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Illusian Banner Exchange

Illsian Banner Exchange Hello and welcome to the "Illusian Banner Exchange" started on Saturday, August 14th, 1999. We hope that you will decide to join us. Please read the requirements, and then fill out the form below!


1.) Site must be dedicated to Hercules, Xena, or Young Hercules, or character(s)/actor(s) from the show(s).
2.) You must have a banner with the follwing dimensions: Width="400" Height="50". It *cannot* be animated and it *must* be in .GIF or .JPG format. Please none of those .BMP files, eek! (If you don't have a banner, we'll be glad to make you one. Just email us.)
3.) You must place the code somewhere on your main site, and it must be placed within 48 hours of filling out the form. If not we'll remove you. Sorry, but we get people who sign up for our Webrings and never put up the code. We don't want that to happen here too.
4.) Because OrbitCycle is a free service, 10% of the banners will come up as paid advertisements. It's no big deal, but please make sure your web server allows this. If you're in any other banner exchanges there should be no problem.
5.) No pornographic or sites promoting hatred are allowed. I'm not worried about this, I've never seen a Xena, Hercules, or Young Hercules site that offended me! But hehe I'll put this just for a technicality.

That's it! Ready to join? Hehe SAY YES! Ok now fill out the form!

Your name:
Your email address: (e.g.:

Your Site Title
Your Site URL
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Ok great! Now that you've filled out the form, you'll need to put the HTML code on your site. Please paste the following:

<!--Begin OrbitCycle code-->
<CENTER><a href="" target="_top"> <img src="" border="0" alt="Illusian Banner Exchange" height="50" width="400"></a><BR><font color"=#0000ff"><font size=-1><A href="" target="_top">Illusian Banner Exchange</a></FONT></FONT></P></CENTER>
<!--End OrbitCycle code-->

Once on your page, it should look like this:

Illusian Banner Exchange
Illusian Banner Exchange

We will email you letting you know once you are added. Thanx!

The Young And The Hercless