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Münchener Freiheit Discographie

Back to the roots ...

Stefan with Amon Düül II (taken from the
                                                                    Amon Düül II album "Only Human")

Another one of this ... ehm ... funny pictures...
really sexy ...
(from the album "almost alive")

And another nice pic ...Amon Düül II times (from Pyragony X)
don't look at the trousers (!)

Arons former works:

For all, who didn't recognize him, Aron is the second from left

Short article, Bravo magazine (1980)

And now to Stefan early solo work....


Picture from the cover of "Narziss"

The man himself...

Tracking list:
Side one;                                                    Side two;
Intro (1:57)                                                  Die Insel (8:24)
Martin (4:40)                                                Der bewußte vierte Morgen (5:47)
Pfeffer (6:47)                                               Chaos (3:15)
Zoll (3:04)                                                    Spieglein an der Wand (4:35)
Oh' Lindo (club euphoria) (3:37)


Prism & Views Frontcover

Cover of the Prism & Views LP

Nice Artwork of Stefan himself

Nice Artwork - Stefan himself
Side one                                                                    Side two
1. Mr Lovedays good evening store                            4. Prism & Views
2. Cathedral                                                                5. Bogy Man
3.  Morning Bitter                                                        6. Billy Miller
                                                                                    7. Magic Carpet

Thanks to Beth and Damien
for pics and information

For more information about Amon Düül II or Stefans Solo work...Check here

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