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10.22.01 - MaDfLaMe[RK]
Just and update

Well we've recruited a couple more members...and also have some waiting. Good ones of course. We've also fixed the recruiting map so all the leaders are now able to freely recruit. Just thought I'd drop a line here. Latez.

10.13.01 - MaDfLaMe[RK]
We're growing

Well we've had a lot of success lately. First off we've been recruiting some very good members. Next we're getting this page finished up. And then I'm making a tryout map so all of our members can soon recruit. Any questions/comments/suggestions? Send them here.

10.12.01 - MaDfLaMe[RK]
Introduction to the website

Well here it is, the Roughneck Killa's website. Here you will find information about us, our roster, what's currently going on with the clan, ways to join, and much more. I hope you like it, give me the feedback through the forum, ICQ, or e-mail (you can find all this information beside my name on the roster). Latez.