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Weizfeld, Abraham (Eibie)

I have functioned as an intermediary on behalf of the Palestinians to the Western (North American) societies and, on behalf of the Jewish People to the Palestinian and Arab Nations since 1968. My purpose has been to prevent an all out war which both sides have expected and are willing to endure. Nonetheless In general, I would say that the Palestinians and Arabs have been more willing to seek a peaceful solution than have the Israelis, despite Western media reports. I perceive a more fundamental process at work, and I expect that the resultant dynamic is a dual revolution of both Jewish and Palestinian peoples in opposition to Statism and fascism.

Being a second generation Holocaust survivor, it seems to me that the basis of research and enquiry should be directed towards the achievement of survival. Various ideologies have placed themselves above the value of human life in order to perpetuate its own existence. This form of human alienation is neither intellectually acceptable nor is it a sane human consciousness.

No doubt Jewish existence as human life is a right. That is, a Jewish life has the right to exist if human life does. Since human life as a right is reciprocal then the right of existence is general and not particular.

If one does not recognize the human life of "the Other" as a right, one then annuls one's own right to life by consequence. That would be inverse reciprocity. We should prefer mutual reciprocity and the benefits that may be derived.

Jewish People's Liberation Organization (J PLO)/ Organisation pour la liberation du Peuple Juif (OLP J)
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Publication: The End of Zionism: and the liberation of the Jewish People
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See also: Sabra & Shatila: a new Auschwitz Jerusalem International Publishing House by Abraham Weizfeld Ottawa, 1984 Bases of Nation, Society and State: the reconciliation of Palestinian and Jewish Peoplehood doctoral thesis in edition l'Universit┌ du Qu┌bec Ë Montr┌al Abraham Yecheskel Weizfeld Goldseider

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