National Campaign for Firework Safety
Our aim is to promote the safe use of  fireworks

Letters to Send

We have been asked to produce a body of a letter that you can send to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, or your MP, city councillor, etc.

The letter starts,

Dear sir/madam,


I am writing to you to let you know I am very concerned about the use of fireworks.  It seems to me, fireworks are very easy to obtain and are discharged at any time day or night.

Please do what you can to curb these nuisances. The loud fireworks impact on my right to enjoy my home.  Many powerful fireworks are now causing damage and injury to people, animals and property.

The problem is how to enforce the law, when someone discharges a firework in the middle of the night.  It must be made easier to identify the culprit and to bring him/her to account. 

Yours faithfully

Letter ends.

There is space for you to place your own name and address at the top, and at the bottom for your signature.

There are two letters per A4 size page, so that you can download the page, using Adobe Reader, and then cut the page in two, and send your letters.

Download Letter (Adobe)

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