:16-17). "And he causes (by law) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a 'mark' in their right hand… which is same Mark of his name in (Rev. 14:11) and that NO MAN (or woman) MIGHT BUY OR SELL (which definitely includes all of today's food and drink) EXCEPT HE (or she) THAT HAD (1) THE MARK, (2) OR THE NAME OF THE BEAST, OR (3) THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME." See buying and selling today with the Barcode = Son's 666 Code. Will you read that verse again and again and accept the truth that these are 'three separate things'?)

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Virgin Islands Flag (Same Mark as U.S.) Gore in Hitler's Pose (Three Arrows also on Defense Seal) (Jesus Christ)

What are they receiving in their hands each day (even on Yahovah's Sabbath) to do all of this buying and selling? Is it not Gore's planned Federal Reserve Eagle marked money in their hands to pay for these products? Do they also not receive products in their hands with 666 Barcode that they buy? Do you now understand basic English? These are (3) three explicit things that Cain and Esau (Gore and his evil seed under him) have already done. It is over! Done! What? How is this all possible? (Is barcode today not used by product manufacturers, and businesses as PROOF OF PURCHASE?) They have placed the 'number' of his name (666 in Barcode), and the real 'Mark' of his name (which is his Eagle God Seal) over NAFTA, APEC, and GATT, and on all new Federal Reserve Money. (Do not become angry at us for telling you this!) Yahovah and Yahshua told you 2000 years ago.

As a bonus, Gore's "GOLDEN EAGLE" mark or seal of his name is now on the 2000 "GOLDEN DOLLAR COIN". This is a terrible trap or world snare, but not for Cain's seed. They see nothing wrong with using this Eagle God marked money or barcode: they are "free to do as they please". (Lets get real! Do you see any of them "buying or selling" or living any differently today?) Some exclaim: if this is true, it means I cannot "BUY OR SELL" today without using Gore's 666 Eagle Mark (Seal), or 666 Barcode number of his 'Osiris-Iesus' name, and receive them in my hands.


Why did Yahovah allow this? That all might not "buy or sell" in Cain's German World Order, except those that are now his: the goats, his sea of seeds of Cain-Esau and those adopted into "his covenant". After reading (Revelation 13:16-18) again and again, some might ask: what about this 'NAME OF THE BEAST', and receiving HIS MARK IN THE FOREHEAD? To the shock of over a billion Christians, the 'NAME OF THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST' is "JESUS CHRIST", which is the ancient worshipped "OSIRIS-IESUS". Iesus literally means the "SON OF ZEUS", as in old Greek 'IE', and pronounced long "A", and oo sound in Au = 'son of', and then 'SUS' = 'Zeus'. Who is Gore today.

Most cannot read or understand plain English, and overlook the simple truth that the penalty for worshipping the Beast and its Image is the same thing as taking his "mark or his number"!

(Rev. 14:11) We tell you the truth, without repenting of 666 name Iesus (stop worshipping Jesus) and be baptized in the name of Yahshua, all shall quickly perish. How is this possible? Yah's Spirit of Truth and Apostles taught that in your 'forehead' is inside your Temple, and in your Temple is also inside your mind. Thus, over a billion Christians and Catholics have received 666 NAME IESUS in their foreheads/ temples. They worship the wrong one. Their Temple is of "God" and "Iesus".

After reading (Rev. 13:16-17) some say: it says you will receive a 'mark' in your foreheads, not 'his name'. They are like Masonic lawyers today: they look for some way out (a specific loophole) or a way around Yahovah's Word and Yahshua's truth, but there is not any to be found. No loopholes.

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Gore is the Eagle

Gore's Eagle Seal/Mark Even Over Zambia!

How? Gore's "Osiris-Iesus" name's symbol today, or "his image", is his Eagle, or Eagle "mark", and his Eagle's "mark" or "seal", represents his name, as it has for thousands of years: Iesus not only means SON OF ZEUS, but the "Eagle God's Son", the Son of Satan, or the Son of the Eagle God which is back to Cain's Eagle mark. Therefore, Gore is the Eagle. Gore's 'mark' is the Eagle, as was Cain's mark. Gore's 'name' even means Eagle. No way around it! We are to stand firm as One with Yahovah and Yahshua in Spirit and in Truth. We are to obey Yah's Commandments and be overcomers of the beast and its image and his name and his mark to the end as written. Will you? Our Yahshua Messiah said to the rich Jew, "Give up that which you have and follow Me." Did he?

Remember that Esau also accepted that which was accursed (from the earth, which was first cursed to Adam and then to Cain). How many today even ask Yahovah to bless all of the food they eat from the cursed ground and ask Him to remove His curses that it might give our bodies nourishment? What? As written: Yahovah rejected Cain's bowl of his grown vegetables and first fruits as an offering from the cursed earth. Yahovah would not accept that from which He had just cursed to Adam and Eve. Cain also knew the earth was cursed. Yet, Cain chose it, as first-born son, for his rightful inheritance.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob later knew what an "eternal heritage" with Yahovah and from Yahovah means, and it is priceless. Therefore, we say unto you this day to also reject "Cain's bowl" and to reject "Esau's Bowl" even unto the death, as written. You are commanded to overcome in Revelation!

For such a great victory for Satan and his seeds of Cain and Esau if only one written in Yahovah's Book of Life were to take Gore's 666 name (Iesus), his Mark (Eagle), or his number (666 barcode) of his name. Billions are now doing it every single day. After 10 years of warnings, "few" heed!

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Millions Pledge to Him Each Day

Millions Feel He Was Cheated!

(Schools, Colleges, and Ball Games)

(Has sympathy of many voters)


(All that have dwelled upon the earth, not Yahovah's, have indeed worshipped an Eagle Son of Cain!)

Part 14