Part 11

This German Masonic coded "Crystal" Sign against all Jews for today came from Letterman on April 6, 2001. What? In yet another skit, Letterman was in a restaurant, and he was tipping big to the waiter, and he said: "You owe another $1200.00 for the broken Crystal". The TV camera showed a pile of broken glass and smashed glass Chandelier. There was no reason for this being in the skit, other than to say to Masons that another "Kristallnacht" against Jews (all 12 tribes) was imminent (to happen soon) under the direction of Gore. (These are not jokes with Masons).

After Cain went out to talk with Abel in the field, and murdered Abel to have it all (the world and the mammon) to himself and all of his seed, Yahovah then asked him, "where is your brother Abel?" Cain replied to Yah: "How should I know, am I my brother's keeper?" Cain lied and covered up. Today, is Cain a true liar, or is he just "joking" around? When mixing "serious matters of death" with fun and games on talk shows for entertainment, their elite can tell indeed what is a joke vs. dark words. This is what the prophet Daniel warned would happen in these times: talking in "dark sentences."

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The Red Osiris Star

Pharaoh World Ruler

Communistic Masonic Symbols

Osiris-Iesus of Egypt

(Texaco, Korea, Heineken)

(Red Square, China)

Shriner's "Circus" Red or Maroon "Fez Cap" and "Gore" Five pointed Star is same as for ancient Little Horn Rulers. The Pharaoh and the Red Dot "Son-of-the-Sun" Emblem with the Cresent Moon should make it clear who they "worship", and what they are all about today, but yet people care less. Satan is known today as (Bozo) the "Clown", the "Joker", the "Funny Man", the "Trickster", Ronald McDonald and his Happy Clown "Meals of Death". Jack Nicholson played the "Joker" in Batman. Batman means the "woman's man". Nicholson is "Nick's Ol' Son", or Satan's Son, the Joker II.

Cain's characteristics today are the same as they were in the garden with Abel. Elite Germans are giving out 2001-4 "coded orders" for mass murder right now! They have already murdered millions * and are telling lies about it and covering it up: as what really happened at Waco, Texas. * Truth is not ever heard on TV, and the vast German population today cares less, and they go on living. (* Were Waco people not in a place of worship? Were they bothering anyone in Texas or the United States?)

Ref: German control of medical drugs, World Health Organization, "planned" deaths and "extermination" techniques for "World Population Control" under "the Eagle": 'Murder by Injection', by Eustace Mullins. (Hundreds of thousands die needlessly by mistakes in U.S. hospitals. Coverups of these things are massive) Planned 'secret murders' out of hospitals by multi-millions since 1933 are disguised as normal deaths. Millions die in hospitals through "mistakes" and injection of the wrong "drugs"; operations, than in car wrecks! (47 Million operations in U.S. each year: alarming rates also in horrific patient mistakes and amputations, etc.)

Ref. Documented "Waco, Texas Mass Murder": under "the Eagle", of 600 plus "Nazis" (many Eagles) shooting, burning, and intentional massive slaughter of 80 to 90 innocent men, women, and children inside an actual place of worship; followed by black out of trial, and tightly controlled news-media; "blitz" of massive lies.

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(Gore spoke for U.N. Troops)

(Also McDonald's Arch)

Eagle "beast" ATF, FBI. And delta force soldiers literally burned and bulldozed over the entire crime scene, and destroyed evidence, then followed with massive lies, cover-ups, and Eagle false witnesses. (In the early years of this country, the Army of the U.S. went down south under the orders of the U.S. President, and totally killed and destroyed a mixed compound living peaceably with the Indians out of the jurisdiction of the U.S.! These kinds of things have been going on all along, but are overlooked.) The Government says they had no right to defend themselves against an "unprovoked attack", tyranny, and a conspiracy. They gave survivors a sealed off trial by elite Eagles. Worldly elite German Masons know what is happening. There will be no release of FBI-ATF connected "Whitehouse" orders.

Gore - 1993. (Sworn in 36 minutes before Clinton). 666 Satan, 666 son, 3+6= 9 (Eagle). Hitler: came into power in late January 1933. Gore: came into Masonic light in late January 1993. Gore's role as number one (60) years to the date behind hidden deception and manipulation of what is seen, heard, and believed by the unknowing masses. He was "Vice" President, eight years, visibly number two, and a "mirror image" or the "shadow" with Clinton in everything, as was even described in the news. (Still, people are ignorant: as learned in Civilization class 101, 80% of the people are followers!)

Gore – 1993. His Eagle in his designer V.P. Seal grasps only "one arrow" in its talon. Number One. His book: "Reinventing Government" has eight (8) Egyptian stars on the front cover: all pointing downward, Satan's Pytha-Gore pentagram for his "star" son. Inside the cover it says: "Not one word has been omitted." (Imitating Yahshua saying to Satan that: "you must live by every Word...")

They love nature, as did vast numbers under Hitler in his Volk. * Ref. Art of the Third Reich, by Peter Adam. Compare text of the Nazi Eagles, the German Volk and culture and Hitler programs for the German Aryan-Nordic "perpetuation of the race", with the U.S. Today. (321 illustrations, 1992).

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Florida Results were Arranged: "The Liar"

Gore's Office - "God of this World"

(John 8:44) (II Corin. 4:4)

The Masonic Giza Pyramid on the Seal is a symbol of the globe, the world. It specifically says: "Announcing the Birth of the New World Order". The "Circle in the Square" is also the symbol of the world, and also the symbol of the Giza Pyramid. Therefore, since Gore is the number one Mason over their One World Order, then can you obviously see what he has in his office? Who would have such a giant picture of the "Perfect Circle" World in his office? This too is a "sign".

Gore's primary "hit list" is based strictly on race: Yah's Jews; Israelites and worshiping sheep. As it was under Hitler, Germans not obeying were also shot. The elite are confident the world is now theirs and Rockefeller has given a speech confirming this fact. Do they know what is soon to befall them? For it is written, "... To gain the whole world... What will a man then give for his soul?"

Thus Saith Yahovah: O' Lucifer, thou fallen angel, thou fallen star, that bathes the whole earth in lies and blood until the bitter end. Yes, but after your elite and chosen seed have done their evil work and established their abominations, they have sealed their future. They all receive a double portion of My righteous wrath. I Am coming to make a quick end to this age as written.

Yahshua's sheep know His voice when He calls and they rejoice at being found. Yah's enemies love the world and hate truth that could save them. Every word of truth we speak cuts at their hardened hearts. What must all of Yahshua's sheep that are His in Spirit and in truth, and all of those Gentiles adopted into His covenants of life eternal, and all of those that are in His book of life since before the beginning from all nations of the world, do at this time in this great tribulation?


As Moshe said to Yahshua's sheep, when "the snare is upon you and closing in the latter days", (during the great tribulation) "turn to the Most High Yahovah with all of your hearts, minds and souls" (through Yahshua, His only son and only way to reach Yahovah in Heaven) "...and you will find Him a merciful and forgiving Father." How many Jacob/Israelites shall now obey Him?

Gore - "imitates Yahshua", as written, when Yahshua first began His teaching, He told His disciples and those that He healed not to "reveal" Him: "...go, and tell no one..." Gore - as the "imitator", is "flesh" walking with Satan's spirit, representing the total "will" and "lies" (deceptive words) of his father Satan. Gore is "the lie" imitating the truth, "the Living Word", Yahshua Messiah.

Eagle-Dog Lion King!

Esau's "Red Rose"!

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Pharaoh Gore shall turn dogs loose

Masonic and Catholics United (Who cannot see Egypt in Masons?)

(Cross with Iesus and Madonna)

Gore- began his 42 month teaching role in 2001 as the world's actual Jesus Christ. How do we know for certain? Because the world's Masons and many demons are revealing it every day! They do it on TV, in the Movies, on HBO, on MTV, on the Letterman Show, and on other programs. (A Masonic code for Aryan Hittites, Germans of today, is Canaanite "dogs". K-9 = a Dog in car)

Gore's enemies also include 'defecting' Germans that now turn against their "Goat Covenant". Therefore any person, regardless of race, creed or color that resists this final push to a united German Aryan World Order under Satan and his deified son will be on their targeted hit list. To not resist and remain silent does not mean safety and security under "the Great Eagle". (See Hitler's tactics and also see the movie out on the Jewish Holocaust). Also know that nobody today is exempt from Yahovah.

What then of the wicked, the boastful and proud? Let them alone and pray for them, for it is also written. True sheep of Yahshua Messiah are not raging wolves and they are not like "Cain" from the wicked one, as written. Therefore, do not envy them or all of their "spoils", or try fighting with them. Turn closer to Yahshua and leave them alone. Let them have their "short moment" of self-appointed glory in their One World Order: for their dead will not be able to bury their dead at the appointed time.

Yahshua is as one with His sheep and will send you His comforter as promised that will reveal more truth and be with you to the end of it and forever. Yahshua is not with the wicked, nor will He hear their prayers. This is hard for Christians today to ever accept: Yahovah is not answering them!

Hear these truths about Washington, D.C.: 666 - the "missing" lot number of the Capitol is verified in Senate document no. 332, 71st. Congress, 3d session with maps (p.34) in an 8 lb. book. Only 4,000 were printed in 1932 for the Masonic Congress and Senate members. Most today that are patriots, and Christians, believe this country is founded on something good, and they refuse to believe the founding fathers were not only evil with extreme "racial prejudice", but were documented Lucifer worshippers.

666 - Senate concurrent Resolution 39, 3x9 = 27 (2+7) = 9 "the Great Eagle", adopted March 3, 1931. It is called, "Washington the National Capitol" printed "inside" the U.S. Government printing office in 1932, "one year" before the Mason's Hitler took power. (1933). Masons are proud of their work. (This is the proof of the real 666 Cornerstone, that Christians and Catholics refuse to discuss today.) 911 (2001) Satan-Son code is real. 911 (1935) Hitler in Nuremburg announced the 'G' World Order.

France = Frank = German

Nisroch, (Isayah 37:38) Assyrian Eagle God   Graphic's not available

"Arch de Triumph" in France is full of Eagles.

See Eagle God (Chimeras) of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has identical Nisroch Eagle God of Babylon-Hittite Covenant: the 3,500 B.C. connection between German Roman Catholics and German Aryan Masons. (They both worship the same ancient "Eagle God") Why many elite Christian leaders visit the Pope.

666 - documented in this book: all cut stones in the U.S. Capitol was specifically from an Aquila "Eagle" quarry in Virginia. A number of white marble statues and monuments in Washington, D.C. were cut from a white marble quarry "stolen" from an Israelite family in the early history of the U.S. (Details documented by a family relative on video in D.C. He has no recourse against these Masons).

666 - another smaller pyramid-Tower of Babel with Satan's sun symbol on top, (proportional to D.C.) is located in Brussels, Belgium, a German Aryan "sister City" and not the "Daughter of Egypt" or trinity seat. (See Brussels and D.C. Map comparisons). The question most asked: how soon is this massive purge? Was not U.S. Attorney General, "Butch" Reno, (Rino the pig) appointed by Lucifer worshipers? In 1993 this "it" announced 800 "cults" on their target list in the U.S. (in addition to 80 innocent men, women and children murdered in Waco, Texas). Rehearsing, drills, training, and much preparation has been going on since 1994. Now, they are ready for a "blitz" attack.

Gore - basically says that anyone who believes in Biblical "prophecy" and "doomsday" writings in the Bible are "threats and stumbling blocks" to progress and the future of the United States. Most Jews, and especially Messianic Jews, believe in Scripture, in Torah, and Yahovah's prophecy. What do you think Gore has planned for those that love and worship Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah? George W. Bush Jr., as the selected "herald" for Gore, proclaimed an "American Day of Worship" on "Sun" day, January 21, 2001, for his "God", which is Gore! (This proclamation is in Daniel, and was the identical one given for King Nebochadnazir and his "God", the revelation for Gore today!)

Gore - also basically said that anyone who is against his "sacred mother earth" (his Egyptian mother, Isis) should be dealt with. (As in Waco, Texas and what hundreds of "Eagles gathering together" did to 80 innocent: attacking and murdering their prey) while they played the song: "These Boots are made for walkin all over you". (Satan's Code for Hittite fertility Goddess Ashtaroth)

Gore - is ruling from the "shadows" of his father Satan's Eagle wings as a "Savior", a "white Knight", a "miracle worker", who offers help to the poor, peace and stability out of chaos, and aid among his chosen people throughout the U.S. Volk and the world. However, it shall not be so, as his world order shall soon end, and all that have ignorantly worshipped him, and loved him, shall also come to their end. Who would suspect this is the man who deceives the world and causes the nations to tremble?

Behold! This is today's Jesus Christ!

Behold! This is the Son of God!   Graphic's not available

Hitler was also a Son of God!

Luther was also a Son of God!

Gore is indeed in the "Church of God in Christ", but not the way most think!

Gore- in his role as Jesus Christ has ordered Bush to bring together and help "Faith Based" Churches. (Multi-Billions of Government dollars are to be funneled into Iesus and Church of God groups) As the Black Ethiopian Man, Nimrod-Osiris himself, Gore received 90% of the U.S. Black Vote.

Gore - at his disposal, is the "Eagle-son" German chief of staff now over all U.S. Armed "Eagle-beast" forces: his German father was from the Hitler Nazi SS World War II Gestapo Eagles, and, therefore is of the "correct blood of the covenant". They have already purged, retired, fired, cut back, and even secretly killed off non-Germans. Who? Those that were in their "strike forces" not on the A "team". (This series promoted on TV 2/13/2001, and a "sign to the wicked" that the A-Team is ready. A huge sign to the wicked is the U.S. Eagles are all given the Black Hat of the elite Marines and of Death!) Hundreds of thousands of minute details have been done in preparation for this massive "Cain" hidden offensive against their "enemies". What? Do you still doubt they are going to do it and thus remain in illusions in "their land of the free" to the end? Satan is now promoting getting them all in "Sync". (Multi-billions of dollars, years of detailed preparation behind the scenes have not been done in vain.) This purge is for real. Prophecy is real. We tell you the truth, the seeds of Cain have been murderers and liars from the beginning, and they have murdered and slaughtered the innocent again and again.

Thus Saith Yahovah: "I have seen all of it, every second, minute and hour of it, and everyone that has secretly participated in it. Innocent blood cries out to Me and will not go unpunished. The time draws near for My vengeance. You are now under My judgement and My wrath".

Gore - knows his U.S. men have already selectively and secretively killed off millions in the past 50 years. Many trusting and unknowing have met sudden deaths through these evil workers giving them heart attacks, fatal cancers, strokes, or accidents, or they disappear, or allegedly "commit suicides". (CNN on May 19th. 2001 said that 80,000 in the U.S. reported as missing and not found each year). Gore - Isayah revealed the outcome of his evil doings and in Revelation how all who remain under him will receive a double portion of Yah's wrath and be brought down to the pit. Where are billions of minds today? Satan, through an army of false prophets and ministers in his synagogues, has falsely promised his elect and his chosen race a thousand years of reigning with "him". (Imitating Yahshua).

Elite helicopter and fighter pilots, police and sheriff's departments, special ATF units have already been purged: exactly as was done under Hitler before he did his blitz. They want "non-resistant" citizens to their "fighting machine", and also a loyal Army of goats, that follow orders 100%.

As it was with the Roman Soldiers, the Assyrian Solders, the Babylonian Egyptian Soldiers!

  Graphic's not available

Soldier killed: family receives a Chaldean "Purple Heart" with a deified Mason Washington on it.

(The Congressional Medal of Honor is a "Goat Pentagram": saying: you served the goats proudly.)

All of the proud Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, and the Navy Seals, and Special Forces with their slogans: "Be All You Can Be", and "A Few Great Men", and on and on, sounds innocent enough until you realize that these men are trained killers, and they do just that. Anyone in the world who considers the "All American Way" negative, or threatens it, is considered the enemy, or a terrorist, or a threat. Finding out that unwanteds in these fighting forces are also eliminated quietly, or by planned accident, is another matter. After all, money is no object to the Masons, as the German Federal Reserve is in charge of printing more anytime they need more of it, and neither is replacing multi-billions in military equipment. Therefore, to kill an unwanted, or many unwanted(s) in a "military accident", is nothing.

Remember the rash of many U.S. helicopter pilots killed several years back when they had very sudden-strange accidents all around the world: then followed by a "cover up" in the Pentagon and protection of their German Aryan military suppliers? (Same m.o. as Waco). Remember the Lebanon explosive Deaths of 260 marines "intentionally set up", and most not allowed to put ammunition in their guns while on duty? Who were these U.S. soldiers and pilots set up to be (eliminated) killed?

Remember the "Gander" plane crash and extensive Army, FBI, Congress and Senate "cover ups" of blowing out of the sky 260 or more "Eagle elite" troops and bulldozing the entire site: destroying the evidence, without a complete investigation? (Same m.o. as Waco). Who would think these German Aryan seeds of Cain would do such evil? "...who will see the great evil they plan and now secretly do on a daily basis?" Yahovah sees them every single second. These elite fighting Eagles now under the covenant of death will be loyal and true to their own kind. They await Gore to turn the dogs loose.

The past purging was done to have at Gore's command only elite German Aryans true to his covenant. All of them, U.S. German Aryan special elite troops, German commanders of NATO-European troops, German commanders in U.S. Armed forces, commanders over U.N. Troops, German commanders over tens of thousands of German speaking east-west troops now already located in the U.S., And other elite Nazi Eagles over FEMA, the national guard, German elite controlled CIA, German controlled ATF, FBI, DEA, federal marshals, "hired mercenaries", sheriff's departments, state police, and down to the local and city police and swat teams. Again, who can fight this 666 beast, or make war with it? You probably have no idea how many Masons are in the State Police, the City Police, the Sheriff's departments and the FBI and other law enforcement units across the United States. They dominate!

Do you think that Alexander the Great, Caesar the Great, Napoleon the Great, Frederick the Great, and other Eagle worshipers such as Wilhelm the War Monger and Hitler were not real? Did not over 50 million die in Hitler's brutal war alone? Did not Lenin and Stalin cause the slaughter of 70+ million?

 Graphic's not available

D.C. Skull of Death of Satan and Son Actual "Skull" from Medical Journal

(Little Horn Ruler's Temple)

(CIA is located in the "Eye") Can you see the (Angel) "Falls Church"? How about "Chevy Chase"? Remember that name as a pop stand-up comic? The skull on the left is Satan's, and the skull on right was a real man. The "Temple" areas are identical. The jaw lines are the same. The Temple area in D.C. is "666".

Gore - fulfillment in the last panel of ancient German Covenant shows that he rules the world and only "the obedient and true goats" remain in peace on earth under Satan's trinity. Such a great lie they have bought. Satan convinced these seeds of Cain they could make war against the Most High Yahovah and win. They have made weapons and technology to destroy the world 300 times, but it will be in vain when Yahshua makes his return. They will all be destroyed (Gore, the wicked seed, and the world's Pope false prophet) with the brightness of Yahshua's coming, as written. (II Thessalonians 2:8)

(They are living now in their worldly illusions, false doctrine, and continuous lies founded on lies.) Will Yahshua allow hypocrites, believers that do not obey or live in the Living Word, murders, liars, and the boastful, the arrogant, the rich and proud who condone sin, wickedness, adultery, rampant sodomy of gays and lesbians, 'millions of abortionists', and other abominations under their Eagle to enter into His righteous Yah's Kingdom? It will not ever come to pass, for it is written again and again. Yahshua will say "get away from me you workers of iniquity, I knew you not".

If Yahshua does not know them, and millions do not even know where they stand with Yahovah and Yahshua, and not even know the works they do for Satan, and neither do they know his son who has revealed himself, and millions themselves do not know who they are, then what indeed do they know? What will be their destiny for their very souls? They are immune and lukewarm, neither hot nor cold.

Gore - definition: the meaning of "Gore" is "blood", "The shedding of blood". The innocent blood of many are already crying out to Yahshua Messiah. (Revelation 16:6) Think also of the 40 million that have been aborted in the U.S., as these were "living persons". Their blood too cries out. Now, they plan on creating life to kill it in experiments, and are promoting "Stem Cell" research. They forget that Yahovah said that "life is in the blood", not just in a "conceived woman's egg".

Gore - is Satan his father in the flesh, the "Bloodstone" Cornerstone of his covenant, his "image" of the solid square cube "designer's Crystal" of hematite stone. Masons now have more to bow to than "the beast", Satan's primary "image" the Eagle, and the "Egyptian square". As the image of the beast, they can now bow down to "the real thing", Gore, Satan in flesh, the Baal (Lord) of the Land.

Gore - his occult and elite knew "who" they were looking for and "what" is expected of them. Letterman asked Gore: "What should I call you?" Gore replied: "Your Adequacy". "Enlightened Ones" knew this was not at all a joke: Gore is to be addressed by them as: "Your Excellency."

Gore - "reborn anointed one", Tsar Alexis. * "His Majesty", "His Excellency" brought back. His German Tsar DNA "blood line" was proven in 1991-92 by the Russian Government. As others in Europe, Alexis wore the Nazir-Cain "Eagle (sun) son" Egypt Eagle sun cross on his royal uniform. (Eagle "Mark of Cain" for thousands of years). Grand Master Mason over Gore's Washington, D.C. "consecration" Ceremonies at 666 Capitol on September 18, 1993 said jokingly, but seriously: "We Masons can do anything..." They also called the Capitol the most sacred Temple in the world.

  Graphic's not available

Gore is "Man in the Circle in the Square"

Gore is the "Eagle God and Jesus"

(cross-point of the Square is Phallic)

(Iesus confirmed image is Eagle)

Gore - is already "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords" of Satan's Kingdom. The world loves this "man in the square", the "capstone of the square". The cross-point is the "Osiris phallic of the Masons. (Go back to the photo of Gore's office picture of the large world globe. Understand?)

All that remains: The completion of the German "purge" of Satan's worldly Kingdom... For Gore, the "image" of the beast, or "it" (3,500 B.C. Eagle beast inside or perched on an Egyptian Hittite square-cube) "...Standing in Yah's place where it should not be..." Yahshua Messiah warned, ...there shall be such great tribulation in the world that has never been or ever shall be. (Matthew 24:21)

Gore - is "the lie" in the "flesh", Satan his Father is in him; is the father of all lies. Therefore, His son is "the lie" now manifested in the world. Yahovah has spoken it, He has done it, and He will not repent of it. As it was in the days of Noah, in the days of Nineveh, and Sodom and Gomorrah, Yahshua and Apostle Paul warned this would happen in this tribulation: "...That Yahovah would send them "the lie", that all the wicked would believe "the lie" and reject the truth that they would not be saved, but be damned..." (II Thess. 2:11) and "the lie" would lead them all straight to the pit.

Gore - is "the lie", "Tsar of the world", "Savior" of the German Aryan race, who now ethnically cleanses the "blood" of the Volk and unites them as one under the "east-west Eagle". The Eagle is now supreme over the world and already on and in houses, churches, temples, places of work, worn and used by worldly pastors, priests, and ministers, on their credit cards, checks, coins, stocks, bonds, new money, vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, tires, advertising, airplanes, cigarettes, groceries, clothes, household and utility items, etc.. The wicked of today love their Eagle Gott, and they refuse anything evil said about it. (Who can say that this last generation does not love their Eagle Gott?)

Gore – "said he invented the Internet": connected to "Fiber-optic" electrical communication super highway system linking phones, computers, faxes, and televisions together as a 666 unit. It is linked to Satan's "square" in Washington, D.C. and places around the world. In Gore's top ten countdown, he said: "WE KNOW WHEN THE MICROPHONE IS ON" (Meaning they listen in to their enemies). (They also use computer electronic "facial imaging" for instant I.D. out of multi-millions of photos) It is a part of Gore's hidden electrical spiritual pulse and "eye" that spies upon many rebels in the U.S. His workers are now spying on the world's population: it can be done in fractions of seconds!

 Graphic's not available

By Gore doing serious things as a "joke", who thinks he is evil, or a threat to anyone?

Gore - Satan, chose Wednesday night Sept. 8, 1993. On Letterman to entertain the elite German Masons: World German Masons are over things of darkness, while pretending to be light bearers for the world during the day. Is it not true that Satan's German CIA "Death squads" and Delta Force "triangle" elite Eagle strike forces are dressed in all black "Death" uniforms? Is it not true that the "black square" flag is the international symbol of "Death"? SS Gestapo wore this black. Right now the government is making the "Black Hat" standard with many U.S. troops, and this is done in honor for Gore, who is over Black SS Hitler type storm trooper army, who will obey orders given them.

Gore - is living in the spiritual and world mind of Satan built of: marble, limestone, plastic, concrete, asphalt, glass, wood, iron, steel, and "brought to life" with electricity. He adds abominations of the ages for decorative touches: that which his goats have built. Many pagan Gods and Goddesses are in Washington, D.C. We repeat Yah's Living Word from Shaul's lips: "...There be no deities made of stone and metal." See also Vatican statues of Diana, Nike, Juno, Isis, Minerva, now called "Mary".

U.S. and the world have "come together as one" under Gore's "highway communications system". Lucifer's "sun" worshipers have already changed yearly, monthly, and weekly calendars beginning "first" with Monday (Isis the moon), and ending with Sunday. (Satan's son-sun day). He said on his second totally arranged appearance on David Letterman Tonight Show, 9/2000: "Remember, I invented the Inter-net, and I can take it away." Do you begin to understand Gore and their Masonic language? These are examples of the Dark Sentences spoken of by Daniel, and the world has no idea! For those who have searched out the truth, the entire U.S. Government is controlled and operated by a "shadow force". They are out of reach from the law. Prosecution, without Yah's intervention, will never happen to Masonic elite men (Eagle feather bearers) at the very top or those under them.

Gore - loves the Masons (Freemasons) and is over all of them. For they, like Gore, are from the same father. Gore and Satan love Masons because they are true to their 666 covenant. We are to be true to our covenant, and obey Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah, and they said they will indeed love us.

Masons are sworn liars, bowing to Satan's "Golden Arch" and "Egyptian Square". They are world conspirators in manipulation of the law, politics, judicial prejudice, and many murders and united in great hidden wickedness and world treason. They work in secrecy and silence behind the scenes in government, military branches, many business, corporations, churches, and law enforcement. Why?

CAIN'S SEED ARE ALIVE AND WELL, AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS REMAIN INTACT. To manipulate and control the world while hiding behind and using the disguise of Satan's chaos to achieve their hidden goals. As Cain, they deny any wrongdoing whatsoever, and blame their evil works on non-Masons and other races not of German Hittite-Canaanite-Assyrian-Chaldean heritage.

Gore - uses Masonic "mystery" symbols, images, specific numbers, signs, dates, names, and specific celestial times to introduce, to secretly communicate, and to execute their evil plans in the U.S. and throughout the world. Masons must first bow down to Satan's "Egyptian square", the one and the same Egyptian "ten mile square" inside the "little horn" skull of Washington, D.C. Understand that those now deceived, and to be greatly punished, and remaining deceived, are not of Yah or Yahshua.

  Graphic's not available

These D.C. "Madonnas" are in truth, what they actually worship. They are Isis "Ashtaroths". These grid maps are greatly reduced. To see the figures and lines clearly, get accurate D.C. maps. We will not show the extremely vulgar revelations in these maps that Satan has designed for Masons.

All around the world, millions of them are hunching and grinding to the beat of Satan's "snare" drum. (See them in Brazil, in Hong Kong, in Vietnam, in Las Vegas, in Holland, in Germany, and all over.) Others who claim her are: the German Catholics, Methodists, German secular spiritual humanist, the "green peace" German Aryan racists trying to save the planet for themselves, and all earthly lovers and worshipers of (Eve-Isis), the sacred mother of earth: all are enemies of Yahshua Messiah as written. Yahshua said to hate this world, and turn from its evil (Satan's Kingdom) and "the Eve-Isis harlot".

German Aryan Masons of "the blood of Cain" and those "adopted" into their Luciferic ranks, first take an oath to the Masonic "square" and compass, which represents the ancient 3,800 B.C. Ur "mystery symbols" of Satan. The square represents the four corners of the world and contains: the son (sun), or perfect circle (compass), "the Eagle" or "Nazir" (is Nisroch chosen God of Cain over the square) the serpent, the pyramid (which is also the square looking down), "Germanicus", the red dragon, and Isis, Ashtaroth, Minerva, Victoria, Diana, Osiris, Horus, Enlil, Mars, Zeus, Mazda, Apollo (son of Zeus), Jupiter, Juno, Wodan, Thor, and all of Satan's Gods, Goddesses and all abominations in their world. (The deceived totally ignore these things, and think they are somewhere buried in the distant past).

  Graphic's not available

Russian Eagle God over World

Same Double Headed Eagle/ Masons

(Mason God Tsar not in Russia)

(See Mason's 32nd. 33rd. Degrees)

Walk into a Masonic lodge or auditorium and there is the German Hittite Romanov east-west "double headed" Ur golden Eagle inside "the (son) sun" circle encompassed by the "serpent" of Egypt. See outside a Shriner's Hall and usually there are numerous Satanic and Eastern symbols and images. Do you think that any of this has anything to do with Yahovah or Yahshua? (See the Denver Airport)

Gore - knows the Eagle, hawk, owl, and others were declared abominations by Moshe when the 12 Tribes of Israel were brought out of Egypt. (KJ Leviticus 11:13) They are still "abominations".

These were not simply unclean birds, that Moshe was saying not to ever eat. Moshe worked in Egypt as Number Two under Pharaoh, and therefore he could read Egyptian glyphs (writings) and knew all about what they worshipped as their Number One God, and their other Gods and Goddesses! If you look at certain glyphs and paintings and then read what Moshe said, you will see that he was listing them down the line precisely as they are worshipped in ancient Egypt!

  Graphic's not available

"These you shall hold in abomination… they are an abomination unto you!"

(First is the Eagle.

As then, so today, women weep for Osiris-Iesus "Jesus"!)

Gore - would have you believe that Yahovah changed His Mind. Today Satan's evil workers have changed Yahovah's "written word" to suit their worldly needs and their worldly purpose to deceive.

REFERENCE TO THE LETTERMAN SHOW: AL GORE INTRODUCTION. Gore - September 8, 1993 (let their numbers talk). 10:30 p.m. (10+3+0) = 13 (a Satan number) September is the ninth (9) month, 8 plus l is (9), followed by two more nines. This then is 9,9,9,9 in a sequence. Six (6) times six (6) is 36, or six (6) sixes in a row: 6,6,6 plus 6,6,6 equals 36. 3+6 = 9.

Four (4) times nine (9) is 36, or two (2) times 18. 1+8 = 9 (Satan) and 1+8 = 9 (son). Two 18s equals 6,6,6 (Satan) and 6,6,6 (his son) to the Luciferic Masons. When they are presented or appear together, (666 and 666), means father and son. See Satan promote the number "99" and "99" cents in food.

The number nine (9) is also the number of the highest elite inner-circle Illuminati German Aryan Masons, and the number of Eagle tail feathers on "the Great Eagle" of "the Great Seal" of the U.S. The exact number of tail feathers as the ancient great "Eagle-sun-man-God" of the east, "Mazda".

  Graphic's not available

Jesse called Gore "Emperor"!

Gore is the "Emperor!"

(Gore is the World's Ruler)

(Gore is last Caesar)

Before Gore appears on stage: a "Sun Shower" commercial with a dark haired "boy" happily eating his "Sun Chips" that showered down on him from a large "square", Satan's square of the world. A dark haired "young boy" representing Gore, is shown by himself looking up at a huge "square" of bags of "Sun Spot" chips. He is the only one in the store, and he is in hazy bright sunlight. The bags of chips suddenly shower down on him to his surprise and delight. Satan has chosen him as his deified anointed "boy", "child", and he just received "gifts from the sun," Satan, of the Egypt "square".

This "Sun God Spot" Commercial symbolizes the "sun" worshiping of ancient Egypt and the "gifts of life" and mammon showering down on the Eagle chosen Pharaoh (life for Satan's elite chosen "seed" coming from the sun). Documented in paintings in Egypt. The square symbolizes Satan, "the sun in the square", pouring out his blessings on his chosen son or little "sun spot" within his Egyptian sun circle. (This dates back 4,000 years) Alexis, "the child", also went by the "nick" names "sunbeam", and "sunshine". Satan today (2001) does powerful spiritual commercials of the "Dot in the Sun".

Before Gore appears on Letterman: "Black background" woman Levi Jeans commercial 9/9/93 signaled a command to all elite Masonic Lucifer and Isis worshipers now in place throughout the world and here in the U.S., to open "their black doors" (portals) in Sync to the wicked "spiritual powers" of darkness. The wicked will be increased ("squared" or "cubed") in the evil spiritual force of Satan. (CNN May 18th. 666 2001 update: Chandra Levy in D.C. posed in "Blue Levi Jeans" is now missing)

Satan's son must receive Satan's "black rod", with is the power of the Covenant. How? This was done before Gore was on Letterman on September 3, 1993: the Kaiser Wilhelm I "sign" (3 x 9 = 27 = 2+7 = 9 "the Great Eagle"). On this date, a 46' foot metal statue was erected on the Rhine of the German warmonger Kaiser Wilhelm I. He is mounted on a pale "Horse of Death" (right out of the Book of Revelation). Wilhelm is shown holding the same "power rod" Iesus of Greeks is holding.

Satan is holding it in the 4,000-year-old Aryan Hittite covenant. Wilhelm wears the Egyptian-Roman-Eagle war plum. The Kaiser Wilhelm I statue holding Satan's worldly "power rod", appeared in many worldwide papers, very large, and in color. It was a worldwide "hidden sign" to the elect Masonic German Aryans of the coming of the handing over of Satan's power rod to "the chosen one": Gore.

Gore - is also symbolically "Cain" reborn, the first Born of the "goats". He is the "first fruit" raised up from the Egyptian book of the Dead. This was the promise to Satan's seeds of Cain. What do you think Gore and his "seed" or "goats" are getting ready to do against the sheep of Yahshua? This is the last "little horn" World Order leader of all the "seeds of Cain" throughout the world.

Today millions of "the seeds of Cain" secretly want what they think is their "rightful" heritage, and victory over the world as "first born", though Cain was brought about by lies, lust, disobedience, deception, adultery, and sin. Cain forgets that Yah cursed the world to Adam and to him (Cain) and this is his seed's cursed inheritance. They had better begin to enjoy it quick: Yah is destroying it.

  Graphic's not available

1940s German "Christian Cross" contained the Nazi Swastika. Despite propaganda about how the Catholics and Lutherans helped Jews, the opposite is the truth. Hitler said that he was doing only what German churches wanted to do for hundreds of years! When the wall came down, and Germany was reunited, the famous War Eagle on their Flag appeared, and lots of beer. Woe to all in U.S. who believe this great wave of Death and terror could never happen again.

The Levi Jeans "Isis" commercial 9/9/93 at the end of a mostly all black and white line commercial, a "woman Isis figure" in "blue" jeans opens a solid "black door" of darkness at the end of a "black hallway", enters, and slams it shut. Also shown are "men playing basketball" as she walks underneath them and "going between their legs". Basketball and Satan's Egyptian all stars Satan's worldly symbolic game of "planting his chosen brown seed" of Cain (in the woman's hole) to perpetuate his chosen race. Satan has greatly used women (especially German Hittites and Amorites) for thousands of years in the playing field of his earthly Kingdom to conquer men and to bind them.

Did not Yahovah and Moshe and other prophets warn of this very thing happening again and again? (Star 'studded' cast means 'men studs' or 'hunks' of meat/flesh, or men well endowed for a sex act) Satan's "all-stars" are shown going to the hoop and planting his seed in the "hole". The "seed" is planted. The "woman" represents Isis. Kim Basinger (as Isis) in "the Real McCoy" 9/9/93. Gore is the "Real McCoy". A motion picture film plug of shooting, violence, and sex from "Isis", the perfect blue-eyed German Aryan blonde Hittite portrayed as Satan's "star" performer on Letterman.

This says to the wicked, this is Isis, this is for real, this is it, this is her son, "the child", the "little horn", "the real McCoy". She then appeared live on the show acting out the part of Isis, (the sexy and beautiful blonde German Aryan Fertility Goddess) dressed (all white) for "joining with Satan" (all black) to "bring forth" and introduce "their anointed child". Her white pants were identical to those shown in ancient Egyptian paintings of Isis, and also shown in Washington, D.C. On the "Goddess Diana", "who the whole world worshiped..." As written and described by the Apostle Paul.

   Graphic's not available

Isis and Osiris

Eagle Sons Fight for Her

Ashtaroth "Star of Cain"

(Eve and Cain)

(Millions of Warriors)

(Perpetuate the Race)

Basinger symbolizes "Eve". Eve was beguiled-seduced by "Satan" as written in Genesis, but in Egyptian writings and drawings, Satan lies that "Eve" (Isis) seduced him. She gave birth to "Cain", "their first born son", then she gave birth to Abel, who Cain slew to have the world to himself and his seed. The seeds of Cain think they should inherit the world as "first born" under their "chosen" God "Nazir", "the Eagle", and in one sense, they are correct. This is indeed their cursed world kingdom.

But, they will not inherit Yahovah's Kingdom. No manner of evidence, testimony, documentation from many sources, or signs from Yahovah causes them to change or repent. Cain refused to repent to Yah for presenting to Him an offering in a bowl from that which was cursed (grown in and from out of the ground cursed to Adam). He lied to Yah about the murder of Abel, again, without any repentance.

Millions of "seeds of Cain" are again wanting the world and mammon in it: they are now killing, full of lies, denials, and cover-ups. Beware anyone who says, "let's go talk...". (Genesis 4:8)

U.S. and elsewhere are passing laws and taking away all guns from their enemies so they will not be able to defend themselves and shoot one of their own in their German World. This present world and their sinful flesh are the inheritance of the seeds of Cain and to lose even one life of flesh is a tragedy.

According to one source, 500,000 registered guns were confiscated in Canada. Many countries are now gun free. We strongly warn you that he who uses the sword must die by the sword, as written.

Part 12