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"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

- John Quincy Adams


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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it." 

- Thomas Paine


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The Constitutional Review Committee provides several services related to our goal of Restoring the Government Our Founding Fathers Intended!  To review the types of services we provide, please review the descriptions below and then click on the corresponding button above.

Legal Research

The Constitutional Review Committee will perform legal research using our enormous law library on specific legislation which impacts individuals and companies as a service.

Legal Briefs

The Constitutional Review Committee will assist in writing legal briefs for specific issues for our members.

C.R.S. Activism

The Constitutional Review Committee is committed to being proactive in restoring and preserving the Rights guaranteed to Americans under the Constitution.  Therefore, we are also committed to support other organizations with like goals in the following manner:


We assist like-minded organizations in contacting our supporters and our friends in the Federal, State and Local legislatures.

bulletWe provide access to our database of 156 MILLION Americans and 13 MILLION businesses to organizations wishing to reach a broad section of America.
C.R.S. Opt-In / Opt-Out Service

The Constitutional Review Committee has now added an Opt-in / Opt-Out Service for our readers.  We are now a part of a Nationwide organization which advocates responsible email advertising through the use of a centralized database.  To remove yourself from annoying email lists and SPAM, click the link above.  You can also select ONLY those types of advertisers who you would LIKE to receive information from as it is something YOU ARE INTERESTED IN


Get a FREE Constitution Committee E-Mail Address!

Now you can get your own Constitution Committee E-mail Address!  And its FREE!  Like

This is a web base e-mail system which can be upgraded to a POP address.  You'll not only get all the standard e-mail services but these bonuses!

bulletMulti language interface. (Language can be changed on the login page)
bulletFully customizable Calendar and Task list.
bulletAdvanced Contact Center with Import capability.
bulletMulti Language spell checker.
bulletDaily news from Interest!Alert
bulletAuto Reply.
bulletNotification of incoming mail or tasks.
bulletAuto Filing - Folder Organization Rules.
bulletVacation Reply.
bulletAnti-Spam Filters
bulletTask Manager

Not only will you be able to check your email with any Internet browser, but you can go to our new E-mail Service Page and check it from there! 

To get your Free Account...

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