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Münchener Freiheit Diskographie

Part two,
         other projects:

Stefan took part at a project called AUN (Artists united for nature) and tried to save parts of the rainforest. For a pic and the song lyrics ->here

Some of them also have been part of the "Band fuer Afrika" a project trying to raise money for Africa. Here is a pic of the single they released:

Art Attack ; Micha and Alex released
     a single and 12" with a remix of a
    R.Strauß song "Also sprach Zarathustra"
More information, klick here ...

                                                     In 1995 Stefan released his solo CD
                                S.O.L.(Some other language) on which he
                                   he worked with such excellent musicians
                                   like Brian May, and also his wife can be
                                   heard, on backing vocals.


1991; Deuces Wild.
Another Solo Project by Stefan / Aron.
Pics & an autograph card - > here

1999; Also the Rapper Tristan, featured a MF song "Ohne Dich"in one of his singles

And now another cover version of "Ohne Dich" from a band called
"The Management". They did a rap version!


Stefan & Aron produced & wrote the album of
Jennifer Wippich and Nadja Richter


Some time ago Muenchener Freiheit teamed up with Mr. President another well-known germam group. Here is what they came up with:


Cd Huelle - With a little help from my friends Die Münchener Freiheit war/ist Teil dieses Projektes. Verschiedene nahmhafte

                                            deutsche Künstler haben Songs der Beatles neu aufgenommen. Der Erloess

                                            dieser CD kommt derm Dolphin Aid Projekt zu gut. Die Münchener Freiheit ist

                                            mit dem Klassiker  "Yesterday" vertreten. Meines Wissens nach gibt es diese

                                            CD mit 2 verschiedenen Covern.

Seit einiger Zeit gibt es nun auch eine Karaoke CD mit Münchener Freiheit Lieder -                  Karaoke CD
die CD für alle die schonmal für's Konzert proben wollen :-D

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