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There have been, from time to time, very important surveys carried out regarding fireworks.  On this page we hope to bring them all together for the very first time.



Fireworks 2002 Survey


This survey shows the incidents which occurred during 2002.  The items were taken from our 'Read All About It' pages.


Noisy Fireworks 2002


This survey shows how firework suppliers sell their fireworks on the internet.  They, time and time again, as a marketing ploy, exploit the volume of noise a firework makes.  Certain information has been deleted from the website version.  If you require the full version then please apply by email, giving your reasons to Noel Tobin,


Fireworks 2001 Survey


This survey taken from our Read All About It Pages for 2001, shows that fireworks are used and abused all year round.


Restrict Fireworks—Fireworks 2005 Report—The Real Fireworks


This report gives details on how our daily lives were affected by fireworks.  It includes all the newspaper clips on how our domestic animals were harassed and terrified by the loudness of firework. This report is dedicated to Mr Arthur Lonsdale, who was killed in 2004, by a firework being pushed through his door.




Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


The RSPCA has produced 'Quiet Please, loud fireworks frighten animals' in February 2003.  We have published a text version of this report, together with two press releases covering fireworks.  If you wish to  view the original 'Quiet Please' report the click on RSPCA - Fireworks


Scottish SPCA 'Vets and Fireworks 2001' Survey


This groundbreaking survey shows how fireworks affect our animals.  The findings are devastating.


We shall in due course add the various DTI surveys as and when we get them.

If you know of any survey that would be an useful addition to the site, please do not hesitate to contact me,


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